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Why Dave Decided to talk to Roland Frasier:

Roland is one of “the most interesting men in the world”, so why wouldn’t Dave want to interview him?!? Roland hopped form the lawyer yacht onto his investor battleship where he’s scaled 24 different 7-9 figure companies, and he’s having the time of his life while doing it. Introduced to the entrepreneurial world by his father, he’s here to share with us all his amazing insights about networking, scaling your business, and other tidbits he’s learned along his journey of entrepreneurship.

Tips and Tricks for You and Your Business:

(6:24) How much do you need to know about your financials as an entrepreneur?

(11:28) Learn from the successful, both living and dead

(30:48) Change is Guaranteed

(35:12) Value, You Have to Give it to Get it

Quotable Moments:

(9:08) “That to me is just the key: having that multidisciplinary approach to getting out of the tunnel vision of just having that one skill of an entrepreneur.”

(11:58) “That’s the key. You need to make yourself a student of success. You need to relentlessly pursue knowledge and experience in that.”

(25:39) “The key to rapid scale in business and in your life is to partner.”

(31:47) “One thing that is absolutely guaranteed is change”

Other Tidbits:

Roland has been on his own since 16, crushing the real estate industry

Want to better improve your networking? Try shutting up and just listening.

A lesson Dave is always trying to help his sons learn is the concept of attributing value to others


Speaker 1: 00:00 Welcome to funnel hacker radio podcast, where we go behind the scenes and uncover the tactics and strategies top entrepreneurs are using to make more sales, dominate their markets, and how you can get those same results. Here’s your host, Dave Woodward.

Speaker 2: 00:17 Everybody. Welcome back to funnel hacker radio. You guys are in for the ride of your life today. I am so, so excited to bring on a dear friend of mine, Mr Roland Frasier. Rolling. Welcome to the show. I appreciate it. So nice to be here. So if those of you guys who don’t know, Roland, Roland literally is the most interesting man in the world. He is the puppet master behind a million different brands. This is a guy who basically has been responsible for for literally over 20, I think 25 different companies, taking them for seven to nine figure businesses. The coolest thing for me honestly though, is he’s the guy who just makes things happen and you never really see all that you’re involved in rolling until you see the aftermath and you’re like, oh my gosh, I cannot believe all that. Roland’s done everything from digital, TNC and digital marketer and, and war room in addition to a million different other brands.

Speaker 2: 01:07 Uh, a guy who’s crushed it in real estate, uh, basically been on your own since you were 16 and yet god is real estate license at the age of 18 and just crushed it in real estate, a recovering attorney who basically created one of the biggest law firms in San Diego area before you went on your own, just doing your own investing in. And I think that’s the part I’m most excited is no. So many of our entrepreneurs, they start off rolling and probably kind of like yourself or even myself, where you get going. You think someday I would like to be there. And that’s where [inaudible] is right now. He’s there. It’s fun to point to where you’re at. I love seeing you. The, uh, you know, Gosh, there’s so many things. Let me just kind of dive right in and that’s great. So Roland, I do, I know for a lot of our lot of our entrepreneurs as they get going, they’re fascinated by people who have made it. And I know I, as I was going through some of the things, just really even a juror, your background and understanding that literally you’re on your own since the age of 16, if you don’t mind just share a little bit as far as what got you started, how you got this whole entrepreneurial bug and how all of a sudden you find yourself where you’re at.

Speaker 3: 02:25 Sure. Yeah. I, you know, I think what really got me into it was my father to this day continues to practice tax law and so he had a, just a continuing flow of really interesting characters that were in business, mostly entrepreneurs and he would help them plan their tax stuff. But the side benefit for me as this kid was, I’d see all these great entrepreneurs that were in my social life through my parents. And so I got exposed to everyone from real estate investors to grocery store owners that, you know, the Internet did not exist at that time, shockingly. But, um, I mean, I know I look like I like probably only 20 years old, but now I’m the, uh, the, the thing that was cool was just being exposed to that, you know, there’d be race horse owners and I’m just, you know, restaurant owners and manufacturing people.

Speaker 3: 03:25 And so I saw all of them and I was just like, this is really cool. These people are, they don’t have jobs, they work for themselves and they work to serve their customers and they found this, this place for themselves that’s in a market that makes sense and they’re able to have this great lifestyle from it. And so I just was like, I want that. I really am fascinated by that and I want that. And he gave me really great advice as a kid before. No, even when I was in high school, he said, you know, the, the two things that have helped me the most in business are having a, um, an understanding of how to read financial statements. And he took that all the way to being a certified public accountant and understanding what the law is, which, you know, he practiced. He still practices to this day. So for me, I, I, I saw that I was passionate about business. I started reading everything I could about business autobiographies from business people and um, and all of the best selling business books and then marketing and sales and everything else. So it just, I just caught the bug from all of those cool people that, that were in my life at the time.

Speaker 2: 04:41 I love it. And I think, uh, I know for myself, I was very similar to us with this whole concept of, of finding out about, you know, kind of behind the scenes. And the autobiographies for me were huge, huge influence in my life. Um, my dad wasn’t an entrepreneur at all at bay, was an attorney and he, his whole thing was, you know, you go to school and I was accepted to medical school, was supposed to go to medical school and the week before I supposed to go, I chose not to devastated my dad. And my mom was very happy now, but it’s uh, it’s interesting is as I take a look at, at your journey and, and really just how you, how you took that experience of other people and learning from them. It’s probably one thing that I admire the most about you is you have this ability to see into the lives and to the businesses and to very, very quickly assimilate the numbers, the legal marketing in a way that most people don’t.

Speaker 2: 05:44 A lot of people would say, oh, I understand how to market this. And you very quickly understand the financials. You understand really the business opportunity. And because of that, that’s one of the things that’s allowed you to really kind of played behind the scenes. You know, I joke around as far as being the puppet master, but you really are A. I know we’ve looked at doing some different deals together as far as possible acquisitions and, and it’s really one of the things I admire the most is your ability to understand the numbers as well as the business. Could you expound a little bit on, on how in depth the person needs to know as far as the actual financials, because I know a lot of, a lot of entrepreneurs, they’re like, know I’m let someone else deal with that and I don’t care about it.

Speaker 3: 06:24 Yeah. I think that that really just the ability to read a financial statement and know how income statement or P and l, depending on what you want to call it and uh, and balance sheets and cash flows work is really critical because one of, I think the leading cause of business failure is under capitalization and a poor cashflow management. And so that’s, that’s a critical thing to understand that you can’t put off on somebody else. Now a great cfo, a great chief financial officer or a really good accountant will be helpful in, in helping you manage those things. But, but to even get to the point where you can hire those kinds of people, I think as you’re getting started, you need. You need to know that just like I, I actually think that every entrepreneur should know how to use click funnels and build a funnel because themselves, because even at the CEO level, to understand what’s involved in such a critical component of the business as the marketing funnel or the financial statements is, is really key.

Speaker 3: 07:28 And if you understand how that stuff works, you don’t have to be like a whizzbang expert. I mean, and I certainly wouldn’t ever advocate that anybody do all that button pushing in their business forever, but, but the knowledge of those basics in all of those different disciplines from marketing to finance to hiring, to, um, you know, to sales I think really helps you have a holistic picture of the business. And so for me, when I’m working with somebody, like I’m going into a new business right now, I’m in the process of buying a real estate brokerage, right? A relatively large, fast growing one. And because I have all those, those places to draw from, I can take those and say, here are the opportunities that exist. And as you pointed out, I think that’s my superpower, is I can come into any business and say here’s at least six opportunities that are significant that we should be doing that we’re not, and here’s how we’re going to do them and here’s the prioritization and here’s how they all interlock to increase value and also have flexibility for multiple exits and things like that.

Speaker 3: 08:34 So having, having the ability to, to have insight into all those things I think is really helpful for people. So even just buying a book on, I think Keith Cunningham has a good book on how to read financial statements and um, and obviously Russell’s books on marketing secrets or Dotcom secrets, those things. And um, and just having basic understanding of all those different things, if you’re going to be in business, will help you, especially with all the people that you work with as contractors, employees, managers, and business partners. So that, that to me is, is probably the key is just having that multidisciplinary approach to I’m getting out of that tunnel vision that a lot of people have as to their one skill as an entrepreneur.

Speaker 2: 09:20 You know, I, I so totally agree. I know when I, when I first got started, I just thought all that matters. I’ll just make more money. I’ll make more money. That’ll solve every problem and it just doesn’t work that way. It certainly helps. It’s better than not making more money for sure, but it’s not enough. Again, I’m, I was just recently actually introduced to Keith Cunningham’s work and really been fascinated by it, so I’d highly recommend you guys take a look at the. There’s quite a few different books he has out there. Any of them that you recommend specifically

Speaker 3: 09:52 that one on reading financial statements. It might be like keys to financial statements or. I think he’s got a key in the title. I’d have to look it up, but that it’s a very thin book and it’s very rich in what you need to know.

Speaker 2: 10:05 I totally, totally agree. If a person wanted to kind of develop your superpowers, what additional things? Because I get enrolled, I’m always so impressed by it. It always cracks me up. Anytime I see you a networking and working with other people, you are so observant and so keenly aware of everything that’s going on around you as far as the people who’s talking to who, what, what’s available as far as not only actual tangible assets, but also the emotional assets in the employee assets. How any additional resources or ideas. If a person said, you know what, I would like to become more like rolling in that super power. What else? Where else could they get more wisdom in that area?

Speaker 3: 10:47 Sure. The, the, you know, as you and I talked about the, to me, I think the autobiographies and seeing how great entrepreneurs of the past have thought and and when they take the time

Speaker 2: 11:00 to share

Speaker 3: 11:02 that when they’re looking back over their lives, they will. They will identify those key pivot points in their lives and and looking at what they did and how they think and how they approached it, especially when they’re thinking back on it I think is absolutely invaluable. So people asked me who, who are your mentors? And I posted a, I think a week or so ago because I had a lot of people asking me at the end of the year and I said my mentors this week, our Henry Ford and John Rockefeller and Conrad Hilton, who all built amazing industry changing businesses and I read, I was reading actually listening to because I can listen faster than I can read listening to their autobiographies. And, and I think that that’s, that’s the key is you need to make yourself a student of success and you need to relentlessly pursue knowledge and experience in that.

Speaker 3: 11:59 So the, the other side of the coin is, you know, learn about law, learn about financial statements, learn about marketing, learn about hiring, learn about all of the different components of a successful business. Get as many mentors either live or, uh, or via a books and tapes and courses as you can network with successful people. Don’t network with unsuccessful people. So I belong to multiple masterminds and uh, and yours is a, as on the top of my list for 2019 by the way. So I’d love to chat with you about that after. But I’m being around people who are doing things and staying plugged into the current and by current I mean current like an ocean current of what is working and what is not and where things are going, I think is gives you those glasses that allow you to see around the corners of what’s coming next in your business and the businesses that you get involved with.

Speaker 3: 12:58 And then on top of that, I’d say go out of your way when without people asking. I mean don’t do it a officiously, but, but without people asking, I, I just go out of my way to try to find ways to help other people who are successful businesspeople and who are aspiring successful business people. And that interaction keeps me sharp. I’m always looking for as, as traffic and conversion summit taught me. I’m always looking for the up and comers. If you ever think that the incumbent marketers and the incumbent gurus of today are the only thing that you should study, I think you’re missing out on so much that the past has to teach from the Robert Collier’s and the Claude Hopkins is. And those folks, um, to the up and comers who are making headway in the business and you see them rising. So when I see somebody be mentioned several times in a few, in an, in a few different places as an up and coming entrepreneur, whether it be marketing or otherwise, I reach out to them and say, I’m hearing a lot about you.

Speaker 3: 14:02 I love what you’re doing. I would love to connect and get to know you better. So I’m trying to bridge the past, present and future at any given time. And then when I get the chance to be in the company of any of those people, I shut the hell up and listen to what they have to say instead of trying to prove how amazing I am, I want to know what they’re thinking and how they’re dealing with the challenges and what they see coming and all of that knowledge and experience and networking and helping converges into what helps me to be able to do what I do. Man, sage advice. I love it. I, oh my gosh. I think it’s one of the things that I’ve noticed so much with successful people is that ability to just

Speaker 2: 14:52 shut up and listen and not think that they know everything and it’s literally Russell and we’re talking about this just the other day, how, and I’m sure you’ve been around long enough to see it as well. There’s certain people who at one point were totally on top of their game and then thought they were it and that’s all that mattered and they stopped learning and they stopped growing and then all of a sudden they start to taper off and then all they care about a significance and they do everything they possibly can to go out and gain significance and yet they have nothing to give.

Speaker 3: 15:24 Yeah. Yeah. It’s, it’s, it’s amazing if a, there are plenty of opportunities to be found in people’s desires to be relevant and yes, so true. Right? So that, that’s. That is definitely, I think an important thing to know and, and to help people to be relevant. If you can help people to be even more relevant than they are or regain relevance than there are, they will forever love you and, uh, and help you and do anything they can to open every door they possibly can,

Speaker 2: 15:57 can do for you. I love it. Well, I’m curious, how did you get involved with TNC? So a marketer and more room. I mean, it’s this massive brand that you basically own.

Speaker 3: 16:09 Yeah, I, um, so I, I own it with, uh, with three partners, Ryan Deiss, Perry Belcher, and then Richard Lindner who is the president of, of digital marketer and that’s all under a holding company that owned several different things. But, um, I met those guys. I listened to one. So my, my internet history is, is fairly long and fairly, uh, from, from very early. Uh, so back in the days when there was Delphi and compuserve and then eventually America Online, right? I had deals with a compuserve and America Online. I had, um, I had lots of websites before when it used to cost me $50,000 just to put up a webpage, you know, because it was all tables in html and stuff like that even before css. So it’s, uh, it’s been a long, long journey there. Um, and um,

Speaker 3: 17:03 that, that stuff just led to trying to find out who could I look to, to learn from. And so around the, I guess it was a, at this point, probably the two thousands, like the 2007 ish. Um, I, I started, I found this group of people that seem to all know each other. It was Jeff Walker was doing pr just, he hadn’t really done product launch yet, but he, he did maybe a year or two after I ran across him. And then a guy named Jeff Johnson who was doing all this really cool, hi highly technical, get multiple servers to create link farms back and forth. And I followed all this stuff and it worked. I was like, wow. So I had, I actually still have all things. It’s funny, I get the bills for, I can’t, I just can’t bring myself to turn them off because I love the technical aspect, an aspect of building sites on multiple servers and ips and then sending those over to others and linking back through them.

Speaker 3: 18:03 But then I made a ton of money doing it. But along that time, uh, there was this guy, Ryan Deiss who seemed like he had some cool stuff and I can’t remember. He had a continuity thing, um, that I subscribed to that where he would give little snippets of code and stuff like that. And then he did this announcement that he was partnering with this guy named Mr x and mr x was doing crazy amounts of volume selling physical products online through Google and things like that through ad words. I remember that sales letter, right? Yeah. Wholesale traffic system. Right. And um, so I bought that and was blown away by it and when they announced that they were having a live event, I went out to it and it was the first t and c first traffic and conversion summit, which I think they, they said they had like 289 or 389 people or something like that.

Speaker 3: 19:00 And I was just, I wrote until my hand cramped. I, they, they didn’t run events so they were just free form, you know, just, just the whole time was not planned. No agenda, no breaks, nothing. And I’m like I’d have to go to the bathroom but I didn’t want to. I literally remember crossing my legs. I wish they would just stop, I have to go to the bathroom so bad, but I don’t want to miss anything they’re saying because I never stopped taking notes and I’m left handed. So when you handed the ink, you’re moving your hand over the ink that you just wrote with or you know. And so my hand is like black, my whole lower hand by my pinky and I got to go to the bathroom and still they’re just going on and on and it was so valuable and I’m a.

Speaker 3: 19:49 I later found out that they had no idea they were going to lose money on the event and they had no idea how they were going to pay for it. So they decided at the event they need to sell something and the only thing they could think to sell was a mastermind. So they, they decided to call it a war room and sell a $20,000 mastermind and they had I think 20 spaces or something like that and they ended up selling it out and I did not join. Then I talked to a couple of people that were joining and I was kicking myself for the whole year after for not doing that thing because I was like, I don’t know, you know, I’ve got. I had direct mail businesses and infomercials and all that stuff that I was doing. So I didn’t know how relevant the.

Speaker 3: 20:32 I knew I wanted the online info, but I don’t know how relevant that mastermind would be and then I was just even like, I had Fomo, like, or regret I guess for not buying it about a week after the things I should have done it and it was full so I couldn’t get in. And so then the second year I, I ran up to the desk and said I want to join the war room, and they said you can’t. And I was like, Oh, you’re kidding me. It’s still full. And they were like, oh no, we haven’t printed up the forums yet. I was like, oh, awesome. So I, I mean, so it’s really funny. I, I just, my experience was with all of their stuff was as a customer of TNC, a customer of digital marketer, a customer of the war room, and I was a member for, I think it was three years when I was helping them and I didn’t really.

Speaker 3: 21:24 I didn’t really have any big online business or anything at the time. I just wanted to. I, I really loved the marketing and I thought that there would be an opportunity to take their knowledge and apply it into my world, which was more buying and selling companies and you know, helping, helping to, like to buy a company, help to really blow it up in terms of sales and profits and then sell it. And so I started talking to them about that and eventually three years in and I was helping them because of my, you know, my legal and accounting and business background, the opportunity came to, to buy in as an equal partner and I’m with Ryan and Perry. And so I, uh, I took it and as, as a result of doing that, uh, they didn’t really have anybody, they had no plans to scale war room and TNC.

Speaker 3: 22:16 Ryan was not a fan of events and he’ll tell you to this day, he’s not a fan of events. They scared, they just scare me as nightmares the week before waking up, thinking that he showed up and nobody was there. Like he walked on stage and there was literally nobody there. So I kinda took over. Um, those two things and got to, got to scale them and grow them and we, we just exited a controlling interest in TNC. We’re still programming and, and um, you know, marketing and all of that stuff. But our partner is a giant events company called Clarion that has 250 different events all over the world and they specialize in helping you take things internationally, which I’ve been fighting with my partners to do for, you know, for the last two or three years. And it was just a question of focus and money and resources.

Speaker 3: 23:07 So having the ability to exit and get, you know, get a nice payday for ourselves, but also have the company funded the TNC event funded in a way that allows it to expand his has been absolutely magical. And so now we’re, uh, we’ll be in the convention center in San Diego starting in 20 slash 20. We’re doing one in New York at TNC in New York, the 17th, 18th and 19th of September. We’re in 20, 20. We’ll be in a Singapore, Amsterdam and probably China, assuming we can get everything together in time, but it’s a rapid, rapid, rapid rollout with the capital, the team and the skills that we need to do that. So it’s, it’s been really fun and exciting and we’ve got um, uh, I don’t know why. And when is this going to air out? It’s probably error a second week of January. Okay. So we’ve got Richard Branson should be coming out.

Speaker 3: 24:03 We’re in the final. We’ve, we’ve got him to agree to come out and so we’ve got giant people that are coming now because we’ve got the budget to do it, you know. So it’s, it’s just now. That’s cool. Super exciting. Yeah. And then with war room, same thing. We’ve, we’ve blown war room up now to um, you know, to almost 200 members and um, and are looking to double that in 2019 and now we’ve got somebody that’s interested in purchasing a controlling interest in that and our survival businesses, same thing. So it’s really fun. Now I’m a in 2019, I’ll be six years in as a partner and we have, will have had three exits, plus we still have another four or five, uh, ready. And then we ended up owning continuing interests in these companies, but funded by massive, big, uh, experienced partners that can really help us take everything to the next level role in that.

Speaker 3: 25:03 That’s a super power. You talked about it like it’s no big deal. We’re just going to scale this thing out. We’re still have controlling power, but just taking, you know, large checks off the table and I think that’s part of, you know, a lot of entrepreneurs like, oh my gosh, I would love to be able to get to that point. Yeah. And again, they can, I mean they, they’ve got through through the tools that you guys have given them. They have all of the basic things they need to catch fire and start that and then they just have to start thinking about the business outside of just the marketing. That’s, that’s key. And, and so for me and for my partners, obviously the, the secret to rapid scale and in your life and in your business is to partner you, partner with a, with a great spouse who will support you when you do all of the things that you want to do and the difference of people who have found that support and who don’t have that support is very marked, right?

Speaker 3: 25:58 The difference between having that partnership in your family life that allows you to have the time and the energy and the focus for your business life is incredibly important. And then for me, I’m not, I can market, I can write copy, I can do a lot of things, but I’m not the best at that. So I partner with the people who are. And then it’s, it’s like super friends, right? It’s like everybody or did the turtles or the power rangers. Everybody comes together and you have this super force that can just go and accomplish anything. And so like you partnering with Russell and um, you know, you guys have built a great team there that, that is key. So for anybody that’s listening that is just right now that that is experiencing success and they’re, they’re really starting to to find their space in their market.

Speaker 3: 26:54 The big cool thing is that now would be a great time to look for other people who are able to add the skills that you are not the best at so that you give your business the best chance to take off and you get to focus on the thing that is your superpower so that you don’t get distracted with all this other stuff. Because I see so many successful people who stop at a million or 5 million or 10 million or 30 million or whatever because they can’t. They can’t get past like. It’s like I don’t know how to hire a team or I can’t find the money I need or I just don’t have the vision of where to go from here. It’s all out there. Just partner with somebody.

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