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Why Dave Decided to talk to Nik Robbins:

Nik Robbins is a co-founder of Be Top Local - an online Advertising agency based out of Lehi, UT that serves over 120 medical offices nationwide, He is also the founder of Krusader Nation which is an online agency training course and has taught hundreds of others to start and grow their own marketing agencies. He has grown his agency to 3.5 million in the first 20 months by utilizing ClickFunnels and developing a bulletproof sales process to close high ticket clients. He currently oversees 18 employees at Be Top Local and is growing at a phenomenal pace. Recently he has launched the “Krusader Nation” which is an agency training course that is unlike any other.

Tips and Tricks for You and Your Business:

  • Specializing In One Thing: (7:32)
  • Understanding Your Value: (16:57)
  • Effectiveness of Running Trials: (19:30)
  • Systems and Processes: Agency Building: (21:44)
  • Embrace The Difficult Journey: (25:53)

Quotable Moments:

“It’s okay to be specialized . That’s what I want to tell everybody. You don’t need to be everything to everybody. You don’t want to be a master at everything. If you’re working from your basement and your a Solopreneur, you aren’t good at everything. Quit acting like you are. Get good at one thing.”

“Jack of all trades. Master of none.”

“Learn how to sell that one thing and go help one specific type of client and then once you start to grow, you build a team.”

Other Tidbits:

Nik discusses his journey building his own online marketing agency and how he was able to excel so quickly. He speaks about team development and the importance of being great at one particular thing to get your business going on the right track. He has spent years intensely studying sales and personal development and is now focused on training others to improve their psychology and outlooks on life combined with creating a life of freedom online.


Speaker 1: 00:00 Welcome to funnel hacker radio podcast, where we go behind the scenes and uncover the tactics and strategies top entrepreneurs are using to make more sales, dominate their markets, and how you can get those same results. Here’s your host, Dave Woodward. Everybody welcome back. You get

Speaker 2: 00:18 a double whammy here. You’ve got miles clipper. What’s up guys? And myself, Dave Woodward. Most importantly though is our guests. We’re super excited to bring on here. And so without any further ado, I want to inish guys to nick robins. Nick, welcome to the show. Awesome man. Happy to be here Dave. So the exciting thing for us is no miles is in charge of running all of their two comma club winners and all this craziness. We’re just joking around about the fact that uh, so nick went from basically zero to seven figures through an agency model in 10 months and in the next 24 months or less, he’ll be an eight figure. So we want to talk about that story. But the craziest thing though, Nick, is miles and I would like to hear a little bit about your history because I think people hear about these crazy success stories and how everyone’s making millions of dollars online, but everything’s well, I can’t do it and I love your history and your backstory. If you don’t mind just take a few minutes here and tell miles nine our audience about your backstory, where you came from and what’s allowed you to get to the point where you can literally start at zero and get to two comma club status within 10 months.

Speaker 3: 01:23 Yeah, absolutely man. Happy to share it. I think it’s important to share with everyone dependent because everyone’s in different spots in life, right? So in my early twenties, late teens, um, I had a really bad drug problem as well as drinking problem. There was a time in my life were over an 18 month period. I was arrested three times and including a dui and I still didn’t get like, you know, a major wake up call or anything. It wasn’t until I was actually given a book by Tony Robbins, who I’m actually in Chicago right now, uh, at a Tony Robbins event. That’s why I’m in a hotel. Uh, you know,

Speaker 2: 01:52 the kids were just there. What’s that? My boys were so my son champion and partner here in Chicago.

Speaker 3: 02:02 Awesome. I love it. Yep. I’m, I’m in here in Chicago. Best amazing event. Um, I read the book awaken the giant within from Tony Robbins when I was 19 years old and I’ll never forget, sit in the back of the car is my buddies with driving up. And that changed my life because I had a lot of issues, a lot of problems growing up as far as you know, drugs, alcohol, failed relationships fail in college. I went to, I was a guy who took seven years to get a four year degree and went to, you know, six different community colleges in two universities in order to get to where I’m at, you know, but the biggest thing that’s happened in humble unsatiable hunger and following the right types of people in order to get what you want in life.

Speaker 2: 02:39 I love that. I think a fall in the right type of people. It’s one of the main things we talked about a ton. Miles were really just talking about this the other day as far as who you associate with and that association really does change. Absolutely everything in your life. We have a ton of fun here in the office. We joke around a lot, but at the same time it’s our core group that allows us the opportunity of a building

Speaker 3: 02:59 and growing as quickly as we have. Yeah. And from my experience it’s literally the most important thing, like literally because 10 years ago guest to us hang out with people who did drugs, drank all kinds of stuff, and then guess what? I started surrounding myself with over the last couple of years, people who are hustling, making money, serving others, creating value for others, building businesses, doing all kinds of things like that. And guess what’s happened? My life has been ruined because of that and it. And it’s so important as well because when I started my agency, right, um, I had quit my job, you know, and I was starting this whole online thing, what, 10 months with zero sales, zero six right before we found our actual agency model. And it wasn’t until I got into the clickfunnels community and I want to make sure people understand that because like we’ve talked about two, two different, 10 month categories.

Speaker 3: 03:45 One was 10 months from zero to seven figures. I think the other part is there was 10 months prior to that, zero, uh, basically 10 months of zero. Is that correct? Absolutely. So before we fit settled on the agency model, that actually started making money and where we went, I was a website designer, I was an seo guy, all kinds of stuff. And it wasn’t until I actually came into Russell Brunson’s world and found click funnels that I discovered the facebook ad agency model that we figured out and once we actually started working on that, that’s when we went to over a million dollars in a 10 month period, you know, and, and it’s spent 10 months of following the wrong types of people, the wrong groups. I didn’t know what I was doing and it wasn’t until I found some of these communities and started mentoring under other people and learning from other people that, you know, my life was changed in know, while I appreciate that I know that a miles has. We were just talking about this whole concept as far as agencies and we just rolled out the mother funnel which has taken forever. But one of the first things we’re trying to identify as is what type of business people are in. And miles was talking about this whole concept as far as agencies.

Speaker 4: 04:49 Yeah. No, I’m like, it’s, you know, a lot of people are like, I don’t have a product. I don’t have have any information to sell or any of these, any of these things, but with the new monitor phone we’ve rolled out, there’s all these templates and they’re literally plug and play replacing an image and the headline and I think that that’s going to benefit a lot of people looking to get in kind of the agency realm because I’m to start an agency, you know, there’s a lot that goes into it, but you don’t have to have your own product. You can help other people. We had west Bewley on just a few episodes ago and he was talking about. He’s kind of has an agency model going on. He looks for three things and click clickfunnels. I’m sure you can attest to it. He looks for one that he can build a funnel for two, three hours a day or two. You only need to spend a few hours a month on it and then three a is profitable from the get go. And so, I mean, with click funnels and you can attest to it, it can really help someone kind of get an agency up and going off off the ground and probably see some of the same success, you know, that maybe not the same degree that you as as far as the million and 10 months. But getting that first win.

Speaker 3: 05:53 Yeah, absolutely. Yeah. No, and it comes down to a point. The only challenge really is how do I sell local businesses on this? Because the fulfillment side of things between click funnels, the community people willing to help you out, facebook ads, the ease of it, the, the only challenge is literally trying to sell clients and get them to join you and pay you money in order to run those ads and get new customers in. But the great thing is we are literally doing what most. So I work with small, local, local businesses, right? I work with a lot of small businesses across America. What is the biggest struggle for most of all small businesses across America? Getting more customers. Right? And so it makes it so easy. So we’ve got something that’s great that we can go sell to people and the fulfillment is so easy, man.

Speaker 3: 06:39 Man, I, I can’t say enough good things about click funnels. Nick, I want to. Two quick questions. The first one is I want to break down this whole agency model because this is a thing that everyone starts. It’s becoming pretty rampant. Is Miles is going to test you right now and that is we have a lot of people say they’re, they’ve got a digital agency but there’s so many different facets of that agency that you can focus on. Sometimes it’s an agency runs just facebook, others, it’s an agency that focuses on creating funnels and another one is an agency that is based on helping systematize and existing product or service. Another one is helping them automate and take things to the next level. So when you talk about a digital agency from what you’re doing right now, what, what’s that mean? Yeah, absolutely. And that is a really important question because a lot of people screw up at the beginning when they’re trying to start agencies because I helped coach what agency or you know, new agency owners and they try and be everything to everybody.

Speaker 3: 07:32 They’re an email marketing company, their website design, their seo, their facebook, their everything. My advice specialize and specialize so hardcore that you only are speaking to one specific type of client. And I want to give you an example. We made a million dollar company by selling one ad and one landing page, literally one image, one ad copy and one landing page, right? And it was for osteoarthritis of the knee using hyaluronic acid injections. That’s how I can’t even smell that. Still can’t spell it, but it’s so important to niche down and specialize. It’s okay to specialized guys. That’s what I want to tell everybody. It’s like you don’t need to be everything to everybody. You don’t want to be a master at everything. If you’re working from your basement and your a Solo Prenuer, you aren’t good at everything. Like quit acting like you are. Get good at one thing.

Speaker 3: 08:26 Learn how to sell that one thing and go help one specific type of client and then once you start to grow, you build a team. Sure you can add more services. Right? But so many people, they’re the Jack of all trades. Quote always comes to my mind, you know, Jack of all trades, master of none. You’ve got to specialize. I’m going to lose even though I’m a better marketer than you know, a majority of the roof guys out there. I could probably be, I could learn the roofing industry and about a week I’m going to lose nine times out of 10 to the roofing consultant, the roofing marketing agency, because they’re speaking the language, you know, even though I can figure it out because I understand marketing at this point, like you’ve got to, you’ve got to specialize in a niche. The niche, like not only do you want a niche, you want to niche down even deeper, right?

Speaker 3: 09:08 So if you’re working with plastic surgeons, you want to work with rhinoplasty, you know, like it really, really specific and it makes it so much easier to sell those clients from a to z. It makes it easier to sell, it makes it easier to prospect, and it also makes it easier to duplicate and scale your advertising and what you’re actually creating for the specific clients. Oh my gosh, I love that. I mean from one, it echos everything. Todd and expert secrets as far as basically starting off with the three markets and going down to a son and I didn’t plan this. I don’t know if we’re talking about secrets on his trip to Chicago. I love it there. There’s two bucks. And then here’s the other one which was also recommended at click funnels of ethics. So, but I think that’s real important and that is too often even people in the digital marketing agency, they find themselves in a red ocean and they’re going, I’m, I can’t make any money.

Speaker 3: 09:57 And maybe that’s. Maybe that’s what it was for the first 10 months of Zeros is if you’re fighting their red ocean, there’s just no opportunity. No. So how in the world did you decide on whatever that long word was that ended in arthritis as your niche? So that’s a great question. So what I did, and it’s super important for anybody who’s looking to actually start a local business agency, you’ve got to find industries that buy leads, right? So not only to have to find issue the bylines and pay money for advertising. So I started looking through newspapers. I started looking through mailers, listening to radio TV and I kind of stumbled upon it, you know, I didn’t know that it was hyaluronic acid, I just saw that there was a lot of people who are advertising for knee pain injection. So I had to go look at it.

Speaker 3: 10:37 I’m like, what is this, you know? And so I got drawn to that because one of my mentors always told me, he’s like, if you want to find the best prospects, the industries that buy leads and go in there and work with them, you know, don’t worry about competition, you know, don’t worry about competition if they’re, if they’re advertising for that means there’s money to be made, which means you need to be in that industry. Right? And then it’s down once you get in. So I kind of lucked upon it honestly. Like, I mean, we really did, it came up and one of the first calls I heard this hyaluronic acid procedure and they said there was a big insurance coverage so it’s easier to close the leads, Blah Blah. And then I was like, you know what, I’m going all in on that. And I decided to really hyper specific focus in on it and worked out all right, I’d say 10 months, seven figures, that’s, that’s an okay return.

Speaker 3: 11:28 That’s not too mad about it. But as, as you brought up before, you know, I spent the previous 10 months when I was trying to do something, you know, an agency or whatever. And I had no, I had no client Avatar that I was working towards. I had no specific niche, I wasn’t specialized. I was everything to everybody. I actually went to BNI groups, chamber of commerce stuff and I was told no by like 200 business owners to my face. I was even trying to sell an seo package for $499 a month or so, a million years. And I couldn’t sell that, you know? And it wasn’t until we literally niched down and got super specialized that I was able to have conversations with the business owner and talk business owner, the business owner and help them with everything. And they’re like, Holy Shit, a marketing company, companies never spoke to me like this before.

Speaker 3: 12:16 They’ve never, you know, use this terminology and it’s been so beneficial. And we still stay very specialized today. We don’t even know we’re doing 4 million this year. Um, we still don’t. We don’t play outside of our route. And as such, valuable advice, I hope everyone is listening to catching onto that. I actually made the mistake that you talked about where I was literally just thinking any business owner when I first started my agency, Gosh, 10 plus years ago, before facebook, I thought at that time basically anybody know if they had a business. They were a client. And I remember my very first client was an amish furniture store and then he had absolutely no money and I was trying as far as they possibly could to save this company. And bottom line is I lost a ton of money and they ended up declaring bankruptcy and that was the end of that marketing.

Speaker 3: 13:04 And one of the biggest things for anybody who’s listening, who’s working with an agency, be very, very wary of anybody who is not currently spending money in marketing dollars because they still have to be able to close the leads. So we actually qualify the business owners, right? Like we need to make sure they’re spending money, we need to make sure that they’re actually have a sales process. They know their close rates, things of that nature. Because there’s so many people when they’re getting started. Like, oh my uncle owns a flower shop down the road, you know? And maybe we can say, and it’s like you never want to be the savior for the company. You know, as you say, like you don’t ever want to say that because then all of a sudden they’re going to be a nightmare to you and they’re going to be texting you at all hours of the night and it’s going to keep you up at night.

Speaker 3: 13:47 And it’s just, it’s not worth it for a $500, thousand dollars management fee, you know, go find people that are already spending money and show them how to spend that money better. That’s what it’s all about. And right now it’s all about going after traditional advertising, right? I mean the newspaper, TV, radio costs are through the roof. I’m not saying you can’t get an Roi on those. You can, but they’re through the roof and most people don’t do it properly. And I always use this example in, in my groups and people I talked to in Oklahoma City for one Sunday run one, one full page answer in the Sunday run in Oklahoma City, got $15,000. Imagine what we can do with a $15,000 budget on facebook where give people like a billion leads using using click funnels van. So go out to people who are spending money. That’s one of the biggest things I would tell anybody. Oh Man, I seriously, I hope you guys who are listening and taking, if you’re driving the car, you need to pull over and take notes on this one because what you just said I think is so credit to things I picked up there. One is you have to understand there is a language with every single industry and the better you are at speaking that language, the easier it is for you to close that type of a business

Speaker 2: 14:51 owner. The other thing which I think is so valuable what you just said, nick, and that is you know what their cost is for advertisements outside of online marketing because if you know that you know what type of leads and how much they already spent it, they’re spending 15 grand. I think it goes a long way in a facebook ad campaign, let alone you know what the Roi is typically there. I mean it’s really easy to go in and say, so you’re spending $15,000, how many leads do you get out of that? How many of those are you call? I mean, it just opens up. It’s a totally different conversation. So nick, it’s so cool for me to see, I love people who have immersed themselves in their business as deeply as you have. Congratulations.

Speaker 5: 15:30 Absolutely man. Well, it’s been a long struggle. You know, it’s been a roller coaster to figure this stuff out and I, you know, I do.

Speaker 2: 15:39 So these basically sitting in a hotel room in Chicago, upw just finished internet crashes because he’s just dropping so many value bombs, internet, they could not keep up with nick. So, uh, do you remember where we were? If not,

Speaker 5: 15:51 I don’t, but I will say something about ut upw in, in Chicago, and I will say, I want to say to all the listeners, focus on your mind and focus on your psychology. It is the most important gift that you could ever give yourself in regards to life. Man. Aaron knew your son was over here is the coolest thing ever. I wish I could have met up with them. I wish I’d known ahead of time because it’s so important because without the right psychology, without the right mindset, you can’t get anywhere. Of course you’re not going to sound anything. You’re not going to be able to grow, so that’s what I got on that upw, is that.

Speaker 2: 16:22 I love it. Yeah. So my son Parker or my other son, Chandler and his wife ran were both there. So anyways, let’s go back to where we were and that is you were talking about here as far as not being the savior for these companies and situations where so many people, when they think of the agency model, they think I’m going to go out and I’m going to just. I’m sure there’s somebody will take, take my business and it kind of goes back to what you just said is about mindset. That is I think when a lot of people start off in the agency model, they don’t understand the true value which they’re able to bring and so they think I just have to get a client and whoever it is, it doesn’t matter. So if you don’t mind, kind of pick things up there and let’s go from there.

Speaker 5: 16:57 Yeah, absolutely. So one of my, one of my main mentors in life, he has something that I love to say. He’s like, look, if you’re an online marketer, stop hanging out with other online marketers, you guys, you guys don’t charge enough, you know, he’s like, go hang out with the big agencies because what we don’t understand that the value we provide is so strong, especially in this day and age compared to what the big agencies do. I mean, I was just talking with one of my, one of my buddies who met me out here in Chicago and he is, I’m bidding for multimillion dollar yearly deal with a big agency. The big agencies like boosting posts. There’s no direct response. There’s no tracking, there’s no anything. And that’s a big agency they’re doing because they don’t know what to do. So we don’t understand the value that we provide. And as I was saying earlier, like the biggest need for small businesses in America is new customers and that’s what we provide. You know? And so many people are so scared to talk to people about that and go do it. So it’s important to know your value. And there’s a big paradox because a lot of times when people are getting started, they feel more comfortable with, you know, small management fees and small businesses. But what’s crazy is those are the hardest ones. Those are the ones that suck the life out of you.

Speaker 4: 18:06 Oh yes.

Speaker 5: 18:08 They suck the life out of you. When you work with someone who’s got a big budget and that all they care about is metrics. It’s all much easier. It’s much easier. So it’s like this weird paradox going on because we’re nervous or scared, whatever. And they end up being the worst and then they get a bad experience. They might give up too early. Because the other thing I want to mention, just not giving up. You’ve got it. If you want to build a life from your own, if you want to build a life, bottom line marketing, build an agency role, things like that, it’s going to take some work. It’s going to take some ups and downs, you know, so you’ve got to be able to put up with rejection. You’ve got to not give in when you know you’re told no things of that nature and focus on bigger clients and I’m going to take it back to what I said earlier. Some clients that are already spending money, that’s what you want to focus on that as the biggest key and it’s specifically in in a traditional world because you can be radio, TV, newspaper, all day, everyday, online unfp that good doubt being, you know,

Speaker 4: 19:03 so miles. What do you think? I’ve been doing most of the talking. I’m gonna let you die down on this stuff here. Okay, well I’m fine. Diamond in the last time I said something when I was starting to sweat, talking too much. No, I think nick, I have a question for you as far as you know, I think a lot of people out there when they get started, they’re trying to figure out what they’re doing, but then they also want to get that first one. I think that first one is it builds momentum. That’s how. I know you said you spent 10. We’ve had advice for people just starting out. What would your advice be to them to really find that balance of really diving in deep research as much as they can, but also getting that win as quickly as possible?

Speaker 5: 19:38 Yeah, absolutely, and I think this is a great question and the two things I would recommend, and I might catch some flack, there might be some people’s and gurus out there who would disagree with me on this, but I think that, you know, coming from the clickfunnels community, Russell Brunson, I think it’s important. Run a trial, get results immediately, do it, do it cheap and get results. Go find somebody, family, friend within your network, offer them $500, whatever it might be, to connect you with business owners. Run a trial, guys like, I mean, get some results because it helps you in so many ways. One, it helps you get results for the client. It helps you build confidence in your sales process and it can help you sell, right? And you want to get testimonial videos. One of the most important things we can have, the 2018 is testimonial videos to help us sell our stuff.

Speaker 5: 20:19 So I immediately reached out to friends, family, whoever you’ve got in gold, get some results, like get results. Okay. You don’t have to sell a $10,000 management fee up front with no results. Like that’s hard. It’s, I, I’ll be honest, it’s hard, you know. So go run a trial, do something like that. And then people overlook networking events and at what BNI is and chamber of commerce can do, you know, especially getting started now, it’s not always good. I spent several months, it’d be an and lost a lot of money and didn’t do anything. But with the right process, with the ability to generate, you know, to run trials, things like that. It can be huge. So utilize your family and friends at work and I think a lot of people are afraid of doing that because of the mlm model, because of multilevel marketing. They don’t want to ask their friends, but you’ve got to remember that we, we don’t, we’re never gonna make money unless we actually bring an Roi to our client. So we should probably go all in on that. Right? You know, we should probably bet on ourselves, you know, if we’re going to sell marketing, hopefully we can make our clients money, you know, so p, I people overlook that. So networking and then family and friends. The two biggest things that immediately you can get started with

Speaker 2: 21:27 fantastic women. Take it to the next level and that is, you’ve talked about this opportunity where you went zero to seven figures in 10 months and now you basically 10 x in ideally within the next 20 to 24 months. So what are you and what are other businesses who are already at seven figures? How do they get to eight?

Speaker 5: 21:44 Yeah, that’s a great question. Systems and processes. It is the one thing that I completely overlook. I’m a sales guy on the type of guy who wants to go fast and break shit and sell things really, really hard. And I actually broke our agency at one point, like literally I sold 35 clients over a two month period. To give you an example, we did $275,000 revenue in one month. Two months later we did 100,000 because we lost 60 clients in $175,000 a month because our operations, our systems, our processes were not in place. So the only thing I’m focused on right now because I’m better sales process that you know I can sell stuff for sure all day long is becoming a business operator, a business owner, somebody who can help the people in front of me and my employees. I’ve got 18 employees now do what they’re supposed to do because that is by far my biggest headache.

Speaker 5: 22:36 And then on top of that, it is this, this concept of continually dialing in your x factor, what makes you different and how do you make it so that when you bring a client on, they cannot leave you if they leave you, their business is going to just fall out. So to give you an example of that, so we run ads, we built funnels, we do email marketing lots, but we started a call for it recently in order to schedule appointments and get people in the door. So we can take that off our clients’ hands. That right there, that’s our x factor, you know, and we’ve got some hiccups along the way, but that’s what we’re really working towards and it’s gonna make it so that if the client wants to leave us, all new patients are going to stop. They’re done. We own everything. We own the funnels, we own the ad accounts, we own everything. So continually dialing that teeth in and you see that in big businesses all across the world. You know, apple is a perfect example. You know, if I wanted to switch from an iphone to an Android, I lose all my contacts. I lose so much stuff, you know. So that’s really the biggest operator and then continually being more valuable to your client

Speaker 2: 23:37 man. Value bombs left and right. Okay. Real quick, I’m going to. I’m reading this book right now. It’s called play bigger. You haven’t read it. You got to get this one.

Speaker 5: 23:47 I have not read it. I’ll pick it up right now.

Speaker 4: 23:50 Honestly, it’s, it’s all about becoming a category king. It’s been a game changer for me. I honestly, it is the best book I’ve ever read, uh, especially for where we are right now. Who is the author on that play bigger? The book is play bigger and the, there’s four different authors a l ramp, Ramadan, Dave Peterson, Christopher lochhead and Kevin Maney.

Speaker 5: 24:14 Okay, perfect. Yep. I’m going to get it right now. And one thing on books, Jessica W, we bring that up and you guys saw that I had two books literally with you right now. The more you learn, the more you earn. Okay. Do not use an excuse to not take action, but you must study constantly. One of the biggest things that I feel has been one of the biggest reasons why we’ve been able to get to kind of explode on the scene is I’m obsessive about getting better. I’m obsessing about learning. I read 100, a hundred books a year in and listened to hours and hours, dozens, hundreds of hours of training and continually getting better. And I’ve spent over a $100,000 out of my own pocket out of my own pocket and the last 18 months on mentorship and training courses. It is so important. The Roi you get on that is just indescribable and so many people think that learning ends once they’re done with school or college or whatever and no wonder they don’t actually have a big victory in life. Most people stay in the same spot. Go learn something. You can separate yourself from the field because most people are lazy. They really are.

Speaker 4: 25:16 I teach my kids. The only thing I ever cared about is that they love to learn. I don’t care what they do, but you have to love to learn. Well, Nick, I know you’ve got a ton of things going on. You’ve been so valuable to us and having you here. Any parting words from you? Miles literally unreal, like I can’t wait to this episode drops so I can listen to it a couple times because

Speaker 5: 25:33 just

Speaker 4: 25:34 value bombs, gold nuggets in hopefully a lot of people will listen to this and take it to heart like you know, net net worth is in the network. The more you learn, the more you earn and really immerse yourself into anything that you have a passion for that you want to turn into kind of a career or an lifestyle. So nick was awesome, man.

Speaker 5: 25:53 The only thing I want to leave with one more thing for anybody listening because I think everybody needs to hear this. This is not an easy journey. If we’re literally trying to build a life of our own on our own terms as most of us here in the clickfunnels community do, it takes work. Okay? It’s scary. It’s scary to reach out to the business owner. It’s scary to do certain things, but what scares me the most is working till I’m 65 years old and you know, maybe having a couple of years of my life while on my own terms. Right? That should scare you a hell of a lot more than reaching out to a business owner or starting your own business or are betting on yourself. Right? So I just want to give everyone a vote of confidence. You can do this. Anybody can do it. The people who are doing it are no better than you, they just are taking action that you’re not willing to take, so get out there, take some action, bet on yourself, burned

Speaker 2: 26:44 the boats and make it happen. That’s all I got. Well, one last thing is I know I’m going to get hammered and if I don’t tell it right now, people are going to be asking how do I get a hold of nick? So if you want to get a hold of nick is going to be at seven figure crusader nation. This is the facebook page, so go to facebook, look up, look up seven figure crusader, spelled with a k, k, r, u, s a, d, e r, so seven figure crusader nation. You can hook up with all his value bombs. Just drop here. He’s doing them out there as well. Any other places that they should reach out to you yet? Nah, man. That’s the best place. We got a facebook group, super active. I’m dropping all kinds of free stuff because this is a passion for me. Like I mean there’s too many people are unhappy with their lives. What they’re currently doing, let’s raise everybody up. There’s no competition in my eyes. Everybody. There’s so much business out there. Let’s go help other businesses makes more money. Let’s utilize like funnels. Let’s build some agencies and let’s live life on our own terms for once. Let’s go against everything that society taught us to believe and let’s make it happen. I love it. Thank you so much nick. Enjoy your time in Chicago. We’ll talk real soon, but you’re got it. Thanks guys.

Speaker 6: 27:47 Hey everybody. Thank you so much for taking the time to listen to podcasts. If you don’t mind, could you please share this with others, rate and review this podcast on itunes. It means the world to me where I’m trying to get to as a million downloads here in the next few months and just crush through over $650,000 and I just want to get the next few hundred thousand dollars so we can get to a million downloads and see really what I can do to help improve and and get this out to more people. At the same time, if there’s a topic, there’s something you’d like me to share or someone you’d like me to interview, I only just reach out to me on facebook. You can pm me and I’ll be more than happy to take any of your feedback as well as at the you’d like me to interview more than happy to reach out and have that conversation with you. So again, go to Itunes, rate and review this, share this podcast with others and let me know how else I can improve this or what I can do to make this better for you guys. Thanks.

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