Day 13: Maximizing Ad Spend

Day 13 - Step 1 of 3: Maximize Your Ad Spend

John Parks shows you his techniques to get the maximum ROI for your ad spend.

Video - Day 13 - Step 1 of 3 - Maximize Your Ad Spend

Source: ClickFunnels™ Affiliate Bootcamp

Step 2 of 3: Download Your Retargeting Worksheet

PDF - Day 13 - Step 2 of 3 Download Your Retargeting Worksheet

Source: ClickFunnels™ Affiliate Bootcamp

Step 3 of 3: Walk-through: Maintaining Your Facebook Ads

John walks you through how to maintain your Facebook Ads, with a live campaign that he is running.

Video - Day 13 - Step 3 of 3 - Walk-through Maintaining Your Facebook Ads

Source: ClickFunnels™ Affiliate Bootcamp

ClickFunnels™ Affiliate Bootcamp

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Step 1: Create and Apply Your Facebook Pixel

Step 2: Create Custom Audiences Based on Your Lists

Step 3: Create Custom Ads Based on the Specific List You’re Marketing To