Day 6: Creating Your DCS Book Offer

Day 6 - Step 1 of 5: Creating Your DCS Book Offer

Today we craft your first front-end funnel for the DotCom Secrets Book.

Video - Day 6 - Step 1 of 5 - Creating Your DCS Book Offer

Source: ClickFunnels™ Affiliate Bootcamp

Step 2 of 5 - Download The ABC Ignite Workbook

PDF - Day 6 - Step 2 of 5 Download The ABC Ignite Workbook

Source: ClickFunnels™ Affiliate Bootcamp

Step 3 of 5: Adding Affiliate Links to Facebook

Get clarification on ClickFunnels™ recommended method to adding links to your Facebook ads.

Video - Day 6 - Step 3 of 5 - Adding Affiliate Links to Facebook

Source: ClickFunnels™ Affiliate Bootcamp

Step 4 of 5: Walk-through: 31 Building Blocks of a Funnel

Get a step-by-step walk through of how to use the 31 building blocks for your affiliate funnel.

Video - Day 6 - Step 4 of 5 - Walk-through 31 Building Blocks of a Funnel

Source: ClickFunnels™ Affiliate Bootcamp

Step 5 of 5: Walk-through: Creating Your DCS Book Affiliate Funnel

Get a step-by-step walk through of how to find your best traffic sources.

Video - Day 6 - Step 5 of 5 - Walk-through Creating Your DCS Book Affiliate Funnel

Source: ClickFunnels™ Affiliate Bootcamp

ClickFunnels™ Affiliate Bootcamp

:arrow_right: How To Retire In 100 Days As A ClickFunnels Super Affiliate

ClickFunnels™ 14 Day Free Trial

:arrow_right: EVERYTHING You Need To Market and Deliver Your Affiliate Offer!

ClickFunnels™ Funnel Hacks

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Article on the Redirect Override feature


Copy + Paste the following into a Reply and fill in the blanks…

Pre-Frame Bridge

Qualify Subscribers

Qualify Buyers

Identify Buyers In Heat

Age and Ascend The Relationship

Change The Environment


The 31 Building Blocks Of A Funnel

PreFrame Bridge

  • Quiz
  • Article
  • News
  • Blog
  • Video
  • Email
  • Presell Page
Example 1: Mind Movies

More than doubled conversion on Facebook traffic.

FREE 30-Second Quiz Reveals The #1 Income-Crushing “Lie”

Sub Headline:
You’ve Been Believing Without Even Realizing It That May Be Blocking You From Making the Money You Want

Call To Action:
Start the 30-Second Quiz Now!


  • Video looks like a basic Prezi Slideshow (
  • Trust seals at the bottom & small text re: no spam, looks very professional.

How would you best describe your relationship with money?

  • I’m abundant! Money flows easily to me.
  • I’m just getting by.
  • I’m downing in debt.

Do you feel empowered or disempowered in your life

  • I feel empowered!
  • I Usually feel disempowered.
  • It’s about 50/50.

Time is…

  • Abundant! I always have time for the things that matter most.
  • Scarce. I feel like there’s never enough time in the day.

Do you tend to focus on details? Or the "big picture"

  • I have an eye for fine detail.
  • I’m more of a big picture person.

When an opportunity presents itself how do you react?

  • I Jump at the chance!
  • I Weigh out the pros and cons, then decide.
  • I feel fear, fail to act and usually miss out.

It takes money to make money.

  • True
  • False

Do you have a need to be “in control” of your life?

  • No, I’m happy to just “go with the flow”
  • Yes, I have an obsessive need to control everything.
  • Sometimes. I tend to pick my battles.

Does fear or doubt ever interfere with attaining your goals

  • No way! I’m super driven
  • I’m often overwhelmed with doubt.
  • I don’t set goals for myself.

Your Internet business earns you $10,000 this month. You…

  • Worry about when the other shoe is going to drop. This is too good to be true!
  • Feel satisfied and decide to take a few weeks off.
  • Keep working to see if you can increase your income to $20K next month.

It’s Time To Get Your Results!
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Email: ___________
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Example 2: BodyEvolution

1 question quiz. Questions used to pre-frame (wasn’t even on Dr Oz, Biggest Loser or Jillian Michaels). The questions aren’t used to segments or anything - just used to get the first engagement from the user.

FREE Video!

“My Weight Loss ‘Dirty’ Little Secret…”

How did you hear about us?

  • Dr Oz
  • Biggest Loser
  • Jillian Michaels
  • Other

Call To Action:

Step #1 - How did you hear about us?
Step #2 - Get access information
Step #3 - Get your access!

Example 3: DotComSecrets

Includes clear breadcrumb to show users the length of the quiz, it’s steps and where they are up to in the process.

Note that driving traffic from Facebook and the first option has Facebook pre-selected for “how did you hear about us” - so it’s very easy to get the first click on “Next Step”

Also has “Prev Step” to go back and adjust your answers.

FREE 2 Minute Quiz Reveals How To Double Your Traffic, Conversions And Sales…

Start The 2 Minute Quiz Now!

Call To Action:
Next Step


  1. Start
  2. your company
  3. you funnel
  4. your traffic
  5. your conversions
  6. your sales
  7. results

1. How did you hear about us?

  • Facebook
  • Email
  • Radio
  • Tony Robbins
  • Dan Kennedy
  • Other

2. What type of company do you own?

  • I’m an Author, Speaker, or Consultant
  • I’m an Information Marketer
  • I’m an Affiliate or Network Marketer
  • I Sell Physical Products (ecommerce, supplements, etc)
  • I’m A Business Profressional (Financial Planner, Chiropractor, Dentist, etc…)
  • Other

3. What does your current online sales funnel look like?

  • I have a complete funnel (frontend products, backend and continuity, etc)
  • I have a partial funnel
  • I just have a website
  • Nothing in place yet

4. How many visitors per day are you getting now?

  • Over 50,000 visitors a day
  • Between 10,000 and 50,000 visitors a day
  • Between 1,000 and 10,000 visitors per day
  • Under 1,000 visitors a day
  • No traffic yet…

5. How many tests per week do you run on your current funnels?

  • 10+ tests
  • 5-10 tests
  • 1-5 tests
  • I don’t currently test my sales funnels

6. How do you currently convert most of your traffic into buyers?

  • Video
  • Sales Letters
  • Webinars
  • The Invisible Funnel
  • Other

7. Results
It’s Time To Get Your Results
Enter your email address below to find out how the quickest way to double your traffic, conversion and sales for YOUR company.
________ Enter email ___________
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Example 4: Article / Blog / 3rd party testimonial

Ask a customer that has had a really good experience to write an article about you on their blog, drive traffic to that and in the article it has links back to your product. Win Win. Great for Facebook traffic.

Example 5: YouTube page / video

Go watch this awesome video, they watch it and it sets the pre-frame. The videos’ call to action is to go to the squeeze page.

Example 6: Presale page

Tells a story “from zero to hero” - like an article and like a sales letter but different.

Qualify Subscribers

  • Squeeze Page
  • Pop-Up
  • Squeeze Pop
  • Free + Shipping 2 Step (the 1st step)
  • Webinar Registration
  • Free Account
  • Exit Pop

Squeeze page - originated from when popups were popular and really effective, but then because they were so effective everyone used them and they started to get annoying - so browsers blocked them. So the idea with Squeeze Pages was to take the content of these popups and put it on the first page before you get to see the content. Get them on your list. Then follow up over and over again.

Takes someone 7 touches before buying… that’s why an email list is so powerful.

Qualify Buyers

  • Free + Shipping
  • Trial
  • Tripwire
  • Self Liquidating Offer
  • Straight Sale
Example: Survival Life - Free + Shipping

Free + Shipping - Physical Book or CD/DVD or USB/MP3 Player
Trial - A $1 30-day trial of membership site.
Tripwire - $7.95 report (low cost item)
Self Liquidating Offer - $27 goal is to break even
Straight Sale - $100 straight up sale

Someone of of these won’t work. So you switch it out for another one of these options (you don’t need to change the whole funnel).

Identify Buyers in Heat

  • One Time Offers
  • Downsales
  • Affiliate Recommendations
  • Bumps

Bumps increase the cart value at the point of purchase by adding something or switching the offer for something more valuable. A really quick “hey you bought this, you want this too?” e.g Gift Wrapping, Add a Gift Card, Express Shipping, etc.

Can do multiple upsells/downsells, bumps, etc to identify buyers in heat.

Age And Ascend

  • Product Launch
  • Webinar
  • Automated Webinar
  • Teleseminar

Change Selling Environment

  • Phone Sale
  • Seminars
  • Face to Face Selling
Example: Russell Brunson’s Inner Circle - Phone Sale


DON’T: Facebook Ad -> Your Affiliate Link -> Affiliate Offer

DO: Facebook Ad -> Your Affiliate Funnel Link -> Your Affiliate Link -> Affiliate Offer

ClickFunnels Currently Markets to 6 Segments:

  1. Affiliate Marketers & Network Marketers
  2. Authors & Speakers
  3. Coaches & Consultants
  4. Ecommerce
  5. Professional Services
  6. Retailers


  • “Attention Affiliate Marketers”
  • “Attention Affiliate Marketers That Want To DOUBLE Traffic, Conversions & Sales”
  • “Attention Entrepreneurs That Want The Full ClickFunnels Suite For FREE”
  • “Attention Affiliate Marketers That Wants To Prove To Their Wife WRONG (… Because YES Affiliate Marketing CAN Make Money If You Take Action)”
  • “Attention Side-Hustlers That Want To Earn 40% Recurring Affiliate Commissions”
  • “Attention Affiliate Marketers, Side-Hustlers & Passive Income Entrepreneurs”

How to [Biggest Desire] Without [Biggest Problem/Fear]

  • How to make $3880/Month Recurring Passive Income without an Email List, Website, or Product Of Your Own To Get Started.
  • How to Retire In 100 Days without the Risk of building a Startup or Product Of Your Own To Get Started.
  • How to Get Your First 3 Affiliate Sales without Taking Months & Wasting A Ton Of Money (you need a proven plug and play solution)
  • How to Get ClickFunnels Full Suite For Free (Forever) without Spending Your Families Time & Money.
  • How to Prove To Yourself (+ Your Partner & Kids) That You Really CAN Make $3880/Month Passive Income Online without a Social Media Following, Email List, Website, or Your Own Product To Get Started (skip the risk of building your own product, save time and jump straight into doing the thing that will actually make you money - marketing something awesome that people can actually buy!!!).

Click Trackers:


  • Who you are
  • What your talking about
  • Why it matters
  • How they get it

In the “WHY is matters to them” section tell a story about why it mattered to ME, how it changed my life, how the training helped me in the bootcamp (same training comes with the book?), what the training has done for me - some content in the book just in a different format. Tie the WHY to their biggest desire.

“I learnt how to automate leads by building a funnel, this has allowed me to get a lot of clarity on my business and where I need to go from here. I absolutely think you guys should pick up this book because it’s going to change your business and it’s going to change your life. The way to do that is to put in your name and email address here and you’ll be taken to the video that tells you all about how to get this book”

Promising a VIDEO at this point. The video and landing page tells them all about the book and sells them on buying it.


Pre-Frame Bridge

A piece of content where you deliver value BEFORE you qualify whether your visitor is a SUBSCRIBER.

You may need MULTIPLE preframe bridges before you ask for their email address

Get them to the point where it is valuable enough for them to share their email address with you.


  • Quiz - Similar to DotComSecrets quiz re: Double Traffic, Conversions and Sales.
  • Sharing My Bootcamp Notes in Facebook Group/s for ClickFunnels Affiliates - Key Takeaways
  • Sharing My Accountability Notes in Facebook Group/s
  • YouTube Video about ClickFunnels & It’s Affiliate Program? What’s Your Dream Car?
  • Welcome new members of Avengers Group and help them e.g. find group members in their city. Have link to AffiliateTeams on my Facebook Profile background etc. Their curiosity leads them to find out who I am and what I am doing.
  • Viral Share Funnel - Optin to access the 7 step course


  1. Ad (Problem Aware - Affiliates Double Traffic, Conversions & Sales)
  2. Quiz (from DotComSecrets example above - changed to focus on Affiliates)
  3. Using Funnels and DotComSecrets to increase results.


  1. Ad (Product Aware - ClickFunnels about to buy) - ClickFunnels 120% Discount - The ONE THING you need (it’s not a Coupon)
  2. Video explaining all you need is 3 active affiliate sales to have ClickFunnels for free, forever.
  3. Use Viral Share Funnel to get started with ClickFunnels and have it pay for it self.
  4. The Share Funnel is a SHORTCUT, and so is the DotComSecrets book - it explains the HOW behind this funnel to double you traffic, conversions and sales.

Value The Preframe Brings:

  1. Put into perspective the strengths/weaknesses in the affiliates funnel (or lack of one) and that they want to scale up to.

Where am I taking this person to? (the next step in the funnel):

  1. DotComSecrets Book
  2. Affiliate Bootcamp (Free)
  3. AffiliateTeams (A-Team Invite = Free/Uninvited = Free + Shipping Of ClickFunnels Book)
  4. Viral Share Funnel (Free) - get your first 3 customers!
  5. ClickFunnels Trial (Free)
  6. ClickFunnels Paid
  7. AffiliateTeams A-Team
  8. Funnel Scripts
  9. Funnel Hacks Masterclass
  10. AffiliateTeams Annual Event

Qualify Subscribers


  • AffiliateTeams .com registration
  • AffiliateTeams Facebook Group? … for finding accountability partners, sharing weekly wins/fails and rewards/punishments.
  • Create an AccountabilityTeams FB Group? - broader focus - include fitness, health, habits, etc?
  • If traffic came from Facebook could use Facebook Connect button to capture Facebook email address in one click?.. a more valuable email address. Also make sure the results are emailed to the person to get that initial email open.

Squeeze page

The major reason (benefit) my visitor has to exchange their email address for this valuable offer?
To find out what the FREE book is (keep it secret up till now) and how it will give them the results they desire.

Qualify Buyers

DotComSecrets - Free + Shipping … pre-framed by an offer (sales letter) that explains reasons/benefits for saying YES to the offer (and handles objections)

Download sales .csv in ClickFunnels affiliate dashboard… then put these people on a separate “buyers” list.

DotComSecrets ‘Order Page’ is a Free + Shipping page.

Write down how many people converted on squeeze page, then percentage of traffic that immediately converted.

Identify Buyers In Heat

DotComSecrets Cart:

  • The FREE DotComSecrets Book - $0 Commissions (hey, it’s FREE!)
  • $37 Audio Book “Bump” Offer - $14.80 each => 40% Commissions!
  • $197 Instant Traffic Hacks Upsell - $78.80 each => 40% Commissions
  • $297 Perfect Webinar System - $118.80 each => 40% Commissions
  • $0 - $197 Blueprint Workshop - $78.80 each => 40% Commissions

Look at sales .csv export from Affiliate Dashboard and find people that have purchased bumps, upsells or multiple products within a 48 hour period.

Write down the percentage of people that converted to “buyers in heat”.

Ascend these buyers as quickly as possible to the next step in their journey (the next offer)

Age and Ascend The Relationship

  • Age relationship through interaction on AffiliateTeams forum & Facebook group, also through email autoresponder sequence, youtube videos, webinars.

Change The Environment

  • 1 on 1 Google Hangout / Skype
  • Mastermind/Seminar/Live Google Hangout
  • Teleseminar with affiliate experts
  • In person event / meetup / hack-a-thon