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Why Dave Decided to talk to Carolin Soldo:

With over 10 years of experience, Carolin has cracked the code to helping clients go from zero to full-time income in less than four months and break through the million dollar mark. She has helped build numerous multi-7 figure businesses, including her own international coaching company. Whether you’re starting a new coaching business or are ready to scale your existing business, Carolin and her team are here to help you reach your highest level.

Tips and Tricks for You and Your Business:

  • Bypassing The Competition: (1:10)
  • How To Identify Your Avatar? (6:23)
  • Utilizing An Application Funnel. (13:20)
  • Problem Solving And Urgency. (17:00)

Quotable Moments:

“I’m building businesses, but I’m giving women a voice, give them power and make them feel confident and they just enjoy life so much more.”

“If you are someone who’s brand new to building a funnel, you want to be as specific as possible.”

Other Tidbits:

Carolin works with passionate coaches who are ready to live the abundant and purpose-driven lifestyle they’ve always dreamt of. Whether you’re starting a new coaching business or are ready to scale your existing business, Carolin and her team are here to help you reach your highest level.


Speaker 1: 00:00 Welcome to funnel hacker radio podcast, where we go behind the scenes and uncover the tactics and strategies top entrepreneurs are using to make more sales, dominate their markets, and how you can get those same results. Here’s your host, Dave Woodward. Every. Welcome back to funnel hacker radio. Yeah,

Speaker 2: 00:19 your host, Dave Woodward and I wanna introduce you guys to one of our two comma club winters. I’m so proud of her. She’s just been crushing it. Carolyn Soldo, welcome to the show.

Speaker 3: 00:27 Yeah. Hi Dave. Thanks for having me.

Speaker 2: 00:29 I’m so happy for those of you guys. Don’t know Carolyn. She said over 10 years of experience, he’s cracked the code. Really helping clients go from zero to a full time income. Get this in less than four months and also being able to break the million dollar mark. Huge, huge numbers. A super proud of all the. She’s done our. We talked a lot about some things she’s doing as far as live events and webinars and really the whole idea as far as how you can actually take your passion, turn into profits, and it fits in exactly with what a lot of our current customers are trying to do. So Carolyn’s kind of dive in and talk to people about what it is that you’re doing and how you first of all tell people as far as obviously get 10 years of experience here, but what’s the big kicker for you? How in the world are you able to help people go from zero and within four months to a full time income? I mean, that’s a huge, huge claim to fame.

Speaker 3: 01:18 It is. Well, let me preface that by saying that we don’t guarantee anything. Of course we all have to make, but no, I mean we have hundreds and hundreds of testimonials and they’re coming in every single day of people going from literally ground zero where they have a job or they’re staying at home with their kids and we have lots of female clients to where they were placing their incomes and they’re working in the coaching industry pretty much full enough for what I would consider full time. And our secret recipe is that tactical advice. So were, you know, other courses might tell you to do, you know, a Webinar or my tell you to get visibility online and market yourself. You know, what they’re not telling you is the how. So they’re telling you to run a welder an hour. I tell them go sign up for click funnels, go here, do that. So it’s very, very tangible and I’ve noticed that people need to know exactly how to do it, you know, in the nitty gritty. And we give our clients such detailed advice that they can bypass the competition because there is no guesswork. There’s no wondering how to do it or which systems to use or you know even what to say because we have so many templates that have been proven over time and that we can really fast track them to become profitable in a very short amount of time.

Speaker 2: 02:44 I love that. It’s so funny you mentioned that as far as this whole idea of giving really, really detailed information on how to literally just had a meeting with Russell and with Julie and we’re looking at doing some things, trying to find a way of making it even easier inside of click funnels by providing even greater detail on exactly how to do it. And I think it’s probably one of the things a lot of people miss. So many people speak at a high strategic level or you know, 10,000 foot level and it’s hard when you’ve already done it and you’ve gone through it and you’ve built it yourself. You kind of assume well by now everyone else kind of knows that. It also. And you forget what it was like two, three, four, five, 10 years ago and you’re like, oh, that’s right. I really, I didn’t know how to drag and drop things.

Speaker 2: 03:27 I didn’t know where to put things and I don’t know what a headline is and it’s those basic things that you kind of take for granted what you’ve been doing it for awhile yet at the same time, those are those little details is what allows people to feel from what I’ve seen in your audience and with your group now, they just love you. I mean your testimonials on your pages. It’s crazy. I mean people are raving all day long about what you’ve been able to do and help them build and I think it’s because you care so much and you provide such great, great detail.

Speaker 3: 03:54 Yeah. I always tell my clients problems will come up. This is not going to be a cakewalk. You’re coming into this. You’re running a business or launching a business. There will be trouble, but one thing I can promise you is that I will have a solution for you. Come to me with a problem. I’m going to help you figure it out and we will work on this thing until it works. It may work after a day, it may work after 10 days or four weeks or whatever, but we will have a solution for you because we’ve seen a lot, you know, maybe I can’t say I’ve seen it all but probably pretty close to it now. So it’s about being able to solve these problems and having you know those, those, those steps was just tricks in your back pocket and you can pull out and give to clients and that you said went very detail oriented and giving them exact instruction and steps because we don’t assume they know anything.

Speaker 2: 04:42 Well, Carolyn, I know for a lot of people get into the whole coaching business a lot. Them get real frustrated with dealing with the people who are the newbies and they much rather just deal with. Once it got success, then I can take them from making money, whether it’s four or five, $6,000 a month to six figures, seven figures, but getting people started is probably some of the most difficult things that any coach deals with. So I’m kind of curious as far as why did you pick that part to focus on so much

Speaker 3: 05:09 compassion and because I started this because I love making women shine and, and men too. I have nothing against man. We have some men in my program, but to me I came to this country as an immigrant. I came with nothing and I literally booked myself to where I am today and I had to go from feeling like nobody feeling like who am I? Am Not Worthy. I looked bad. I have this accent. Like I was an underdog right? To where nowadays, you know, I wouldn’t say that I’m the best thing in the world but. But I have a certain confidence now and I see that in my clients. Like I see those, those women come into the program, they have so many self doubts and they think I’m just mainstream. I’m just like this normal woman, Mike. But they go through this and not only do they have a business and clients, but they also changed in sight. They become stars. They appreciate themselves so much more. Like they speak highly of themselves. To show up completely differently than they were before. So I’m building businesses, but I’m giving women a voice, give them power and make them feel confident and they just enjoy life so much more and, and I also know what it’s like, you know,

Speaker 2: 06:23 that’s honestly one of the things I had this conversation with a figure award winners yesterday about this idea of really knowing who your Avatar is and I’ve as I take a look at your page and your funnel and everything else. Yeah, I understand you’ve got a few men. You totally focus on women and I think it’s one of the things were a lot of people miss it, especially in the coaching thing where you think, you know, I can help everybody if you tell people a little more about how, how do you identify your Avatar? What exactly is your Avatar and why’d you pick them?

Speaker 3: 06:55 Yeah. My avatar is someone that like me, so I see coaches when they’re focused on an avatar that is damn essentially a couple of years ago, maybe even a couple of months ago, and they actually went through it. Experienced felted no, but it’s like they succeed more than anybody else that you can study it, right? You can. You can have that work experience, but if you’ve lived it and felt it, it has to be an emotional attachment to it. Then I think you can really create a powerful messaging and and specific and sharp messaging and the success of your marketing has to do with your message. You can run webinars all day long if the message isn’t where it needs to be, it will not work, right? The page can be pretty and in all kinds of colors, but if the words don’t say what they need to say, it will not work.

Speaker 3: 07:43 So I always say, look at your own biggest accomplishments. Who biggest failures? Who biggest challenges, what have you overcome in life, in relationships with money, with your career, with your children, with your house, and look at these areas and pull out you credibility. So I love education. Don’t get me wrong. I love actual work experience and I have an Mba and I have work experience too, but I focus on the things that I’ve really felt in my core in my heart because then I can speak passionately and I think as coaches what inspires people to most. It’s been a CSP and passionate because that inspires them to follow us and to maybe want to be like us. Right. So, so that’s what we have to have.

Speaker 2: 08:27 I love it. So when you’re looking at your Avatar, you started advertising for them. You’re advertising for more than just women. So what is your. When you kind of dial in your Avatar, is it women? Are they currently employed someplace else? Are they they already have a passion or is it someone who’s a stay at home mom? What’s. How do you identify or narrow down your Avatar to be more specific on exactly what it is you’re looking at?

Speaker 3: 08:48 So you want to start a really narrow. In the beginning I actually only worked with health coaches, so I have a health coaching background by. That’s how I started in the coaching industry and then I became a business coach, so I said, I feel comfortable in the health industry. I know the industry, I know the struggles of health coaches. I’m going to be the business coach for health coaches, and then later on I said, well, my system works for any niche really, so I’m going wider. So if you’re someone who’s brand new building a funnel, you want to be as specific as possible. Just women stay at home. Moms who are over 40 have two kids and our 10 pounds overweight, like really nail it like my because then your marketing becomes very easy because once the right people see it, they’ll be like, yep, that’s it. I want this and nothing else. There’s no convincing. There’s no more selling. There’s no more funnels that have to be six weeks long. You know? One or two emails could be enough to get these people in the door and say yes to your product.

Speaker 2: 09:45 I love it. What does it take a look at some of your funnels? What things you focused on is the whole webinar funnel and I think you and I were talking about before we started recording here is you actually not only bring people in through your webinar funnel, but now once they’re in through the webinar funnel, they attend a live event and while they’re at a live event, you actually give them the same funnel that they got into. If you don’t mind, can tell people how that works and why.

Speaker 3: 10:10 So I coach coaches, right, and I only coach on things I know work, so I do something, I try it. I tested myself and if it works I gave it to my clients because then I can say this is gonna work and I know how to fix it and do it for you as well. So we have created a template now in click funnels that we’re going to give to our clients that is built based on our model that we’re actually using like that. The coaches have to coach them the things they actually do. If you don’t do it yourself, I’m not going to do it myself either. So coaches have to coach them. What they actually do and many don’t do that, but I don’t. So we’ve given them a template. We’re going to roll that out to our clients that actually building similar funnels to attract their clients as well. And those could be consumers who are the businesses have a, trying to make it so simple as possible as plug and play so that they have these short cuts, their success, fast track their success, um, and, and do what they want to do is if they don’t want to be marketing, they want to coach clients, they want to help people, they want to transform people. So we were trying to really simplify that marketing process.

Speaker 2: 11:19 Also possibly doing a done for you service for them or is it a you’ve given it to them and letting them do it?

Speaker 3: 11:25 That is on my plan, but not anything I can invest in immediately. But there is a huge demand for done for you services because you know people, especially the new ones in this market, but we don’t know a whole lot. They don’t know. It can drag and drop. Like I said before, they don’t know what a headline is, you know, what are, all of these systems have very confused and they struggle a lot. So, um, I know there’s lots of providers out there. Maybe in the future I’ll have it. I think it would be great, but we don’t have it right now.

Speaker 2: 11:56 All right, so people come in through your webinar funnel. So walk me through the funnel. I assumed basically land on a registration page. They register for the Webinar. What happens next?

Speaker 3: 12:04 Yep. They watched a Webinar. So we run the Webinar once an hour and a webinar or a Webinar. I to actually do it both ways. I do live webinars, but I also have everything supplemented with webinars. So they go through that. I don’t sell anything on my webinars. Yes. This is for coaches to coach coaches. If you’re listening right now and your coach does this for you. So on my webinars I give, I give steps and if you’ve ever listened to Russell’s perfect webinar strategy, that’s one thing you could follow right away. It rocks. It’s really good. So do the Webinar and at the end of it we pitch a conversation, so I use the funnel to book discovery calls and the discovery calls are hosted either by me or someone on my team. So I actually have a sales team that works for me and we then enroll clients over the phone.

Speaker 2: 13:02 Awesome. So is it an application funnel? They’re filling out an application for scheduling a call.

Speaker 3: 13:08 They are scheduling a call, but they’re also going through an application. So we have both. Yes.

Speaker 2: 13:14 Give me an idea as far as how long has this a super lengthy application or is it real short, basic information?

Speaker 3: 13:20 We have to ask this a lot. So we tested several things. We had the application before the call booking at the application after the call booking now, right now what we have is the application after the call booking. So they booked their call first, then they’re being presented with an application form and if you, if you don’t get the application, we follow up with them and we say, hey, you know, please fill out this form. It’s really important for us to have this information to give you the best experience we can on that call. So your name, your your website, what are your goals, what are you struggling with right now? And I had a really short but I also had a really long, so right now we have eight, seven or eight questions on that forum and I feel that that’s the sweet spot if I don’t have enough questions, it’s just an easy for people.

Speaker 3: 14:06 If it’s too long, it’s too cumbersome for them to fill it out. So you know, you want to really ask them about their biggest struggles. You also want to ask them about their biggest goal is and how they think you can support them. My, what do you think we can do to help you in your business? What do you think we can do to help you with your health? For example, we asked them about their ability to invest. That is on our forum as well. We ask them how they could invest. So credit cards, loans. We actually, because those are the things we believe in in our, in my business, I believe that someone has to have funds to run a business, right? Nothing to hide. And we asked that question, um, you know, which, which gets them into that mindset of knowing what I’m running a business, I’m taking it seriously.

Speaker 3: 14:51 Um, and then they also tell us about their website and what they do as a coach. So they’re niche programs, cme half and, and who they want to serve. And we look at the form and it helps us sort of squeezing out some people if they say something that they’re not a coach for example, or they don’t even know who they want to work with yet effective, too new. It may not be the, my time for them, they may not be ready for us yet. So, um, we sort of evaluate who we want to talk to and then we take the calls and be enroll people consistently. So I don’t ever launch anything. I don’t open and close my doors. My sales are pretty consistent throughout the month. And if I want to scale, I scale up. You know, that the amount of people that are coming into the funnel, I take more calls, a hire more people for my sales team and that’s how I’ve been able to grow my business very quickly.

Speaker 2: 15:43 So is it a one step close on the call or is it a setter and a closer type of thing?

Speaker 3: 15:48 We have a confirmation, so right now that sort of booking on call and then we have found and we’ll call them up to confirms the appointment. Right. So you could call them, we call them apartments specialists. They call up and they say, you know, amazing, you’ve booked a call with us. We’re so excited. I want to make sure that this is the phone number, make sure you really show up for this call. So they kind of feel them out a little bit. Um, and it also helps us reduce down. No, shows my hands, a lot of people that may not be right for whatever reason. Um, and then we have the sales team, we have people sitting in different countries with different time zones and they take a call and then we for the most part in bold over the phone for his time. Um, we also do follow ups. Of course some people need that time. They need to look at their finances, they need to make decisions and it’s not about pressuring them. It’s about helping them make the right decision.

Speaker 2: 16:45 So from the time of person watches the webinar about how long before they, when they schedule their calls, it scheduled within the first two, three days after that. Is it a week long? How long is that? When do you typically use?

Speaker 3: 16:55 Very interesting. I recently had somebody approach me that’s like Helen, you know, much longer funnel because people need to be in your funnel for like a month before they buy it and you need to offer them low on products and you need to like give them all these freebies and things. And I said, well, let’s test it. That’s actually a look at how long our sales cycle is. And I looked at my client’s home last year and, and I looked at when did they join my list and when did they buy it? So my sales cycle of, I know it’s about five days. I love that. That’s awesome. Come on my list. And then five days later I don’t have any low end products. I don’t have, I have freebies, we have books and we have and all these things are great and we do email them out and, and you know, we’d be targeted people with that stuff.

Speaker 3: 17:40 But for the most part, I believe that when you offer people a solution they really want and it’s a solution to an urgent problem, they experience might now they don’t need to test drive you and sample you and warm and being warmed up to it. They have an urgent problem. I’m sick right now. I need a solution. I don’t want to sample platter anything. I need this solution right now. And then they see it in front of them. They can usually make a decision quickly. You gotta be able to solve an urgent problem to make that happen.

Speaker 2: 18:15 Yeah. And I think that’s the problem a lot of people struggle with is there’s not enough pain for their client. If there’s not a pain for the client, the client’s going to go, oh, I’ll take a look at it later. There’s no urgency, there’s no scarcity involved. It’s just a matter of like, oh, I’ll get to it later. So I love. I knew you were. I didn’t know what is within five days. That’s awesome. I knew it was within a couple of weeks, but five days is fantastic. So they schedule and then from the time they schedule a. How quickly does the person, the appointment manager basically call him? Reconfirm their call?

Speaker 3: 18:44 Well, we call same day. So we have someone on the every single day. Yeah. I mean if they book in on a Saturday, we may not reach them until that Monday and she doesn’t work on the weekends. But usually it’s the same day. And then I’ll calendar is open sometimes more if we have someone on vacation or we don’t, you don’t have the coverage. We may open it up more, but ideally you don’t want to have more than two to three days because you know they watch these webinars and the webinars are there for a reason. They get to know you, they trust you. You know when you’re watching a webinar and you’re like, oh, I got this. This guy has got such good energy and he’s still fine, and he he knows so much and you hear his story and he also gives you some really tangible steps so you like him.

Speaker 3: 19:28 You see these opportunities for you. It all kind of makes sense and you want more naturally, but it also screens out people who are not right for you. So the Webinar is a screening mechanism that brings in the web people, but also rejects how, if the wrong people who are not bad for you so you have the leads that you get from the Webinar are amazing because they. They know you, they listened. When we have people come in these calls, they say, Oh yeah, Carolyn set this on her webinar. She, she told me that he thinks they’re just so warm. They’re so ready. Whereas if they don’t have, if they have not seen the Webinar, they’ll say, who is this Carolyn? Like, can you tell me more about her? What does she even do? This just not ready to buy yet.

Speaker 2: 20:12 I love it. So what’s your price point then when you’re selling? What’s the actual product?

Speaker 3: 20:16 So we started 8,000 and that’s our entry level product and we go all the way up to higher end programs that are a little bit longer for more advanced coaches. So my sweet spot is people who definitely want to enter the coaching field or struggling coaches who want to finally become profitable. But I also work, we work with more advanced coaches too because we have some people in our programs that are stars and the arise quickly and they’re just sort of taking off, right? So we give them a chance to work with us for longer and that’s our powerhouse coach program where we mentor them for 12 months and then we talk about other things that come up in at this and this, the hiring, you know, managing clients’ systems. We showed them how to run events and we go a little bit higher end or upstream with the topics. Um, but yeah, it’s fun. It’s between 40 and 60,000.

Speaker 2: 21:11 I think that’s. I knew, I knew you were in the 50,000 range. I think it’s really cool if people understand you have absolutely no real low end. Your low barrier offer basic is eight grand and I think people understand you don’t have to. So nothing drives me crazy when I hear somebody say, well I got to start off with a free trip wire or something in the low seven to $27. And then from there I’m going to go to the ebook and my upset. I’m like, you don’t have to stop there. Start there. In fact, I think probably one of the easiest ways is to start where you can actually start making money and so that you can actually spend more to acquire more clients even if you’re in the four, four 97 to $2,000 range and build your confidence from there. And then take it again. I love 8,000 and $50,000 or 40 to 60 is just amazing. Congratulations on all your success.

Speaker 3: 21:57 It works well. I mean there’s so many different business models, so many different teachers out there and they all work well. If you really master those ways of doing business right. For me, I’ve tried it all. I had the trip wire and I had the $27 ebook and I had all these things but nothing changed. I didn’t have more quality. I didn’t want to buy more from me. They liked the book, but the ones who wanted it wanted it no matter whether they bought the $27 ebook or not. So you know, I sat next to shortcut this whole thing, kinda down simplify it and do it that way and it works.

Speaker 2: 22:33 I love it. It kind of goes back to what you were saying earlier as far as the pain. If there’s not enough, I mean if there’s a lot of pain, a 47, $27 book is not going to solve the pain. And so I think that’s one of the main things. You’ve specialized and so well as really finding those people who’ve got a ton of pain going on and then solving it right away for them. So congratulations.

Speaker 3: 22:52 Thank you.

Speaker 2: 22:53 Was we kind of get close to wrapping things up here. Any other words of advice you want to give to our users? Listeners?

Speaker 3: 22:59 Okay. Stick with it.

Speaker 3: 23:02 I see so many amazing men and women do things and they have such great opportunity and potential, but they give up way too soon. Any marketing strategy, any final you get in clickfunnels, anything you will have a try will only work if you do it until it works. So if it doesn’t work the first time, you may have to do a 50 webinars. You may have to change those lights. 100. It doesn’t matter. You need to go at this with, I don’t want to say radical forest, but like master would really put your all into it and don’t stop working on it because then they stopped with this and then they try something else and they stopped and the niche, why this? And they stopped in and, and they give up and then, and then they get frustrated and they say, oh, nothing works for me. It’s all, nothing works you, you know, these people. And it’s a shame. So I think mastery and sticking with it. That’s your secret right there.

Speaker 2: 23:57 Oh, I love it. Well, I know people are gonna be dying to find out more about you. So how do they get more of you and I’m working to connect with you.

Speaker 3: 24:03 Yeah. So my website is Carolin and Carolyn with a c and an I. and if you want to, how about would russell say heck my funnel for you, if you want to check out our Webinar, it’s Carolyn

Speaker 2: 24:23 I love it. So it’s c a r o l I n s o l d o Dot com. Forward slash passion. I will put that down in the show notes so you guys have it there as well. For those of you guys are driving or working out, listen to this. Want to make sure you get the access to that. So Carolyn, thank you so much. Appreciate your time, appreciate the value, always continue to give to our community and again, wish you all the best.

Speaker 3: 24:42 Thank you so much for having me.

Speaker 4: 24:44 Hey everybody. Thank you so much for taking the time to listen to podcasts. If you don’t mind, could you please share this with others, rate and review this podcast on itunes. It means the world to me where I’m trying to get to as a million downloads here in the next few months and just crush through over $650,000 and I just want to get the next few 100,000 so we can get to a million downloads and see really what I can do to help improve and and get this out to more people. At the same time. If there’s a topic, there’s something you’d like me to share or someone you’d like me to interview, don’t we just reach out to me on facebook? You can pm me and I’m more than happy to take any of your feedback as well as if people would like me to interview. I’m more than happy to reach out and have that conversation with you. So again, go to Itunes, rate and review this, share this podcast with others and let me know how else I can improve this or what I can do that do to make this better for you guys. Thanks.

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