Chris Jacob - (Founder)


Chris Jacob, Male, 32, Australia - Coffs Harbour

Business: (Founder :trophy: )
Relationship: Engaged to Mindy (highschool sweetheart)
Kids: Rivah (8 Boy) and Tigerlily (2 Girl)
Day Job: Product Owner at Janison (SaaS doing enterprise scale Online Assessment and e-Learning … I work on their Apps and Assessment products primarily)
Fun: Surfing, Beach Volleyball, Soccer, Startups & Gaming (Nintendo Wii U with the kids!)
Traveled: Thailand, Cambodia, USA (LA), England (London)


  • Full-Stack Web Developer
  • Problem solving / finding answers
  • Attention to detail
  • Determined
  • Optimistic


  • Work too hard = Not enough sleep = Break routine = Spiral back to bad habits/burnout
  • Cold call selling
  • Copywriting
  • Public speaking / video
  • Perfectionism

Daily Habits

  1. 1hr exercise (…experimenting with CrossFit)

  2. 2hrs on affiliate business

  3. 7hrs sleep per night (11pm - 6am)

  4. Public journal every day (here on Affiliate Teams)

  5. Finish day-job work at 4pm to enjoy playing with kids after school … surfing, soccer, beach walks, etc … will achieve this by starting work earlier and cutting my lunchtime in half.

2018 Goals

  1. Complete ClickFunnels 100 Day Affiliate Bootcamp before June 19th 2018 (my birthday :gift:)

  2. “Quit” at least 1 day of my normal day-job per fortnight on July 1st 2018. Will achieve this by affiliate income (profit) exceeding $500/mth. Will invest the additional 7hrs time back into Affiliate Teams.

  3. Help more than 100 other affiliates start and complete the Bootcamp by having them join Affiliate Teams, personally helping them get on-boarded with ClickFunnels and the Bootcamp and connecting them with Accountability teammates. Check in on everyones progress throughout 2018 and supporting anyone that is slipping on their commitments.

  4. Help 1 affiliate reach 100 customers ( not counting myself :wink: )

  5. Help more than 10 affiliates reach 10 customers.

  6. Help more than 30 affiliates get their first customer.

  7. 1 overseas trip (Fiji or New Zealand) before end of year. Will book this by July 1st 2018.

  8. Pay back $10,000 personal debt before end of year (aiming to start this in 2nd half of the year)

Day 1. Week 1. Monday. Happy New Year!

… public holidays are so awesome! :slight_smile:

Had a great day with the family, and got off to a pretty solid start to my 2018 daily habits / routine which looks like this (p.s. I’m normally not at all this structured with my time… but I’m committed to sticking to this as DISCIPLINE is my focus for 2018):

6:00am get up
6:15 workout (CrossFit)
7:15 shower + dressed
7:30 lunches + pack bags
7:45 breakfast
8:00 clean
8:15 leave
8:30 Me at work
8:45 Rivah at school
12:00 30 min lunch break
3:30 Mindy pickup Rivah from school + check surf
4:00 pick me up from work
4:15 beach / surf / sport
5:30 leave
6:00 showers
6:30 cook
7:00 eating
7:30 clean
8:00 kids bed
8:30 start work on Affiliate Teams
10:30 stop work / clean
11:00 bed

… the wake up time is new (normally I sleep in as long as possible after a late night hustling - kids/work drag me out of bed)

… the exercise is new (I’m currently 82Kg… and have a lot of work to do!)

… the starting work at 8:30am is new (I normally stumble in at 9:30am - after getting Rivah to school late)

… the shorter lunch is new (I like having an hour for lunch when work isn’t crazy busy)

… the 4pm finishing work is new (I normally finish at 5:30/6pm… and don’t have much time with the kids)

… the kids bed time of 8pm is new (they normally stay up to 9-10pm - cheeky monkeys + us being unorganised with meals)

… the 2hrs per night on side-business is new (normally work in bursts - up to 1-2am a few nights in a row then crash and burnout for a few days… then get miserable when I’m too tired to make progress… it’s just not sustainable)

… the 11pm bedtime is new (see above! … same goes for my partner Mindy … this should really improve our energy levels throughout the day)

Today’s workout (Mindy made me promise to start slow)

Walk to beach 1.5kms
20 crunches
30 sec plank
5 push-ups
30 barbell squats (no weight)
10 barbell bicep curls (10 kg)
5 burpees (I think - not sure about technique)

Annoyed mindy this morning by going for my walk without her (because kids stayed up late so they need to sleep in and one of us needs to be at home). She reminded me we are meant to be doing this exercise “together” and I basically bailed on her to do my own thing. Fail.


Realised I’m drawn to influencers that have a family (like Russell Brunson and Pat Flynn). People in this industry without a wife/husband and kids just don’t have the same life dynamics as me. The balance and responsibility needed to manage your family and your business is not something a “single person” can fully understand. Family is also the major motivator for everything that I do. It’s not about the money, it’s about the life and opportunities I can create for my wife and my kids.


Consider doing accountability on Monday night (Gives me the weekend to knock over anything that needs an extra push).

Goals for Week 1

No Excuses:

  1. Complete first 5 days of Bootcamp.
  2. Post study notes on AffiliateTeams
  3. Daily Journal - every day!

Tasks (in priority order)

  1. Lock-in Weekly Accountability Team (Australian affiliates to help with Timezone)
  2. Video Journal - to overcome fear of being on camera (Keep it simple. iPhone and YouTube & post into AT Daily Journal). I’m going to suck. That’s ok.
  3. 1 Post In AT Beginner Affiliates - e.g. one sentence copywriting PDF?
  4. Ping Ryan Hart - where is he up to, he has gone quiet?
  5. 1 post in CF Avengers group
  6. 5 comments in CF Avengers group
  7. 10 likes in CF Avengers group
  8. 5+ Welcome messages to new CF Avengers
  9. Update AT Marketing Secrets
  10. Update AT Funnel Hacker Radio
  11. Update AT CF Support Videos
  12. Update AT Funnel Hacker TV
  13. Update AT Funnel Friday’s
  14. Update AT Drop The Mic
  15. Update AT Funnel University

Goals for Week 2 (draft):

  1. Post Bootcamp notes in Avengers group (like Ryan Hart did as PDF)
  2. Complete days 6-10 in Bootcamp


  1. Completed Bootcamp “Welcome”
  2. Posted study notes on AffiliateTeams
  3. Filled in my Daily Journal
  4. Invited new CF Affiliate Tori to AffiliateTeams (we were going to be accountability partners but the Timezone just doesn’t work out well)
  5. 3x comments in CF Avengers group
  6. 4x likes in CF Avengers group
  7. 1x Welcome messages to new CF Avenger (Udimi Jones IV)


  1. Daily routine wasn’t perfectly stuck to… but it was pretty close (finishing this journal entry at 11:15 then straight to bed)
  2. Should have been a better partner to Mindy with our Day 1 workout. Happy wife, happy life.


Day 2. Week 1. Tuesday. Back to work.

Time to face the daily grind.


Warmup - 3 sets of…
20 Star jumps

Workout - 3 sets of…
20 crunches
30 sec plank
5 push-ups
30 barbell squats (no weight)
10 barbell bicep curls (10 kg)
5 burpees


Should have agreed on morning plans last night. I shouldn’t have assumed Mindy would be coming home after dropping me off… communication is essential.


Mindy sick (cold). But still dragged her self out of bed for a workout. Proud of her for this.


  1. Woke up on time
  2. Did great workout
  3. Completed Day 1 main video & good draft notes
  4. Daily journal done!
  5. Did a video journal during 30 minute work lunch break - but didn’t have time to upload to YouTube.
  6. Hustled to try and keep to kids bed time after disrupted by need to go shopping
  7. Ate a really healthy dinner
  8. Started side-business work almost on time.


  1. Left home at 8:45 :frowning: …should have left at 8:15 … stressful.
  2. Finishing side-business work at 12:15am … should have finished at 10:30!
  3. Didn’t start Day 1 steps 3 and 4 videos.


Day 3. Week 1. Wednesday. Tired but Motivated!

Warmup - 3 sets of…
20 Star jumps

Workout - 3 sets of…
30 running man crunches
30 sec left side plank
30 sec right side plank
10 barbell bench press (no weight)
30 lunges
10 barbell bicep curls (10 kg)
5 burpees

Was a bit hard to wake up this morning. But after that the workout was very smooth. Everything on time.


Purchased “” for $8 after looking at Similar Web and saw it as the 4th most visited site for … will keep this in my back pocket for now :wink:


  1. Woke up on time and did workout on time.
  2. Got to work very close to ontime
  3. Did 2nd “reflecting” video journal
  4. Left work on time (felt amazing)
  5. Healthy dinner
  6. Completed Day 1 of Bootcamp videos and completed notes on Affiliate Teams


  1. Night routine running late (after needing to repair TV)
  2. Distracted on YouTube and by other things from Similar Web when should have stayed on task.
  3. Annoyed Mindy by sticking to my routine fairly rigidly
  4. Finish hustle at 1:15am instead of 10:30pm :frowning:


Day 4. Week 1. Thursday. Sleep is my Kryptonite.

Warmup - 3 sets of…
20 Star jumps

Workout - 3 sets of…
30 running man crunches
30 seated leg lifts
10 barbell bench press (10kg)
30 sumo squats
10 barbell bicep curls (10 kg)
10 burpees

Very hard to get out of bed this morning. Pressed snooze. But got up 5 mins later (thankfully). But it was a close call. Must get to bed on time tonight (won’t make it through all of day 2 videos as they go for longer than 2hrs).

Workout was good this morning. The leg lifts and burpees were challenging.


  • In AT Super Affiliate category, until I have Super Affiliate in this community, I could do posts highlighting existing super affiliates strategies that they have shared e.g. on Funnel Hacker Radio, or by interviewing them myself, or by extracting information from their distribution channels (youtube, email, blogs)


  1. Dragged myself out of bed even though tired.
  2. Solid workout
  3. Did “reflection” video (starting to feel more comfortable)
  4. Finished work on time
  5. Went on family walk - using xmas scooters and ripboard.
  6. Time playing with Rivah (Bloxels - Build Your Own Video Game) was awesome!
  7. Running late on evening plans so did Soup + Tofu to get back on schedule
  8. Completed Day 2 primary video
  9. Day 2 notes in Affiliate Teams is very detailed.
  10. Did daily journal!
  11. Finished hustle at 11pm (better than other nights)


  1. Some slippage on schedule - but not too bad. Consider today as a win :slight_smile:


Day 5. Week 1. Friday. T.G.I.F

Warmup - 3 sets of…
20 Star jumps

Workout - 3 sets of…
30 running man crunches
5 push-ups
30 laying down alternate leg lifts (15 each leg)
10 dumbbell bench press laying down (5kg each)
30 lunges
10 dumbbell lawnmower starts each arm (5 kg)
10 burpees

Snoozed. Noooooo. Started workout 15 mins late so not that bad.

Weaker on left side with lawnmower pulls. Pain in right collarbone on push-ups (injury from shovelling 7 cubic meters of dirt over 2 days and not pacing myself).


Really concerned I won’t get through the 5 days of bootcamp before Monday… also late nights is my pattern for burning out. My motivation is still high but I need to be careful. Balance and taking the time to complete the bootcamp work thoroughly might be more important and get through the 5 days. Alternatively I speed up and rush through this content (and can come back to it in future weeks to fill in the gaps). Momentum is very important. Will reflect on this tomorrow.


  1. Tired but still did a workout.
  2. Did reflection video in lunch break
  3. Played with kids in the afternoon
  4. No dinner idea… when an bought fresh salad ingredients and made an insanely awesome salad (included avocado, salmon and egg)
  5. Worked on “backstory” all night (… is interesting to break down your “life story” and see the lessons you learnt along the way)


  1. Started workout late
  2. Should have been better prepared for dinner
  3. Started hustle 1hr late.
  4. Finish hustle at 1:15am … again running massively late to finish


Day 6. Week 1. Saturday. Slept in. Damn it!

Slept in an hour over… got up at 7am. Damn it!

1.5Km jog to beach and back…only took about 15 minutes.

Improvise an interesting “mini punishment” … at end of my shower I turned it to full cold. Brrr.


Need to figure out what my accountability rewards/punishments will be. There needs to be real stakes… if there is nothing to gain/loose it won’t be as powerful… perhaps I could skip brushing my teeth in the morning ---- makes my skin crawl just thinking of that.


  1. Still did some exercise …when I could have just skipped the day
  2. Did Day 2 - ELEMENTS and IDENTITY.
  3. Did a reflection video - nothing special today … but at least I still did it!
  4. Ate more healthy meals!


  1. Failed to wake up
  2. Failed to get in all hours on hustle

… a pretty rough day. Weekends are hard. Lack of sleep gave me an excuse… really have to watch out for this.


Day 7. Week 1. Sunday. The Hangover.

Went to sleep at 1am because Mindy went out last night and I had to pick her up.

Still dragged my arse out of bed (literally forced myself to fall out of bed onto the floor). Had shower and while everyone was asleep started working on Day 3 of the Bootcamp (6:30am). Tigerlily woke up at 7:30 so I had to stop and play kitchens. Got a little more done between playing with the kids until Mindy got up.

No workout today… which felt weird. I thought I would do it with Min after she got up - but she had never planned to workout on the weekends. So I guess I won’t either. The body does need time to recover, so I don’t mind this.

Made an amazing fruit salad for lunch (with pancakes).

Had an awesome healthy dinner.


Next week my sleep times need to be a no excuses goal if I’m to avoid burnout.


  1. Dragged my butt out of bed even though I was exhausted … having a “no excuses” goal is powerful.
  2. Completed Day 3 of the Bootcamp and Day 4 main video + notes
  3. Good food.
  4. Did reflection video


  1. No workout (but that will be expected next week).
  2. Stayed up till 2:30am trying to reach my “no excuses goal” … It’s going to be reeeealy hard to get up at 6am tomorrow for a workout.


Day 8. Week 2. Monday. Reflect & Re-adjust

Up til 2:30am. Slept in til 8:00am. No workout. Fail.

Asked Mindy to wake me up. But she was tired too so she also slept in. Mindy also hasn’t asked me about how things are going. Really need someone else to hold me accountable and talk to…

Tonight I looked though the ClickFunnels Avengers group I found two awesome Australians that have just started the Bootcamp like me. So I’ve reached out to see if they want to team up.

Adrian Long

Alex Ford

Also posted this in the Facebook group:

How many Australian
affiliates are new here? Anyone looking for accountability?

With comment:

I’m in Coffs Harbour, NSW. On Day 4 of the bootcamp. Looking for weekly accountability with 2 other aussies on Mondays for about 30 minutes between 8:30pm-10:30pm AEDT. Then 1hr mastermind on first Monday of every month. FYI I’m sharing all my notes, exercise answers, experiments, results, and daily journal etc publicly (will post them here soon like Ryan Hart did with his #ryansbootcampnotes). I’m 100% committed to becoming a Super Affiliate. Looking for 2 other people that are taking action every day like me :slight_smile:

P.S I’m also really keen to help others get connected into teams too (even if you’re not in Australia… but I think being in the same timezone really helps). Russell mentioned in Day 1 how powerful it is to have someone hold you accountable to your commitments. Totally increases your chance of hitting your weekly goals. Starting the Bootcamp is EASY… it’s time to commit to FINISHING.

P.P.S Just looked at the video views in YouTube for the Bootcamp Day 1 vs Day 66 … probably 1% make it to the end… don’t be in the 99% group :wink:


Limiting belief I need to break… “working with other will take up my time and distract me from getting work done… So I should just do everything myself.” … almost everything that is awesome in this world is the result of a team of people coming together. There is strength in numbers. Thinking you should “do it all yourself” is just an excuse that probably comes from a fear of telling others your ideas and having them critiqued. Great teammates give you constructive feedback and push you forward.


  1. Did daily reflection video (really need to get these posted up on YouTube and shared here)

  2. Found and reached out to potential accountability partners.

  3. Posted in the FB group seeking accountability.

  4. Reflected on failures from past week. Refocus on prioritising sleep.


  1. Slept in. No Workout. But that’s expected after hustling till 2:30am. But it’s not sustainable - so committing to changing this pattern in week 2.

  2. Finished hustle at 11:30pm… not a great start to sleep commitment. Going to bed now. … Right Now!

Week 1 Wins

  1. Completed first 3 days of Bootcamp. Notes done on Day 4. Failed to complete all 5 days (I’m not rushing these first steps as they are really important)
  2. Posted study notes on AffiliateTeams
  3. Daily Journal - every day!
  4. Reflection video - every day! (maaaan it was awkward getting on video - but I know it’s the stuff that makes you feel uncomfortable that makes you grow)
  5. Did really well on healthy food
  6. Did workout every weekday (didn’t do any on weekend)

Week 1 Fails

  1. Bedtime of 11pm failed many times … 1:15am…2:30am. This needs to change to be sustainable.

Goals for Week 2

No Excuses:

  1. Bed at 11pm. Wake up at 6am.
  2. Complete Day 4 & 5 of Bootcamp.
  3. Find 2 Accountability Partners.

Bonus Points:

  1. Get my daily reflection videos on YouTube and post them here
  2. 1 Post In AT Beginner Affiliates - e.g. one sentence copywriting PDF?
  3. Ping Ryan Hart - where is he up to, he has gone quiet?
  4. 1 post in CF Avengers group
  5. Update AT Marketing Secrets
  6. Update AT Funnel Hacker Radio
  7. Update AT CF Support Videos
  8. Update AT Funnel Hacker TV
  9. Update AT Funnel Friday’s
  10. Update AT Drop The Mic
  11. Update AT Funnel University


Day 9. Week 2. Tuesday. Feeling good.

In bed at 11:45 last night. So not perfect. But this morning feeling good.

Up at 6am on the dot.

Warmup - 3 sets of…
20 Star jumps

Workout - 3 sets of…
30 running man crunches
45 second plank
12 barbell bench press (10kg)
30 sumo squats
12 barbell bicep curls (10 kg)
10 burpees

Workout felt great. Plank and burpees pushed me the most.

Chris: 78Kg … I lost 4Kg!
Mindy: 105.8 … gained 0.9Kg (doesn’t seem fair!)

Got a reply from Adrian - and we will catch up next Monday at 9:00pm for an accountability call :fist:

Got a reply from Alex - he is already has an accountability partner. So said no. But we had a good chat on messenger.

Got 1 reply on Avengers post (only 1…damn).


  1. Woke up on time
  2. Active on Avengers group
  3. Chatted with Ryan Hart re: his bootcamp notes and where he is up to.
  4. Look to have locked in 1 accountability partner :slight_smile:
  5. Did reflection video
  6. Healthy food
  7. Working through Day 4 bootcamp… almost done
  8. Finished hustle at 11:45pm


  1. None? Awesome!


Day 10. Week 2. Wednesday. Excited.

Up at 6am on the dot.

Went to bed at 11:30. I little bit tired because was buzzing with excitement & ideas so struggled a bit to fall asleep.


Warmup - 3 sets of…
20 Star jumps

Workout - 3 sets of…
40 running man crunches
5 push-ups
30 laying down alternate leg lifts (15 each leg)
10 dumbbell bench press laying down (5kg each)
30 lunges
10 dumbbell lawnmower starts each arm (5 kg)
10 burpees

…need to stop thinking about hustle during workout time!

Ideas for YouTube

YouTube videos. Click funnels best deal/coupon = hustle. 3 videos.

  1. Funnel hacks - free for 6 mths

  2. $19 share funnel - funnel giveaway

  3. Free for life (120% off). Get 3 affiliate sales.

So my market isn’t just affiliates. But actually anyone that is signing up for clickfunnels. Anyone that thinks clickfunnels is expensive will look for deals before buying.

Ideas for Facebook Posts

  1. 2018 - Day 10. Your Wins & Fails so far in 2018.

  2. How did you get your first 3 paying customers (active affiliate sales)?
    How many active customers do you have… and how exactly did you get your first 3 sales?

  3. What steps could you take to 10x the results of what YOU are currently working on? (serious question to help grow your business and share ideas with others)…(No jokes. Serious growth question). e.g.:

    1. Quit job. Go from 2hrs/day to 10hrs/day. Hire virtual assistant to do 10hrs per day.
      Multi language

    2. Find a way to get 1 customer than do that 9 more times until you have 10. Find a way to get 10 customers and repeat.

Ideas for AffiliateTeams Posts

  1. Random -> Collect all Crossfit exercise movements I want to experiment with that I can do at home (so I can go to this post anytime I want to plan a new workout). YouTube videos, images ,GIFs.

  2. Accountability. 100 rewards. 100 punishments.

  3. 365 comfort zone challenges. See app sumo challenge app.

  4. Ultimate blueprint for running a mastermind (collated from the experts)

  5. List of markets and their average income

  6. 7 ClickFunnels Super Affiliates and their Secret Formula (Who. Where. What. Where)

  7. Virtual Share Funnel - Break down how it works to get 3 Trial signups in 14 days.


I hope this helps Australian #funnelhackers get connected and team up with locals… Facebook Group “ClickFunnel Avengers” members by location ( #Australia #Accountability #Mastermind ):

Gold Coast

Coffs Harbour ( Me :wink: … p.s I’m seeking an Australian accountability partner too if you’re keen)









… also put up this post:


  1. Solid workout
  2. Delicious meal
  3. Very active on Avengers Facebook Group - helping people connect by giving them urls see all members in the group by their location. Also a post to see how people are going with with their 2018 goals… wins and fails.
  4. Did reflection video late at night at home … so still stuck to doing it :wink:


  1. Finished hustle at 12:30 (major fail… what happened to NO EXCUSES?!?)
  2. Planned to finish Bootcamp Day 4… then got side tracked posting on FB Avengers Group


Day 11. Week 2. Thursday. Epic fail.

Last night went to bed at 1am.

Slept in to 7:30am :frowning:

No time for workout.

Got to work late (which screws up leaving work early and time with kids!)

Kids are on holiday so reeeealy just want me home and playing kitchens and going surfing.

Mindy not stepping up when I’m weak or holding me accountable.


  • Perhaps get software to shutdown my macbook at 10:45pm?

  • Get a new Gmail account for doing funnel research to avoid spam in my inbox!


  1. Took kids to beach after work
  2. Ate good food for dinner
  3. Working through Day 4 in detail … one competitor de-constructed, 3 to go.
  4. Going to bed at 11pm :slight_smile:


  1. Slept in
  2. No workout
  3. Got to work late
  4. Started hustle late
  5. Finished hustle at 11pm (which is an improvement - but still not 10:30!


Day 12. Week 2. Friday. More weight.

Up at 6am. New rule - no snooze. Leave the alarm going until up.


Warmup - 3 sets of…
20 Star jumps

Workout - 3 sets of…
20 Hip Thrusters
50 running man crunches
10 push-ups
45 second side plank (each side)
30 sumo squats (5kg added)
10 barbell bench press (20kg)
12 burpees

Left home at 8:45.

Ideas (from listening to Russell on Marketing In Your Car)

  • Good vs Awesome
  • Stories & Belief (before training)
  • Lead or Gold
  • FunnelHacker TV - person shows you their full funnel, email sequences, ads, everything.
  • Sell templates in ClickFunnels Marketplace.
  • Hackathon - 3 days to get 6mths work done. Group of 8.


  1. Levelled up my workout
  2. Did reflection video
  3. Uploaded reflection videos to YouTube
  4. Took family out to sushi for dinner
  5. Hustle till 11pm - then bed


  1. Got to work a little late - same with starting hustle due to going out to dinner.


Day 13. Week 2. Saturday. Catchup

Time to catch up on the workout I missed on Wednesday.

Up at 6:03am. Did not snooze - left alarm ringing until I got up.


Warmup - 3 sets of…
20 Star jumps

Workout - 3 sets of…
20 Hip Thrusters
50 running man crunches
10 push-ups
30 sumo squats (5kg added)
15 laying down feet together leg lifts without touching the ground
10 dumbbell bicep curl (10Kg each arm)
20 jump knee tucks

Was a really solid workout. Dumbbells were heavy. Crunches pushed me too.

When for a surf with dad and the kids - got a lot of sun and my arms and back are tired from paddling around for waves.

Went out a bought BBQ chicken and salad fro dinner… happy I didn’t cave in to Ravioli. Also today I ate a Fish Wrap instead of fish and chips… so pretty good day for will power.


  1. Up on time
  2. Awesome workout
  3. Surfing with Dad and fun day with kids
  4. Healthy dinner
  5. Started Day 5 video
  6. Did reflection video


  1. Started hustle at 10pm :frowning: … finished at 11pm :slight_smile:


Day 14. Week 2. Sunday. Shave today?

Up at 6:03 - left alarm ringing until I got up!

1.5Km walk to beach and back.

Noticed someone named Sue West had register on AffiliteTeams over a week ago and I had missed the email notification to review this (how embarrassing!). Will reach out today.

I really want to shave today. Which means finish day 5 and get to bed at 11pm.


  • How to search a Facebook group by location to find local buddies… then link to this when I help people on Avengers group.
  • Cheatsheet vs Shortcut.
  • Ask the market: what do affiliates want? What could make the Bootcamp better?


  1. Did soft exercise this morning
  2. Did 30 minutes of extra hustle this morning
  3. Got lawn mowed
  4. Healthy lunch and dinner
  5. Completed day 5 of the Bootcamp
  6. Finished hustle before 11pm and went to bed.


  1. Started hustle at 9:30pm (instead of 8:30)


Day 15. Week 3. Monday. Clean shaven.

Up at 6am feeling awesome because I hit 3 good days in a row.


Warmup - 3 sets of…
20 Star jumps

Workout - 3 sets of…
20 Hip Thrusters
50 standard crunches
12 bench press (20Kg)
20 jump into squat
30 laying down feet apart leg lifts (15 each leg)
10 barbell bicep curl (20kg)
30 lunges

Chris 77.7Kg - lost 0.3Kg this week. 4.3Kg this year.


  1. Up on time
  2. Great workout
  3. Yummy healthy dinner
  4. 1st Accountability call with Adrian on Google Hangouts (


  1. Late to work

Week 2 Wins

  1. Completed day 4 & 5 of Affiliate Bootcamp (still want to do 2 more direct/indirect competitors in Day 4)
  2. Posted detailed notes on AffiliateTeams
  3. Daily Journal every day
  4. Bonus: Reflection videos every day - and up on YouTube and posted on AffiliateTeams!
  5. Did well on healthy food
  6. Great workouts - did a catch up day on Saturday
  7. Set day and time for accountability call
  8. Helped a lot of people in the Avengers group (in particular finding people in their location)
  9. Bonus: Reconnected with Ryan Hart to see where he is up to.
  10. Bonus: Posted in the Avengers group several times.

Week 2 Fails

  1. Failed to workout on Wednesday
  2. Did not stick to 10:30pm finishing hustle to get to bed at 11pm

Goals for Week 3

No Excuses:

  1. Off Computer at 10:30pm
  2. Complete Day 6 & 7 of the Bootcamp
  3. Update content on AffiliateTeams

Bonus Points:

  1. 2 more competitor breakdowns in Day 4 of the bootcamp
  2. 1 Post in AT Beginner Affiliate - one sentence persuasion PDF
  3. Be active in Avengers Group
  4. Find 2nd accountability teammate so we have a team of 3.


Day 16. Week 3. Tuesday. Cardio

Up at 6:04. Let the alarm keep ringing - no snooze.


Warmup - 3 sets of…
20 Star jumps

1.5Km jog to beach and back.

Workout - 3 sets of…
50 running man crunches
5 20 meter sprints
30 lunges (5kg each hand)

Jog wasn’t too hard (I’m getting fitter!), sprints were hard/fun. Crunches with shoes on I guess added slightly more weight to my legs - these got really hard at the end.


  • Post about all the video lengths in the AffiliateBootcamp
  • Ultimate Parables Post
  • Bootcamp basics - find your affiliate links.


  1. Up on time
  2. Solid workout
  3. Mindy had delicious meal ready when I came home
  4. Dinner with kids on veranda - so much better than watching TV over dinner.
  5. Got 28 new posts in AT (Marketing Secrets + Funnel Hacker Radio)
  6. Finished hustle at 10:36pm


  1. Started hustle at 9pm… then distracted by helping a friend with Startup feedback :wink: Started again at 9:45pm


Day 17. Week 3. Wednesday. Poker night

Up at 6:02. Let the alarm keep ringing - no snooze.

Left knee sore from doing weighted lunges yesterday incorrectly - I was swaying forward pushing pressure onto my front knee, and instead I should have been going straight up and down. So all upper body workout today.


Upper body stretches.

Workout - 3 sets of…
50 normal crunches
30 side crunches left
15 push-ups
30 side crunches right
12 dumbbell bicep curl (10Kg each hand)
10 dumbbell bench press on ground (10Kg each hand)

Bicep curls were hard. Want to do seated torso twist with weight tomorrow to work out abs. Was a good workout today.

Also did beach volleyball at lunch :slight_smile: (but only for about 20-30 mins due to work being crazy busy + meetings).


  1. Good workout - good to focus on upper body when knee injured
  2. Limited myself to 1 beer
  3. Won 1st game of the night in Poker ( $20 profit for the night :wink: )


  1. Ate 5 slices of pizza + beer
  2. Didn’t do any hustle the whole day :frowning:
  3. Got to bed at 12pm


Day 18. Week 3. Thursday. Flexibility

Up at 6:01. Letting alarm keep ringing works!


No workout today. Moving this workout to Saturday. This will allow some extra time for my knee to heal. Also spend time catching up this morning on work hours I missed out on last night due to poker.


  1. Got up on time
  2. Updated Marketing In Your Car + FunnelHacker Radio + FunnelHacks TV episodes in AffiliateTeams. Boom goal done.
  3. Finished work late due to kids Dr appointment
  4. Played Soccer in backyard with kids
  5. Healthy dinner
  6. Finished Hustle at 10:30pm!


  1. Dinner late … 8:30pm
  2. Started hustle at 9:45pm


Day 19. Week 3. Friday. Zac Scott

Up at 6:01. Let the alarm keep ringing - no snooze. Man it is annoying. But it works!!!

My son Rivah jumped out of bed to watch Zac Scott on YouTube (screencasts of him playing Minecraft).

Left knee still sore (but getting better). So all upper body workout again today


Warmup - 3 sets of…
20 Star Jumps

Workout - 3 sets of…
50 normal crunches
30 torso twist seated crunches (5Kg)
15 push-ups
12 barbell bicep curl (20Kg)
12 barbell standing pull up bar to chest (10Kg)

Torso twist crunches didn’t feel right. Need to look up videos to see the right technique.

Bicep curls I need to change to 10 reps and slow down my movements as the last 2 I’m doing with poor form (arching back and raising up onto toes).


  1. Woke up on time and did good workout.
  2. Bed before 11:00pm… because I passed out after having farewell drinks for a friend at work :beers:


  1. No video or journal - due to going out to farewell lunch at work
  2. Ate burger and had beers… not a healthy day
  3. Didn’t do any hustle.