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Why Dave Decided to Talk About the #1 Metric or KPI to Track Your Business in 2019:

As the new year began, Dave has been thinking a lot about goals and which goals truly measure the success for our businesses. So for your new year come and listen into what Dave has learned about the #1 metric you should be aiming for hitting this year.

Tips and Tricks for You and Your Business:

(3:34) Living Your Sale Even Before You Get on Stage

(5:08) Russel Brunson: Body Language Whisperer

(7:15) ClickFunnels’ Success is Our Customer’s Success

(11:30) Your “Raving Fans” Will Always Be Your Best Ad Campaign

(14:34) Talking to Your Leaving Customers

Quotable Moments:

(3:15) “As I sat there I started thinking, ‘What are the metrics, as you go into the new year that you need to focus as a business owner’. What’s the number one thing you really need to pay attention to.”

(9:58) “I encourage you, as you take a look at 2019 and the measurements you might be using, the success of your customers is truly the main number you are going to want to be measuring.”

(13:06) “I would really look at the value you’re providing this year. What can you do this year to help your customers just casually talk about how your product or service is so amazing”

Other Tidbits:

Just a fair warning to the fortunate souls who get interviewed by Nathan Latka, you better have your company’s numbers ready to fire off or else it’s going to be a rough go around.

Dave is highly determined that most reasons your customers will leave you is beyond numbers and dollars. People are highly emotional and thus should be treated as such instead of dollars.

Always remember the hardest dollar to earn in your business is the first, and it could be the same for your customer

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Speaker 1: 00:00 Welcome to funnel hacker radio podcast, where we go behind the scenes and uncover the tactics and strategies top entrepreneurs are using to make more sales, dominate their markets, and how you can get those same results. Here’s your host, Dave Woodward.

Speaker 2: 00:16 Hey, funnel hackers. So excited to have you back with me today. This is a kind of a fun little podcast. It’s come down to the end of the year and it’s been fascinating to me as I hear about everyone you know, talking about New Year’s resolutions and things are focusing on and we’re looking at things and review things I absolutely love doing is listening to podcasts. Obviously as a podcast host, I spend a lot of time listening to other people’s podcast too and from a business perspective and the main ones I listened to obviously first and foremost is Russell’s a marketing secrets. If you’re not listening, that one, add that to your list. In addition to that, I really like Andrew Warner from mixergy and Nathan Lat [inaudible] at the top of both these focus more on business side and sas metrics in and all the things that that being part of click funnels, it’s super important to and then from a personal standpoint, I always, I really love a rise together with Rachel, Dave Hollis, so those are some of the main ones I listened to and then there’s a host of others that I hit and miss quite a bit but is interesting.

Speaker 2: 01:17 As I was listening to Nathan Laka and Andrew Warner this morning, kind of bingeing on quite a few different things they were talking about is we’re coming down to the end of the year. You’re Nathan spends a lot of time just talking about numbers and metrics and everything else and Andrew’s a. If you were there with us in Salt Lake era in Provo, Utah when we had him there interviewing Russell. It was fascinating just to. I love his interview style. The crazy thing about Andrew is I’ve never known anyone who is truly. I mean, just genuinely interested in other people as much as Andrews. This is a guy who goes out of his way. I was fascinated. I was sitting there at the, uh, at the event I’m usually trying to make sure that any of the speakers or our guests are rustling wells, that they, they’re able to kind of get in the state they need to before they actually go on stage.

Speaker 2: 02:03 And so like with JP sears and made sure he was kind of sequestered away and same with Russell, but Andrew, he literally loved meeting ingredient everybody and asking them a ton of questions about them, their business, why they were there, what was interesting to them. And as I was kind of reflecting on that and then listening to a lot to Nathan Laka, his whole thing on the opposite, he is, he drills people for numbers. I mean he is a metrics guy and you better know what, again, this is all sas talk, but you better know what your cac as far as your cost to acquire customer. What is your Ltv, your lifetime value, what’s your art? But what your, your revenue per user and he literally just go through it all, just drills guys and men and women and whatever on her show. Really trying to find out exactly what are the metrics of the business, what are they doing to make things change and you know, increase top line revenue as well as obviously increasing bottom line revenue.

Speaker 2: 02:56 You know, what’s your ages goes crazy on this type of. So they’re always typically 15, 20 minutes, pretty close to 20 minutes and it’s just, I felt sorry for this guy who was going to be in a today because he was relentless and would not let up on this guy. But the thing I found fascinating is I was, as I sat there and started thinking of what are the metrics, as you go into the new year, what are the metrics that you need to focus on as a business owner? What’s the number one thing that you really need to pay attention to? It are the. Because we always talk about kpis or are different. You know, what’s the number one? If you could only choose one number to focus on, what’s that in one number going to be. And uh, it’s been fascinating recently. I’ve had the opportunity, uh, we’re looking at a Russell speaking at grant Cardone, a 10 x growth con number three this year.

Speaker 2: 03:44 We’ve spoken at the last two and looking at possibly rolling out a new product for it or I don’t know, just kind of toying around with it. And then literally two weeks after that we go right into funnel hacking live. And if you’ve ever listened to Russell’s content, one or things you’ve heard him talk a ton about is the importance of practicing your content. Very similar to a, to that, of a comedian. He used the analogy that the dean Graziosi spoke about in his little man’s retreat retreat where a comedian basically goes on stage and they practice their jokes and they find out which ones work and which ones bomb. And then they go back and tweak and test. And, and so russell does the exact same thing when it comes to stories and he’s always testing and trying different stories. But it was really kind of an interesting thing when we came in the office, he’s in the process right now of rewriting dotcom secrets and expert secrets.

Speaker 2: 04:32 A traffic secrets is going to be released in September of 2019 and we’ve been talking a lot about the different things to what would you do different as you take a look back and could rewrite dotcom secrets or rewrite expert secrets? Are there logical steps that you would go back and, and put in? Are there things that, how would you change it, what would you do different? And then the same type of thing when we start taking a look at, um, stories and, and presenting things, what are some of the main things that we need to make sure any of our listeners get get right away? And it was fascinating as we’ve been talking, he got off the phone yesterday with the grant Cardone we were, it was a 15 minute little preview call and came my office. It was fascinating. We sat there and talked about.

Speaker 2: 05:16 One of the things that Russell is just amazing at is he sends his body language extremely well. I mean, he just, he has this like this tuning fork. It’s Kinda like the tuning fork. He has it literally, he will, he can feel energy through a screen and it’s just, it’s always fascinating for me is I watched him and I and I sit there and I, I, I’m able to just kind of see what he’s, what are the cues he’s picking up on and say, you know, David, one of the things for me that was so intriguing was you’ll grant and listened to all these things and we’ve got a good relationship at grand would talk and talk and talk, but grant as well as his listeners, what they really picked up on was when I started telling a story about Jamie Cross and now Jamie crosses a member of our inner circle.

Speaker 2: 06:01 I said, what are two Comma Club award winners? She’s got an amazing company called Mig soap. If you don’t. She’s just all natural soaps, absolutely love her soaps. Uh, it was fascinated. He started telling the story about her. That’s when people really, it just changed. You could feel the energy on the call change and how we were just sitting there thinking just different things that, what really matters. And we ended up giving away a Christmas gift to all of our employees. They were sweats, custom click model sweats. And on the back of it basically says what we do matters and that we’re actually, we were. How, so I’m sorry I’m rambling here. I’m trying to bring all this, all this together for you. Um, we had a partner meeting two weeks ago and our partner meeting, the one we’re trying to kind of come up with more of a, a purpose of vision and something that actually would state what we do and liberating.

Speaker 2: 07:02 Educate is, are some of the things that we’ve really focused a ton on as far as the, um, liberated with operation underground railroad and educate with village impact. And so we’ve been trying to think, you know, different things we could do that would have that kind of an impact on other people. As far as entrepreneurs and what I’ve been fascinated to pay attention to as far as if you really look at the number one metric that matters the most in your business and for us it’s our customer success and I don’t mean this in a trite way or just like, oh yeah, I want to make sure our customers are successful. I truly mean when we take a look at what matters the most in the success of clickfunnels, it is making sure that our customers actually have success on the platform, in their business and with the content that we’re.

Speaker 2: 07:56 We’re using. The reason I mentioned this is I was listening to to Nathan’s and everyone’s podcast and we start talking about all these different measurements as far as how do you acquire customers, your average revenue per customer and all that Kinda stuff. And for us what I’ve realized is it’s not even as it’s our customer success, but more important that it’s our customer’s customer success. Now. It’s really hard for us to track our customer’s customer success, but it’s easier for us to look at actually tracking our customer success and associating that with the fact that if they’re having success that their customers must be as well and as I take a look at going into 2019, we’ve just crossed through 70,000 customers and as impressive as that number is, that number means very little unless they’re actually successful. Nathan talks a ton about churn and from a sas or a membership platform, you know it’s most memberships, they typically turn out about every three to four months.

Speaker 2: 08:53 That’s about as long as it lasts. Software is much more different than that. You can get anywhere from two to three times that and sometimes four times that and the interesting thing is I pay attention to to where we’re looking for 2019. The number one metric that I want to track more than anything else is the success of our customers. The reason I mentioned that is I’ve seen as I get interviewed a lot, Russell gets interviewed a lot. Most of our partners do as well. The one thing that people want to hear most about, they’re tired of hearing about, Oh yeah, we did 100 million, we did $70,000. That’s all great, but that doesn’t matter. What they want is they want to know what does this tell us more about the people using your platform? What does the success that they’re getting tells their stories, and that’s going to be honestly my number one metric I’m going to be looking at for 2019 is what is the success of our customers?

Speaker 2: 09:44 What are they actually doing? What? What has click funnels done for them that’s then allowed it provided them a tool audit. It’s ones and Zeros. It’s software. Funnels by itself isn’t what’s impressive. What’s impressive is what our customers do with that platform and so I’d encourage you as you take a look at 2019 in the metrics you might be measuring the success of your customers truly is the most important metric to measure for us. If our customers aren’t having success, who cares about the platform? It’s why we’re taking a look at, at possibly adding an onboarding team. So when people come into a free trial, they actually get onboarded. We’re looking at adding the opportunity of migration where for persons with somebody else, how do we help them get over to click phones where they can then use that to have greater success with their customers.

Speaker 2: 10:30 When I a person’s leaving clickfunnels, I want to know why. What happened? What did we do wrong? What is the, what is it? It’s, it’s rarely ever dollars and cents. It’s, there’s more emotion associated with the. And I would really encourage you to start talking to your customers. Find out why are they leaving, why are they canceling? Why are they refunding? There’s something wrong, uh, rarely ever. Is it a dollars and cents thing. Everything is based on value. And so if a person is looking for a refund, yes, I mean obviously there’s a couple of people you’re gonna run across who just are on hard times financially and that’s just the way it is for most of them is because you haven’t solved that problem that they needed more than anything else. And they, you had them with hope at the beginning, but as they started using your tool or your software or your, your, your product, whether it’s a physical product is intellectual product information, product.

Speaker 2: 11:19 The promises weren’t fulfilled in the way that they expected. So what are your customers’ expectations? How do you satisfy those expectations? How do you get just raving fans to where they literally become the people who start building your business because they just naturally talk about it. I was with Dean Graziosi just to a couple of weeks ago down in genius network and was like, Dave, I’m sure I would be your number one affiliate if you guys actually tracked it because I talk about you guys all of the time, but I just say go to click funnels. I never actually use an affiliate link because because you guys have, you have this ability to help entrepreneurs

Speaker 3: 11:54 get what they really need and want in their business. And because of that I just talk about it. And so as you take a look at 2019 for your own business, what are the things that you can do to make sure that your customers have greater success? What are the things that you can do to make sure that when they’re out there talking with other business owners or with their clients or with friends that they in conversation bring your product up? For me, I’ve seen that happen with a ton of of our customers as they start talking about some of the success they’re having and they associate a lot of it with a platform with, with clickfunnels. The other thing I’ve seen is they start talking about the books they’ve read and expert secrets and Dotcom secrets, the impact that that’s had, or a video or a podcast.

Speaker 3: 12:39 So understand the importance. I’m, as I’m talking about your customers realize it’s also about the value you’re giving. Are you publishing on a regular basis and is the content that you’re publishing, are you publishing it in hopes of just getting, getting likes and reviews and it hopefully just getting shared and engaged? Or are you truly trying to provide content that those who are listening can actually implement in their business and their life and improve their life, whether it’s in their business or their personal life, whatever it might be. A lot of you I’ve mentioned the fact I’ve been coaching with with Jerrick Robbins. Again, I don’t get paid at all for talking about Gerrick, but I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my experiences last year in coaching with him. Same thing as far as Eric Cafferty, who is the coach. I hired a as far as lifting. I’ve never been consistent that lifting as much as I have.

Speaker 3: 13:30 Then right now, and I talked about Eric all the time. Again, these aren’t people who aren’t getting paid for anything else. It’s just because I truly appreciate the value that they’ve added to my life. I look at podcast at facebook lives. I again, I mentioned Andrew Warner. I mentioned, uh, Nathan Laka. I don’t get paid to talk about them, but I truly want people to know these are people who are giving value to the universe and if you in those businesses and you need that, there are people. I would follow, so I would really look at the value you’re providing this year. What can you do that will cause your customers to just casually talk about your product or service being so amazing? What are the things that you’re doing that is actually solving the problems that your customers are reached out to you for? Make sure that your number one metric is your customer success.

Speaker 3: 14:18 Find a way of tracking, of measuring, of getting testimonials, of providing value to them. The more value you provide to your customers, the greater business is going to grow obviously, but I want to make sure that you’re doing it in a way that you genuinely care about them and one of those ways is to is to reach out and call and talk to those people who are leaving or who are getting refunds. Pick up the phone, ask them what happened, how, what did I do wrong? How I’m I’m here to help and to serve and something I’m doing obviously did not serve you. What can I do different? Too often, I think a lot of people in the Internet marketing space are afraid to pick up the phone and talk to somebody. I’ve loved having Robbie Summers on. It has been we’ve hired to as our head of sales and every single day what happens is they get.

Speaker 3: 15:02 He gets together with the sales team on our retention team and finds out, let’s analyze two different people’s businesses who left, why did they leave? What can we do different, and then they call those two and say, you know what? We’re just looking at your business and realize that this maybe this isn’t working or this isn’t working, or how about this or what can we do to provide value to you realize that the business these days, the hardest thing to do is to get the first dollar online. The worst thing is to burn through that dollar and to lose that trust, so do whatever it’s going to take. Reach out to these customers, find out, talk to them, make sure that you look at your own customers and see what it is that. What is the hope that you’re providing? What is the solutions that you’re out there to solve and then make sure that you’re getting those solved.

Speaker 3: 15:46 Uh, we’re starting to do reviews now with our customers. For our one funnel away challenge. Uh, we’re gonna do the exact same thing with the two Comma Club coaching and trying to actually get reviews from them to find out what are you like, what did, what did you not like, rate us, give us reviews, help us get feedback. You spend so much time acquiring the customer. Please take the time and spend the money to find out what is the satisfaction that they’re, are they thrilled with you? What can you do better? Uh, again, I, it’s the number one metric I’m, I’m paying attention to this next year as we look at, at. For me, if there was one word I could look at its impact, what is the impact I can have on 70,000 customers? What’s the impact that we can have on 100,000 customers? What’s the impact we can have on 200,000 customers?

Speaker 3: 16:29 Yes. Obviously there’s dollars and stuff associated with that on the back end. Those mean absolutely nothing unless the impact is there on the front end. Having a merry, merry Christmas. Enjoy the holidays. Have a happy new year. I hope to see all of you who are listening to this at funnel hacking live. If you haven’t gotten your tickets, by all means, go to [inaudible] dot com and get your tickets. Not that we want you there for a dollars and cents. I want you there because I want you to come up and talk to me. I want you to say, you know, Dave, this is what’s working in my business. You know what, Dave, this is what’s not working. I would appreciate if you guys would do this. You know I love how this is working. I enjoy that feedback. If this podcast is creating any value for you, please reach out and let me know.

Speaker 3: 17:09 Send me a personal message on facebook or email me, David clickfunnels or instagram. Let me know if it’s working. If it’s not, I also want to know that if you’re like, you know, Dave, your podcast sucks. I don’t like any of this one. Obviously, if it’s not working for you, you can listen to somebody else’s, but if there’s things that that I’m doing wrong or things that you want more from, if there’s people you would like me to interview that I haven’t interviewed, let me know. I, I truly do want to provide the greatest value to you is I can I value anybody takes the time to listen to these podcasts and again, I appreciate the feedback. Enjoy the holidays, can’t wait to see at funnel hacking live. Take care. Know how much we appreciate you, everybody.

Speaker 2: 17:50 Thank you so much for taking the time to listen to podcasts. If you don’t mind, could you please share this with others? Rate and review this podcast on itunes. It means the world to me where I’m trying to get to as a million downloads here in the next few months and just crush through over 650,000 and I just want to get the next few 100,000 so we can get to a million downloads and see really what I can do to help improve and get this out to more people at the same time. If there’s a topic, there’s something you’d like me to share or someone you’d like me to interview, by all means, just reach out to me on facebook. You can pm me and I’ll be more than happy to take any of your feedback as well as people you’d like me to interview, more than happy to reach out and have that conversation with you. So again, go to Itunes, rate and review this, share this podcast with others and let me know how else I can improve this or

Speaker 4: 18:35 I can do to make this better for you guys. Thanks.

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