Day 2: The Attractive Character

Day 2 - Step 1 of 5: The Attractive Character

Russell Walks You Through The Key to Creating an Attractive ‘Celebrity’ Character, and How to Use That To Create a Distribution Channel.

Video - Day 2 - Step 1 of 5 The Attractive Character

Source: ClickFunnels™ Affiliate Bootcamp

Step 2 of 5: Download The ABC Ignite Workbook

PDF - Day 2 - Step 2 of 5 Download The ABC Ignite Workbook

Source: ClickFunnels™ Affiliate Bootcamp

Step 3 of 5: Walk-through: Attractive Character Elements

A step-by-step walk through of the “Elements” of an Attractive Character

Video - Day 2 - Step 3 of 5 Walk-through Attractive Character Elements

Source: ClickFunnels™ Affiliate Bootcamp

Step 4 of 5: Walk-through: Attractive Character Identities

A step-by-step walk through of the “Identity” of an Attractive Character

Video - Day 2 - Step 4 of 5 Walk-through Attractive Character Identities

Source: ClickFunnels™ Affiliate Bootcamp

Step 5 of 5: Walk-through: Attractive Character Storylines

A step-by-step walk through of the “Story Lines” of an Attractive Character

Video - Day 2 - Step 5 of 5 Walk-through Attractive Character Storylines

Source: ClickFunnels™ Affiliate Bootcamp

ClickFunnels™ Affiliate Bootcamp

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Copy + Paste the following into a Reply and fill in the blanks…

My Elements


Character Flaws


My Identity
The Leader

The Adventurer / Crusader

The Reporter / Evangelist

The Reluctant Hero

My Storylines
Loss and Redemption

Us VS Them

Before And After

Amazing Discovery

Secret Telling

3rd Person Testimonial


  • You can create a persona to attract certain people to you

  • Starts with “What can I GIVE” and “What am I PASSIONATE about”… it never starts with the money.

  • Jacob Hiller - TheJumpManual - How to jump higher (makes $1/K per day)

  • Gary Vaynerchuk - WineLibraryTV - PASSION for Wine

  • Attaching an attractive character to anything that is selling… and it’s like putting it on steroids.

  • Opera Winfrey - “The Opera Effect” - Her public endorsement of a product drove so many sales it could crash a business (overload)

  • Build a Distribution Channel (your brand’s audience on a platform)

  • Email List = Distribution Channel… YouTube… Blog… Podcast.

  • With a Distribution Channel you can plug in any product and make money instantly.

  • Neil Patel - KISS Metrics - Blogs about Marketing Principles so well everyone shares it.

  • Jared - Subway - Reinvented “Fast Food” into a “Weight loss plan” through Jarod’s weight loss story and character.

  • Oceans 12 - So many awesome A-Level Stars… sells a movie just based on the actors (regardless of what the movie is about)

  • Rachael Jackson - Visalus - attached her character + distribution to an existing weight loss product - makes millions.

  • Don’t sell the company. No one follows a company. They will follow you because of YOU.

  • With a Distribution Channel you can sell ANYTHING.

  • Howard Stern - Controversial, but because he has an audiences attention can sell any product.

  • You create The Distribution Channel through The Attractive Character

  • It’s now possible to be Internet Famous

  • Q: “What do you have specialised knowledge in?” (comes second nature to you - a Super Power)

  • e.g. “Lazy ways to cook vegetarian food that is delicious”

  • … or… another angle is that you only need to know a little more than the general population.

  • You don’t need to be the best in the world at it… you just have to be better than the majority of people out there

  • Movie: Catch Me If You Can … character went to university, and as a student tricked everyone into thinking he was a lecturer and taught an advanced class just by reading a chapter ahead.



  • Whatever your’re selling is taking someone on a journey… they want to be where you’re at …otherwise why would they give you money.

  • “The Guru On The Mountain” - is “too awesome” that it feels unattainable. People have to know you walked in their shoes at some point.

  • Backstory “I was just like you”… " I was in the same spot as you" (e.g. overweight)

  • Being Real and Like Your Audience resonates.


  • “A parable is a succinct story that illustrates one or more instructive lessons or principles.”

  • Jesus Christ told stories to illustrate a point … they are VERY memorable.

  • Record things in your life that can be retold as parables. When something happens to you that can be used in a teaching situation write it down (collect them like gold).

  • What parable can you tell, to illustrate a point, to lead someone towards an action you want them to take (inception).

Character Flaws

  • No one wants to follow someone that is perfect.

  • Flaws make you real e.g. Superman has Kryptonite (makes the story interesting).

  • Superman has now evolved to have emotional flaws that he has to overcome… and when he does you cheer for him.


  • Opposite of neutrality (which is boring)

  • People that a really successful choose a side, take a stand, and cause polarity.

  • A group of people will become obsessed with you… and a group of people will start hating you.

  • You have to be ok with the haters.

  • Tony Robbins - “Theres two ways to build the biggest building in town. Work brick by brick to build it up. Or option 2, smash down all the buildings around you”.

  • Howard Stern - people who hate him listen longer every single day because “they wanted to hear what he would say next”

  • It pisses people off but you do it anyway because you care and are passionate about it.


The Leader

  • Donald Trump - I’m the leader. Come follow me.

The Adventurer / Crusader

  • Richard Branson - I’m successful in spite of it all, and I just want to party and have fun… He’s doing cool stuff so you want to follow him.

The Reporter / Evangelist

  • Easiest if just getting started

  • Larry King / Opera - Interviewing… find the experts, interview/report on them or their message, and soon people will start to see you as an expert too (by putting your face and their face on the same thing)

  • Also helps you reach their audience and attract some of their follows to you

The Reluctant Hero

  • Went on a journey to figure something out… stumbled onto something amazing… didn’t want the responsibility of this… but feels responsible to share it.

  • Works really well because it’s more humble - so people relate to it better.


FYI There are more than these … but these are the core ones.

Loss and Redemption

  • You reached some super high level of success/achievement … but then you lost it all… but it didn’t end there … you hustled and change things … you did it this “new way” which is so much better … and now you are more successful than you were before.

Us VS Them

  • Mac Vs PC … Cool Hip Guy vs Nerdy Guy

  • Who is your businesses or audiences “nemesis” or “common enemy” e.g. the big bad guru … you cast stones at them (even though you are a guru)

  • Natural health casts stones at medical pills (they are chemicals, we are healthy)

  • Medical pills casts stones at natural health

  • More heat = more fanatical fans

Before And After

  • Was poor, now rich

  • Was fat, now thin

Amazing Discovery

  • OMG I found this amazing thing. Tell the world!

Secret Telling

  • Look I found something awesome, but it’s just between us OK? Come on a private webinar to find out or send me $5 and I’ll ship you my best stuff.

3rd Person Testimonial

  • Other people bragging about you… testimonials.

Blend these things together e.g. an Us vs Them, that ties in a Backstory…


  • Choose a Distribution channel that suits YOU (platform to build your attractive character around - to organically push out your message)

  • You must choose Email (Direct Mail) and 1 other channel:

    • Facebook (Networking)

    • YouTube (TV) - $500/hr juicing guy (people will subscribe and watch you as late night TV)

    • Podcast (Radio) - with large audience you can then sell ad space

    • Blog (Newspaper)

  • Bring out your RAW PASSION. e.g Gary V

  • The GIVING action brings people back to you.

  • Hire people to do stuff you don’t know how to do e.g. Fivver for video intro.

  • If you’re smart don’t do something because you “can” … focus on the strategy stuff … the nuts and bolts can/must be outsourced.

  • Hiring people for really cheap (outsourcing to overseas) is a really valuable super power (it’s one of Russell’s super powers)

My Elements


  • “I aspire. I achieve.” … my primary school moto. It still sticks with me today.

  • Was always the smart kid in school. But then one year there was this one other kid named Anthony, he wanted to be a pilot. He was always one step ahead of me in class, coming first while I came second. It made me super competitive.

  • In year 4 I got put in a mixed 4/5 class. It became a crazy advantage. I got to see all the work the year 5 kids were doing while I was in year 4. Not only that but I had an awesome teacher that rewarded great work with a competition to win a gigantic block of honeycomb Cadbury chocolate. I won the chocolate. In in year 5 I dominated because I already knew the work that was coming up… this one year gave me the edge for many years in school.

  • Sister gave me the book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki for my ? birthday. I read it and got hooked - I was never the same again. The concept of build assets and cashflow really resonated with me. It also instilled in me a burning desire to never get stuck in the Rat Race… but instead to move through the quadrants of Employee -> Self Employed -> Business Owner -> Investor. The way he contrasts the rich dad vs the poor dad is pure genius. It highlighted to me that being well educated doesn’t make you rich, and neither does “fancy things”… what you need is financial intelligence. To this day I’ve had an odd sense of pride in having a crappy car while I try to prioritise assets over liabilities. But alas, I feel trap to one of the biggest liabilities of all - a huge mortgage that now makes me feel trapped to a paycheque as an employee.

  • Moved schools in year 10. Away from my best mate who I use to hang out with every day. My grades dropped significantly as I prioritised being social over study. After getting really poor scores in year 11 my dad sat me down and grilled me. The harshest thing he said tho was “you’re wasting your potential”. He said that I was better than this. I knew he was right… this effort, these results, it just wan’t ME and it wasn’t who I wanted to be… It lit a fire in me. In year 12 I worked my ass off and the same commitment continued into university where I graduated with High Distinction.

  • In university I was always looking forward at what the next wave of technology is going to be - only to be frustrated by the university system being unable to stay up to date will the speed of change online and in the tech industry. This is where I learnt that you can’t just rely on the school system you need to take ownership of your own learning if you’re ever going to get ahead.

  • In my first term of university (Batchelor of Multimedia) I did one thing that set me up for success in the next 3 years. I took the requirement given for an assignment, I broke it down to figure out exactly what the lecturer wanted, exactly where each score was being given, I learnt the academic formats, and I busted my arse on my very first project. I completely aced my first project. And guess what. Every single project after that I could look back at my first project - which I knew was a success - and it became my blueprint for every single other assessment. It was a template for success. The content may change but the structure and the process passed on from project to project and it became easier and easier to have success. Every other iteration was a minor improvement… it was that every first burst of extreme effort to make something score 100% perfect carried me through with great results.

  • Working a part time job while I studied, doing software technical support, I got introduced to The Purple Cow by Seth Godin. This book made me fall in love with how marketers think and the genius behind great products. This job also taught me the value of time and charging by the minute. I left because my highschool sweetheart Mindy and I were committed to traveling overseas - so we packed everything up into storage and backpacked through Thailand and Cambodia. I proposed in Phi Phi Island (she said yes of course! :heart:)

  • All that effort to get great scores in high school to get into a great university. Then all that effort to get great scores in university to get a great job paid off when I got hired as soon as I finished uni. It also made me realise how insignificant my university scores were after a got hired into a job … that was now behind me and I had to again step up an prove myself. I quickly realised how the theory in university doesn’t translate into real-world experience. You learn SO much more by DOING.

  • Straight out of university I got hired by one of the worlds top advertising agencies (M&C Saatchi). I was just some young kid, living in a rural coastal town, and they hired me over the phone without even seeing me. Two things made this possible: 1) I put in the hard work to get great grades 2) outside of university I took a keen interest in Ruby On Rails which at the time was a fairly cutting edge framework that not too many people in Australia had experience with… this made me really stand out with the Tech Lead that was doing the hiring. Passion & Results matter. Side hustles matter.

  • Being in the city I now had the joys of commuting to work on public transport for an hour a day. This is when I got a passion for listening to audiobooks and podcasts. I would study while others sat there staring blankly out the window. I would write in my notepad tons of ideas and sketch out app ideas. You’ve got to make the most of every minute.

  • Advertising agencies taught me the importance of building a good reputation based on the quality of your work. As people left and went to other agencies in latter years when I was freelancing those people would reach out to me to hire me for their new project in a new company. I never had to chase work because of my reputation.

  • Moving to the city was a real shock. A tiny studio apartment. Sleeping on a mattress on the floor that went mouldy after a few days if you didn’t lift it up. The tiniest kitchen you’ve ever seen. Looking out of window directly onto a building wall only a meter way… when the surprise of our first child came along we knew right away we had to move back “home” to be around family, open spaces and beaches.

  • Freelancing from home let me charge more than I was making previously (even though I was doing the same work for the same company). I also discovered that when you start work for another client this is the perfect time to increase your rate … moving on not only brings you new challenges to make you grow but can also bring financial benefits.

  • Buying my first house taught me the importance of timing and negotiation.

  • Pat Flynn’s “Smart Passive Income” podcast changed me as an entrepreneur. It opened my eyes (and ears) to what’s possible as an affiliate… and also how to be vulnerable, honest and transparent in an industry filled with smoke-and-mirrors, secrets and boasters.

  • Joined community “”. Their 30 Day “Just Ship It” challenge made me hustle like never before building out a business called - I hired professional narraters to turn popular blog posts into audiobook podcasts. Business challenges are a great way to boost focus and get results faster.

  • Joined “The Foundation” and discovered the value of accountability, how to structure a course and the business model genius of Software As A Service (Saas) high margins and recurring revenue. Also discovered I’ve got a crazy fear of cold calling.

  • Worked so hard (to the point of obsession) that my fiancée Mindy and I broke up. But because of our son and our house we stayed living together. We were always best friends first. So it was never awkward. I just kept putting “being an entrepreneur” first and rightly so she couldn’t take it any more. This is when I discovered the importance of balance and making the people you love always feel loved. Over a year our relationship mended and we’re now happily-ever-after.

  • Made my first product (audiobook) and first sales. You can get it for free here: But pretty quickly the business fizzled out. My costs far exceeded my revenue. I realised I had no clue how to sell something profitably online.

  • Built (like but for open source code) and tried promoting it on twitter. Got some traction but not much. Realised that producing content doesn’t bring you traffic… it’s the strategic promotion of that content that makes a difference. See

  • On the side I built a Shopify website for a friend that is a local business owner… I signed them up under an affiliate link and for years now it’s made me money while I sleep. It’s only ~$30 in my PayPal every 3 months … but I’ve always wanted to duplicate this. It’s “free money” every day without any effort. This is a true “asset”… I’m more proud of making $100 passive income per year than $100K as an employee.

  • Got “cabin fever” freelancing from home. So became an inhouse contractor for local software company called Janison (on a fulltime basis). Rejected several offers to become an “employee” due to “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” always being stuck in the back of my mind… I didn’t want to take a step backwards from “self employed” to “employee”. Worked hard, but struggled with not feeling like I was progressing as an entrepreneur. So with our second baby on the way I quit to join a high risk startup in the pharmacy industry building a project called “Falcon” that would connect pharmacies with doctors, and doctors with the dosing of patients. I was sold on this being a multi million dollar opportunity.

  • Falcon suffered from failing to launch - trying to complete feature-for-feature with competitors that had been in the industry for decades - and only having a development team of me (doing frontend in Ruby on Rails) and another dev doing the backend. Without customers, and money coming in, the project got shut down… literally days before our baby girl Tigerlily was due PLUS we were selling our house AND weeks out from moving back to live with parents while buying land to build a new home.

  • With some serious financial liabilities and responsibilities of being the only income source in our family of 4 I finally become an employee back at Janison … but this time switching from the role of Developer to Product Owner. I now focus on apps and product, specs and client requirements, and help lead a team of developers. While I still enjoy getting my hands dirty with code from time to time, I really feel that other people will always be far better coders than me… but if I can take my technical knowledge and my love for building products and apply it at a higher level than I can bring more value.

  • Was sent over to England twice to gather requirements and run workshops - really put me out of my comfort zone and made me “growup”.

  • Recent startup attempts ( - to help restaurant’s build a review funnel, and then for SaaS companies to joint-venture giveaway a free yearly subscription per month for lead generation) taught me that even simple ideas can take a ton of time to build out as a solopreneur. Startups come with a ton of risk. EpicWin was going to monetize through affiliate commissions… which lead me to discover ClickFunnels.

  • ClickFunnels blew me away. I’ve studied/followed SaaS Startups and Growth for years. I’ve NEVER seen a SaaS company market the way ClickFunnels does. I knew right away that I HAD to be around this. I HAD to learn what they were doing. Then I looked deeper into their Affiliate program and discovered a suite of products people are CRAZY for… and the Bootcamp training that teaches you exactly what they do so you can take this blueprint and apply it to your own affiliate business (or any online business)… and they give you a Dream Car when you hit the 100 active customers milestone! It’s just insane.

  • Started following Russell’s podcast Marketing In Your Car and all the other content ClickFunnels produces and It totally resonated with me. His “attractive character” charmed me. The business model of being an affiliate (low risk and can sell something immediately without spending months and months building something myself) was too good to be true. Before doing any more SaaS ideas I realised I need to know how to market a product profitably. Russell has the formula for this covered and has a prove track record. I know I can learn a ton from him.

  • My local council offered to pay for a ticket for me to attend StartCon 2017 in Sydney to be part of a team representing Coffs Harbour as an awesome place for startups and entrepreneurs to live. I worked my arse off to build my first funnel in ClickFunnels to try and capture leads at the event… here is how my very first funnel looks (focused on SaaS Startup Entrepreneurs):

Step 0

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 3 - Popup

  • … the biggest issue this funnel had was traffic. Almost no one visited it. I got no leads. My “strategy” at the event was to handout as many “business cards” promoting the funnel as I could. It just didn’t go down well with this audience (most of these people had established businesses and were not looking for an opportunity)… I was pretty proud of the copywriting on the funnel and card (because I suck at copywriting)… but clearly something didn’t resonate (plus fun story - I handed out about 50 cards at the entrance before security stopped me ;-). I overcame some personal fears about face-to-face promotion which was a win …but the traffic just didn’t follow.

Card front

Card back

  • The biggest wins that came from StarCon was 1) I got connected with Stephen Esketzis ( … one of ClickFunnels most successful affiliates (and he lives in Melbourne Australia - bonus!) and 2) Spent a lot of time hanging out with Gabriel Machuret (Head of Warrior Forum!!! … he’s such a down to earth guy and taught me a lot about community, hustle and using humour to engage an audience. I couldn’t believe my luck making these two connections. I learnt how much it matters to put yourself into the right environment to make opportunities happen. Also the feedback I got from people when discussing what I was building really helped me to clean up my message and shift a few things with my strategy. Talking about your new ideas is hard… but it’s so important to get things out of your head. It make what you are doing real… if you don’t share with people your idea, then it simply doesn’t exist. You’ve got so much more to gain from being open.

  • KEY BACKSTORY: Tried and failed with startup ideas. Spent a lot of time working on these businesses and wasted so much time that I could have spent with my wife and kids. Have now realised that building something from scratch is incredibly risky. Also the time it takes to get to something you can sell is long. Having a family and job leaves me with limited time… so when a project fails…when I stop… It’s such a waste of my life and the life of my family. I’m not providing for my family a life of opportunity. We’re not in control. We’re limiting ourself. Enough’s, enough. Selling as an affiliate can be started right away, completely low risk and with ClickFunnels you’re learning from marketing experts … what you’ll learn from building an affiliate business is not something you’ll learn at university. This is real world skills. Once you know the blueprints for success it’s now down to you to execute. If you can’t make this work, then it’s time to quit trying to be an entrepreneur. If you succeed then you’ll have passive income and the life you’ve always wanted.


  • As a developer, I always wanted to build a SaaS Startup… but as a solopreneur you need to do EVERYTHING. You do so much work before you ever get to the point of selling. Until you’re selling you don’t have a business …and you’ll either run out of time or money. Which means you’ve just wasted part of your life when the project fizzles out.

Important Concepts:

  1. Passive Income - Money while you sleep - stop trading time for money.

  2. Recurring Revenue - It stacks up.

  3. Build A Product Vs Sell A Product

  4. The Honest Affiliate

  5. Solopreneur - You need a team

  6. On Your Own / The Passionate Few / Surround yourself with winners - You need a community

  7. Flaws in business model - you need monthly mastermind feedback and ideas

  8. Stop stopping - you need habits and accountability

  9. 80% Action. 20% Learning … 80% Selling. 20% Learning - Listen. Do. Succeed

  10. Balance - Family first and for your family

  11. Work hard now to reap the benefits latter - Pat Flynn - kids doing marshmallow experiment

  12. Daily journal?

  13. Fear = Progress … step out of your comfort zone

  14. Progress = Happiness

  15. Build assets

  16. Time is your most precious asset - spend it wisely.

  17. 99% Is A Bitch. 100% Is A Breeze - make the decision. commit.

  18. Funnels vs Websites

  19. 3 customers at 40% is all you need to make profit (if your SLO is breaking even).

Character Flaws

  • Prone to working too hard that I burn out (stay up to 2am over and over again)

  • Can do the technical stuff with building things … I stay in my comfort-zone rather than doing what matters: selling!

  • Petrified of cold-calling

  • Often a perfectionist (which can be another excuse for procrastinating)

  • Suck at copywriting.

  • Shine object syndrome

  • Can’t switch my brain off and be present with people - even my family - business consumes my mind far too much.

  • Insecure to do videos

  • Lack of structure in day to day routines.


  • Being a ClickFunnels Affiliate is a smarter path to financial freedom than building a SaaS Startup.

  • Affiliate = Faster & Lower Risk.

  • Build a Startup Vs Sell a Startup… selling wins. Be an affiliate.

  • For solopreneurs, doing affiliate marketing beats building SaaS Startup … affiliate business beats startup business.

  • What you DO is all that matters … Take Action. Don’t just talk about it.

  • The Rat Race is real. You’ll never be truly fulfilled until you have control over your Time, Money and Location… true freedom.

  • F.R.E.E - Fit. Rich. Entrepreneur. Enjoying-life … THIS is the end goal.

  • Simple always beats complex. K.I.S.S

  • You don’t want to be a 100 person business. Up to 5 people MAX. Stay nimble. Hire contractors. Have a MASTERMIND of other solopreneurs.

  • Strength in numbers

  • Be open and transparent

  • Doing this on your own? That’s a recipe for another failure. Join a team. Together we win.

My Identity

The Reporter / Evangelist

  • The Leaders & Adventurers will come from within Affiliate Teams. Beginner Affiliates will look up to Professional Affiliates, and Professional Affiliates will look up to the Super Affiliates.

  • As I progress through the Bootcamp and share my Notes and successes/failures publicly I’ll start to take on some of the Leader & Adventurer traits … simply by being a few steps ahead.

  • Russell Brunson is the Expert & Coach in this community.

  • I simply share the light with the message of the experts (like Russell or Super Affiliates that I interview or learn from)… I work hard to spread their message and knowledge with more and more people.

  • Reporting on the Bootcamp primarily.

  • Also reporting on the experiences of being an Affiliate (study notes & experiments) from other ClickFunnels messages e,g, Expert Secrets.

  • All about implementing other peoples solutions… over time I will develop my own solutions and share these.

Then once I have proven success and helped others to succeed I’ll transition into …The Reluctant Hero

My Storylines

Loss and Redemption

  • For years trying to build startups I lost valuable time I could have spent with my family. I had promised myself these “projects” would make money to provide my family with a better life. I’ve lost the respect of my wife who no longer believes that any of my “business ideas” are going to result in anything more than time taken away from her and the family with no reward to justify the sacrifice. I keep loosing because it takes to long to have something I can sell. I keep loosing because work so hard that a burnout. I keep loosing because I run out of time/money. I keep loosing because I stop. I keep loosing because I’m trying to do this all on my own. So I’m now in the process of redeeming myself. Of doing it differently. I’m building a community of action takers so I’m not doing this alone. I’m teaming up with others to hold me accountable. I’m publicly sharing everything. I’m selling someone elses product that people already love - so there is no excuse that I don’t have something to sell. I changing from just “learning” or just “building” into “just selling”. I’m following one expert (Russell Brunson). I’m an affiliate for ClickFunnels.

  • Loss of time due to failed business ideas & startups…

  • 3 Years ago I almost lost my family due to my obsession with being an entrepreneur (… my wife saw what I was doing as selfish even though I truly felt I’m doing this whole thing for my family). Needed to find balance and structure and discipline.

Us VS Them

  • In A Team vs On Your Own

    • Conspiracy: The guy that did it all himself without anyone’s help (you don’t see who is really behind the scenes)
    • Actions: You stop yourself from joining up with others because then you’re not the “hero solopreneur”
    • Perspective: Strength in number vs Feeling alone
  • Public Forum vs Private FB Groups

    • Conspiracy: you can only connect with people here (where we can distract you and advertise to you)
    • Actions: keeping the value behind closed doors on a closed platform
    • Perspective: Open source vs proprietary. Transparency vs inside secrets. Lean vs stealthmode.
  • Entrepreneur / Business Owner vs Employee

    • Conspiracy: you have too much financial pressure to try something on your own. Don’t take the risk.
    • Actions: Makes you trade time for money… while you’re building someone else’s dream.
    • Perspective: Rich Dad, Poor Dad
  • Assets vs Liabilities

    • Conspiracy: You need fancy things (house/car/stuff) before you can afford it
    • Actions: Take you money. Build up creditcard debt. Mortgage and bills are like a ball and chain holding you back from being an entrepreneur.
    • Perspective: Rich Dad, Poor Dad
  • Bootstrapped (Out of your own pocket) vs Venture Capital Funded

    • Conspiracy: You need a large pool on money to be successful (by giving away your business!)… you need them to scale. You can’t just figure out your own way to profitably market & sell your product.
    • Actions: Take a share of your business, trade you money for it, you become an employee to them. VC funded businesses “cheat” to get ahead.
    • Perspective: 37 Signals
  • Affiliates (Sell A Startup) vs Startups (Build A Startup)

    • Conspiracy: you have the skills - you should just build it yourself. If you’re not the creator then what will your legacy be? It’s “easy” to build a billion dollar business - just look at FB, Instagram, What’s App… surely you could replicate this success.
    • Actions: Teach you how to build, more than marketing and sales.
    • Perspective: Seller vs Builder. Marketing vs Product.
  • Hard Work vs Get Rich Quick

    • Conspiracy: I only did one or two things that were super simple and I made a ton of money overnight - follow me, buy from me, I’m a genie in a bottle.
    • Actions: Post images of them self with piles of fake cash, downplay the real effort it takes, no creating value.
    • Perspective: Realist. Strong work ethic
  • Funnel vs Website

    • Conspiracy: we’ve always done websites … they must just work
    • Actions: tools for making websites everywhere
    • Perspective: Cares about conversions and measuring
  • Lifestyle Business vs High Growth (100 person team)

    • Conspiracy: You need to grow into a massive company to be successful.
    • Actions: People ask “so how big is your business” … if you say a big number they are impressed… if you say a small number they feel sorry for you.
    • Perspective: Family first. Relax vs Stress. Freedom vs Fame. Profit Per Employee
  • Profit vs Revenue

    • Conspiracy: Look at my big revenue numbers (but ignore my overheads, margins and profits).
    • Actions: flash money at you without the full story
    • Perspective: Doesn’t mater how big your revenue is unless you putting a large chunk into your pocket.
  • Paid Traffic (FB Ads) vs Inbound (Blogging)

    • Conspiracy: Downplay the amount of time and effort it takes to do inbound … make it sound easy and discourage you from doing any paid advertising.
    • Actions: They forget the cost of build inbound content and tell you everything you’re doing is “free” …but in reality TIME always is a cost.
    • Perspective: Want’s results fast. Values time, so willing to spend more money. “The company that can spend the most money to acquire a customer wins”.

Before And After

  • Before: Struggling to build a product / startup

  • Action: Found ClickFunnels Affiliate progam & the Bootcamp

  • After: I have a product I can sell right away, I have a 100 day plan to implement and make profit.

Amazing Discovery

  • Discovery: You don’t need to create something (be an inventor) to sell something and bring value into peoples lives… you can sell other peoples popular products that a PROVEN.

  • Discovery: Software has great margins and recurring revenue … being an affiliate for a software company gives you all the benefits without the overheads and risk (e.g making my own $49/mth SaaS vs selling ClickFunnels for $38-$118/mth)

  • Discovery: The Secret Formula + Self Liquidating Offer + Value Ladder … there is so much more depth than just the frontend of a funnel… the ClickFunnels team are masters at this… and they give you all their products to promote to do the same.

  • Discovery: Accountability

  • Discovery: Masterminds

  • Discovery: Daily Journal / Habits

Secret Telling

  • All the secrets from Russell’s books

  • Ask Super Affiliates about their secrets

  • The A-Team (private area) is Affiliate Team’s “Inner Circle”.

3rd Person Testimonial

  • When AffiliateTeams has members that have had success do an interview with them to find out what AffiliateTeams did for them, how it helped, what is their life like now?

Selected Storyline

DotCom Secrets - Loss and Redemption. Before, During, Now… my mental shift. Loss of time trying to build a startup from scratch on my own and on the path to Redemption as an affiliate with a team for accountability. Mix in Us vs Them.