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Why Dave Decided to talk to Chef Keith Snow:

Chef Keith Snow rose through the ranks to become Executive Chef at one of Colorado’s premier ski resorts and now has his own Harvest Eating Youtube Channel that focuses on teaching people how to make local and seasonal cooking a way of life. He authored the best selling cookbook: The Harvest Eating Cookbook, and also runs The Harvest Eating Podcast. Keith talks about funnels, how he used his experiences and passion to create several online learning cooking courses, and discusses ways online culinary learning can change your life. His online learning platform, Tasty Education, uses video to provide detailed and niche-focuses instruction for people.

Tips and Tricks for You and Your Business:

  • Using Free Plus Shipping Offer As A Funnel Method (4:28)
  • Creating A Continuity Offer Sales Model (11:15)
  • Funnel Stacking For Profits (17:57)

Quotable Moments:

“If I can get them into more peoples’ hands without losing too much money by doing this free plus shipping offer, I’m going to be creating a lot more customers too.”

“You have to go into this at the very beginning saying, am I trying to get customers or am I trying to get buyers?”

“A lot of people just always feel like they have to start with the lead magnet. There’s nothing better than starting with someone actually paying you money. So start with that.”

Other Tidbits:

Chef Keith Snow discusses how he utilizes Click Funnels in his business model and he gives quality tips and tricks based off his own personal experiences. He talks about the specifics behind his online course and discusses the importance of food storage and culinary learning. He prides himself in getting people to understand their pantry should be filled with food!


Speaker 1: 00:00 Welcome to funnel hacker radio podcast, where we go behind the scenes and uncover the tactics and strategies top entrepreneurs are using to make more sales, dominate their markets, and how you can get those same results. Here’s your host, Dave Woodward. Everybody. Welcome back this day

Speaker 2: 00:18 Woodward, I’m your host. This is funnel hacker radio and you guys are in for a real treat today. I have the op team having Keith snow, chef Keith snow on the show today and Keith is a guy, has been crushing it as a chef for years and years and he’s had his own TV show. He’s got his own products and everything else, but he’s been just trying to figure out the best way of getting things online as far as or as far as ingredients and spices and everything else, and I talk to you about this funnel he’s got that’s going crazy, but most importantly some of the cool stuff that you’re going to learn not only about funnels, but also about building your own survival pantry and some of the other cool stuff that he’s doing in his business. So Keith, welcome to the show.

Speaker 3: 00:58 Hey Dave. Thanks for having me.

Speaker 2: 01:00 I’m so happy. So happy to have you write a little bit of an issue last time on the record is we’re gonna make sure this one works. So what I want to do, if you don’t mind, is tell people a little bit about this whole idea as far as harvest eating. What is it that, what’s this whole harvest eating thing you’ve got? What is your funnel? How’s it work?

Speaker 3: 01:17 Sure. Well, harvest. Anything was a brand that I started back in 2005 and that was right when the farm to table movement started happening. Everybody was still eating some low carb food. Then Atkins Diet and all that. But I was on the forefront with slow food international and doing um, farm to table cuisine. So I put up a website I just left. I’m a big job out in Colorado as executive chef of a ski resort. So I started researching and cooking and doing a lot of stuff in regards to the farm to table movement. I was a little ahead of time because it didn’t really start to hit until about 2009. But throughout that period, like you mentioned, that had, um, tv shows and eventually I had my own cookbook still on Amazon. It’s the harvest ddn cookbook. During that time I got into selling some products, some spices and sauces. And it’s, uh, it’s been just a lot of fun since that. Okay.

Speaker 2: 02:18 What has been on your own site? You’ve got a shopify store. I think we’re on a, in fact one of our buddies over at Amazon selling machine or I guess amazing selling machine now. A correct things there. Uh, did a podcast interview with you awhile back and recommended you guys. You take a look at click funnels. So you’ve only been on the platform here for just about a month, six weeks or so. I want to tell people a little bit about where you were before and what’s happened in the last six weeks.

Speaker 3: 02:45 Sure. Well, I didn’t want to take my products into traditional retail where they’ve always been in the past and I had hooked up with, you know, consultants and a guy who helps people with Amazon stores

Speaker 3: 02:59 and we, we were talking back in 2015 and he helped me get into Amazon and then he asked me recently to come on the show again and I did and he mentioned something that I guess was pretty profound. He’s like, have you ever heard free plus shipping offer? And of course I’d never heard of a free plus shipping offer. It No. Didn’t know what he was talking about. And then, um, he said, yeah, it gives people a chance to try your product to get a new customer. Um, you know, you have to give the product away, but they cover the shipping, shipping and handling. It’s a great way to build your list because my product cells, the repeat sales and the lifetime value of the customer is very, very strong. So you said you need to get on click funnels. And of course I’d never heard of click funnels either.

Speaker 3: 03:43 Um, I thought a funnel was something you used to put oil in the car, but he said no, it’s a, it’s an internet thing and you can sell stuff and it works really well and it’s different from a website. So anyway, while I was on the call with them, they promised to help me set it up and I’m, they said a visit click funnels and it took me, I don’t know, week or so to um, I got the free trial, quick funnels and started messing around and they helped me with some of the steps inside. Um, but through that time I realized that you guys have just amazing support. I use all kinds of software as a service programs from autoresponders to web hosts, shopify, all these different things that I use. Okay. Kill you when you have a problem. It takes a day or so to get any a help.

Speaker 3: 04:28 But with quick funnels, even though it can be a touch complicated in the beginning, there’s such amazing support and I’m talking to support no two, three times a week and those guys are amazing. Creating videos for me and helping me. And I launched the first funnel and it was this free plus shipping offer and it’s sitting right now@awebsitecalledtryharvesteating.com and people can get a sample of one of our best selling spices and just pay for shipping. And then I had built a, a, an upsell offer for six jars, put it out there and just sent an email to my customer list and Whammo it started that day and that was like a mid June and I’ve been getting sales ever since. And what I’m noticing is that even though I give away the, the free jar, I’m getting a lot of people taking the upgrade. I’ve made a couple of hundred new customers since then and just the average ticket bigger then what I see it on shopify, like people will go there and they’ll buy one or two jars. But I’m, I’m getting people, I’m buying the one and then buying six and then coming back and going right back to the bottle and taking another sample and buying six. So it’s been a pretty cool

Speaker 2: 05:46 good. I appreciate you sending me the spices. We’ve tried them over the weekend. Absolutely amazing. These are probably the best biases I’ve ever tasted. I can see why you’ve got such a, I think you told me last time you in like the 90, 92, 93 percent reorder rate, some crazy number like that. Yeah.

Speaker 3: 06:04 It’s insane. And people, people through the years, I’ve had customers since 2017, um, that are buying these in. They do not want to be without them and they just, Ah, they just love him. So that’s why I thought, you know what, um, if I can get them into more peoples’ hands without losing too much money by doing this free plus shipping offer,

Speaker 3: 06:25 I’m going to be creating a lot more customers too. Market to, and to stay in touch with and uh, so far. Okay. It just works, you know, when you’re, when you’re doing it on Amazon, like I was, I mean, I have no control over the customer. I really can’t email the customer. I don’t know. I’m not allowed to send them off the site. So controlling the, uh, the, you know, the sales process and using something like click funnels, it’s just a smart way to go and, and the software is really easy to use when you’re building pages. I mean there’s so many templates and it’s drag and drop and I’ve used a lot of different, you know, squarespace wordpress, I mean, you name it, I’ve used it, but this is very easy to get the job done.

Speaker 2: 07:08 Well, I appreciate your kind words, your testimonial. I want to talk more about your funnel right now and that is to try harvest eating.com. Highly recommend you guys go get these for one. Spices are absolutely amazing. I think you should fit not only the three northern Italian spice that you get by the way you mentioned as far as why. Why Italian spice? Why is that the first one instead of one of your barbecue spices or other things?

Speaker 3: 07:31 Well, you know what I mean, I first started with that one back on June twelfth and that one really great and then people were contacting me on. I may have been a lot of the same people who knows, but people were contacting me on facebook saying, we want to try your steak seasoning, we want to try your Montana steak seasoning. I have three or four steak seasoning. So I then created a situation where people could choose one of three and uh, so they could go in there, they get a free spice and they just pick the one that they want. And that was working well too.

Speaker 2: 08:03 Okay.

Speaker 3: 08:03 But to be completely honest with you, I, I’m going to start having Amazon fulfill the, the free plus offers for me. I’m connecting my shopify store so that way it’s okay. Mean when you get 30 orders in a day, all of a sudden you realize, wow, you’re, you’re a, you’re in the shipping business. I want to be like Trey Lewellen, but I don’t want to be a having a bunch of people hired for shipping. So what I’ve just done is I sent in a bunch of inventory to Amazon and then once they actually just got an email, they’re checking it in today. Once it’s all checked in, change the funnel to where the products are already built, I’ll change it so people can pick up the one they want. But um, they were all going, you know, pretty equally. A lot of people are very familiar with. They like mine.

Speaker 2: 08:54 I love. So the cool thing is, again, it’s to ship, it’s the two step order form, shipping, address and information on the front end. You didn’t go to your range and you pay for the shipping a payment. There’s an order form bump. It’s a real low order form bump. It’s like what was three 99, four 99 for the, uh, the video,

Speaker 3: 09:14 I think it’s three 99 for a series of right now it’s 10 videos and I’ve got more of them than I’m editing, showing people how to use the spices because people through the years emailed me countless time. How do I use them, how do I use them? And I just, you know, I’ve got three, four decades of. I started cooking when I was 14 in restaurant. I’m 51 now, so I’ve been at the game a long time and I just thought, I mean, you put the spices on, you cook it, what is it? What do you need a recipe for? Why do you need instructions? But okay, you know, that’s just me being an idiot because people, people need help with that. So I said, all right, that’ll be my order bump. And I shot eight videos, edited those [inaudible] I do a lot of videos and then I um, started putting those for the order bump and a ton of people that have been taking them.

Speaker 2: 10:04 No, I think it’s great. I’m noticing basically even your free plus shipping prices. Six 99 even you’re going to find there’s not much difference. Twenty six, 99 and 99. I’d probably increased that to seven 99. Get an extra buck on the front end. Also on the three 99 on the video, how to bundle. I would, I would totally split test out on a much higher price point. Your take rate, I think you said is way above 40 percent on the video, right?

Speaker 3: 10:29 Yeah. I think it’s like 42 percent.

Speaker 2: 10:32 That’s honestly I would see about increasing that price point split, test that and see if you can get that into the eight, nine, $10 range, especially if it’s you’re getting 10 different videos or stuff about the spices and just play around with that. The cool thing is you go from there to the order form after the order form bump, the Oto is six of the spices and your take rate on that was phenomenal and I think the main thing I want people, you guys are listening to this realize that it’s all a matter of split testing these things. Every price point and dollars and things they change and realize. You have to kind of go into this the very beginning saying, am I trying to get customers or am I trying to get buyers? I’m sorry, I’m trying to get just people are looking lucky. Loser. I really want buyers. That’s the best thing about free plus shipping offers. You get that first dollar and that first dollar is the most important dollar because once they get that, then they’ll continue to spend more and more and more with you. Obviously, Keith, you been in that situation to where you’re seeing people are spending repeat dollars. Do you have a continuity offer on this?

Speaker 3: 11:32 No, I am thinking about creating a continuity offer. When we talk about my online course, we’ll talk about some continuity, but yes, planning on. I’m moving over a lot of my content to click funnels and then creating membership as part of this and letting them take that as an order bump to because there’s a lot of that I don’t have published. Yes. Dozens and dozens and dozens of videos and recipes that are very popular. So I’ll probably create a continuity offer hopper with that. Um, yeah, I mean it’s exciting looking at, um, my upsell is about 18 to 20 percent, 45 and a half percent on the order bump, so I think people would, um, go into some continuity as well.

Speaker 2: 12:16 No, I think it’s fantastic. So again, we’re listening to understand the importance of getting someone. There’s a big difference. A lot of people just always feel like they have to start with the lead magnet. There’s nothing better than starting with someone actually paying you money. So start with that. I love what you’ve done on this aspect here. I would definitely keep that. Would take a look as far as increasing your prices. Uh, you’re a premium product anyways. People are going to have any problem paying a little bit more for that kind of stuff. And then what I want to talk to you now about it. So now you’ve got this taste, this flavor for clickfunnels. You’ve gone ahead and you’ve started off with the free plus shipping product. You now have moved into a membership site. Tell people about what you’re doing on the membership side.

Speaker 3: 12:52 Sure. Well, I’ve got a, um, an online course. It’s called food storage storage.com. And people can go there and they get a seven day free trial and after that it’s $97 a year. And what the course is, oh, there’s a lot of people that store food for emergencies for whatever zombies coming, but there’s millions of people that store rice, beans, wheat, oats, you can buy the stuff in bulk. And then there’s tons of people that are looking to lower their grocery bill. So I created this course, food storage fees. And what it does is it helps people, first of all, understand why everybody’s pantry should be filled with food. Particularly if you have children. There’s really no excuse not having food in there in case you know there’s a power outage, a snow storm and ice storm or hurricane, whatever it might be. Hopefully we don’t see a 2008 again, but a job loss. It could be an injury or anything like that can cause people a lot of stress. And if you’ve got a pantry full of food, the number one thing mess up is taken care of. It’s insurance that you can eat. So I, I take people through why they need to store food, which foods to store. And then to date there’s close to 60 videos showing people how to cook.

Speaker 3: 14:09 Amazing foods, amazing recipes with very inexpensive food like rice and beans and wheat and oats and that has been a very successful course for me. Um, and people go on there and I can see who logs in and they log in all the time and they’re just using the recipes and it’s just been a great ride of course, but it’s always been over@teachable.com and that’s a pretty good service. But there’s not a lot of, you know, like I called them up and said, hey, uh, what if somebody, you know, a lot of people aren’t going to just spend $97, but can I get their email address? And then they said, yeah, you can, you can go to Zapier and you can create a zap and input this and you got to put in custom css code and you’ve got to call someone checklist Slovakia to program it and you know, all this kind of garbage. And in the end, um, there was just no easy way to collect email addresses. And I just find a lot of limitations on the, um, on the platform as far as the selling side, delivering the course materials quite well. So this is why after I saw the spice funnel taking off and saw how easy it was, I knew that I needed to build the, um, the, the selling effort through click funnels. So now that

Speaker 3: 15:25 the chorus is sitting there at food storage fees that come with the free trial and um, you know, that’s continuity there. It’s $97 a year and there is just an incredible amount of video material for people to use. And you know, this course was originally designed for, um, you know, preppers and homesteaders and folks that store who, but what we found through the last couple years is that a lot of folks like moms that are looking to save money and families, um, that want to get out of debt. The whole Dave Ramsey crowd, uh, they have found the course and they use it. And I mean, I’m telling you right now, your buddies, if you need an extra $500 a month sitting in your pantry right now and I can guarantee you that if you eat at home or if you eat out and you start cooking at home and using the foods that are in this course, you will save a lot of money. And I, and I witnessed it for myself and we didn’t suffer. And that was the important thing is the family loved it, the kids loved it. And they’re exciting foods that I have in there. I mean, there’s a lot of them.

Speaker 2: 16:28 Ethnic

Speaker 3: 16:29 cuisine. I’m looking inside the course.

Speaker 2: 16:33 I’m just going to give you a couple of things. I mean to interrupt you on this one. So I grew up is that I’m a member of the church. Jesus Christ, Latter Day saints frequently knows Mormons. And so I, we’ve always been counseled to safe store food, you know, your supply of food and all this kind of stuff. And I remember growing up and having like dried milk, powdered milk was like the worst thing in the world. It was like just terrible, terrible, and I remember seeing all this stuff and I’ve even, I’ve got tons of food we’ve restored and typically it’s been this freeze dried stuff that we bought on this. I bought from some, some supplier online and we never ever use it and so I was going through this thing. I’m actually looking here. You’ve got spiced corn pudding, a Thai fried rice, potato cakes, Korean barbecue beef. Then it’s in Chili with beans, salt, cod potato cakes. I’m going, I never had any of that kind of stuff at all when we’re looking at.

Speaker 3: 17:25 Right.

Speaker 2: 17:26 And I can guarantee that freeze dried stuff doesn’t taste even half as good as these pictures look. So I’m really kind of impressed as far as what you’ve done. But I want to find out from, from a, from a funnel standpoint, if a person comes in on the seven day free trial, how many of them are actually, uh, taking the $97 per your membership?

Speaker 3: 17:46 Well, to be honest, I don’t have a lot of data because I really just. I’m just put it up. I mean, it’s only been up a day or so and I have not marketed to it yet, so I don’t have a lot of data

Speaker 2: 17:57 that’s not a problem. I think the great thing about, and really what I hope people who are listening will take away his. You’re doing what we refer to as far as funnel stacking, where you’ve found one funnel on the front end, which is your free plus shipping offer. You’re getting customers and your clients over there. You’re making money on, you’re acquiring these customers really at a profit and then you’re turning around and introduce them, how to actually consume what you just sent them, which is just a brilliant model and I think it’s fantastic. It’s so you take a look who’s ever listened to realized that one of the best things to do to really enhance it from a funnel stack is whatever product you’re offering on the front end, you try to find some product they can purchase. They will actually teach them how to consume what they just purchased. It’s been great for us. If you take a look at click funnels, we did the exact same thing with funnel Fridays where we go ahead and our funnel Fridays every single week, Jim Edwards and Russell get on and basically teach people, build a funnel for people on exactly how to use click funnels. You’re doing it and they’re actually paying you for it. So congrats. I think that’s awesome.

Speaker 3: 18:59 Yeah, no, I couldn’t agree more and I’m, I’m a person that, you know, when those guys told me about click funnels, I immediately went and got Russell’s book and read through it and um, I wanted to see exactly how you guys run your funnels and I’ve got to click funnels. Tee shirts. Alright. A tee shirt. The other day I went to a party and I had on like quickly tee shirts and uh, yeah, I wasn’t as in your net. Well you’re not in Salt Lake City, Utah and Idaho, but I was up in Salt Lake City and this guy, I walked in and he goes, oh, you’re a click funnel. What’s that? It was pretty interesting, but that’s neat how you guys, um, how you brand yourself. Okay. Yeah,

Speaker 3: 19:41 yeah, I’m finding that with the spices this funnel is giving, giving me a lot more control over the customer and it’s allowing me to suggest different things and kind of keeping them, I want them to say no before they leave and this is a great way to do it. So I’ve got a feeling that the food storage course is going to do real well here and if people go to food storage fees.com, they can get a good idea of what’s in there because there’s quite a few videos that are just on the sales page and those are full length videos they can watch. But it’s interesting and this has been something that, uh, that the course has done really well, particularly when I do an interview. Like I’ve done some pretty big radio interviews and um, you know, it’s really, it’s really produced. So I’m very hopeful that I can build it up and I think this is the way to do it with.

Speaker 2: 20:35 Well, I appreciate that. Well, we look forward to following up with you probably in a year or so. And Sienna, senior status. I love having people who are brand new to click funnels are just getting started and using this kind of case they will follow up in about a year, see kind of where things are, but for those you guys who are listening to understand, again, the whole idea here is make sure you, you realize the principal, you kind of funnel stack the great thing that keats been doing here as I mentioned earlier, as he’s as one funnel, which is basically a free plus shipping offer, acquiring customers at a profit and then turning around and communicating directly with them and introducing them into way to consume their product through his a membership course. So take a look at, try harvest eating.com. The links will be down in the show notes and then also take a look@foodstoragefeast.com and take a look at that. You’ll kind of see the funnels that he’s using and how things are working for them and most importantly a applied to your own business. See how things are going there. Keith, as we get close to wrapping things up, any parting words?

Speaker 3: 21:31 No, just um, I would advise people to, you know, if they have anything to sell, whether it be information or products, you know, stores are great, Amazon is great, but um, you know, if you’re on Amazon and I know because I’m in the Amazon community, a lot of forums and facebook groups, they can drop you in a moment’s notice and I know people that were $50,000 a month on Amazon one day, one day, the next day they have no income, so this is really smart way to do it and sure you can just do an online store, but this gives you a lot more control and your average ticket goes up. So I would definitely advise people to look into quick funnels and the cost of it and the support that you get it, you know, it’s, it’s a winter. So,

Speaker 2: 22:16 so much. Keith, I appreciate it. Have a great day. Hey Dave, thanks a lot.

Speaker 4: 22:21 Hey everybody. Thank you so much for taking the time to listen to podcasts. If you don’t mind, could you please share this with others, rate and review this podcast on itunes. It means the world to me where I’m trying to get to as a million downloads here in the next few months and just crush through over $650,000 and I just want to get the next few hundred thousand so we can get to a million downloads and see really what I can do to help improve and and get this out to more people at the same time. If there’s a topic, there’s something you’d like me to share or someone you’d like me to interview, by all means, just reach out to me on facebook. You can pm me and I’ll be more than happy to take any of your feedback as well as if people would like me to interview more than happy to reach out and have that conversation with you. So again, go to Itunes, rate and review this, share this podcast with others and let me know how else I can improve this or what I can do to make this better for you guys. Thanks.

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