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Why Dave Decided to talk to Cristy Nickel:

Author & speaker Cristy “Code Red” Nickel has been in the health and fitness industry since 1994. While studying Exercise Science at the University of Memphis, Cristy competed in 3 NPC Figure competitions, placing in the top 5 at each show. From being named the “Top 3 Most Dangerous Females on the Planet” to becoming a successful Entrepreneur, Cristy takes you on her journey. She explains how hiring a coach was one of her best business investments, by helping take her from being nearly broke to becoming a Click Funnels Two Comma Club Member in record time.

Tips and Tricks for You and Your Business:

  • Secrets to Success (5:40)
  • Code Red Lifestyle (8:00)
  • Business and Weight Loss Plan Implementation (9:30)
  • Find the Right Price For Your Product (14:00)
  • Code Red Funnel Information (21:30)

Quotable Moments:

“In business, you’re going to have to get people around you that know what they are doing.”

“Find someone who believes in your message, someones who really grasps what you are doing.”

“There are people out there that know more than you, that’s why their called coaches!”

“Do not listen to your critics say, they are irrelevant to your future success.”

Other Tidbits:

Cristy also explains the importance of surrounding yourself around a good supporting cast of people who can be there to help and mentor you in areas of weakness. She also explains the importance of understanding your self worth and product value. Being confident in the services you provide will separate you from the ordinary person.


Speaker 1: 00:00 Welcome to funnel hacker radio podcast, where we go behind the scenes and uncover the tactics and strategies top entrepreneurs are using to make more sales, dominate their markets, and how you can get those same results. Here’s your host, Dave Woodward. Hey everybody. Welcome to funnel hacker radio. You guys are.

Speaker 2: 00:19 We’re going to literally die at this whole interview process because I want to introduce you to one of the three most dangerous woman in the world. This is going to be one of most fun podcasts for Mika. We started doing this as she was telling me all about kind of stuff she was doing. I’m like, wait, wait, we got to stop. I want to make sure that everybody hears this and they get the excitement, enthusiasm that I have as I’m listening to. So Kristy, Nicola is one of our two comma club, winter. She’s absolutely been crushing it. She, again, she’s one of the most. What are the top three most dangerous woman in the world? Comes from super humble beginnings and I want to just let her fill in the gaps and tell the rest of the story there. So Christina been turned over to you as far as giving people an idea as far as how all this happened?

Speaker 3: 00:57 Yeah. Thank you. Yeah, I did. I grew up super poor and my parents hate. They hate when I say that, but I’m like, hey, we were really poor. We just didn’t have any money growing up. And so when I got out of high school and I wanted to go to college, I started boxing as a way to just earn money because I’m bartending at night and I’m trying to pay my way. So I started boxing and I and I didn’t know. All I cared about was I was just, I was making 500 bucks a fight. Well, I started knocking out my opponents like that one right after the other. My opponents, one girl I knocked out so bad, I ended up in the front row. Well that just started growing because if you can speak to the press, if you can sell tickets, that’s boxing right there. You’ve got to be able to be able to sell tickets to put butts in the seats. Right. So I could do that because I could speak to the people and I was a fighter of the people and I traveled all over the world at 154 pounds. I climbed the world ranking system. I have two world titles and I was considered one of the top three most dangerous females on the planet.

Speaker 2: 02:00 I want to have that record. That’s super cool. People. People say,

Speaker 3: 02:04 I don’t want to mess with you. And I’m like at 42 years old after being retired for awhile, I’m like, I take me a little bit of time to warm up, but I could probably kill somebody. Kill him. Let me tell you.

Speaker 2: 02:17 Well, I think the cool part about it is that led you into the next thing is which you’ve really made two comma club history for because of this whole idea as far as here you’ve got an athlete who’s at the top of her game and yet as you just said, quoting you basically you were fat.

Speaker 3: 02:32 Yeah. I started getting fat and I coined the phrase fat athletes because here I was the fittest, but I started getting fat and I’m in my early thirties. It shouldn’t be happening, so I started picking up cycling at the same time and I wrote my road bike almost 300 miles a week. In fact, my husband and I wrote our road bikes all over the world that I’m getting fatter and fatter and fatter. So I started to. I just, I thought, what the heck is happening? I can’t train any harder. So I started researching. I found out that I was fat because I have the bull crap food. I was shoving in my pie hole because I was carving up before rise in sugar, but I justified it because I was an athlete. I thought that was okay. All the lies we’ve been told all these years. I was following him because I’ve been told the same way, so I then changed my diet, dropped all the way in record time and ended up creating the code red lifestyle because that’s what it. It hit me that anybody can lose all day what they want without any kind of bullcrap pill, without any kind of a bullcrap shape membership without a gym, without exercise, without diet foods, and everybody can do this by eating real food. Drinking water is sleeping.

Speaker 2: 03:40 That is crazy. I get obviously that’s what we call a new opportunity here, which is really tough to to come about and present in a highly, highly competitive industry like weight loss. I mean it’s got to be one of the most competitive industries online for sure. Yet you’ve done it and I’m fastest. First of all, I have to admit I am a sugar holic and my kids bust my chops about it all the time, but it’s one of the things I noticed you were as I was going through your site and everything. Again, guys, go ahead and check out code red Kind of follow through some of the funnels and thinks she’s got there, but fill me in as far as this whole sugar thing because I know it’s. It’s my downfall, but at the same time I’m addicted, so I got to figure this thing out.

Speaker 3: 04:23 Not your fault because sugar is eight times more addictive than heroin and that’s not something we just throw around. We, we manufacturer addiction into foods food manufacturers do because they know it’s highly addictive and your brain lights up in the same way, so all that stuff that you are not your fault. It is absolutely true and it’s something you absolutely have to break and it’s the hardest habit to break because it’s in everything, but when my clients come to me, I don’t let them have the work around. I don’t let them have a things that kind of resembles something that might be sugar free. We eliminated completely because sugar, sugar feeds feeds into cancer cells. If these into disease. I mean you want to talk about the most problematic substance and that is sugar.

Speaker 2: 05:09 Well, I actually just bought your book so they’ll be here after I get back from California A. I’m a book collector I guess, but no, I’m actually super excited to read it. Again. One of things you’ve talked about is discover how I’ve helped over a thousand people lose weight and keep it off. He put it off again. That’s kind of a new opportunity. Most people don’t think about. Everyone talks about losing weight and I was talking with a couple of other people in this space and know. They said, you know, the great thing about our industry is they every three to four months people go on diets because they keep cycling through and through. I love your idea as far as keeping it off and so I want to kind of dive in. First of all, how, what, what propelled you to focus so much in this area and more importantly you weren’t having a whole bunch of success until just recently and then all of a sudden it popped. I want to know what was that secret? What made it pop?

Speaker 3: 05:57 Yeah. So the first thing that you asked, what made, what made you focus? Because I was. Because I battled with being an athlete. I didn’t understand and I have a degree in exercise science. I still didn’t understand because they’re teaching us all wrong. So that drive to want to tell the world that you were being lied to you or being scanned or the food industry, you’re being scammed by the Diet Industry. And so I have this, this, this growing, this incredible desire to spread the truth. But I was in, in, I was a hard worker and I put in the hours in my office. I had a good product. I’m a good nutrition coach, but I was not making any money. I was receiving Idaho state food stamps because I was so broke I couldn’t make any money. So the Tasha haze that comes along

Speaker 2: 06:41 as far as the timeframe here, we’re talking. How long ago was this?

Speaker 3: 06:45 Well, I created the code red lifestyle like six years ago, but it only started taking off two years ago. So I was just floundering four years because I didn’t charge what I was worth. I didn’t monetize correctly in my deliverables were so over. I was just giving everybody my firstborn child. And you know, you care so much, right? I mean entreprenuers we and, and you. Problem is you burn yourself out, you give too much. And I was given too much, I didn’t have it streamlined, I didn’t know what I was doing. So Natasha haze that comes to me and she wants, she needs to lose 60 pounds well quickly when she realizes how great my program works by just eating real food, drinking water at sleeping, there are no secrets or nothing to have to buy. You just follow the program. Uh, she was like, all right, this girl, it’s like, hi.

Speaker 3: 07:32 I feel like I’m robbing her by only paying her the $500 a program. Now my program is $3,000. And so she’s, she was like, right. So she said, can I, can I give you a couple of tips? Well, at that time I had researched her behind her back and figured out what she was like. Of course you can give me tips. Well, we started a relationship that lasted two years and uh, she took me from poverty level all the way up to winning the two Comma Club award. And now I’m even blowing that out of the water. And just a couple of months since I’ve earned that award.

Speaker 2: 08:04 Congratulations. Seriously, congratulations. That’s awesome, and again, she looks great. She, she’s been lost weight and kept it off, which is what it’s all about.

Speaker 3: 08:14 Keeping it off is to lose weight. You lose weight on a Cayenne pepper or diet weight anyway, but can you keep it off and that’s what the code red lifestyle has discovered. We only follow three rules to keeping your weight off. You’ve got to stay on the scale every day. You have to drink your water every day and you never, never, never allowed a junk food back in your house ever because a drug addict doesn’t keep drugs in their cupboard and you cannot allow it. You’ll end up giving in. So we protect ourselves against giving in. But keeping your weight off is easy. It’s not hard.

Speaker 2: 08:46 I love it. I love my gosh. I’m hearing all these marketing messages. You’re talking, I’m just pulling these crazy. You talk in wonderful soundbites I can. Some of the promoters must have loved having you on.

Speaker 3: 08:57 Yeah, so I love this. This is a lot of fun and a lot of it is how you communicate with people. I’m not reinventing the wheel, but I say it in a way that gets through to people and for some reason people love that and I have a real direct approach to people. I don’t put up with any bull crap arguing. Nobody tells me what to do because nobody gets weighed out. People better than I do. I mean I put myself up against anybody. You don’t know who he was. I got this so you don’t got this. I got you don’t got this or you need me, so you need to do it my way or go find somebody else and that just seems to resonate with people and they know. I mean business.

Speaker 2: 09:31 I love it. So far as a person who was the hard part about a lot of our life is we kind of go through it is we forget all. Even though you’ve had success in everything else and it was just only four or five, six years ago sometimes, all that, we don’t remember exactly how bad it was. There’s a lot of people who are listening going, yeah, but you know what worked for me? What is, what’s is? What can you tell that as far as how? How can they implement things that you’ve done to actually get the success that you’ve had

Speaker 3: 09:59 in my business or in weight loss?

Speaker 2: 10:01 I wanted to first of all talk business and then we’ll hit the weight loss.

Speaker 3: 10:04 No, I love talking to business. The first thing you need to realize is that hard work ain’t enough because I was a hard worker and my parents raised me on a farm. I know how to work. I can work anybody under the ground, but it wasn’t enough. I know a lot of people out there that are hard workers, so getting a good team, getting a good coach. I mean, I know it’s like Christie, of course, because your coach work. Getting some people around you that know more than me surrounding myself. I had to get. I just. I didn’t understand how business works. I can be a good nutrition coach, but running my business I didn’t know what I was doing and so absolutely key. You’re gonna have to get people around you that know what they’re doing and that can help you monetize and help you. Take the direct different direction. I’ve got people around me, I’ve got my husband’s a retired CEO. I’d come to him with my profit loss statements, balance sheets. I come, you know I have my dad’s an ordained minister. I come to him. I say handling this dad. I mean all these people. I surround myself with a whole team of people that are smarter than me at certain areas and we come together. We worked as a team, but by myself I never would have been able to do it without help.

Speaker 2: 11:13 So how do you find a good coach? That’s one of things that I hear people say all the time now you need to get a good coach. What? How do you find a good coach that resonates with you, that you’re gonna? Be able to get the results that you need?

Speaker 3: 11:22 I don’t know. Natasha is my first coach that I ever had. I never even thought about. I didn’t even know these guys existed. I just, I knew I had the feeling that I was. I was meant for more, but I didn’t know what kind of a coach I needed. So as far as what, what really was great between the tosh and I think someone should look for in a coach is someone who believes in your message, someone who really grasp what you’re doing is this. She was totally she. She was my heart. We all, we just the same heart I was helping her and she knew so that that helped a lot because we. I found somebody who absolutely everybody from Rachel Peterson does my ads. She and her team who have code red, they believe in Code Red. Carol feels my funnels, Kevin Carol Lambros read. So everybody who’s a part of the team, I just think finding a good coach that that can be that, that understands your message and really is fully understands what you’re going for and not just that, do this, do this, do this, and then someone’s going to be straight up honest with you.

Speaker 3: 12:29 I am straight up honest with people. I need someone to pull me aside and say, this ain’t working. So I look for someone who’s direct and I look for somebody who truly understands what I’m going for it. If you get some skinny person and never been fat before, how did they understand what it’s like to be fat? I mean these 21 year olds trainers at the gym. I just go, oh out like you don’t know, you don’t know. Life live a little bit and then you can come to me. But so I, I look for someone who’s going to be straight up honest with me in the nose, knows what I’m after.

Speaker 2: 13:00 I love that. I think it’s probably one of the biggest things that we’ve seen. Obviously we do a lot of coaching things throughout our personal business here and in my own personal life. I’m actually in the process of hiring a new coach and I think what you mentioned as you always have to have a coach. You talked about your dad being a spiritual coach, your how has been being a financial ceo, business coach and Natasha obviously helping you and going through that. I can tell you for me personally, I think the whole coaching thing kind of gets it. Sometimes it’s real good and sometimes it’s real bad and I think it’s like anything else in life, if you find one, you’re not getting the results, then stop and go out and find one right away and don’t let the excuses as far as, well, I don’t know what I need.

Speaker 2: 13:38 You’re gonna find the better you get at it, all of a sudden the new coach appears and I’m excited about the one I’m gonna be working with you next month actually again, just kind of came in is the right time, my life and that’s what I was looking for. So I again totally agreed. Coachings and necessity. I love one of the things you mentioned and whether you’ve got this from Natasha not, but that idea as far as raising your price, it’s one of the things everybody I know when they first get started is really hesitant to do. Do I have enough proof? Do I have enough? Is My program really work? And if it does, you know what’s the right value in? And I’m supposed to be a giver. I’m supposed to be helping people and and this, this internal battle. So I want to kind of find out from you, how did you, you’re such a giver and you just care so much about people and yet at the same time you have these super, super high levels of expectation. So how did you balance finding the right price and overcoming the idea as far as they needed help and give

Speaker 3: 14:32 and in that that was a big obstacle for me to get over. I, um, because I wasn’t charging nearly what I, what I was worth because I didn’t know what I was worth and what I had to do is I had to, I had to rely on Natasha fee too to, to feed that into me an outside person. You know, I, I was doing it. I just, I thought that’s what people pay for good coaching, but in person that you trust that comes along and they say, oh no, nobody in this country does what you do and you’re undervaluing what you. And it took me awhile. It took me a solid year of. I kept hearing them. I kept hearing that. And then of course, of what she did with me is having me do my own research on my competition.

Speaker 3: 15:17 Nobody does what code red does. Nobody offers the accountability. Nobody offers the one on one. And so once I started jumping through the hoops of learning what the market and then doing research and asking people, what do you think would find out like hip, like hypnosis for weight loss? Oh dear God, that was $3,000. And those guys hypnosis, I’m sorry, I, I should make fun of other people. But you know, the different prices of other people were charging. That helped me come to the conclusion that Bologna, I know I am worth this and now I can stand before anybody and say, Oh Bologna, I am absolutely worth this and this is what I’m going to charge. And I pay it. They love it. They pay it, you know, it’s not over. But that’s a major obstacle for people. And you know, and I had to get over the, the, the hard part, you know, because you do lose a piece of you, you know, people break your heart.

Speaker 3: 16:09 Especially when you’re in such an intimate relationship with somebody like weight loss. I just got rid of my one on one programs where I work for somebody 16 hours a day of, for 90 straight days and I’m telling you I did it for five and a half years and it just took a piece of my soul with every person. And so you got to learn boundaries, you know, and so it once between that and, and just know what you’re worth. And shopping my competition was really helpful because nobody did what I did. And then, and then learning to trust Natasha and she said I need you to take my hand and trust me and we’re going to hike up. We’re going to double your price and I mean you want to talk about. I was scared but I absolutely trust her because there are people out there that know more than you. That’s why they’re called coaches. You got to do what they say. I took out a $50,000 loan to hire her. So it was. And I talk about a huge leap leap of faith, you know, and, and then another $50,000 loan to, to write my book. So these are not small steps, but I knew it was the right thing to do. So you’re gonna have to be brave. You’re going to have to step out of your comfort zone, uh, you know, and do what you know to do. But it takes that step of faith.

Speaker 2: 17:17 I love it. Such great value there. Again, I think too often people are afraid to invest in themselves and you’ve always done such a great job about that. Whether it was for

Speaker 2: 17:28 Basically Natasha and her coaching program or for a, I know the person basically writing your book the same type of thing there. And it’s, you have. I’ve seen the same thing as far as my own life. And I think it’s why raising prices is so critical as if you take a look at as far as raising your price, you’re going to find that some clients actually won’t buy your product because it’s too cheap and those are the clients that you want. And so at times I see a lot of people starting off in their charging these ridiculously low prices and ensure I think, yeah, if you have to start there, that’s fine, but you’ve got to be pushing that envelope all the time. And I literally, I had this conversation with Russell, gosh, probably almost a year and a half ago when I was like, there’s the inner circle is way too cheap, Russell charging $25,000.

Speaker 2: 18:11 And he’s like, ah, I just don’t know if I. I don’t want to just edit. Even though it’s Russell. And I’ve worked with him for over a decade now. We’ve done a ton of different projects. I’m like, the value you provide is so much more. And it’s taking first it went a little bit and then there and now all of a sudden you know, it’s 50 grand. And it’s interesting because I was having that conversation where all of a sudden by raising that price, you start bringing in and attracting people who play at a higher level and, and they’re more committed to your program and you inter get better results, which in turn allows you to raise your prices even more and help more and more people. So again, I’m so happy that you did. Obviously you’ve talked to them a huge blessing in your life and I think it’s great to see.

Speaker 3: 18:49 Yeah, she, she really has. And I’ve since moved on to James Freal who is literally just walked in the office. That’s why I’m stepping up my game even further. So it’s funny because I don’t give away any programs for free because there ain’t no skin in the game. Like come on. People ask me all the time when you donate a custom program for our option at the high school. No, not because I’m being a jerk. It’s because nobody takes. Nobody appreciates free. Nobody values free. I refuse to do that meant do I solve it on July first? I’m good rate of more than double my price for my own program and I’m doing it too slow, too slow down the business a little bit. I need to slow down the flow because I can’t. I don’t have the bandwidth. They can’t get their credit card out fast enough and I don’t mean to sound callous. They value good coaching and they don’t care. They don’t care. The more expensive it is, the faster they’ll face. Bizarre.

Speaker 2: 19:48 No, I totally agree. In fact, I just recently hired, so it’s 2,500 bucks a month for two from basically a session every other week for an hour, so whatever that equals. So I know 12 and 50 bucks an hour or some crazy thing. People are like, why would you spend that Kinda money? I’m like, because it’s an investment in me. I know that little tiny investment, the results on that is 10, 2100 fold and it’s. It’s crazy. I think it’s, again, I love the fact that you’ve been raised and I love the fact of raising them even more and I think the thing you said there, I hope people listen to and that is nobody. You have to. If you want people to play, they have to pay and those people. I can’t tell you how many you can talk to people. How many, how many free ebooks do you have on your computer? I was like, oh my gosh, there’s thousands. Do you ever read any of them? No, they’re never going to read it. It’s free. I don’t value it. As much.

Speaker 3: 20:41 Listeners need to understand too. Don’t worry about what the critics say. You can’t use that to block out that bullcrap noise from people that are going, I can’t believe it. I can’t believe she’ll so expensive. Go play someone else. Go Away. Go to Jenny Craig. They won’t take care of you like I will. I don’t want your bad energy in my group, so. So get in, get out. We don’t. We don’t want you. If you’re going to just block out the noise. I, I’m making more money in one month and those guys have ever made in their lifetime, so people trying to be critical of me and I don’t mean to sound braggadocious like you try to be criminal critical. I can’t believe Christa would charge so much will watch. Watch what happens. People stand back and watch. So you just got to block out the critics. They don’t mean nothing. They are ill, you’re relevant to your future, irrelevant.

Speaker 2: 21:28 You know what? I love it once we get close to wrapping things up, obviously when people take a, and so how do people actually get into your funnel? Where does the start join the down. Take down.

Speaker 3: 21:41 We’re right in the middle of a challenge. So 10 pound takedowns close. We’re not registering people, so that’s one way though. The Code Red Revolution. You can go to the book, you can read about the book. I’ve got the audio, I read my own audio and code, red revolution come and lifestyle. You know, we’re all over the place. I got a great youtube channel, a great facebook, right? Instagram. We’re just, I try to be everywhere, Dave,

Speaker 2: 22:03 I know how hard that is. We try as well and it’s that content creation is that, and I can be a real time second time. So does well. Again, any parting words is we kind of wrap things up here.

Speaker 3: 22:14 You know, I guess I’m just. What’s great, real quick parting words with weight loss guys, you need to just listen to my voice and realize that if you are struggling with a weight problem, this is not difficult to do. There really isn’t. You’ve got to be at rock bottom and you’ve got to start with the basics. Don’t try to get all fancy with this. Start with water. Start with turning off your stupid phone an hour early and get better. Start taking care of yourself with water and sleep and you’re going to start feeling better. Guys, if you need to lose weight, don’t overcomplicate it. Make it simple. You’ll be fine.

Speaker 2: 22:47 Oh Man, I’m going to leave on that note, Chrissy, a million. Thank you. Thanks so much for being on the show. Love having you continued success and all that you’re doing and we’ll talk soon.

Speaker 3: 22:55 Thank you so much dave.

Speaker 4: 22:57 Hey everybody. Thank you so much for taking the time to listen to podcasts. If you don’t mind, could you please share this with others, rate and review this podcast on itunes. It means the world to me where I’m trying to get to as a million downloads here in the next few months and just crush through over 650,000 and I just want to get the next few 100,000 so we can get to a million downloads and see really what I can do to help improve and and get this out to more people. At the same time. If there’s a topic, there’s something you’d like me to share or someone you’d like me to interview, why don’t these just reach out to me on facebook? You can pm me and I’ll be more than happy to take any of your feedback as well as if you’d like me to interview more than happy to reach out and have that conversation with you so I can go to itunes rate and review this, share this podcast with others and let me know how else I can improve this or what I can do to make this better for you guys. Thanks.

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