Do It Yourself, Done With You, Done For You

Marketing Secrets - Podcast (Russell Brunson - Click Funnels™)

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The three step framework to move people through your upsells, as well as your value ladder.

On this episode Russell gives a brief description of how the value ladder works in very simple terms. Here are some of the awesome things to listen for on this episode:

  • Hear about the three tiers that are in the value ladder in simple terms.
  • And Hear how Peng Joon uses in his three tiers.

So listen here to hear this awesome, simple explanation of the value ladder.


Hey everybody, this is Russell Brunson. Welcome back to the Marketing Secrets podcast, I hope you’re having an amazing day today. We are about 7 days, 7 hours, 49 minutes and 53 seconds away from Funnel Hacking Live, going live, which is crazy. It’s hectic and chaotic over here. But I wanted to spend a few minutes pausing everything to jump on this podcast and share some thoughts with you.

Alright everybody, it is chaos here. We are moving a billion miles an hour. We used to always joke about how we get done in a day what most companies get done in a year, so we always call them funnel years like, “oh yeah, it was a good funnel year today.” because each day was that way. And now it’s more like, funnel decades. We get more done in a day, especially as we come to crunch time at an event, then most people get done in an entire decade. So we just got done with a funnel decade and it’s only like 3:00. So we’re going to keep on going and get a few more funnel decades knocked out.

Oh man, it’s crazy. But in the middle of this I’m working on ten different slide presentations, we’re recording voice over’s for videos we’re showing at Funnel Hacking Live, we’re recording videos for the coaching program we’re rolling out at Funnel Hacking Live. Plus, my kids have been sick, my assistant has been sick, people are puking, we’re planning flights for this trip. Oh my gosh. I wish I could, no one would believe me if I told them, but it’s insane.

Regardless, we’re having a fun time. Just one thing I wanted to share with you as I’ve been doing my slides and working my notes, one thing that was so simple but just kind of popped out, and I think it’s going to help a lot of people. And this is, we come back to the value ladder, we talk about a lot of times, you have someone, you grab them and you take them to this value ladder, where each step in your value ladder you provide more value to the customer, and in exchange hopefully they pay more money in each tier of the value ladder.

And I’ve seen a lot of companies and people get confused like, “As you’re moving up the value ladder, what happens, where do we go? What do I put in the first tier and second tier and third tier?” And it was funny, we were actually on the Two Comma Club cruise and I was showing behind the scenes of one Peng Joon’s funnels, and showed on the landing page of the funnel gives away a free plus shipping book, and the book teaches you what to do, how to do something on your own. In fact, I have in my notes here, “Do it by yourself.”

So you read the book and then you go do it by yourself. Then after you buy the book, then his upsell is a home study program where he does it with you. He teaches you how to do the thing with him, you watch a course and then you’re on your own and kind of doing it with him. And then the second upsell was the done for you option, where it’s done for you and he’s going to give you all the templates and the things he talked about in the training.

And it was really cool just watching just from the front end product, upsell one, upsell two, he shifted from showing them basically, do it yourself, to do it with you, to do it for you. And as I saw that, we were talking on the cruise about this funnel, I was showing it off and I heard him say something. He said, “If you look at all my value ladders, all my funnels, it’s always a progression from I’m going to do it for you, excuse me, you do it yourself. I give you information, you do it yourself, some kind of training program where we do it with you, or some kind of higher end program where we do it for you.”

And it’s interesting as I start looking back at my funnels, I see that pattern. Just between the front end, upsell, upsell, you see that pattern, but also from funnel one to funnel two, up the value ladder you see it as well. So that thing, that pattern just kind of follows itself.

So again, the front end thing is like, “I’m going to show you how to do this thing.” So you take it and do it on your own, do it yourself. So it starts with do it yourself. Then you provide them more value, send them up the value ladder and say, “Hey you can do it yourself, or if you want I can do it with you. We can do it in collaboration through a membership site or coaching program or something done with you. Or we’ll just do it for you. We’ll build the whole thing out for you.” Done for you. So do it yourself, done with you, done for you. That’s the pattern.

People do it through front end, upsell, downsell, funnel one, funnel two, funnel three, that pattern can fall as your sending people, moving them through your value ladder, either through the page in the funnel or up the value ladder from funnel one, to funnel two, to funnel three.

Forever it was always like, I sold a book that told you how to do it on your own, then we upsold Clickfunnels, which is how we do it with you. Login to the software, you can do it. Then we sold high end coaching programs and things like that where we built it, we did it for you. So it’s kind of a fascinating pattern that you see over and over and over again.

Anyway, that’s just a really quick tip I want to share with you guys today, because I know a lot of people struggle. Where does the value ladder go, what do we do, how does one weave into the other and visa versa? And I hope that kind of gives you guys some hints and some ideas. With that said, I gotta get back, I gotta eat my lunch really quick, and then I gotta go film about an hour worth of videos and then get back on my slides. So it’s a crazy day, I just wanted to jump in really quick and share that with you guys because I thought it was really powerful. And I think for some of you guys it’s going to be the piece, the key that breaks this safe open for you. So I hope you love it, I hope that marketing secret was a good one, appreciate you all, thanks for listening talk to you soon. Bye everybody.

Want 6 Months of ClickFunnels™ Full Suite for FREE?! (Massive Discount)

:arrow_right: Get Full Unrestricted Access to the Funnel Hacks System

Includes: 6 Week Master Class, Traffic Hacks, Inception Secrets & Email Sequences.