Day 3: Spend More Than The Competition

Day 3 -Step 1 of 4: Spend More Than Your Competitors!

Russell Walks You Through How to Spend More Than Your Competitors (Profitably) All Day Long.

Video - Day 3 - Step 1 of 4 Spend More Than Your Competitors

Source: ClickFunnels™ Affiliate Bootcamp

Step 2 of 4: Download The ABC Ignite Workbook

How To Spend More Than Your Competitors

PDF - Day 3 - Step 2 of 4 Download The ABC Ignite Workbook

Source: ClickFunnels™ Affiliate Bootcamp

Step 3 of 4: Walk-through: Creating Your Affiliate Bootcamp Value Ladder

A step-by-step walk through of the Affiliate Bootcamp Value Ladder.

Video - Day 3 - Step 3 of 4 Walk-through Creating Your Affiliate Bootcamp Value Ladder

Source: ClickFunnels™ Affiliate Bootcamp

Step 4 of 4: Walk-through: Breaking Even As An Affiliate

A step-by-step walk through breaking even as an affiliate.

Video - Day 3 - Step 4 of 4 Walk-through Breaking Even As An Affiliate

Source: ClickFunnels™ Affiliate Bootcamp

ClickFunnels™ Affiliate Bootcamp

:arrow_right: How To Retire In 100 Days As A ClickFunnels Super Affiliate

ClickFunnels™ 14 Day Free Trial

:arrow_right: EVERYTHING You Need To Market and Deliver Your Affiliate Offer!

ClickFunnels™ Funnel Hacks

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Copy + Paste the following into a Reply and fill in the blanks…

How Can I BEST Serve My Dream Client?

How Can I Provide Monthly Value To My Client?

What Does The Rest Of My Value Ladder Look Like?


  • How to outspend your competitors.

  • Whomever Can Spend The MOST Money To Acquire A Customer… Wins!

  • McDonalds - Burger is the self-liquidating-offer (break-even on advertising cost to get someone in the door) … the Fries and a Coke is the upsell that makes them profit.

  • Initial funnel goal is BREAK EVEN. Then you have a CUSTOMER. Then you sell Continuity + High End + Bonus… which is pure profit.

  • “Amateurs focus on the frontend”

  • Value Ladder … what’s your million dollar / $25K service? What steps lead up to that? Provide value at each step. Price increases at each step as customer gets more value.

  • You won’t get someone straight into your high value service. Customers go through lower steps of the ladder and then after you have proven to give them value they naturally seek out the next step from you to get MORE value.

  • Free Quiz -> Free Book (Plus Shipping) -> Invisible Funnel Webinar -> Home Study / Event -> Inner Circle … with SaaS Continuity under pinning all of this (selling to them at every step)

  • All cold traffic message is to get you into the $50/mth tier, but then as soon as your in the $50/mth everything switches over to selling you on the $250/mth… and this continues up the lader

  • Software … Free trial … $30/mth … $300/mth … call and sell them on $3000/mth

  • A buyer is a buyer is a buyer. Keep ascending them up the ladder.

  • “Buyer In Heat” - e.g. young employee beats you at bowling and makes fun of you, that night you’re researching and buying everything about bowling.

  • Build funnels to get people excited to buy more and more and more.

  • Start at the high end of the value ladder (because writing a book first is HARD)

  • Reverse engineer a “book”… start with the backend:

    1. Did an event (high ticket) and recorded it on video
    2. Video became “home study” course (mid range value $1000)
    3. Pulled out parts of the videos to make a $30-$40 product
    4. Pulled out more parts and made a free plus shipping offer
  • Put on an event at my house, $5,000, work along side me for an “Affiliate Weekend” where we go step-by-step through an advanced sped up bootcamp … if only a few people buy then get friends to fill in the gaps (so the buys don’t feel they were the only buyers).

  • Don’t stress about the video quality. It’s the value that matters.

  • Spend your money on the marketing (not the production) . The marketing makes you the money.

  • You. Your personality. Your stories… that’s the secret sauce.

How Can I BEST Serve My Dream Client?


  • Super Affiliate Week - Spend 7 days. Build a killer funnel. Expert coaching. Annual event.

  • Super Affiliate Weekend - 3 day event. 3 times a year.

  • Super Funnel Hacks - Customers buys 6 month Funnel Hacks for $997. Get A-Team access. Monthly Masterminds. Bunch of bonuses.

  • Give them a solution that is plug-and-play to get results FAST (Viral Share Funnel?)

  • Free training - Bootcamp.

  • DotCom Secrets Book + Ignite Videos (Bootcamp) / Expert Secrets

  • Give them a community and teammates

  • Hold them accountable

  • Give them a process (Daily Journal) for measuring daily habits for success

  • Help them STICK to the bootcamp - build structure & discipline around the process.

  • Centralise all of Russell Brunson’s content - focus on 1 expert

  • Learn from others a few steps ahead (study notes and the beginner -> professional -> super categories and groups)

  • Never, never, never sell on the frontend what they NEED. Sell what they WANT. e.g. Fad diet.

  • Frontend - what they want (the one thing. the sexiest thing). Backend - what they need.

  • One thing. A funnel to instantly start & cover the cost of your ClickFunnels Etison Suite before your 14 day trial is over.

Backend: Week long event (my audience lacks time on a day-to-day basis - so taking time off work & away from family to have an entire week to focus on side business is a drool worthy opportunity… also do it in a beautiful location so it’s an escape/adventure… big focus on “doing the work” and building teams)

Bait: Super condensed bootcamp + proven funnel to launch and profit within 14 days. Done for you Viral Share Funnel?

Continuity: ClickFunnels commissions.

ONE Thing: It’s not a group. It’s a TEAM.

How Can I Provide Monthly Value To My Client?

  • Affiliate Teams forum

  • Monthly masterminds

  • The A-Team private area to discuss more sensitive and advanced topics… and connect with a smaller team of driven individuals.

What Does The Rest Of My Value Ladder Look Like?

  1. FREE: ClickFunnels Bootcamp + Affiliate Teams Bootcamp notes - free & public on AffiliateTeams + Viral Share Funnel to launch FAST and have commissions cover ClickFunnels Etison Suite before your 14 day trial expires (3 sales = $356.4/mth) …PROVE to yourself and to your wife/husband that this is not just another “project” or “business idea” …this will actually make money.

  2. FREE (Invited) or FREE + Shipping - AffiliateTeams membership - FREE if invited by an A-Team member (they get 1 invite per month - so are selective over who they bring in). Otherwise, requires “buying” DotCom Secrets or Expert Secrets …free + shipping to gain access. If someone isn’t willing to spend $9.95 to gain access then they aren’t serious. If they have bought it before they need to buy again and commit to giving it away to a friend!.. This challenge is a gate to prove you’re a buyer and committed (…doesn’t need to be under my affiliate link. This is a test to filter out leachers. Will also be part of Viral Share Funnel steps).

  3. $97-$297/mth CF or $29/mth-$197/yr - AffiliateTeams “The A-Team” - Buy ClickFunnels Starter or Etison Suite or Funnel Hacks under my affiliate link or pay $29/mth-$197/yr. Smaller “inner circle” style group, team up with more committed members, private category, monthly masterminds, can issue 1 invite/mth, private hangouts with super affiliates & experts, more bonuses like:

    • Advanced traffic course - condensed

    • Expert secrets program - build your brand and message

    • Exclusive live interviews with successful affiliates breaking down their own funnels… or pulling apart your funnel in group live coaching.

  4. $497/year Funnel Scripts

  5. $997 Funnel Hacks Master Class

  6. $3K Super Affiliate Weekend (4 times a year - Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Coffs Harbour - save $1000 if you’re a Funnel Hack’s customer)

  7. $10K A-Team 7 Day Full Immersion + Adventure Holiday in New Zealand (annual event)

Breaking Even As An Affiliate

  • Seeing if someone took the upsells on the DotCom Secrets or Expert Secrets funnels will help to gauge if this buyer is in heat.

  • Find the Cost Of Customer Acquisition and the Break Even point in your ladder … how much are you willing to spend to acquire a customer?