5 Years Of Training In A Weekend

Marketing Secrets - Podcast (Russell Brunson - Click Funnels™)

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How your message can impact more people than you ever thought possible.

On this episode Russell talks about doing a live training and how many views were consumed in just 3 days, and that it equaled out to about 5 years worth of time. Here are some of the awesome things to listen for in this episode:

  • How the math of views equals out to be 5 years.
  • And how this type of training differs from traditional schooling, or even the teachings of Aristotle.

So listen here to Russell talk about how amazing it is to be able to teach so much content in such a seemingly small amount of time.


Hey, what’s up everybody? This is Russell Brunson and I want to welcome you back to the Marketing Secrets podcast. I want to share with you something really, really cool that I heard today that I’m still sitting here kind of in shock and in awe, and I think will give you guys an aha moment. So with that said, let’s queue up the theme song and I will be right back.

Alright so at the time as I’m recording this, I’m in the middle of this 7 day live launch, the funnelology launch. Hopefully a lot of you guys had a chance to watch that. We started on January 2nd, 3rd, and 4th doing 3 days of live training, and then we’re making an offer at the end for people to get the recordings from the training, and the transcripts and a whole bunch of stuff when they get their ticket to Funnel Hacking Live. So that’s kind of what’s happening, and it’s been really, really fun.

But yesterday I did the very first session, it was 3 hours long, I talked my face off, it was awesome. We streamed to both Facebook and YouTube, and then when we got done we came off and we were looking at all the stats and stuff, we had, between 2 platforms about 5000 people watching, it’s like 2500 on one and 2500 on the other, plus a bunch of people on the Clickfunnels home page. Anyway, it’s kind of cool.

And then what’s amazing is afterwards YouTube and Facebook shows you how much time was consumed, or how much video time. And what’s cool is, they don’t do it like, “Hey, on average…” I mean, they probably shared that stat as well, but they say of the 5000 people who watched, if you took like, this guy watched for 5 minutes, this guy watched for an hour, this guy watched for 3 hours, this guy watched for….and you put it like, stack that time together, in the 3 hours I was onstage, 1.2 years of video time was consumed. 1.2 years. Can you imagine that? 1.2 years worth of time was consumed while I was live.

And then it was online for another 12 hours afterwards, which increases much, I’m guessing probably a year and a half, if not more consumed. And that was day number 1. And they were pulling this offline, day number 2 was about to start, then day number 3. So let’s just say 1 and a half years of viewing time happened yesterday, and we’ll probably get another year and a half today, and a year and a half tomorroe. So when all is said and done we’re at 4 and a half, wait, 1, 2, 3, 4, yeah, 4 and a half, almost 5 years. Let’s just say 5, we’ll round it up. 5 years of viewing time was consumed during this launch.

Now I’m telling you this because it’s interesting. This is the magic of leverage. This is why we do what we do. Let’s say I wanted to be a teacher, and let’s say I wanted to have a huge impact on the world, and let’s say I go and get my teaching degree, and I go and get a job at a good university, and let’s say I start teaching kids, and I teach a class 3 days a week, and there’s 50 kids each thing, and I’m teaching an hour a day. So if you start looking at it that day, it’s like okay, let’s say there’s 50 kids, I teach an hour, so it’s 50 hours, times 3 days a week, we’re 150 hours, how long would it take for me to teach 5 years worth of content? If you hook it back to back to back? It would take me a decade or two or three.

That’s how traditional education is done. That’s how most people get their messages out, that’s how most people teach and educate. And it’s like, if we shift this mindset to how do we go live, how do we share our message with tons of people? Again, we got over this week we’ll have 5 years worth of education. And let’s say I wanted to go mentor someone one on one, that’s me spending 5 and a half years with somebody to get the impact that I was able to get in a couple of days.

Anyway, it was just like one of those aha moments to me of just like, oh my gosh. My message can go so much further today because these tools we have and these crazy things. The 7 day live launch concept alone is going to get 5 years worth of my training out to the market and it’s just, it’s exciting and it’s fascinating.

I’m telling you this because I want you guys to understand how much of an impact you can have on people. That’s why these tools, this training and this marketing, all the stuff we’re doing and teaching and talking about is so important. Because the impact that little old me or little old you can have now in the world is huge. 5 years worth of education in 3 days. Again, back in the day we were taking you know, traditional educator, how long? Years, lifetimes to do what we did in a weekend. And the same thing is true for you.

So I hope that gets you excited, I hope it gets you more passionate about your mission, and more passionate about your job and your ability and you calling to go out there and share it because you can have an impact.

I think about teachers, I don’t know, Aristotle, Socrates, the early philosophers, right. What you’re able to do in a weekend they couldn’t do in a lifetime. And think about the impact that those guys had on their spheres of influence, have been huge, and the impact you can have on your sphere is even bigger. It’s these little tiny hinges that swing such huge doors.

So that’s why it’s so important and so vital for all of us to be building our platform, building our following, doing training, doing stuff, putting our message, putting our thoughts, putting our ideas out there. Because we’re not careful, the opposite of our ideas, the ideas that we don’t teach or talk about or don’t agree with are being published out there, and they’re being consumed by millions of people. And if we’re not out there doing our best to suck the attention away from the negative messages and suck our attention away from things that are destructive for people and give them light and truth and hope and belief in things that do matter, that are important, that’s a pretty powerful calling and all of us have been called to do that.

So it is not just a way for you guys to make money, it is something where you can literally change people’s lives, and I hope you see that, I hope you understand that. It would be fun to actually go back to my podcast episodes and start, you know look at it, we got 10,000 downloads times 12 minutes equals how much time, times how many episodes. It would be fun to kind of look at that and figure out how many years worth of content has been consumed through the podcast as well. But I think it’s just fascinating and interesting and kind of cool.

So anyway, I wanted to share that with you guys today because it’s been on my mind and I just thought it was exciting and got me excited to share more. I’m going live again in about 90 minutes and hopefully I’ll get another 5 or 6 years worth of view time in, and sucking that time away from the distractions that aren’t serving people and aren’t empowering them and giving them the tools that they need to have the life they want to live. Alright thanks you guys, appreciate you all, and we’ll talk to you guys very, very soon.

Want 6 Months of ClickFunnels™ Full Suite for FREE?! (Massive Discount)

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Includes: 6 Week Master Class, Traffic Hacks, Inception Secrets & Email Sequences.