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Why Dave Decided to talk to Andrew Warner:

Andrew Warner is the founder of Mixergy. Mixergy was created to help motivated and ambitious people learn from experienced mentors on the best ways to grow by sharing their expertise and experiences.

Tips and Tricks for You and Your Business:

  • Incorporating Chatbots into your business? (2:55)
  • Tips and Tricks for businesses to stay authentic using chat? (12:15)
  • Other ways to utilize chatbots in an effective manner. (17:00)
  • How chatbots work and how are they available? (21:00)
  • What is the future for chatbots? (38:55)

Quotable Moments:

“Across the board, for every age group, people are spending more time using chat rather than email.”

“Every chat platform is going to have to have a chat bot in the future.”

Other Tidbits:

Andrew discusses the significance of having influential people at your access to help you start your new company. Andrew goes in depth on the benefits of using Chatbots and gives fantastic tips on how you can incorporate them into your personal funnel.


Speaker 1: 00:00 Welcome to funnel hacker radio podcast, where we go behind the scenes and uncover the tactics and strategies top entrepreneurs are using to make more sales, dominate their markets, and how you can get those same results. Here’s your host, Dave Woodward. Welcome to the show. We’re so, so excited.

Speaker 2: 00:19 Have you guys here? This is a. I can’t date outside of am to have andrew with us. I’ve been trying to get him back on her podcast for awhile and last time I was with him actually was at euro. Your Scotch dinner? Yes. For Guy who does it was. No, there was no dinner. It was. It was a thing, but chat, chat bots and Scotch. You don’t even drink scotch, but you still attended. It was great. It was a ton of fun and you’re a great host again for them because you guys who aren’t familiar with Andrew, Andrew’s got the most amazing podcast in the world. Mixergy, if you haven’t been listening to, you definitely need to. In addition to that, he’s got the coolest technology and stuff he’s been doing. Probably I would say you’re probably one of the pioneers in this whole chat Bot thing.

Speaker 2: 01:00 I mean, you’ve been around this for a long time. Oh, I’ve been so psyched about it. Yes. So we’re going to dive facebook even allowed it before facebook allowed it. That’s legit. Well, I, again, I can’t tell you how excited I am to have you on this out. So for those of you in facebook land, we’re going to be taking your questions and things, so please make sure you put your questions down below. And in addition to that, uh, will be stripping this as an audio. This is the first time we’ve ever done this where we’re actually bringing celebrity specialists expert onto this and we’re actually gonna be using this audio for a future podcast on funnel hacker radio. In addition to that, we’ve got some cool stuff we’re doing with Andrew and Russell upcoming here real soon. So, uh, you’ll have to stay tuned for that as well.

Speaker 2: 01:42 But Age, Andrew, welcome to the show. So excited to have you on here. So the reason that we switched to zoom at the last minute, we were like four minutes late. I know there’s somebody who does not like to be late. The reason we’re doing this is because I’m going to show everyone how easy it is to put makeup on my face in real time and switch it because of a chat bot. So I want to show that I want to show how I ordered beer within a minute to a seat at a baseball stadium. Just using a chat bot. You know, you just go to the chat, you say, I feel like a bud light. It says here’s your, here’s your apple pay. I double tap the side of my phone. I ordered a beer, I’m going to show you that and I’m going to show you how it actually fits in with click funnels and everything else that we’re doing with bundles.

Speaker 2: 02:24 So I wanted to show the screen. You said Andrew, it’s important you spend like 15 minutes making this first lesson from what you just got is. Those are some of the strongest three hooks I’ve ever heard any podcast. So thanks for setting the hooks, how good you know what and the reason I want to say that it’s because some of it’s going to be fun and really practical like for women to be able to see makeup on their faces, way better than looking on a on a phone screen and seeing a selection of it on models faces and I’ll show you what that looks like and coming back to. And that’s the future. Coming back to today, I’m going to show everyone how chat bots can help grow their funnels. How about we just start with that because I find that people don’t. What a Chat Bot is, I want

Speaker 3: 03:00 to do something super concrete so we’re all on the same page. Even those of you who are listening and not watching, I promise I’m going to describe everything that’s on my screen. Here is what is on my screen right now. You can see that, right dave? Yep. Left side landing page on my desktop. Everyone listening to me probably understands this is a click funnels page. On the right side is my phone and on the left you could see that if we had a, a company that offered a yoga studio, they might say in the past, enter your email address to get the guide. I want to show you what it looks like if it’s not, enter your email address, not type in your name, but instead press one button and not after you press the submit button, it goes into an inbox full of thousands of unread messages and a lot of anxiety, but the user gets an alert on their screen and they get the immediate gratification. So here’s what’s going to happen. I guess. Again, I’m going to describe this for the people who I know are just listening in and not watching.

Speaker 3: 04:01 So on the left, come on desktop, I’m shutting this off and I’m doing it again. Hang on the phone about doing stuff. The whole thing was supposed to hang on that one moment. That one moment that I set up. Okay, here we go. So on the left you could see landing page, user presses, just one button, no fields to fill in the button. Just says, send me a guide, and underneath it is the user’s face and their name. As soon as they press it, look at what happens on the right side of this screen. Boom. You see that boom air. It is the user’s promise to guide. As soon as they, they press the button there, phone alerts them and says, here’s the guide. It says, welcome Andrew. Can I give you the pdf and teach you via this chat? These are presses a button that says yes, give it to me, and there it is.

Speaker 3: 04:46 The guide comes right in. Obviously this is a guy that I use for demonstration purposes, so it’s going to be full of stock photography, but you get the picture. The user will get the guide instantly in their chat bot instantly there for them to read, to share with their friends to save for later and it right, and every time I send a message, their phone, we’ll get another alert. There’ll be brought back into facebook messenger. There’ll be able to read it, interact with it, and get things like pdfs, get things like videos, get things like graphics, get things like files. That’s what a chat bot is. Does that make sense guys? Absolutely. Loving it. I know we’re looking at some of the questions and stuff down here. Yeah. If you see a question, just read it to me, but I want to make sure that James and miles and wendy and everyone else who’s listening to us live is actually following through. If this doesn’t make sense, if you guys disagree with this, don’t just say, yeah, nice to. Nice to hear it, Andrew, but shoot at me. Disagree with me.

Speaker 3: 05:41 I think we’re good. Good and date it. I’ll tell you one of the big issues that people have when they see this, they say, well, Andrew, if you’re saying that someone can easily subscribe to get my messages inside of Facebook Messenger, what happens if my doesn’t have facebook messenger? My answer to that number one is one point 3 billion people use facebook messenger every month, every month, number one. Number two, you can collect an email address within this process. You could do it on the click funnels page or in the chat. It doesn’t have to be an either or. You could say, you know what, I want to reach people in chat when there’s something urgent and short message that I want to send them and collect their email address too so that when I have a longer form message I could reach them via email or maybe at some point facebook decides that they don’t like chatbots anymore or they make my life hard.

Speaker 3: 06:33 I have their email address and I could still reach users. That way you don’t have a question all the time. Real quick, Andrew, and that is how do I actually get the email from them? Is there any great that or do I have to actually ask for it? So we do two things. One is in some cases we just keep our standard click funnels landing page, the one that has a big button. When people press it, they enter their email address. It works for us. I don’t want to mess with it. We leave it as is, but as soon as somebody hits submit and gives us their email address, the next page says, press this one button and I could also reach you via chat. So that’s one way we combine it. The other way is what you see on your screen right here where we eliminate the request for an email address from the landing page.

Speaker 3: 07:14 The click funnels landing page just says, press this button and I’ll send you the message via chat and one of the first messages that come via chat is, do you like this pdf? Would you like it sent to you via email? All they have to do is hit one button and their email address is passed into my crm and my software can start adding them to the list and sending the messages and the email address comes not from them having to sit and fat finger, type it in with typos and everything. But as soon as they press a button, facebook passes the authentic facebook email address into my email system. That’s what we’re talking about here through a little bit that we’ve, uh, we’ve done some testing on that and that, uh, the social email we find basically it’s anywhere from 10 to 12 times greater response than some of the other stuff we get know people typing in different things.

Speaker 3: 08:01 So I think that’s awesome. Oh, you mean the email address you get from social? Yeah. You know why that is. I had an email address that was because I thought anyone who wants to send emails, you just send it to mel at mixergy. Facebook came back to me and said, that is not an okay email address. I said, yes it is. It works. So no, that is not, it’s a functional email address. So what’s that? I went and I googled it. It turns out for many businesses, mail at is like a business wide email address, not a personal email address. Facebook super duper wants to make sure they reach me directly, my personal email address, the main one. And so they wouldn’t let me get away with using anything other than the best email address I have. And so I now gave him a different email address, so facebook’s putting all that effort to get email addresses. We might a little piggy back off of it. I love it.

Speaker 3: 08:50 Very cool. All right, so now we’ve been talking about what chat bots are. So from here this kind of go, how, how are people using these? You showed an example here as far as clickfunnels and and going into yoga and all that kind of stuff. What are some. Who are some of the big players who are using this stuff right now? So here’s the good news and the bad news. The good news is the big players in marketing are not doing anything huge in it, which means that we have an incredible runway to jump in and lock in as many users as possible. Get my lock and get them to subscribe. There’s, they have free to opt out anytime they want, but we have an opportunity to be the big players in this. You know, years ago I had an email marketing company and I remember this guy who was a superstar in the paper mail direct mail business with someone I admired forever.

Speaker 3: 09:38 I invited him into my office. The guy comes around to the twelfth floor of a of my business, five slash 75 Lexington avenue goes, this whole floor is yours, and he looks at me. I’m like 22 years old. And I go, yeah, this is how we run our business. He goes, what kind of business do you guys run? I know you wanted to hear about me, but what does this say? It’s an email marketing business because email marketing built all this, how much revenue you guys do? I said, $35 million. He goes, we totally, totally missed the boat on email. Says, we’ve been doing so well with paper mail. We never thought to get into email and I knew it was big. I didn’t know it was this big. So the same thing’s happening here. The big guys and email marketing are going to miss this and new people, new, big players are going to come in and I think that’s the power of this.

Speaker 3: 10:25 I love it. I think, uh, for me some of the main things, we’re super excited. We were adding a Bot technology to our actually next empty. If it’s going to be rolling out here next couple months. It’s really one of the main reasons I wanted to have you on the show is to help people understand it’s, this isn’t. First of all, I kind of addressed the issue as far as is it just a fad or is this something that’s here to stay? So it’s addressed that one first. Okay. So that’s a really good question. The thing that I try to ask myself is when I talked to my friends, do I use chat or email? If I’m using chat more and more, that’s an indication of something. If I think about what do I like using more chat apps like I messaged which I use with my wife, like facebook messenger, which I use with some of my customers like slack, which we use with our developers.

Speaker 3: 11:13 If those are the fun ways that I enjoy engaging with people and email is the place I feel like I have to go back, that feeling I have to respect that this is what’s in my bones and that this is an indication of the future, but I also want data so I went back to APP Annie App. Annie looks at all the apps that people keep on their phones and what they’re most engaged in and I saw that across the board for every age group. People are spending more time in messaging than they are in an email except for people 45 and older. In which case email has a slight advantage but you can see it starting to wear out. So my feeling, my experiences were using chat more. The data’s showing people are using chat more, especially younger people are using chat more than email and so we have to, as business people say, are we going to be stuck and say email’s the only way to reach people or think you know what?

Speaker 3: 12:06 Email is a good way. It’s working, let’s not get rid of it, but maybe the future is chat and let’s jump on board now. Let’s learn it. Let’s develop our audience there. That’s the future. And so that’s what I believe. I think chats the future. I think that’s the part I liked the most is the personal aspect and people are always asking, well, as I don’t want to get into a situation where people are angry because I’m sending them messages and as a business, how many messages are too many? How do I make it personal style so they still want to receive my messages so they don’t unsubscribe for me. What are. What are the some of the tips and tricks that you’ve found that a business can use to actually still stay relevant and be very authentic and in Messenger orange out? You know, before I answer that, I’m going to ask you about the earphones.

Speaker 3: 12:48 What are you wearing? What is this? Uh, these are my favorites. These are, uh, are click funnels. Earbuds. Actually this is a, this was a gift from Russell to our executive team. And it’s authentic. It’s authentic. Yeah. It’s the actual apple earbuds somehow in red and blue, the click funnels colors. That’s correct. And we’re going to be a most likely having a special affiliate price going up towards the end of the year where people can win these things were top affiliates. Get to have those ear buds. You get it. You know what? I didn’t like my white here, but I love the airpods. I have them right here. They’re never more than six feet away from me. I thought I could have them died in different colors afterwards because I don’t love how bright they are and they’re now becoming like everyone else. You’re in San Francisco, but you can’t get them died afterwards. There’s no price you can pay. You got to do it before and it comes in a nice black box like this.

Speaker 3: 13:43 So here’s how to not be annoying. Um, first of all, the truth is a lot of this is still new and we’re and we’re learning and I have to accept it. If I’m learning at times I’m going to make mistakes and I’m not going to be the best, the best communicator out there. One of the things that held me back in high school was I was afraid to go and ask girls out because what if they, what did they think that asking them out is a little annoying. What if they think, what if I get embarrassed by asking them out and they say no, and so I didn’t ask them out and I was really reluctant to do it. So what I’m trying to do as an adult is learned from that and say, I’ll take a little bit of a risk and say the wrong things and learn from it because my intentions are good and I’ll get better.

Speaker 3: 14:24 So with that in mind, here’s what I found. Number one, it used to be that going daily with your messages was the best way to engage people. Because if you skipped a few days, they thought you didn’t care, it felt like you disappeared if you sent a message on Monday and Tuesday, but not again until Friday or Saturday, people would think it was spam because they forgot that this is part of the interaction and so we did that. We did daily, daily, daily, daily, and we saw that our response rates are going low. We started checking in with the BOT makers I’ve invested in. I wish I’d invested in clickfunnels. I invested in a few companies, two of the top companies in the chat space, and I started to learn from what they were doing for big brands for smaller marketers, and what they showed me was the world was shifting to every few days and so now I would say the first day, obviously you send a message right away.

Speaker 3: 15:13 They sign up, they should see a message from you and chat. I’d recommend the next day sending another message to so that there’s a little bit of a memory. They just signed up. The next day. They see that you’re still reaching them. They know this is a relationship where they expect to get from you, maybe again the day after that, and then ease off, then switched to three days or so between messages. Maybe even as far as a week. Now is this hard and fast rule? No Way. I was sitting in my chat, I’m sitting in my chat bot the other day responding to every single person who engaged with my chaplain. There was this guy from Jordan and saying, how big is your list? He says, a million people. I said, how’d you grow up? He goes, and I can’t talk. I don’t speak English that well. I can’t write English.

Speaker 3: 16:01 So I call him up on facebook messenger because you can actually use books. And I say, how did, how did you do it? What’s going on? He chats. He says, I’ve, I’ve listened to mixergy forever. I like that you’re engaging this way. He goes, I created this quiz. People answer seven questions and then they. And then they get to send the response to the, um, the result of the quiz to their friends to show their friends how smart they are. And in that situation, sending more messages more than more than once a week obviously makes more sense. People are looking for more quizzes, they’re looking for more things to share. I’ve seen the same thing happened with Bible quotes. People Create Bible of the day messages. People create joke of the day and those cases daily, even more than daily. Makes Sense. But for the most part you want to ease off.

Speaker 3: 16:44 And that’s one way to not be annoying. I love it. Well, I’m dying to find out some of you started off with some really super crazy hooks on. You’re dealing with chats. I’ve got to find out. You have to tell us what are the stuff you’re doing that’s totally off the wall chat wise. So I want to show you something that it’s not what I’m doing. But um, so the reason I know about this is I invested in a company called assist. And let me see if I can show you what we did there. These guys were one of the first companies to do chatbots. Let me share my screen. Here is my phone. Can you see my phone over here? You of let you know what I’m going to actually put, put it on do not disturb so that I don’t accidentally get my wife’s messages communicated to everyone who knows why she’s going to send out. Um, so I want you to see what’s Sephora, what they did for Sephora, because I think the floor is doing something really interesting. So let me bring up the flora.

Speaker 3: 17:46 Now. This goes beyond marketing. This is an insight where the future is going and you can see on Sephora when I started out, they address me real quick for those people who aren’t the notes before. Just if there are guiding me and I know it’s a forest. Oh, so far as a makeup and beauty brand. So do makeovers, they’ll sell you makeup and so on. And so you can see that I can shop different looks, I can book a makeover with them. I could share feedback, I could chat with a live person all within the Chat Bot, right? I just hit the start over button by accident, but here we’re going to try on different looks.

Speaker 3: 18:21 So let’s suppose that I like this winged liner and red lip. Let’s try it on now. My camera comes up immediately. That’s a great color on you, Andrew. And notice how I’m going to keep on moving and it will stay there. That’s impressive, right? Let’s try a different look. See My, my eyes. Your lips aren’t on, but your eye. There you go. Oh No. That was a more natural look. You see my lips are. There you go. You’re right. That’s the natural. Subtle. Okay. Now let’s suppose that this is something that I like. I might want to share this with a friend so I could take pictures of this. I can do all kinds of stuff with this. Let’s try it. Let’s go for this.

Speaker 3: 19:12 Look. Stays there. I can choose who I send this to and now I could pick from all of my friends in here or I could add a few others or I could send it to my story for the day and share it with the world. This is really powerful. This is the future. And now watch when I come back I can actually start buying this. They showed me what I tried on so that I can buy it. Okay. For most businesses, this is a little intense. We don’t have to do things to that degree. We just need to say the world is switching to chat. We need to anticipate it and be there and I know you guys are there and so we have to think about not replacing email yet, but if we’re communicating with people via email, how do we also add chat? How do we also incorporate chat the apps that they love and we need to think that in the future it’s going to be more than email.

Speaker 3: 20:05 It’s not going to be a reproduction of email. It’s going to allow us to do cool things like this, so imagine if you have someone in your audience who sells a couch to be able to bring up the camera right there in facebook messenger, see their room and add the couch in augmented reality in the room. That’s not the future. It’s here. I’m just saying for most people it doesn’t make sense. For most businesses, for most users, it’s a little too advanced. Let’s be aware that this is where the world is going though. I love it. That’s fantastic. So how did you order the beer? Okay, so the reason that the beer comes into play is because whenever I talk about this, people say, this is just facebook. What happens if. What happens when facebook says no more chat bots? What I’m finding is every chat platform is going to have to have a chat bot and in fact, before I even show you the beer, let me show you why that is important.

Speaker 3: 21:01 So real quick, andrew, if you don’t mind explain to people. A lot of times people think of Messenger as the only chat Bot out there, right? Can you kind of explain how the chatbots really working? What’s available? Sure. In in chat there, it’s a very fragmented world with email, no matter what platform you’re using. You could be on hotmail, you could be on Yahoo Mail, you can be on Gmail. If I sent, if I know your email address, I could send a message to it. Chat is little fragmented. I have to know that you, Dave, prefer facebook messenger as a way of communicating and you have to know that I might prefer I message and that’s the way that we’re communicating with our friends. So how do businesses reach us using the chat apps that we love? Well, the way they do it is with something called a chat Bot.

Speaker 3: 21:45 A Chat Bot is the equivalent at this point of sending out message, sending out email via chat, sending out, just like you would have an email marketing solution for reaching people via email. If you want to reach them via chat, you need a chat Bot and you want to know what platform they’re on. Awesome. Okay. So let me show you why chatbots are going to come everywhere. Guys, if this, if you disagree or if you’re not following because I’m showing too many different things, let me know. Um, let me know in the chat and I’ll keep monitoring it. But here’s the thing. This is a standard browser in safari. Let’s suppose I wanted to stay at the Marriott. Notice how in the past at the Marriott, this is just me typing it into the search bar in the past, uh, apple used to say, here is a link to the Marriott’s website.

Speaker 3: 22:31 Then they got a little smarter than they said, here’s the link to the Marriott’s website, but you probably want to call them or you want directions. And so they put a little icon for a phone so you can just call them and a little icon for directions so you can get directions if that’s what you’re looking for. What apple’s realized is people don’t want to call, they don’t want to talk, you know, we can laugh at the future and I do, but the truth is people prefer to chat. So look at what they did. They’d now replaced the phone button with the little chat icon. If you look at it on your screen, do you see that on your screen? That’s killer, right? So now if I chat, look at what happened. I actually did chat with them and you could see I chatted and I said, hi, look at the response Mary had sent to me.

Speaker 3: 23:12 Thank you for messaging. Marriott associates are available to respond Monday through Friday, 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM eastern time for immediate for immediate assistance. Call us and they gave me a phone number. So why am I showing you this? We know that an apple knows that consumers prefer to chat with businesses, but when they do, most businesses, even big ones like Mary, I don’t have people standing by to chat in real time. Right? So what they need is a little automation in their chat Bot. They need to enable people to say, do you have a room at the Marriott in Los Angeles? And have them say yes, absolutely. And that’s where the future is where chat bots will be able to do it. And I believed that the apple is going to enable everyone to carry it, a chat Bot for their platform. They’re going to have to have Mary create a chat Bot. This kind of broken experience is not going to survive for long. They know people want to chat. They know that Marriott doesn’t have enough people to do it all the time. So that’s why I wanted to show you how I bought beer, so now I’m going to bring up beer and show you what that looked like.

Speaker 3: 24:16 This is an actual exchange that I had and I’ll read the message to you. Welcome to brew to you. This is a chat bot built on apple today. We, you and I, Dave, even you with all your power, even Russell with all his power, everyone who’s listening to us cannot create a chat bot on apple’s platform. You could only do it on Facebook Messenger and slack and a few others, but I want you to see that this is coming because assist built this chat Bot. It’s already the infrastructure’s there. Apple just needs to start giving more and more permission. So again, I’m giving you a glimpse into the future so you could see what the message says. Welcome to brew to you. That’s the name of the delivery chat Bot that they created, your automated bread beverage assistant. We’re serving until the seventh inning because that’s the way the baseball stadiums work. And here’s what’s on tap. So I hit this little button and I saw what’s on Tap Bud Light Miller light, right? I could select it, I don’t have to type everything. I could just see it and select what I want including for you dave water.

Speaker 3: 25:21 So what I did was I wanted to be a bit of a jerk instead of tapping and selecting one of those options. I typed in to buds. I wanted to see will they understand the two buds means bud light but a budweiser and they did say to bugs, they spoke right back to me and they said to buds, you got it now type in the section and row and see which I did. And then they said your order is going to be $18 and then you don’t see it here because it disappeared. Apple pay comes up and says, here is the credit card you gave apple. Can we use this? I tapped, I paid. We’re talking about a minute and this happened and suddenly whoever was sitting at that role, I happen not to be there. It was just a demo and I hope that they’re. That they’re not non drinkers like you and I didn’t, it was introducing something that they didn’t want their just sitting there and somebody came over with a real beer and handed it to them. This is the future. This is what we’re all going to be able to create. That is crazy. Cool. Right? That is crazy. Cool. So can I have ordered Scotch and since scotch to you know, man, the SCAP, the Scotch Bot needs to be created. You got to get ahold of a cyst. Alright. So as a that’s amazing and super, super cool. And we could spend hours just kind of go through other ideas on this. But I wanted to find out a lot of people got concerned that all of a sudden facebook lock things down

Speaker 2: 26:44 a few months ago and we were right in the middle of doing some things with actionetics and d and it kind of impacted us. So why do they shut it down and what’s that have to do with the future of what might happen on facebook with chatbots.

Speaker 3: 26:55 See, I was actually really glad they shut it down. Here’s why I sold in my chat Bot last week, I followed the rules, Dave. I said, I’m not selling to anyone who didn’t interact with my Chat Bot within the last 24 hours because that’s the rules. I might. I might talk a good game sometimes, but I’m one of these nerds who has to, if the rules are there, I’ve got to follow the rules. So I’ve been following the rules exactly right, and then I see the people create these chatbots that they do nothing but send out deals. They saw the groupon does great. They said, we’re going to be the group on of chat and they’re sending out just boom, firing off a great deal on a, on a USB hard drive, boom, great deal on a case for your iphone. Boom, great deal. It’s just like pounding people with it.

Speaker 3: 27:42 Even when they’re not touching the chat bot and I saw that they were making good money and I said, I’m a nerd who follows the rules. Why are these people who don’t follow the rules doing better than hand? And then there was something else that was really troubling me. Everything that people say to my chat bot, including the curses, not only do I see it, but I see the person who sends it out. I can see who they’re married to. I could see everything. I don’t hold it against people they don’t know and frankly we all curse is fine. You curse. Not much. I try not don’t, so I thought it’s kind of interesting that I see all this stuff that’s the way the world works in chat and then I see these things like a therapy bought that. The first message a therapy bots said was everything you say to this therapy bought is private and I’m pulling my hair out going, this is.

Speaker 3: 28:38 This is absolutely wrong. Forget minor infractions. Trying to. This is definitely wrong and so all this stuff was going on in the facebook messenger platform. It was super effective so people got away with everything. I said, I’m so glad that facebook is stopping this, checking out to make sure things are legitimate and then bring it back. I mean, you talk about a little bit of regulation, a little bit of looking around and not ruin the platform for all of us, and so they stopped it. They stopped some of the bad actors. They enable this platform to be better for all of us and I think that that’s a great way to operate. Even facebook says we’re not going to happen. Anything goes platform. Then it shows that this is going to be a place that people can feel safe. I love it.

Speaker 2: 29:21 I think that we felt the same way. I know I was a little frustrated at first for us, but just the idea that it cleaned up the game for everyone I think is again, there’s whole bunch of privacy issues and everything else going on legally these days and I think facebook does a great job as far as stepping up to cleaning up the game. So I thought that was awesome.

Speaker 3: 29:36 Can I tell you what I did at the time? I, uh, I called up, uh, one of your competitors. You guys compete, everyone by the way, you compete with ad just like you don’t need Andrew Anymore. You don’t need Andrew, it’s like the next week you are going to have an ad going. You do not need apple. We’ve got a new phone coming out. So anyway, I compete. I invested in one of your, one of your now maybe competitors because you guys are taking on the world immediately when facebook shut it down, I called them up and I said, how do I put more money in your little startup? I want, I believe in this because I now think because they shut it down, it’s going to be an even better platform. So that’s how strongly I felt about it. So let me show you something else that they did.

Speaker 3: 30:15 Let’s, let’s look at one of my box. This is one of the new things that they did that people don’t realize. I’m gonna. Share my screen again. I’m glad that you let me do shoot screensharing. Otherwise I’d just be yapping all day. I’m watching it. I’m watching people like Mark Stern. Mark, I’m looking at the screen over here. Thanks for the affection. Uh, thank you. Also Matana. I hope I’m pronouncing your name right. I’m, I’m checking to make sure that I’m not going too far with you guys. So here, this is a standard chat bot. This is mine. I obviously I’ve been sending them the same message to myself over and over because I wanted to make sure it worked so you can see I sent out my blog post and I have a read button so people can read the blog post and I also have a share button so they could share it.

Speaker 3: 30:55 So there’s a little bit of a reality built into the messages that we send out in our chat Bot. Right? Um, so by the way, if you want to, you can see if I hit share, the latest people who I chatted with are all within reach and I could actually hit send to. Let’s send it to Rachel now. Rachel’s gonna. Get it. Makes Sense. Got It. Okay. So that’s how easy virality is within there. But I want to show you something that most marketers are gonna hate, but we should be happy. This exists. You see this little checkbox right here. Let me do that again. Little checkbox right there. I can now turn off messages, I don’t like this company so right, because before that wasn’t there and it was so frustrating. You get just inundated with some stuff, like how do I get off this list or off this bought and they’ve quoted it there, but they hit it.

Speaker 3: 31:39 It was harder to spot and what they’re doing now is making it easier and easier for people to see. Compare that with expedia. My Assistant Andrea, for some reason she must own shares and expedia. Every time I asked her to book a trip, you’re going to see I’m going to come out to see you guys. Where are you in Utah? Uh, we’re in Idaho, but we’re going to meet you in. You’re in Utah, right? So I tell her, can you help me get a trip to Utah? I bet you five minutes after she books, I’m going to get three different expediate information emails and five different subscriptions from them. And I do the same thing. Every time I go in, I hit unsubscribe from each one. It takes me to a landing page that says, give us 10 business days down. Subscribing. I go crazy. So that’s the problem with email.

Speaker 3: 32:24 The solution is that anyone can within chat unsubscribing, cancel. Super Cool. I love that. Okay. I’ve got more data to show, but I want to give you a chance to talk here. I don’t want to just keep pounding, you know, I just want to make sure I want to be valued. I want to make sure we’re sensitive to your time as well and I’ve seen the comments are loving this and good back when facebook. And I think that’s, that’s the whole reason we’re doing this. I’m one of the things. So I had you on our podcast, I don’t know, probably six months, eight months ago we talking about this whole Bot Academy and I had a couple of guys that actually some of our, even our, our support staff are buying it and people were excited about it. What the heck is Bot Academy? Because at first people thought they’re gonna be able to create bots or do things.

Speaker 3: 33:04 So explain kind of what bought academy is why it’s important and all that crazy stuff. So as effective as this is, and you and I get it right, because we’re in the email space, we’re in the subscription space, we understand landing pages, somebody comes to Atlantic page, hits a button, subscribes, we understand that we need to welcome them in a certain way, send a certain sequence of messages. We know that if we bring that into chat world, we’re ahead of the game because in the chat world, people don’t know this stuff. The problem is when I started investing in this, in these companies, as an angel investor here in San Francisco, I thought everybody got it, and so I would show it to people and they say, this is great, and I go, are you building it? They say, no. I go, why not? They say, wow, I don’t know what to say.

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