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Welcome to the Affiliate Teams community for ClickFunnels™ Affiliates… Step #1 is to create your Daily Journal. Step #2 is to fill in your journal every day… :tada:

Accelerate your ClickFunnels™ Affiliate Bootcamp experience by connecting with a global community of affiliates just like you - committed to taking action!

Your Daily Journal will help keep you on-track, and tracking your progress like a boss.

Go ahead and get started (like right now - don’t procrastinate)… Go to Your Daily Journal and click “New Topic”.

Then post a Reply in your Topic every day :slight_smile:


p.s. Your journal is all about you, sticking (or not sticking) to your habits and being honest with yourself so you can reflect and improve.

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…Then what?

Within a few hours/days @support will reach out to connect you with 2 other peers to form a Weekly Accountability Team to hold you accountable to your weekly goals, encourage your strengths and support your weaknesses. Then once you’ve settled in we’ll work with you to join/form a Monthly Mastermind Team with approximately 5 members to supercharge your progress with constructive ideas and feedback.

When you’re ready, jump into the Affiliate Bootcamp — Free Training (Study Notes) category and start reading over other peoples study notes. Then dive into the training and share your own notes to help your teammates!

You’ll also notice that there are 3 categories “Beginner Affiliates”, “Professional Affiliates” and “Super Affiliates” … this keeps the discussion more focused on the specific goals, problems and solutions affiliates face at different levels. @support will assume you are in the “Beginner” (<10 customers) group. Please reach out to @support if you’ve already reached the “Professional” (10+ customers) or “Super” (100+ customers) level.

Finally, you’ll also notice more categories in this forum where you can share study notes and immerse yourself in even more ClickFunnels™ content …think of this as Russell Brunson personally mentoring you 24/7 on demand!