Day 5: 7 Phases of a Lead & 100 Visitor Test

Day 5 - Step 1 of 4: 7 Phases of a Lead & 100 Visitor Test

The 7 Stages Every Lead Going Through, From Prospect to Buyer… and Beyond!

Video - Day 5 - Step 1 of 4 - 7 Phases of a Lead and 100 Visitor Test

Source: ClickFunnels™ Affiliate Bootcamp

Step 2 of 4: Download The ABC Ignite Workbook

7 Phases Of A Lead and 100 Visitor Test

PDF - Day 5 - Step 2 of 4 -  7 Phases Of A Lead and 100 Visitor Test

Source: ClickFunnels™ Affiliate Bootcamp

Step 3 of 4: Walk-through: 7 Phases of a Lead, & How It Helps YOU As An Affiliate

A step-by-step walk through of how to create your first traffic plan.

Video - Day 5 - Step 3 of 4 - Walk-through 7 Phases of a Lead and How It Helps YOU As An Affiliate

Source: ClickFunnels™ Affiliate Bootcamp

Step 4 of 4: Walk-through: "100 Visitor Test"

A step-by-step walk through of how to test and see how the front end of your funnel can be improved.

Video - Day 5 - Step 4 of 4 - Walk-through 100 Visitor Test

Source: ClickFunnels™ Affiliate Bootcamp

ClickFunnels™ Affiliate Bootcamp

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Copy + Paste the following into a Reply and fill in the blanks…

Step #1 – Traffic Temperature

Step #2 – Your Pre-Frame Bridge

Step #3 – Qualify Subscribers

Step #4 – Qualify Buyers

Step #5 – Identify Buyers In Heat

Step #6 – Age and Ascend The Relationship

Step #7 – Change The Environment


  • Traffic You: Control -> Own. Don’t Control -> Own.

  • Landing page is the tip of the iceberg. If you’re just doing the stuff you can see on the surface you won’t understand how your competitors are really making money.

  • Before the page, on the page, after the page.

The Lifeline Of A Lead:

  1. Traffic Temperature (Hot. Warm. Cold)
  2. Pre-frame Bridge
  3. Qualify Subscribers
  4. Qualify Buyers
  5. Identify Buyers In Heat
  6. Age and Ascend The Relationship
  7. Change The Selling Environment

Step 1: Traffic Temperature

Gene Schwartz (copywriter):

If your prospect is aware of your product, and realises it can satisfy his desire, your headlines starts with your product.

If he’s not yet aware of your product, but only of the desire itself, your headline starts with the desire.

If he is not yet really aware of what he seeks, but is concerned only with the general problem, your headline starts with that problem and crystallises it into a specific need.

Example: (Cold) I want to make money -> I need to setup a website -> I need to figure out wordpress -> I need to figure out traffic.

Unaware -> Problem -> Solution -> Product -> Most Aware.

Different landing pages for different traffic temperatures (where is the traffic coming from)…

From your email list (hot - “here is our new product coming out”) go to very product focused page.

From Facebook (medium - “discover how to build your business”).

From Solo Ads on News sites (cold - “you’re broke, want to learn how to make money?”)

Step 2: Pre-frame

Speaking at an event. However the person introduces you to the audience before you come on has a drastic influence on how much you’ll sell at the end.

Music + testimonials + Tony Robbins introduction + people clapping in video… this pre-frame totally changed the energy in the room.

Book: Sway… Pre-frame as Warm Teacher vs Cold Teacher - just one word changes everything.

Pre-framing happens at every single step of the process.

Effect the door someone steps through before they get to your thing.

Word “Finish” increased conversion rate, BUT it dramatically decreased conversions on the next page… people’s frame was “I’m done”. So when it got changed to “Get Started” it totally changed the conversions.

After first step don’t say “Thank You” and close the loop… instead say “Wait before you go on, your order is not complete, I want to give you a huge discount,…”

Cold Traffic needs MORE pre-frame (article pages … review page).

Step 3: Qualify Subscribers

Finding out how serious/committed someone is (trade email for something of value)

Someone that uses an email address that is tied to Facebook is worth MUCH more (it’s a PRIMARY email address for the user).

Step 4: Qualify Buyers

Best person in the world

“A buyer is a buyer is a buyer” - Dan Kennedy

These people get something different from everyone else… you give me money I give you something awesome back.

Step 5: Identify Buyers in Heat

Porcupines in heat have 24 hours to mate, then it’s done.

Hyperactive buyers for a short period of time.

… Give these people more stuff! (Upsells)

They are in pain NOW.

Call them ASAP to get them on backend offer.

Step 6: Age and Ascend the Relationship

Attractive character starts as soon as they get into your funnel

Get them on a webinar, teleseminar, etc

Move someone from email list to another email list based on ACTIONS as they get move towards WARM.

Step 7: Change the selling enbvironment

  • Switch from Email to Phone.

  • In an event, people all together, teach, educate, then sell $25K package.

  • You’re not going to propose over email or TXT… a special environment for the moment.

The 100 Visitor Test

Top of the funnel needs to allow as many people in as possible (Free Plus Shipping offer).

100 Visitors -> 1% ($197 Product) -> $197


100 visitors -> 8% (Free MP3 - Free + Shipping) -> 25% (Upsell $197 Product) -> $394 … Also 8 buyers captured (vs 1 previously) to sell more to in the future.

Very first Yes, leads on to next Yes, and next Yes… etc e.g. fake quiz on the front of the funnel.

Ryan Deiss and Perry Belcher -> Creditcard knife… $3 shipping. 130K sold in month one on Facebook. Upsold $20 continuity… ended up with 350K buyers on their list.

You want BAIT that will attract your exact dream client (and even better if it pushes away people you don’t want e.g. opportunity seeker vs $100k/yr entrepreneur … only one of these is really interested in Split Tests).

What if you gave away your best product for free? Something so good it sits on your dream clients desk every day (Note: cheatsheets/systems could be a good idea here?)

Second Upline (one of Russell Brunson’s businesses for Network Marketers)
Bait: “I’m going to show you how I got 7,498 paid members in 45 days”

Would find all the communities/groups for distributing a product (as a network marketer) and throw in the “Second Upline” bait. - Print on-demand CD/DVD, cover art and self mailer (try “dotcomsecrets” as a discount code to get 50% off? $50 signup. $5.95 US. $7.95 International… start with print-on-demand once it’s working bulk buy 1000 to get big discount)

Pick out the ONE thing. The CORE thing. The SEXY thing. As your BAIT.

Do a Webinar, if it’s converting like crazy then turn the recording into BAIT. e.g. Frank Kurn - “How I Created A $175,000 Per Month Consulting Business in 90 Days” started as webinar, then auto webinar, then starts to go stale so got transcribed and turning into physical book - and used as bait for free + shipping.

Sad reality - majority of people won’t even watch/read the thing you send them. You want it to be good - but it doesn’t need to be perfect. You still have them hooked.

You never want your upsell to be selling the same thing… if first things was getting more leads then the next step might be getting more traffic… then the next things is XYZ. Always the NEXT STEP.

The word FREE is the MAGIC word in marketing.

DVD $4.95. Book $9.95 … loose money on the frontend (fine because amateurs focus on the frontend). So long as it’s under $10 and it’s a valuable product (worth more than $10!) you’ll be fine.

In the direct mail … when you’re sending free + shipping … add in sales letter that sells people on the $25K/yr offer. Converting just one of these pays for all the other losses on the direct mail.


Found Russell Brunson’s old YouTube videos. It’s humbling to see him 9 years ago!

In particular this one was interesting to me:


Step #1 – Traffic Temperature


  1. Feels stuck in the Rat Race (he read Rich Dad, Poor Dad a few years ago and loved it)
  2. Searching the internet for ideas for how to make money online
  3. Is spending too much time at work, missing family time/balance

Problem Aware (-> Facebook)

  1. Makes good money, but has cashflow problems
  2. Makes good money, but wants more to have more options & flexibility in life
  3. Limited time (with a family), so building a product seems daunting
  4. Limited time/skill with writing - so blogging seem daunting/risky
  5. Doesn’t have an audience or a product but wants to make money

Solution Aware (-> Facebook)

  1. Wants to make more money, and with limited time, knows that being an Affiliate is a good option (leap frog the risk of the initial product creation and product market fit testing)
  2. Some knowledge or experience with Facebook Ads
  3. Some experience with Landing Pages/Squeeze Pages (but perhaps not Sales Funnels)
  4. In communities/groups/forums that are talking about solutions/strategies
  5. Listens to Passive Income podcasts, understands recurring revenue, wants a lifestyle business.

Product Aware

  1. Knows all about ClickFunnels
  2. Knows that ClickFunnels has a great Affiliate program
  3. Just discovered the Affiliate Bootcamp and is thinking about signing up
  4. May not yet know about the What’s Your Dream Car bonus
  5. Has seen some public posts on AffiliateTeams, knows that it’s invite-only
  6. Has had interaction with someone inside the AffiliateTeams (e.g. Chris helping them out in another forum)

Most Aware

  1. Has had success as an Affiliate
  2. Has had success (or is sold on the idea of) mastermind and accountability groups and is again seeking one.
  3. Has heard a lot of good things about ClickFunnels
  4. Has good things about ClickFunnels Affiliate program, Affiliate Bootcamp and What’s Your Dream Car bonus.
  5. Has just registered started the Affiliate Bootcamp (but not yet started ClickFunnels 14 Day Trial)
  6. Has heard a lot of buzz about AffiliateTeams and really wants to get in (seeking out others for an invite)

Step #2 – Your Pre-Frame Bridge

Most important part of the funnel. Starts with the Ad -> Solution -> Product -> Order. Build the trust.

Set the mood and mindset for the visitor.

For COLD traffic the pre-frame needs to do more - provide information about why you’re making your recommendation (e.g. backstory).

Your Ad is your first impression.

By changing the environment, you change the relationship (video, webinar, sales letter, forum post comment, messenger chat)

Welcome new affiliates to the ClickFunnels Avengers group. Try to give them value and engage with them to give a good first impression of being there to help them out.

“every day man” impression on videos … “I’m in the trenches with you figuring this stuff out at the same time… hustling and learning and hustling again”

I’m hear to get you results, but not blow smoke up your arse and sell you snake oil.

Frame Russell as a marketing genius and the person “coaching” you in the Bootcamp

Step #3 – Qualify Subscribers

AffiliateTeams registration

Squeeze Page - to access Viral Share Funnel

Step #4 – Qualify Buyers

Unless purchased ClickFunnels under my affiliate link, then user must purchase DotCom Secrets or Expert Secrets before getting access (it’s a <$10 barrier to filter out “dabblers” from people that are “all in”).

Viral Share Funnel will help qualify buyers within a 14 day window

People in the Expert Secrets group and some other Click Funnels groups may already be qualified as buyers of ClickFunnels/Russell Brunson products.

Step #5 – Identify Buyers In Heat

When gaining access to AffiliateTeams, entrants need to buy one of the books - if they buy an upsell or both books then they are in heat. (see affiliate sales .csv and look for purchases within a short timeframe form the one buyer - based on email address)

If doing the Viral Share Funnel and they are powering through the steps quickly and spending money on ads they are in heat. if purchased ClickFunnels right away (particularly for several months) then they are all in.

Step #6 – Age and Ascend The Relationship

Through AffiliateTeams posts and comments.

Through Avengers FB Group (and others) posts and comment and helping them.

Checking in on Daily Journals and Mastermind notes.

Joining/Hosting Google Hangouts

Step #7 – Change The Environment

In person Events / Working Holidays / Hackathons.

1 on 1 Zoom Call

Send personal video to say thank you or congratulations or to offer them something valuable

Put email content into a PDF … email makes you click through to the PDF

Webinars or Teleseminars

Interview person for publishing on video podcast

Interview for testimonial

100 Visitor Test (Bonus Notes)

You want to compare 100 visitors vs 100 visitors … it’s all about comparison of these cohorts.

…it’s all about understanding how to get your dream customer to say YES the first time… and then to say YES many more times

YES starts with the Ad

As an affiliate your “job” is to determine how to engage and get that first and second YES (Ad and landing page/email optin)

How can I make the barrier to entry easier… and say YES to this offer?