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  1. Where Can I Find Russell Brunson’s “Done For You” Email Swipe File?

  2. My Affiliate Account Says I Need to Submit a Tax Form - How Do I Do That?

  3. I Signed Up But I’m Not Getting the ABC Daily Emails From Kevin

  4. How Do I Set Up My Affiliate Account?

  5. Where Can I Find My Affiliate Links, And What Can We Track As An Affiliate?

  6. Where Can I Find Videos/Content/Branding From ClickFunnels?

  7. Can I Link to The ClickFunnels Privacy Policy, Terms of Service, or Any Other Policy/Legal Page?

  8. What Are The Average Conversion Rates For ClickFunnels & The Other Affiliate Products?

  9. Do We Need to Purchase ClickFunnels, Or Any Other Offer to Promote ClickFunnels or Take Part in The 100 Day Challenge?

  10. If I Don’t Have Actionetics Can I Use Another 3rd Party Email Autoresponder Instead?

  11. What Happened to The Content For Day 66+?

  12. Do We “Sell” During The Soap Opera Sequence?

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ClickFunnels™ Affiliate Bootcamp

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RE: Where Can I Find Videos/Content/Branding From ClickFunnels?

You are limited in what official resources you can use as an affiliate.

If you’re looking for video content then you can use any PUBLIC video on Youtube for your affiliate content. All other video content use is prohibited.

… this is the reason why the Bootcamp videos are not embedded in the Affiliate Teams forum. They are “Unlisted” videos. I’ve provided screenshots of these videos for reference, and hyperlinked this to the Affiliate Bootcamp membership site.

I wish I could have deep-linked directly to the page in the Bootcamp that has the video, but unfortunately the ClickFunnels Membership Site software doesn’t have unique URLs for each page - so you just can’t link to them (you can only link to the login page or the homepage :frowning: ).

Public YouTube videos from Russell Brunson/ClickFunnels are embedded in the Affiliate Teams forum (like the ClickFunnels Software Support videos, Funnel Hacker TV, Funnel Friday’s, etc)… This helps centralise your ClickFunnels information in one place so you can immerse yourself in learning (without getting distracted on YouTube!) and share your thoughts\notes\actions\results with other teammates.

P.S Life’s a lot easier if you minimise the number of “experts” you’re learning from… for me I’m going to try to just focus on what Russell is teaching. Instead of procrastinating and spending 80% of my time learning and then only 20% of my time taking action. I’m going to flip this over to 20% learning and 80% action. :muscle: