Adding "Over Your Shoulder" To What You Sell

Marketing Secrets - Podcast (Russell Brunson - Click Funnels™)

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If you’re creating courses, here’s one of the secrets to make the course even better.

On this episode Russell talks about how he has always been able to teach the strategy of course creation but not really the tactic. Here are some of the awesome stuff to look for in this episode:

  • Find out what “Over the Shoulder” teaching means.
  • Find out why to teach this method Russell had to start a whole new business from scratch.
  • And see what some of the tools he is using to do all of it.

So listen here to find out what Russell means when he says he’s teaching with an “Over the Shoulder” method.


What’s up everybody? This is Russell Brunson, welcome back to the Marketing Secrets podcast. Today we are recording from my new work at home course creation studio at my house, and we’re going to be talking about creating your own course and some of the tips and the tricks that I’ve been learning along the way as I’m creating a brand new course, for someone who hasn’t done this in a while. And it’s been so much fun, and hopefully this will give you some ideas as you are creating your courses as well.

Alright everybody, so I don’t know about you but in my role here at Clickfunnels HQ, I have a lot of different hats, right. There’s like Russell as the CEO hat, there’s Russell the author hat, Russell the webinar guy hat, Russell the….anyway there’s lots of hats that we have to wear. And a hat that I used to wear all the time back when I was starting this game was the hat of someone who creates courses. But that hat has been taken off and put on the shelf for a long time. And this week I’ve been putting the hat back on because I’m creating this brand new coaching curriculum that I’m really, really proud of.

Anyway, so basically what I wanted to talk to you guys about is some of the things that I’m learning as I’m putting this hat back on because I’m kind of re-learning how to do it. And it’s been fun. But I want to stress one thing, and I’ve done a couple of podcast episodes about this, I talked about it at Funnel Hacking Live, so I’m not going to go deep into it, but a big part of is understanding how to teach your framework, because the course is just basically you teaching your framework. So if you want to go deeper into that, go back into the Marketing Secrets podcast back archive and look for the episode about the framework for teaching your framework. I think it’s a good one.

But basically that’s where I would start because I’m not going to go deep into that right now, but that’s how we teach framework, we go through talking about how when you learned it and you earned it, talking about, that’s step number one. Number two is the strategy and then the tactics and then the results from other people. That’s the four steps to how you teach your framework.

But outside the context of that, how do you actually make the course? So this is what I’ve been learning, this is what I’ve been doing, this is my process so far. So number one, I’m using a really cool new app called Work Flowy, to outline my course. So Work Flowy is like this, I think they call it an infinity document where basically you have a bullet list and from there you make a sub-bullet, sub-bullet, sub-bullet, and each bullet can become it’s own page and go deeper, deeper, deeper.

So what I did is I created the course initially, this course right now is 8 modules, so it’s like, okay module 1, 2, 3, and I had the first 8 bullets were the 8 modules. Then I go to bullet number one and say, “Okay, here’s the module. Here’s all the different lessons inside of this module.” And I say all the lessons. Then they go into each of those, each lesson becomes a bullet point, and you click on that and it goes inside, then I have the outline for each of the lessons. And then inside there I can go another level deeper, you know what I mean? So it’s really cool. You can structure your outline for your course really easily in Work Flowy, I love it. It’s really, really powerful. So that’s the first tool.

The second tool now is then I got to turn this stuff into an actual course. And there’s new software that, it’s probably not new for everyone, it’s new for me. It’s called Ecamm Live, it’s amazing. It records your webcam, or it records your ipad, it records your desktop, all these different things you can flash back and forth and do everything. So I’m recording it all in Ecamm Live, which has been really, really cool as well. So that’s been an amazing tool I’ve been using.

And then the third thing, and this is the thing I want to spend the most time talking on today, how you actually teach the course curriculum. And it’s funny because most of the teaching that I’ve been doing nowadays is like me sitting onstage teaching a presentation. So I have an outline, a presentation and I teach it, tell stories. And I teach for the most part, the strategy. People get the strategy. But I haven’t been as much of a tactical teacher because it’s just, it’s different. Tactical you have sit down and like, “Here’s step one, two…” and then you’re doing the thing.

And it’s funny, I remember when I first got in this business, Bill Glazier was my first mastermind, Bill Glazier and Dan Kennedy’s mastermind group, so Bill Glazier was my first mentor. And I remember sitting in one of the rooms one time and they were talking about a coaching program, and the phrase that they used, and I’m telling you this because this is the inside I want to share with you today, they called it an over the shoulder coaching program. And I was like, “That’s interesting.” And basically Bill said, “Yeah, it’s basically imagine you’re sitting at your desk doing the thing you do and someone’s watching over your shoulder. An over the shoulder coaching program. They’re seeing you do the thing.’

And I realized that’s the piece we’ve been missing in the curriculum in this new coaching course. I was teaching the strategy, people get the ideas and the aha’s, “Oh I understand this, I understand how to do it.” But then they were missing the actual over the shoulder. Like, “Let me show you, let me actually do it.”

So what we’re doing right now for this coaching program, which is so cool, is instead of me teaching here’s how to do it, I’m actually doing it. So I’m literally launching a brand new company. I went and bought the domain, and then I went and I got the logos designed, and then I went and did my dream 100 and opened up trello, I’m doing the entire process right now with them, and they’re watching over the shoulder.

So it’s not just like, “Here let me tell you that tactics of how this works.” It’s literally like, “Okay, pop over the shoulder, I’m doing this. Just follow me, just do the same steps.” I’m not missing a step, because if I miss a step I’m making a video to show you, “Oh, I forgot about this step. Here it is.” And I’m literally doing the whole thing with them, right, over the shoulder coaching program.

So that’s the big thing I wanted to share for your course. There’s obviously the parts where you’re teaching the strategy and the tactics and all these kind of things, but if you look at it from this lens of like, imagine the person just came to your house and they’re sitting behind you, looking over your shoulder as you do the whole thing, that’s the power. That’s what people really want, is the step. At least I think so. I’ll find out. If nobody buys this I’ll know. But that’s kind of the game plan. I’m showing over the shoulder.

So now it’s no more strategy or theory, you’re like, ‘Oh yeah, Russell that worked a year ago but it doesn’t work today.” Or “This worked at one time, you know, but the market’s changed.” or whatever. It’s like, “No, let me, literally just sit here and watch me do it. And then just copy me.” That’s literally the process and the path.

So I wanted to share that because I think that’s the third tier here as you’re developing your courses. To look at it as an over the shoulder coaching program. Ecamm Live is cool because that’s how it works. In my setup here I’ve got my desktop, where I’m showing the screen, I’m actually doing the stuff so they can see it. There’s my webcam so I can talk directly to it. I also hooked my iPad and I have my Powerpoint slides on my iPad, so I can shift it to Powerpoint. So I can be like, “Okay, here’s the strategy to understand. Now I’m going to jump back on my desktop and actually do it.” And come back to the strategy and go back to the desktop. So I’m going strategy, tactic, strategy, tactic, strategy, tactic. And the tactics being the over the shoulder, here’s me doing the thing.

So far it’s been so much fun, I think. Anyway, I’m excited to start sharing this with people. This is part of the new updated Two Comma Club X coaching program. The first module is called Ignite, we’re going to be igniting business. I’m literally, like I said, a brand new business from scratch, taking it and doing it with everybody. So it’s going to be fun, I’m excited to share the results and see what happens.

So anyway, I’m sharing that with you guys for a couple of reasons. Number one, hopefully it will get you excited about joining the Two Comma Club X coaching program in the near future, if that ever opens up. Number two because as you’re creating your own courses, think about it from that lens of I’m creating something where someone’s watching me over the shoulder as I’m doing it. And if you look at it from that lens it changes how you create the course content, it changes how you teach, it changes a bunch of stuff, because you’re not just randomly talking about stuff. You’re actually doing it and letting people watch you do it, which is pretty powerful.

So like I said, the tools we’re using to do this for myself is Work Flowy to outline the course, Ecamm Live to record the course, and understanding the strategy of kind of the framework of how to teach frameworks, which is again, here’s how I learned or I earned it, here’s the strategy, now over the shoulder, here’s the tactics of me doing it, and then showing case studies of what other people have done as well. Which in this case, the case study is me as I’m doing it live in front of a live studio audience. Alive-ish studio audience I guess I should say.

Anyway, it’s been a lot of fun, I haven’t done course creation in a long time, it’s been really cool. I’m enjoying it, had a lot of fun with it. Hopefully if you guys haven’t created your own course, you should as well, too. I know we have a course called Course Secrets coming out in the future, I bought the domain a little while ago. So we’ve got to create a course on courses now. Because everybody who’s ever done a course wants to create a course on courses, so I’m going to teach you my course on courses. But anyway, I gotta get through this course first so I can make sure I remember all the updated things and how we’re doing it.

I said the word course like 18 times in that sentence, it’s kind of funny. Anyway, alright guys, that’s all I got for today. I’m going to jump back in and get something to do. I’m getting back to the studio, which is right here, and I’m going to keep on recording my course. I got a couple more modules, a couple more lessons that I’m going to try to bust out today, and then module number one will be finished for my ignite members, and they are going to die when they see how cool this new training is. It’s so fun. Alright guys, thanks so much for everything, I appreciate you all, and I will talk to you guys all again soon. Bye everybody.

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