Contributing Your Way Into the Networking Big Leagues - James Smiley - FHR #294

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Why Dave Decided to talk to James Smiley:

James reached out to Dave recently and asked if he could do this second podcast with him because of all the things he’s had the opportunity he’s been accomplishing. The best part about it all is that most of what he wants to talk about is the little things everybody easily forgets that makes the biggest difference. Networking happens to be one of those things. James has found he does better than most people because of the QUALITY of the relationships he builds through something he’s always focused on: contribution.

Tips and Tricks for You and Your Business:

(2:48) The systems for high leverage

(4:10) “Contribute” from James Smiley’s perspective

(6:30) The Highest Leverage Move comes from using other people with contribution in mind

(10:54) James Funnel Hacked his way onto Russell’s radar. Who’s radar do you want to find yourself on?

(12:44) Your webpage should highlight exactly what your dream client is looking for, get those stats on there.

(15:02) Selling Kevin Harrington when he only gives you 11 minutes

(16:20) Network to Network

(19:00) Who’s the gatekeeper to your networking

(21:38) Network with those you know you are able to contribute to

(24:54) Understand how the person you want to meet with thinks

(28:00) The Long-Term Play

Quotable Moments:

(2:22) “What I’ve noticed through life, whether it’s through working with sales, working with sales teams, or helping solopreneurs is there’s a way to create leverage, extremely high leverage, and it’s a system.”

(6:54) “So you can see, if you don’t start thinking about the word ‘contribute’ but you start thinking about using other people’s platform or money, the whole system doesn’t work.”

(13:24) “There’s a lot of little things like that which I started doing. And you know you never really know if anybody is seeing it, but chances are if you’re doing the right thing they’re going to take a peak at you.”

(16:10) “‘I’ve seen your videos and I like it’, those little phrases show me that my little personal branding and marketing out there synergized with him. So it allowed the conversation to move forward because he had more trust with me.”

(20:57) “You have to be on point, like when they look at your stuff would they think ‘James is one of us’?”

(22:48) “Networking to network is incredibly huge, especially if you figure out how do I honestly contribute”

(30:07) “If you contribute to people in the right way, the relationships and all the things that happen, you can take over your Dream 100 in a way that you never thought possible.”

Other Tidbits:

A quote from our dear James Smiley, “IF YOU’RE NOT USING CLICKFUNNELS, WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!?”

If your main goal is to make money off of somebody and not improve their lives, business, relationships, health, etc. then they’re going to find out. Once they find out, they’ll find somebody else sooner or later.

Tony Robbins, Russell Brunson, James Smiley, and all these other people have 24 hours in their day just like the rest of us. What they’ve done differently though is they’ve found out how to leverage their time to “hockey stick” up.

Get the numbers to make yourself “one of us”.

You must contribute sincerely for any form of networking to have a lasting effect.


Speaker 1: 00:00 Welcome to funnel hacker radio podcast, where we go behind the scenes and uncover the tactics and strategies top entrepreneurs are using to make more sales, dominate their markets, and how you can get those same results. Here’s your host, Dave Woodward. Everybody. Welcome back to funnel hacker

Speaker 2: 00:18 radio. This is going to be a ride of your life guys, because I have the opportunity having the one and only Mr James Smiley back on the show. James, welcome to the show again. Woo. What’s up? I am so excited. So for those of you guys don’t may not know James Out. We did a podcast a while back and I want to make sure you understand this is a guy who’s been around for a long time in this whole digital marketing space. He’s done over $210 million dollars in digital marketing. I actually in his early twenties, actually I IPO to SAS company, which is super, super cool. Something I have yet to do and has worked with three of the fortune 10 companies. This guy basically knows what he’s talking about and he approached me and said, you know, Dave, we did this awesome podcast awhile back, but I’ve done all these cool things recently and I want to talk about some of the stuff way back when that everyone’s already forgotten about and I thought, I love all the deep dark secrets of things that people have forgotten about. So with all that said, James, take us away and let’s just see where this is going to go today.

Speaker 3: 01:10 Awesome man. Well, I appreciate you. Appreciate Click funnels. If you’re not using click funnels, what are you doing? So, um, we ever since it came out, we’ve moved everything there and it’s just been awesome. Appreciate you, appreciate the community and all you guys and gals out there and everything that’s going on in the funnel hacker world. So, um, but yeah, you know, one of the things that I’ve been sharing with our coaching students, you know, we’ve been super fortunate or blessed or everyone to call it to. We brought on a hundred and three students since me and you last talked, I think it was an August of last year, around the 2017, um, and we do a 15,000 and $5,000. We did a hundred and three students and one of the biggest things that people have been wanting to know and, and it is like how do I get, how do I, how do.

Speaker 3: 02:01 Because like, like in business, you know, you, like you have people who have like regular acceleration, right? They just like if you were to graph it, they have a gradual growth or maybe it’s like staggered up and down lows and highs. But then there’s like those hockey stick moments, right? Where like somebody goes from where they’re at and the hockey stick way up and then they plateau and then the hockey stick again. And so what I’ve noticed through life, whether it was sells, uh, working my own sales teams, running, running with a big company or helping solo preneurs is um, there’s a way to create high leverage, like, like extremely high leverage. Um, and it’s a system that I really, to be totally honest, I learned it from chat from Chet Holmes who started the dream 100 stuff. And this was a system that he, uh, talked about in, in a VIP session that I was at a, um, I was at a thing with Tony Robbins in chat. I want to say it was like 2013 or 2004. And um, and I learned this, but he’s like, this is so, so good that I don’t publish this because people can really take it the wrong way. And so, uh, so I wanted to share,

Speaker 2: 03:13 have to understand, we talked a lot about dream 100 and even just don’t understand the depth of dream 100. It’s so much more than just creating a list and send them out a package. So much deeper than that. And Russell spent a whole bunch of time at our traffic secrets course that we did in October down in Phoenix and just blew everyone’s mind. And that’s why when you were talking to me about this whole idea of, of it being used for good as well as for evil, it truly, truly is and can be. So with that caveat, I want to make sure you guys understand when we’re talking about this, we assume that you guys are gonna use this for good and that you’re not going to turn this around and uh, destroy people’s lives with it. But with that, I really want to kind of dive in. Jane’s really kind of go into this whole idea as far as contributing. I know that was one thing that we were talking about. What exactly does that really, really mean from your eyes?

Speaker 3: 04:00 So this was back in a chalkboard day. There wasn’t whiteboards. And so, um, uh, Chad had wrote the word contribute. He said everything I’m going to now for the next hours, if you don’t understand this word, you’re going to screw up everything I’m going to tell you because people are going to realize at some point you’re taking advantage of them. And when they realize that everything you just did is going to come crashing down on me and then the rebuild, that reputation could take you years, you know, or you may never be able to recover from that. And so, um, so he really, he sat us down and he said, I want you to think about, do you actually have the best intentions for the other person before you do anything before you contact them for you, follow any of this stuff if you don’t, if your main goal is to make money, he goes, I promise you this is not gonna work.

Speaker 3: 04:52 And it may work on one person, but he goes, eventually it’s gonna catch up with you. And when somebody realizes you’re taking advantage of them, it’s over. And so he really, Harper was work contribute. And that’s where this whole system starts with what I teach our coaching students. I’m glad to share this with everyone out there that like what I’m about to share with you, if you don’t have that, that, that mindset of like, I want to do this to help someone else more than helping me. Right? Like if, if I can’t find that gratitude, like even in this, you know, like, like I reached out to you, um, and I’m using the same process I’m going to share, you’re going to see like I’m using the same process, but in my heart I’m like, if I can’t, if I don’t have complete gratitude, like in me just being able to network with Dave, help his community, how, you know, like if I can’t contribute into your world from a pure perspective than everything that I’m doing is going to come crashing down, you know.

Speaker 3: 05:52 And so, um, so that’s really where this whole starts out is, you know, really focusing on contributing to people. Okay. So that’s kind of, there’s really a five step system. Um, and so I can just run through those real quick. Is that the awesome? Yeah. Okay. So number one is contributed. So you got to think about like how you come up with your dream 100 lists, all the standard stuff that Russell talks about in his book and all that stuff. Like, like come up with your dream list. Okay. Then then you think, okay, like how do I carve out a few of these people in like, like the most strategic ones, the ones that I can get the highest leverage move. And so I’m just a side note. A lot of people say, well, what is the highest leverage move means basically highest levers. Move means how do you, how do you use other people’s stuff?

Speaker 3: 06:33 So I called P. A lot of people are opm, other people’s money, opt other people’s time. But you’ve got to think more but more. Okay. You can use other people’s data, you can use other people’s relationships, you can use other people’s platforms, you can use other people’s intellectual property. You like infinite, right? Um, and so, so, so you can see how like if you don’t start thinking about the word contribute, but then you start thinking, how do I use other people’s platform or how to use other people’s money. Like the whole system becomes warped, right? It becomes about me, about, you know, um, and, and I’m not actually adding value into the community. And so, um, so like, like the, the way that I’ve seen people get real hockey stick growth, whether it was a company, a sells startup, whatever is they figure out how do I create the highest leverage move with my time or, or with, uh, with, with, with my investment or with whatever, with whatever the asset is.

Speaker 3: 07:36 And so I’m like, if I were to go out today, uh, like you, you and I both know, like, like, uh, me, you, Russell, Gary Vaynerchuk, Tony Robbins, we all have the same amount of time. We all have the same amount of, of like no one had 35 hours today. Everyone had the same, you know, 10, 12, 15 hours to work. Like we all had the same amount of time. The only thing is some people figured out how to create more leverage with their time. Right? And to me that is like the true essence of d, 100. It’s like how do you create more leverage with your time? And so typically it’s using other people’s whatever, right? Other people’s time, money, network, email list, facebook page, podcast, a coaching group, whatever. And uh, and then in return, like, you know, like, like you’re helping them, they’re helping you.

Speaker 3: 08:27 Okay. So number one contributed to the number two thing that chat started showing us and I’ve summarized it up into this is okay. So like if I carve out like 10 people that I want to talk to that I really need to network with. Okay. So like, let me just be totally honest here. Okay. I could say Russel, I could say, um, there’s some people on Shark tank that I wanted to get ahold of. There’s some people, you know, there’s, there’s some key individuals, right? So, okay. So the first thing I need to do is actually write out like how can I actually contribute into Russell’s world? I literally did this a couple years ago. I was like, okay, like what could I do to be different? Like, how can I contribute to him versus like, you know, every time I see him, like, hey man, I got this thing, I got this idea, you know, and you know what man, like if we just partnered up, I give you 50 slash 50 men, you know, and I’m like, come on now like how many people are or be one of those people who’s like, you know what, me and my product is so good.

Speaker 3: 09:22 Russell. Like if I just got sales I would be good. It’s like you just like, I can’t, you know what I mean? Like you can’t believe it is. I literally got an email from a guy who’s actually has a lot of fame, uh, people would know him and you’ll be at funnel hacking live and everything else. And it was interesting because he’s like, listen, before I fire up to funnel hacking, live on a fly over to meet with, with Russell and just kind of go through a couple of things with the real fast. I’m like, why? And what is the value? Russ is going to get out of this besides, you are going to come to the office. I mean, it was just interested in like, oh, you know what, it doesn’t work that way. Yeah. And so, okay, so contributing number one. Number two is I need to figure out how to summarize data that my d 100 is going to, uh, it’d be impressed by.

Speaker 3: 10:13 Okay. So this, this one really shocked me because I was like, why is this so important? Okay. So like one thing that, one of the things I’ve learned around Internet psychology through the years is numbers tend to mean more than just words. Okay? So it’s a reason why people will say like, we’ve reached x amount of people, right? Instead of saying, uh, you know, like even Louie’s started here, it’s like, hey, you can say, Hey James Smiley’s a good digital marketer or a great digital marketer, but when you say numbers, he’s done this amount of sales. He’s done this, he’s done. You know what I mean? It, it registers in people’s mind fast. Okay? So if I’m going to really drive a highest leverage move d, 100 strategy, I need to think about how do I move numbers to the forefront of my marketing so that when I’m going to, she’s Russell for an example, when Russell, if he eventually ever looked at my site or sees my webpage or sees my facebook page that he will see a number that means something to him or he’ll go, oh, like, like chet used to say, you want them to, you want them to start saying he’s one of us.

Speaker 3: 11:16 Like, so I love that analogy because I think that’s really super critical. It’s, I were just talking about our to calm a couple of word winters. We have 411 two Comma Club award winners right now. And so it’s nice because it again, it groups you into that. Now you’re there. One of us. I love that announced. That’s great. Yeah. Yeah. And so, um, so like, so like I started a by the way. So Larson told me to, to talk about this more because I told him how I, how I got to know you guys. And Russell, and he was like, dude, this is one of the smartest 100 strategies ever. He’s like, you gotta talk about this more. So, um, so, uh, so because I told him how is using data that I thought Russell would like. So like I’d listen to those podcasts, I’d watched all this stuff and I’m like, okay, he’s saying like he wants, this is way back when he’s like, I want to be the fastest growing SAS company.

Speaker 3: 12:11 So then I started using like language, like, uh, I was a part of iop on one of the fastest growing sas companies in Silicon Valley. Like specifically saying that I feel like if I knew Todd Russell, like somebody saw it, they’d be like, oh, he’s one of us like in subliminally. Right? Um, and so, uh, but, uh, but for, for other people that might mean like, like, like in the btby world, like somebody may not be interested in how much revenue you make, they may be interested in how many distributors you have or, or maybe they’re more interested how many customers you have or something like that. So like, I try to encourage people, like on your website, have data that summarizes something that you, that your dream client is going to go, wow, this. I’m impressed by this. So I heard Tony Rob Russell say once on his podcast, he said, Tony Robin, he has spoken to 10,000 B, two b sales reps.

Speaker 3: 13:03 okay? Somewhere. He said that on a podcast and he was impressed by it. Well, I knew because a corporate recruiter had told me this, I had spoken to 12,000 B, two b sales rep. I was like, yes, I’m going to put this on the front of my homepage if Russell ever received that. James is one of us, you know what I mean? And so, um, there was a lot of like little things like that that I started doing and um, and then so and I didn’t know, like you never know, like if somebody really seeing it or not, but, but chances are if you’re doing the right things, sooner or later they’re going to take a peek at you. Right? And, and if these are the little things that make somebody start calling, oh, maybe, maybe he’s like us, you know? Um, okay. So the third thing,

Speaker 2: 13:44 I’m going to step back on that because I think that helping people understand that they’re one of us is such a huge, a huge thing in networking, um, because you’ll talk to people talk about, well there’s a level b level c level type of relationships. And uh, again, you were talking about Steve Larsen and his whole big thing is, you know, you can reach one level up as I’ve heard him referred that a million times and I think it’s important that as you get to know what your, what your group or your level is, what does that one level above you, what’s that one level below you? And whether it’s, again, whether you mentioned as far as revenue or, or contacts or whatever the number is, but realize that everybody has some number. I guess these days, a lot of people, as far as we’re dealing with a lot of influencers and their numbers are you. How many youtube followers? Yeah. How many instagram, facebook, whatever. That may be, and those numbers basically say, okay, you’re one of us and I think this, oh, critical that, and I appreciate James that you mentioned. It’s not just revenue, it’s not just these numbers can be anything, but the key here is numbers, numbers or something. People very quickly can just, it’s a scale and they say, okay, that’s, I’m in that same area. I’m in that you’re, you’re one of us or you’re better me or one lower than me,

Speaker 3: 14:52 whatever it might be. They at least know where they fit. And I think that’s the big thing with a lot of marketing is people want to know where do I fit in this ecommerce or this whole cosmos here. Yeah. I recently struck a big partnership with Kevin Harrington from Shark tank and I won’t talk about the whole details, but one of the things I will say is I knew the specific type of numbers he wanted to see and so I move those to the forefront of my marketing, of my, of my personal branding. And um, so I got on a call with him one day and he’s never talked to me before and he goes, James, I’ve heard a lot about you. And he goes, ah, he goes, but I, I hate to tell you this, I got to cut this call short. He goes, I have 11 minutes, pitch me, go.

Speaker 3: 15:35 I was like 15, I have 11. Exactly. He’s like, yes, you have 11. Go in. And I was like, okay. So long story short, in 11 minutes I struck a big deal with them in the other people on the phone were like, we never seen nothing like that. Even even, um, uh, Kevin’s brother Brian or his son Brian was like, okay, I seen all the pits people pitching. I’ve never seen minutes. And um, but the reason is because I had him preframe through all this stuff. I’m telling you, like I had preframe because of the data. And he said little phrases. He’s like, I’ve seen some of your stuff. I’ve seen some of your videos. And I like it. Like those little phrases tell me that my little personal branding and marketing out there, it’s synergizing with him and that’s how I got on the phone with them.

Speaker 3: 16:20 And so it allowed the conversation to move forward because he had, he had a little bit more trust with me because he was kept thinking. I think James is kind of like one of us, you know? Um, okay. And then. So number three is, I’m a check called this something else, can’t remember, but I call it network with the network. Okay. So like when I wanted to become friends with Russell, I’m like, man, this is gonna be like, hard to get to know Russel, right? So, um, I was like, okay, like this is a total chet holmes strategy. I’m like, okay, who are all the people around Russell? And remember this is like two or three years ago, okay, who I guarantee you I could get ahold of them. And then so I was listening to the podcast and he’s like, Oh yeah, I’m hiring this kid named Steve.

Speaker 3: 17:04 I’m like, I bet you I can get ahold of that kid. I’m not kidding you. That’s the first thing I thought. I’m like, I guarantee you, I get a hold of that kid. Like he’s a Newbie, you know what I mean? So, and then I started looking up and I’m like, this is no joke. I’m like, oh, there’s, there’s this dave guy. Oh, this is Dave Woodward Guy. There’s this guy named todd. There’s, um, then I, and then I realized there’s John Parks. Um, and then like back then he was talking about certain inner circle people. So he had mentioned I’m a funnel that some guy named Henry had done for him and I had no, he didn’t even mention Henry’s name, so I like, googled, looked on his friend list, like figuring out who the hell is this Henry Guy because he just talked about Henry Henry must be a friend.

Speaker 3: 17:47 And so like what I did was I started figuring out how do I contribute to sincerely until all these people’s lives. So, I’m not kidding you like this a little bit embarrassing, but it totally like I had you Larson had all you guys on my list and I was like, okay, how do I like sincerely, like, like add into these people’s lives. Okay. And then, um, so when I first told, I told, I told this at the, uh, at a mastermind I was with Steve and I said it from stage one. I said this, Steve Goes, that happened, that really happened. Let me tell you what happened. So I told. So the whole idea here, okay, is that someday, maybe you guys will all be talking to Russell in. Somebody will be like, well we should try to get into btby and then someone will be like, why? I notice James Smiley Guy, but I don’t know, like nobody really knows him. And then somebody else in the circle would be like, James James Smiley. Like the guy, you know that guy. Oh yeah, he’s totally cool. And then somebody else would be like, James Smiley. And this also like the idea is that like everyone kind of knows james and Russell’s like, who the heck is named Smiley God? Why do I not know James Smiley?

Speaker 2: 18:58 Seriously? Oh my gosh. I can tell you that networking with a network is probably the most understated issue. And people just don’t understand how important that is. I’ve seen that so often in my gosh, in my own business over the years I’ve noticed that that has been a huge, huge opportunity for me. A kind of also goes back as far as making sure you understand who the gatekeepers are, that you network with the gatekeepers and that’s your, you’re nice to the gatekeepers. And it’s, it’s so funny because uh, I mean literally Russell’s my officer like four feet apart. I mean I stepped through the glass and it’s, it’ll be funny where he’ll get the same package I will get and I know exactly what people are like, well, if I can’t get to Russ, I’ll get to dave first and then I’ll use dave to get to Russell. And I like, I know the game, but I think it’s cool that people are playing the game because I think that’s how it’s so critical. More people who know you, who have a point of reference in a frame of reference for you, the easier it is to have those types of conversations when, when again, the name comes up, it’s not like it’s going to come up all the time, but when it does, you want there to be a positive relationship with that, with your name or whoever else that might be.

Speaker 3: 20:04 Yeah. Yeah. So, um, so I, uh, uh, I, I said that from stage one time [inaudible] Larson stopped. Everything goes to, he goes, that literally happened one time. He’s like, we were talking about like a new version of the website or something like that. And he’s like, that literally happened. He’s like, two or three of us knew who you were. And Russell said, who’s James? I don’t know. Yeah. And, and, and, and so I didn’t say any of this, but we all know, like people like Russell use the internet, use their phone like with somewhere within the next 24 hours, the next hour, I guarantee you, he looked up to see who the heck is James. Sure. So, so like every one of the listeners to understand like, this is why having your stuff on point in having data summary, because I mean you don’t have like an hour for this guy to look at your stuff and you might have in seconds.

Speaker 3: 20:55 So you gotta be on point and so you gotta think like, okay, like what is this person? If they were to look at my stuff for 20 seconds, would they go, James is one of us, you know? And so, um, the, so the, and the whole thing around network when the network is like understanding that first word contribute. So it’s like how do I actually add value to Steve? How do I add value to John? And so like, I’m like, I didn’t know John at all. But um, so there’s two little hacks that I’ve learned over the years or we’re doing this over 10 years with network, with a network. One is finding somebody who is, um, I don’t know if it’s right to say, but finding someone who’s younger is easier to network with in finding someone who’s an up and comer is definitely easier like it because not only that, you can contribute into those people’s world really, really fast.

Speaker 3: 21:45 Like you can tell them stuff, help them, give them encouragement. Um, you know, like, like I’ve sent, I won’t say who, but there’s multiple people on that list. I’ve sent them big deals, I’ve sent them, you know, I signed a deal and I broke or the services out to them. I like message. I’m like, Hey, um, you know, I got this deal in a, all you need is this, this and this, and I can wire you $8,000 right now. Like what? Like, who is James Smiley? Like I don’t even know who this person is, right? But, but now, like I built longterm relationships with those people, um, in like, uh, in, like when you really do that, right? It’s almost like this becomes flawless because you become friends with the people who your dream 100 person is friends with, you know what I mean? And um, and so, and it’s a really cool thing because you don’t have to push your way in, you don’t have to try to, you know, insert yourself.

Speaker 3: 22:37 Like it just happens kind of organically, you know. Um, and so, so anyway, um, so yeah, so networking with the network is, is, is unbelievably huge, especially if you can figure out like, how do I honestly contribute. Okay. Um, one like 32nd story I’ll tell you about something I did with John Mckay was I bought 'em fill your funnel a number of years ago. Okay. And um, you know, like I thought that was a lot until, you know, like, like it was like 30, 3,500 bucks or something like that. And it was like, it was awesome. Right. And so, like here I am in this group and I wasn’t going to be totally honest. Okay. I wasn’t 100 percent sure how I was going to use that content. But one, okay, there’s a couple of things I realized. Number one, John was in there, it was messaging in the group a lot.

Speaker 3: 23:25 And so like every time John would say something, I would back them up, you know what I mean? Like, like, uh, and so I was, I kind of became friends with them in there, you know, and then I would post like a testimonial or two of like something cool that I did based on something he said. And so I think just over time, like I don’t, I don’t, I don’t think like me and John are like, know we don’t really talk a lot, but I will tell you like the few times we do talk it’s like he, I think he’s like, he’s Kinda cool. Like James is like one of us, you know. And um, and so, but I first met him in this group. So I want to say something like, I bought my way in to a relationship with somebody like that because I figured if I bought my way into this, the people that are in there managing this are probably going to be people who Russell knows.

Speaker 3: 24:12 You see what I’m saying? Oh, I totally agree. Like whereas some people they just go into it with the, you know, they don’t think about those kinds of. Yeah, you know what I mean? They don’t think like, not only that, like you’re in a group of couple of hundred people who are, you just spent like $3,000 on something. Like you’re in a group of cash buyers. Like why would you complain of 80? Like there’s, you can build friendships, relationships, all those kind of things. But um, but anyway, but that’s, that’s like my, the first time I really interacted with John, I just saw, I was like, how do I contribute? How do I contribute? How do I make this fun? How to make this engaging for him. Okay. And then the fourth one is, this was a little bit psychological, but it’s like the most ideal thing is if you can understand how the person thinks, because one thing I did not know is I did not know or even think Russell was an introvert.

Speaker 3: 25:05 Never thought that. And um, and so I’m glad. Like I would listen to him and go, man, like this dude’s an introvert. Okay. So like if I ever meet him, the last thing I want to do is come up to him like, oh my God. You know what I mean? Like in, in the few times I’ve seen I’d been around him and seeing people approach him. I’m just sitting there laughing, going, I have no idea. Like they’re well meaning good people, but they have no idea. Like, you know, I was at the Mellon texts event, I think, and Russell’s crushed it there. And uh, and then he was out in the hallway I think, and there was like 20 people around him in a circle. And so I walked by that day I walked by, um, and uh, and so I’ll just Kinda, just for time I’ll, I’ll put four and five are kind of similar.

Speaker 3: 26:00 So a four is like, you want to start mirroring the person. This is a lot of Tony Robbins stuff like marrying the person. So like, um, so one of the things that I did at that event was a, I noticed that you guys would always have a camera person and a lot of times it’s you or somebody like holding the b roll camera, right? The vlogging camera will like, I’m message John Before that event. And I said, hey dude, I’m, what camera are you guys using? And he said, I don’t know man, let me check it out. Because we were friends. He was like, dude, let me check it out. So he came back and told me the camera you’re using so that I told my camera girl, I’m like, hey, they’re using this camera, go buy it. And then she was like, Hey, I can get one that’s just slightly better.

Speaker 3: 26:43 I’m like, that’ll be even better. Like the upgraded version that will be better. And then, uh, so we bought the same tripod. It’s the same camera. And guess who, the only two people at this event were who had camera people, you and me. And so I did that. So because I knew that I would be in the vicinity of Russell and I wanted to try to get his attention in a non, like, you know what I mean? I wanted to try to get an intention and so I was like talking to Caleb and people like that. And I remember seeing Russell in the corner of his eye look over at us and he’s like, I guarantee you he’s probably going, who’s the other dude with the camera? With a camera person following them around. Like, who the hell does this guy like, I don’t know, maybe he knew, maybe he didn’t.

Speaker 3: 27:29 But um, uh, but I distinctly remember him, like continuing to look over and we would connect a little bit. And then, um, uh, so when he was out in the hallway, uh, I, I saw him and I told him, I camera goes, I was a communications committee. And I was like, Hey, so, so we walked out and uh, and so I’m walking out, my camera person is following me and there’s literally 20 people around, Russell and I can just tell he’s like, I mean everybody, I’m sure it was like super nice and cool, but he was just drained. He was just like, dude, get me out of here somebody. And so I walked by him and he kind of looks at me out of the corner of his eye and uh, and he just kinda like opened his shoulder just I think he just wanted to see, like if I was going to say it, say what’s up or whatever.

Speaker 3: 28:14 And uh, and of course, like I’m looking at him, so I reach over and lean in really, really softly. We shake hands in, right when we shake hands, that whole group went dead silent. Oh sure. Everybody was like, what the heck is this guy? Right? Like, Russell just stopped the conversation to have shake somebody’s hand. And uh, and I remember shaking his hand in and I said, hey man, I said very soft and comp because I understand his personality. And I’m trying to like mayor his personality or how he thinks and so I was like, hey man, I appreciate you letting Steve Come to my event. He crushed it on stage. Thank you so much for, for letting him do that and I just appreciate you. Basically I just told the guy, thank you, that’s all I did, you know, and I just remember him looking at me and he was just like, he just said thank you James.

Speaker 3: 29:06 And he’s like, thank you for doing that. And it was just like really cool like bonding moment and um, and so, so it was just, it was, it was the coolest thing because like all that work had built up to a, to a handshake, you know what I mean? There’s so much value in that and I think so often people are in this game for the short term and it’s like, what can you do for me? What can you do for me? What can you, for me? And like that’s not how this game works. This is a long longterm play. Yeah. Yeah. I appreciate that a ton. Jane’s. Yeah. And so I guess I’ll, I’ll kinda wrap it in this way and saying that, um, you know, you guys featured how you, how we were using click funnels and be to be on the home page for a while.

Speaker 3: 29:50 I will tell you of 103 students, we had a majority of them, the original, because we survey, a majority of them had said, well, we saw you on the clickfunnels site. We looked you up. So I just want this whole conversation and coming full circle if you contribute to people in the right way, like the relationships and all the things that happen, like you can win over your dream 100 in a way that you never thought possible just by contributing into their world it just by adding value into the world. And so anyway, um, so yeah man, I’m super grateful and thankful for you guys. I mean just to, uh, to share a number like our practice, that coaching practice that’s $766,000 and, and, and, and I’ll say like all that happened because we, we, we focus on contributing. I love that, you know, so I appreciate you guys man so much.

Speaker 3: 30:48 Well James, thank you. And I appreciate you being so kind to contribute to our audience and our community as well. So any other parting words? Um, appreciate you guys, man. Appreciate your audience and everything. I’m a Jane Smiley Dot Tom is the homepage and all that stuff. If you guys want to check out anything but uh, whoever, whoever it is that you, uh, your dream client is, you know, if you got that person, I would just say this to any of your followers. If you have that person or those people at that company and it like it, it’s like it doesn’t leave you, it doesn’t leave your mind. You’re like, I got to meet that person. I got to. If I could just get that relationship. To me that’s, that’s like the confirmation in your heart that you’re supposed to build that relationship, right? Like the fact that like, I’m not thinking about that person. I guarantee you no one else is like you. You are the person who was supposed to build that relationship. The fact that it doesn’t leave the fact that you wake up, you go to bed, you in meetings, you’re daydreaming about that person or that relationship like that is the person that you’re supposed to meet and work with and if you focus on contributing, you can get there. Oh, I love it. Well James, thanks again, James Check them out. Thanks James. We’ll talk soon. Appreciate it.

Speaker 4: 32:03 Hey everybody. Thank you so much for taking the time to listen to podcasts. If you don’t mind, could you please share this with others, rate and review this podcast on itunes. It means the world to me where I’m trying to get to as a million downloads here in the next few months and just crush through over $650,000 and I just want to get the next few 100,000 so we can get to a million downloads and see really what I can do to help improve and and get this out to more people. At the same time, if there’s a topic, there’s something you’d like me to share or someone you’d like me to interview, by all means, just reach out to me on facebook. You can pm me and I’ll be more than happy to take any of your feedback as well as if people would like me to interview more than happy to reach out and have that conversation with you. So again, go to Itunes, rate and review this, share this podcast with others and let me know how else I can improve this or what I can do to make this better for you guys. Thanks.

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