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Why Dave Decided to talk to Ben:

Ben Adkins is a Licensed Chiropractic Physician who grew his Practice using Facebook Marketing. He then helped other local businesses do the same in a little town called Poplar Bluff, Missouri. His focus on small business development has catapulted him to becoming a Guru of Internet Marketing. Ben realized that other local businesses across the globe need effective marketing, thus he created Closer’s Café; a resource for those who are looking to build their own ad agency so they can help their community thrive. Visit closerscafe.com to get more information on: How To Build a Successful 6-Figure Facebook Agency From Home.

Tips and Tricks for You and Your Business:

  • Evolution of Internet Marketing and technology (8:15)
  • Live and die by your calendar (12:38)
  • Helping Businesses within Social Media (17:00)
  • Knowing you Clients and foundation setting: (21:44)
  • Closer’s Cafe Blog: (28:16)

Quotable Moments:

“There is such a technology gap from there to here. We now have the ability to do things that we could never dream of before.”

“You don’t have to create your course, before you sell your course.”

“Its amazing all the things you can get done when you have a deadline on your calender.”

“If you can just get that first win with doing some form of internet marketing and then you can start stringing together wins, it’s amazing what happens one to two years down the road.”

Other Tidbits:

Ben discusses the importance of course creation and live teachings. He also elaborates on the importance of building a solid foundation by spending and planning your time doing the right things. Understanding the fundamentals is crucial to one’s success.


Speaker 1: 00:00 Welcome to funnel hacker radio podcast, where we go behind the scenes and uncover the tactics and strategies top entrepreneurs are using to make more sales, dominate their markets, and how you can get those same results. Here’s your host, Dave Woodward. Hey everybody. Welcome back. You guys are in for the ride of your life today.

Speaker 2: 00:20 So excited. This is a guy I’ve been following for years. I’m so honored to have been atkins today, so Ben, welcome to the show.

Speaker 3: 00:27 It is so good to be here in such an honor to be hanging out with you today like this was one of my favorites. This is one that comes down to the car. You know, sometimes you go to sleep by it. I think that’s sort of the fun thing about these writers. We got people falling asleep listening to this stuff, but that’s. That’s a very intimate place to be right it.

Speaker 2: 00:43 If I’m in your bed, that’s a good thing. I know. Oh No. I’m so excited. This is, again, for those of you guys who don’t know Ben, Ben starting off basically as the, as a chiropractor, getting it at getting leads from facebook and really has gone on to become the guru guy, the legendary marketer here in the industry when it comes to really local businesses and getting mad massive amount of traffic and leads for local businesses. So I was so excited to have been on. We’re going to kind of take this wherever it goes. But, uh, again, Ben, thanks so much for all that you’re doing. Anything you want to add to that before we dive into this?

Speaker 3: 01:20 No, man, I’ll tell Ya. It’s like you were saying it’s to have gone to school as long as I did to become a chiropractor and then to look up one day and realize, oh no, this is what you do. No, not that. This is your gig now this is, you know, and I wouldn’t trade it for the world, that whole experience, but I tell you, it was a, it was an interesting path to get from there to now.

Speaker 2: 01:41 Well, let’s talk about that path because there’s a lot of people who are in your situation years ago. We’re thinking, Gosh, you know, what else can I do? How else can I make that transition? Or, you know, I’ve got this skill set, but I don’t know if it’s really marketable and things. And again, we’re joking around. I think a only because the fact that your son’s turning seven, uh, you kind of figured that

Speaker 3: 02:00 2011, right? Right. So, you know, it was crazy. I, I got out of school and I did sort of the, uh, I moved pretty close back to where I was from and I only got into chiropractic because I’m, you know, I had a really good chiropractor where I was from. He seemed to be really successful and he seemed to have a cool life and everybody seemed to like this guy. People would travel from all over and I was like, you know what a cool gig. You get to help people and you know it. It’s not like a crazy expensive business. Once you actually get into it, it’s more of the expenses. Usually the marketing that’s, that’s the whole ballgame. Um, and I got into this whole Gig and I think I made the mistake a lot of folks I work for someone for a little while, decided that wasn’t for me and you know, it real quickly.

Speaker 3: 02:46 I’m like, no, this is the whole reason I went to school with so I didn’t have to do this. Uh, so I started my own practice and it was one of those things where, I mean there was not a lot of ramp up, but I had some money that I’d saved up. I had somebody that had borrowed from family because that’s, that’s always the best thing. Right. And, and I went out and I opened my practice up and um, you know, it’s funny. It’s one of those things where it was a oh crap moment pretty quickly I opened the doors up and, you know, I knew I had to do marketing, I had done some marketing, but the first week, like we’re sitting there, we’re getting the place sort of an order. And the only person that comes in is my account and he comes in and like the first week it was like, thank God my accountant who was just, I think felt sorry for we have Ed.

Speaker 3: 03:33 So I had one person that had come in and, you know, I remember going to that weekend and just being like sitting there with like, you know, I kind of expected that, but we’re going to have to really get with it. And the very interesting part about it is, is when you open up a business like that and it’s not busy, you have a little bit of extra time to really dig into some things. And so it was really, there it was, you know, those first two or three months I look back and the fear and not sleeping and then go into work and it kind of do the stuff that side. It was really sort of figuring out, okay, how are we going to get people through the door? Because also the other mistake is not built in a big budget for marketing. So I didn’t have a bunch of ways to reach out to people, so I was on facebook, you know, I just happen to be on facebook.

Speaker 3: 04:14 This was sort of that time. Things were getting really interesting with facebook and uh, I started doing some things and researching all that everybody else was doing that was working. There wasn’t really anybody in the chiropractic niche that was doing it. Um, I was following people like, you know, Russell and I was following the Kurds and you know, all of the big guys, the Internet marketing space and I’m like, if I can apply what these guys are doing over here, you know, we can do some interesting things. And so we started doing some things on facebook, doing some, you know, some other things with Google Seo, things like that. And I tell you it was, it was a right place, right time sort of stuff. Within about six months I had a practice that was rivaling those that had been there 20 years and how busy we were.

Speaker 3: 04:54 And that sort of the moment that I was like, well, this is interesting, but, you know, starting to get busy and I had a lot of local business owners that were in the town that I was in and said, hey, you know, can you, can you come help us do this stuff? I was like, sure, yeah, totally. That was taking a lot of clients and the probably the best thing that ever happened was my wife said, listen, the chiropractics one thing, but if you’re going to work with other people and take time away, you better charge for best thing that ever happened. So the smart person in my life, you know, the one that’s actually got it together, it says do this. And so I did this. And so I started doing that. And pretty quickly because the marketing was working by it, I was getting clients help that wanted my help with that.

Speaker 3: 05:36 I started getting really busy and this was sort of the big turnaround for me. I, I sat down and realized this stuff’s working well. It’s working well when I applied to other industries, um, I don’t have time to take on more clients, but I would still like to make money, you know, helping other people. So I thought I was the first person to ever thought of this. I sat down in front of Microsoft word and started typing and I wrote down the things that we were doing that were working and he was selling it locally. Just people. I was like, dude, with you here, go read this. And then I, you know, you start to realize there’s people all over the world and there’s a much bigger marketplace and, you know, I won’t bore you with the details of that. But within about a year I had a business selling that stuff that, uh, was dwarfing the chiropractic office because it was just a much bigger marketplace.

Speaker 3: 06:26 And you know, I think it’s Kinda like Russell in the potato gun stuff that he talks about. It was one of those things where it wasn’t like I didn’t get rich at first doing that stuff but it. But it was something broke in my head and I was like, oh, this is what’s going on. Okay. And so from there, you know, I, I hired someone to come in and to help me with the chiropractic side and, and I didn’t mean for this to happen, but I was there, you know, three times a week. And then I was there two times a week and then I had not shown up in two months. And you know, and before I knew it was one of those things where I said, I guess this is my full time Gig and I tell you, I, I think the best part was somehow by the grace of God, I was blessed with the first set of customers that bought my stuff online.

Speaker 3: 07:12 Uh, were just amazing people. Of course, we all run into the stuff here and there. That’s not, that’s not representative of what this is. But the majority of the people that bought from us, we’re just the most interesting people on the planet. And so I pretty, pretty quickly determined. I was like, this is, you know, the people that I want to help. But at the same time, it’s funny, when I stopped the chiropractic office stuff, I kept doing this stuff with the other local businesses that were asking to. And so it was one of those things where I looked up one day and I said, okay, this was a really beautiful thing. I have people that are hiring me to do one thing and then I have a whole other set of people that are basically asking me to report on what I’m doing here and that’s working.

Speaker 3: 07:54 And so that’s, you know, a very, uh, short, I don’t know if there’s a short as it should’ve been, but as a short form of what happened to me between, you know, go into chiropractic school, graduating in 2000, seven to 2011. That’s sort of what happened. And it was, it’s been a crazy ride. It really has three. That’s just awesome. So doc, as we take a look at this thing, um, I know a lot of people can say, well, Gosh, you know, ben started this thing at the very beginning where it was easy and now there’s all this competition. Can someone really do the same thing now? Um, I tell you, you know, you get a lot of people that, you know, it’s, it’s changed. Like I couldn’t go back. I couldn’t do the same things that I did now to grow it, uh, that, that I didn’t grow it back then.

Speaker 3: 08:33 But what’s, what I think a lot of people miss is we have such a technology can technology gap from there to here. We now have the ability to do things that we could never dream of before. Like now I can know I can go in with the auto responders and things like click funnels, page builders and I can go in and do something in a matter of an afternoon that used to literally take me two weeks to a month. And you know, I think that’s the really interesting. Forget that it’s. Yeah. It’s one of the things when you see what you currently have, you, everyone always thinks, oh, it’s always been that way. I remember it took months to get a website up. My first website. I thought I was going to die. It was forever. And you know, even if you the template, it’s something that’s the thing that a lot of people miss.

Speaker 3: 09:19 Even if you had a template for something still copying that template over was it took forever and you know, we had wordpress back then, but it wasn’t the word press we have now and you know, doing all those things was very, very tough. And you know, another thing that we discovered and you know, I want to give this one of the things that you think you’ve thought of A. I look over at Russell, I’m actually reading expert secrets last night because it was just the next on my list. And so I got all the way through expert secrets last night and I’ve noticed that Russell’s been doing this. What are the other big things that we’ve started to realize was we can take the knowledge that we have or someone else has. And I think I discovered this probably in 2013, 2014 that it works for me is you don’t have to create the course before the course is.

Speaker 3: 10:00 So, you know, and that’s, that was a huge thing for us too, is you want going to repeat that for anybody who’s listening to this thing, please, please, please listen. I’ve never been set at one more time. Sure. The key is you don’t have to create your course before you sell your course. And that was the big thing for us too, is we go out and we’d be working with a dentist, let’s say, and we’d get some great results with a dentist and I’d say, well okay, we need to create a product about this because there’s a lot of people that will really be into it. And how we had been doing it for a long time, it’s just been a monster for us, is we will actually open the door. Say these are the bullet points, this is what we’re going to teach you, but it’s going to be live with the first time and you know, we’ll sell tickets to that and we’ll sell tickets to an event that is live.

Speaker 3: 10:45 And what’s really interesting about that is a lot of people would think, well, I’m not going to sell as much as I do it live. People really want to be a part of it the first time and be a part of the live thing. And they’ll, they’ll actually spend more money to be part of it live. And so a lot of what we’ve been able to do over the last few years is when we have great success, what was success with a local business or a method that we’re using with local business, we’re able to go out and say, okay cool, let’s do something where we can teach this live now. And we make money teaching. It’s very, very quickly without there being anything created because we do have the speed of, you know, of course creation they are, but we also have the speed of being able with tools like clickfunnels and Kajabi to build a members area or to put together the sales page is very, very fast and within a span, and this took some practice by the way, but within a span of maybe 48 hours, we can have all of the mechanics setup and ready to go and go out and tell people about it and it works.

Speaker 3: 11:39 I love it. In fact, it’s kind of funny. Russell’s on the process. We’re in the process of creating his next book, traffic secrets. Nice. And it’s again, because he’s learned from her experience, her last two books, the only way he’s going to do this is going to do a live event first and

Speaker 2: 11:54 teach it all. Now that’s all been taught. Now we’ve got the curriculum and we can take that and actually write the book off of that. So I think what you’re saying there is so key and that is live events are one of the best ways of creating products you can ever, ever imagined.

Speaker 3: 12:08 Yeah, that’s the thing. I think that for me, I was always. I go back to the Jason Fladlien days. For those of you that don’t know Jason Fladlien, Jason is amazing and hey, Jason always told me and I got some really great advice from him starting out. That probably changed my life forever. Jason says, if you can’t sit down and create it in one sitting, it’s over. That’s over. There’s going to be something that comes up. So what are the core things that we’ve really come up with? And this is whether I work with local clients and doing something for them or I’m working with people teaching, you know, the stuff that we’re doing. It’s always I’ve got to sit down at my calendar and say, this is the day, this is the day that this is going to get done, or at least my part of this is going to get done.

Speaker 3: 12:46 And whether that’d be a live class alive, a bit, whatever. And it’s going to be done and so my part has to be finished and so it’s amazing all the things that you can get done when you have a deadline on your calendar, you know, and it’s amazing how you can stretch it out if you don’t. Oh yeah. I think that that is the probably the most important thing for me is I live and die in my income, goes way up and way down by my calendar. And you know, we’ve got a lot of recurring revenue. We have a lot of those things coming in right now. It’s very predictable. But in terms of if I really want to make the, you know, put points on the scoreboard, I know where I started, it’s my calendar and I, it’s like, okay, this has to be done by this date or you have to be ready to present it

Speaker 2: 13:25 live by the state. Now staff can take it from there. But that’s super important. Oh my gosh. We are two comic callbacks program. We rolled out a funnel hacking live. It’s all based on that one thing. And it’s a flat to a promo is what we refer to it as, you know, it’s letter, basically a letter, let her go and type of moment. And that is you’re either gonna sure they’re going to die or you’re going to create it. And we, even today we were talking about it, we’ve got a large, you bet we have coming up here next month and it’s the same thing. You look at our calendars and Russell just did a podcast on it where those deadlines, even though we are a successful big company, we still live and die by deadlines. It’s not our team knows, you know, we were not pushing that out. It’s going to launch here. So get ready. And that means late nights. It’s whatever it takes, it has to happen. So I. Gosh, then it’s so cool just seeing the success that you’ve had by living, by those principles.

Speaker 3: 14:18 Well, I think that’s the thing. If you really look around, and of course there’s exceptions to the rule, but if you really look around at those of us that have been around for a little while and we sort of see what’s going on, but those of us that have stuck around, those of us that have not only stuck around but grown and you know, I think that’s, that is a common theme that they very much live by their calendar and they very much live by, you know, being able to be speedy with how they put certain things out, but also maintain a level of quality even though there is a lot of speed behind the way that they’re doing it. I think that that is a huge, huge key to the whole ballgame.

Speaker 2: 14:49 So yeah, I love it. So Ben, tell me what, uh,

Speaker 3: 14:52 what industries are you in right now as far as local business? I know you guys have dentistry, you’ve got chiropractors. I think you can do some legal stuff. I mean, you’re all over the place. It’s really interesting. You know, I, I have all these things that we like to do in terms of, you know, Internet marketing and teaching and things like that, but I always love the things that you can do that don’t require a lot of your time. Um, but bringing in recurring income every month and people stay forever, I think. I think that’s a, it doesn’t matter how successful you get, it’s always fun to have those things that you can set in motion, you can tip the domino and not really do anything else. And it’s money that’s gonna be for, for you five years down the road. And so we got into this thing and I had someone that was on our staff that we hired on that sort of fit this model once we started getting into it.

Speaker 3: 15:38 But we figured out, you know, facebook started to cut out all of the organic reach, four pages to the people that already liked them. Right. And so that was like a huge thing and so a lot of people kind of gotten this mode of okay, facebook, I don’t need to focus on that. What they didn’t realize, and, and we started seeing this because we had the local clients. What they didn’t realize is even though that organic went away, there’s still this really interesting thing that’s happened and now people do, really, two things were there after a business, you know, especially in smaller towns that they do this, they’ll go check it on google. So they go look at the website, but that’s sort of a here’s what the business wants me to see. And then they go to facebook, like I blown away by how many searches people are putting in because they heard it on the radio, they heard it through a friend or even just a city named chiropractor.

Speaker 3: 16:26 And then they’ll go click on one. And so I, I didn’t realize this for a while, but the facebook search got into a big deal. And so the one thing that has to be happening, uh, for a business, and I do this actually at least a few times a week, especially when I’m traveling, I’ll get on, I’ll search a place and if there’s no content on the facebook page, I’m like, what’s that? It not only is it dead on the facebook page, it’s probably dead inside, you know, so I was making these really interesting psychological jumps and I said this is, this is the thing, and so we started going to businesses and we said, you know what, if we could go out there and help them with their social stuff everyday, and we, we built out this silly model of, okay, we’ve got 180 posts for chiropractors.

Speaker 3: 17:09 Great. They look great. Took forever, took the art department forever to put 'em all together, but they look great and how quickly can we brand them per office? Okay. And from there, how quickly can we put them into a software program that rotates? So it goes through all of the posts, two posts a day at the end of three bucks at rotates, because nobody’s going to know three months apart, two posts a day, 180 posts it, it started and we started figuring out how to scale something like this. So we’ve got a hundred 80 posts. We use it for just about every office that we’ve got and then we step it for the office that takes you 20 minutes with, you know, a piece of software and then we put it into the mix. And this is something that businesses are more than willing to pay if you’re not doing social media management.

Speaker 3: 17:51 Social media management is like a 500 to a thousand $2,000 a month thing, right? Nobody wants to. Nobody on a local level wants to pay that, but you go in and you charge them 100 to $200 a month for something like that all day. And so we got on this really weird tear of chiropractors, dentists, Jim’s, you know, people that are everywhere. There’s a lot of independence and it’s not so much chains. And uh, we started kind of going into that business and you look up one day and you realize, okay, this is killer, like, and these are, and nobody ever asked for anything else. Like it’s there, it’s doing it. They’re happy because they’ve got content all the time. So even if they want to post your own content, they’ve got some sort of bad is what we started really realizing pretty quickly with that is it helps them up in the search rankings and facebook which are becoming actually more important.

Speaker 3: 18:37 So what we have gotten into is I don’t do a lot of lead Gen marketing just straight coming out and selling legion anymore. What I do now is I go in and we find businesses that will do like a facebook posting thing and then we have this bed of clients now that are paying us 100 to 200 bucks a month. And then we go in for the certain ones that had it, you know, they just got something special going. They’re the ones that, you know, you can see out of all your clients, they really have something. We say, okay, we want to run a lead Gen campaign with, you know, this is going to be the one that’s $2,000 a month, something like that because they can actually make it back. And so we’ve built this really interesting business and you know, we did this ourselves first.

Speaker 3: 19:17 This was something we wanted to get really good at. And then this is where the interesting thing started happening. I started sort of teaching it to my normal crew of Internet marketers and they started doing it and of course you had your crowd of people that are always the top performers. They go kill it, they kill it, they kill it right away. But what we also started finding is there were people that we have been helping for a long time. They just couldn’t seem to put it together. You know, there’s that crowd that you love them. They’re just such good people. But they couldn’t put it together. And a lot of these people were able to do this because I think it was a much more simple and you know, there wasn’t a lot of variables with that. So I kind of got into this mode of I’m like, okay, we’ve got to have a whole section of our company that if I’m teaching email marketing and product creation and that’s not for you, I can say go do this over here because this is the thing that if you start here, you’re going to get your wind and I found that that is the number one thing with all that we do is if you can just get that first win with doing some form of Internet marketing and then you can start stringing together wins.

Speaker 3: 20:15 It’s amazing what happens a year, two years down the road. If you’re starting to build it up. Plus you got a little recurring income to start giving you a little more time. So that’s. That’s been the focus. The last little bit is really building out the systems for that so that. I mean we had it built into our business, but building out the systems in a way that we could give it to other people so that they could go do it. And so far I’ve been super jazzed because I have people, like I said, that were just years into this, couldn’t put it together and now they’re, they’re successful with that, but they’re also starting to put together other things that are much more advanced and they’re getting winds. They are too. And I think that’s the thing. It’s with what we do. It’s so confidence based, you know? So anyways. Yeah, that’s the core.

Speaker 2: 20:56 This is why I love having, I’d love talking. You just drag vod value bomb after value by. So I seriously. So again, if you guys are, listen, this guy’s stuff, whether you’re a local business or not, I might. Gosh, the importance of getting a win for yourself, a win for your clients. I know for us at clickfunnels is one of the main things we’re looking at doing right now is trying to add some quick wins for people that come on. I mean obviously as a SAS company man, we’re always concerned about churn. We’re always looking at that type of thing. But even as a local business churn is important to you as well. I mean, yeah, I love the fact that you’ve got this huge ground floor of success from people who are basically paying you on a monthly basis. You’ve got monthly recurring revenue coming in and then from that you just kind of pick, pick the clients that you want to work with that are your best opportunities and it’s just what a great, great way of looking at a business.

Speaker 3: 21:43 Yeah. And you know, that’s what’s so great is once you sort of get past that initial um, you know, sort of getting to know your clients and getting the foundation set for them, um, you know, there are funnels that work, you know, and we built these originally on clickfunnels, you know, a couple years back, we started building these things and it’s, there’s things you can give away a local market, get people through the door and with the ones that we’re looking to work with, if you can just get people through the door, it’s over. It doesn’t matter why they came in, if they can just meet the doctor, if they can just meet the lawyer, if they can just get in there the first time, you’re good and they’re going to be your people forever. And so that, that’s the big thing is we had all these great legion funnels because that’s what I used to do, you know, out of the gate.

Speaker 3: 22:23 That’s what I used to do. But what was so great is now. Whereas I would walk into a business and the only reason I love this stuff by the way is, you know, sometimes it’s hard to build your first product. Sometimes it’s hard to sell a physical product, but there’s a million chiropractors out there. Well not really, but there’s a lot, you know, there’s a million dentists out there and there’s so many of these people that have tried to do certain things and they need help and they want help and if you put the right price tag in front of them, which, you know, low ticket but recurring, it’s a really big thing for them. And then, like I said, you had get them some results there. They get happy with what’s going on, it’s super easy to now come in and say, well, we’ve got these funnels that have been working all over, um, or I know this, this chiropractor that has these funnels that have been working all over and to put them and implement them and now you’ve got their trust and they’re willing to take a chance on things with you. So it’s, it’s been a lot of fun and it’s been a lot of fun seeing other people be successful with it too.

Speaker 2: 23:15 So. Awesome. So tell me, I know in the local market I’m here a lot as far as, you know, reviews and things like that. Is that, uh, an opportunity? It’s something that’s.

Speaker 3: 23:26 Yeah. What’s, what’s real, what’s not real about the whole review thing? What’s interesting is, you know, I think a lot of, uh, a lot of what happens the local markets with, you know, people that actually have brick and mortar businesses is there’s so much to do. And there’s so many of these big companies out there that are, that are really targeting women, so there’s, you know, like the high booze and the know, like the big, big companies that are really targeting them and they’re pitching a lot of things at them. But I think a lot of these local businesses don’t know really what matters. And so I think what we really try to extend out to anybody that we help or the, you know, we’re teaching people to go help people. It’s really lock in the things that they need to do and in what order.

Speaker 3: 24:06 Okay. So I think that’s the key is you can do everything. You can do all these things. You can spend so much money just like with what we do. Right? But, but there’s an order to things that makes a lot more sense. So we always tell people the first things that we do with local businesses, you’ve got to have your website looking great. And you know, it has to be somewhat seo friendly at least. But at the very least, it’s got to be looking right because a lot of times the local market, it’s just about someone telling their friend about something great and then they’re going to go stock the business for a little while. So the first thing is you have to have that website looking great. That is such an easy thing at the at this point. But the second thing is you have to have your facebook page producing content because I think a lot of people miss out on how many people are coming there to get an inside look at what the business looks like.

Speaker 3: 24:50 And I, like I said, I got my phone right here and it’s, it’s crazy to me how I will not. I guess I’m lazy. I don’t switch over to safari from the facebook APP and I’ll just search for the business there. So those are things until those things are locked in that that’s the big thing. Now, the only other thing I’ll say is this, when you get into like your google my business listing, that is one of the easiest ways people get their foot in the door with local businesses to as they say, listen, I saw you here and I’m this. Something’s wrong with this. And did you know it said this? And businesses are more than happy to pay someone to fix those things because they don’t know how. It’s not even that they haven’t seen it. Most of the time they just don’t know how to fix it.

Speaker 3: 25:31 And then you get into like if you want to get into reviews, that’s a very interesting place to be right now because there’s a lot of big things like Google just came down with a, hey you can’t review gate. And that was something that was happening for a long time. And for those that don’t know what that is, that’s your inside an app, you know? Or like the company would send an email, hey, what’d you think? And they would select one of the stars and if they select the too low, they wouldn’t send you to Google. But if you selected really high, they would send you to Google to actually put the review there and there was. So what was really interesting, so is there was a lot of that going on that’s going away, but you’ve got a. you’ve got a lot of companies that are really on top of how important reviews are because I think we all, when we’re googling things from Ron, yeah, we’re all looking for that.

Speaker 3: 26:16 And I think a lot of times, you know, with local businesses where we tell them to do is say in your office, you’ve got this stream of people coming every day in your office, in your restaurant, you’ve got a stream of people ask, give them the opportunity so you know what we do a lot of times it’s the dumbest thing in the world. Now. I used it even charged for this because we’re trying to charge them for something else. But I say put up a sign that’s it. Put up a sign that walks them through how to do this because the people are coming into your business everyday. I already love you. Let them fill out and fix that stuff, and so a lot of what we’ve helped with that kind of, but I think it’s very good that you bring that up. A lot of what we do is literally we just have a step by step, this is how you go give our business a review and please go do it because it helps us and we put a sign up and it’s amazing how you can shift the balance of things between a business and their competitors just by leveraging the people that love them already.

Speaker 3: 27:08 So yeah, I love that. Super cool idea. I love the idea as far as the whole review game because yeah, it’s always fun. Anytime you take a look at the history of there was always some marketer out there, US included, who’s always trying to assist him. At first we can provide this and eventually it all comes back to the whole black hat. White Hat. White hat always wins out in the end. Yeah, without a doubt. Just the way I think if you can start off being white hat man, matter of luck to you and your business. Yeah, I mean it’s always one of those things where you have to be following the right people I think, and I think that the right people out there, they may piss you off from time to time, but at the same time you always respect that they’re trying to do things the right way and if you’re following the right people, you tend to, you know, it’s always who taught you, you know, you always seem how to do something and so that’s, that’s one of the big things is I’ve always stayed away from reviews because I was like, something’s not right here, you know, at the very least just tell people that like you to go in, but it’s, you know, but I also can’t fault anybody that’s done that because if you have, if you didn’t get an advantage getting advantage as long as it gets.

Speaker 3: 28:11 But now that it’s against you get away from it. Yeah. Well you were kind enough as we were talking earlier, as far as put some different things together to help our users out. What was, you got to some offer you were looking at that to closers cafe or something like that. So we got this blog that we’ve been doing and what this blog turned into, it was a boy from any sort of document, the things that we’re doing and you know, we, we, you know, you run into these things everyday that like, you know, or just these weird little pockets of the way business works or that weird thing and how this dentist’s office work. And so this was sort of a place for me to start documenting all the things that I was learning and I’ve always found it very, very helpful to go back and see certain things as it’s been sort of a marketing diary for me.

Speaker 3: 28:56 So closers cafe, we put that together and what are the things that we wanted to do for everybody that was listening to this. I think that there’s always this ramp up of things in experience that you have to go through when you’re in any business. And so, you know, we’ve been doing this local business thing for awhile and we’ve made lots of mistakes, but we’ve, we’ve nailed some things down and we’ve done some things in and so we have six funnels. We have some of our best things that have worked for local businesses. There’s a chiropractor, if there’s a dental, there’s a gym, there’s restaurants, there’s a couple key funnels that. And just about every market we’ve ever run these particular funnels in. We’ve made it rained for businesses. You know, we’ve got people through the door, we’ve gotten results and we’ve actually changed what their business was like because of that.

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