Day 15: Who What Why How Script

Day 15 - Step 1 of 2: Who What Why How Script

Today Russell takes a deep dive into the structure and mechanics of the fastest sales letter ever…

Video - Day 15 - Step 1 of 2 - Who What Why How Script

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Step 2 of 2: Download Your Workbook

PDF - Day 15 - Step 2 of 2 Download Your Workbook

Source: ClickFunnels™ Affiliate Bootcamp

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You may feel this exercise is getting a bit repetitive… but trust in the process. Refining your script and your message takes several iterations to “get right”.


Copy + Paste the following into a Reply and fill in the blanks…

Who Are You?

What Are You Offering?

Why Do They Need It?

How Do They Get It?

What’s the Catch?

Why Do They Need to Take Action NOW? (Urgency)

What Guarantee Exists? (Either You’re Offering Or Your Affiliate Offer Is Making)

Re-Cap Your Offer/What, Why And How Your Offer Is All About