A Small Shift In Your Environment Can Change Everything

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I’m in the middle of changing my office. Let me tell you why and what it’s going to hopefully do for me.

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What’s up everybody? This is Russell Brunson. And welcome back to the Marketing Secrets podcast. Are you guys pumped for today? I hope you are. I am. I came in the office today and I looked around at my environment and I was like, “These are the same walls, the same everything I’ve been looking at now for a long time. And I want to make a change.” And so that’s what happened today. I’m going to tell you why and what it looks like now.

All right, everybody. So I’m not going to lie. Today, I came in and I was just frustrated at a lot of things. I was like, “You know what I need? I need a new view of the world.” And so I literally came in and I started ripping things off my desk, moving monitors, shifting things around, moving my computers, moving my desk, just getting a whole new perspective on the world. And I’m about halfway through it now that my whole office is a nightmare. It was really clean a few minutes ago, but now it’s a nightmare.

But I want to share it with you because I remember I had one of my first mentors, Matt Furey, when I was getting into this game. I started studying because I wanted to learn marketing. And then, lo and behold, he was sneaky and started slipping in all this personal development stuff, which was so good for me. But I remember, and I’m probably going to say this wrongly, this is back on an old CD that I bought from him, way back in the day. So I couldn’t even re-find this if I wanted to. But the principle, I remember in my head, he talked about just the power. I believe he married someone who is Chinese and so he studies tons of deep Chinese philosophies and principles and things like that.

And I remember him talking about any room, there’s an energy. There’s energy in the room. He’s like, “If you want to change the energy, change the room.” If you’re not feeling the vibe you want or the energy you need to be able to produce or to work or think or whatever, he’s like, “Literally just change your desk. Move a plant.” It physically changes the energy of the room. Move a picture, move your monitor, move your desk. Just shift things up. I just change things and it’ll change the energy of the room and how you produce and how you do everything.

I think that the layout of my office has been good. It’s been through a lot of wars. I think that I even beat up a lot recently and it’s just like, “You know what? I need a change.” I looked at everything from different perspective and different ideas. And so that’s what I’m doing. And so literally, all these things I was so proud of, I remember four or five years ago I moved into this office, like these big, huge monitors and just all this stuff is just being shredded apart. And I’m move everything, changing everything to change my environment so I can work better.

So want you think about for yourself right now. Think about, and this could be any part of your life. It could be your personal life, your business, you whatever. And in fact, it’s interesting. There’s a book by Ben Hardy called Willpower Doesn’t Work. Sorry, this is a squirrel tangent, but it’s important. So in the Willpower Doesn’t Work he talked about how, you look at how people change things in life. They try to quit smoking, start making more money, all these things. And they have tried willpower. “If I just do this thing for 30 days, it will clear the habit.” Or whatever. They’re trying to force things through willpower.

And I remember the premise of the book is that basically it didn’t matter how much willpower you had, you always would relapse back. He said, the only thing that caused sustainable change in people over time was, can you guess? A change of environment. You change the environment, which then makes the habits all easy. And that was the secret, literally moving, physically shifting your body or your environment, changing things around you.

So that could be used at a big scale where you’re like, “I’m going to move to a different city.” That’s going to change things. If you’re around a bad group of people and it’s easy to keep falling in your bad habits, if you literally physically moved to some other state or different place, that could cause the shift in the energy that you need to make the change. Or, if you’re like me, sitting in an office where you just need something, physically shifting the things will change the environment which just now makes it easier to have willpower and have the things you need to be able to be successful.

So, again, coming back to what I was talking about before, is for you, start thinking about in your personal life and your business and your work environment in your family and your house, wherever. If things are stuck or stagnant, can you just radically shift things around? What would happen if you did that? What would it look like? What would you change? What would you move? And what would be the outcome you’re hoping for?

I’m hoping for me just to have more energy. I’ve tried for the last four days to get this project done. I keep coming in and I just can’t get it done. I think it’s because I’m just stuck in this rut of that I’m just not happy. I need to shift everything. So we shift everything. And now, well, I’ll find out a little later on today if I’m able to be in a state where I can get work done. The energy is different, the feeling is different. Now I can start running. And so that’s my game plan.

So I want to show you guys right now is I’m in the middle of this cleaning. And Michael, I want to stop for a minute because I’ve been cleaning and moving things for an hour and a half. And I was like, “I need something to break the energy.” So I’m going to do it the podcast on this, but I want to give you guys permission to make that change in your home office or say your home bedroom. Move your bed to the other wall. Or, in your office, move the desk to a different wall and get a new computer. Throw your old on away. Rip the wallpaper off the wall. Get a family picture and move it. Whatever it takes, try that and feel the energy of the room change and see how it affects you. And keep doing it until you feel like you’re in a spot, in a state where it’s like, “Okay, I can get stuff done. I’m actually having success now.”

All right. This is a short one, but I think you guys got the gist. I appreciate you all. Thanks for listening. And I’ll talk to you soon. Bye everybody.

Want 6 Months of ClickFunnels™ Full Suite for FREE?! (Massive Discount)

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