Heavy Is The Head That Wears The Crown

Marketing Secrets - Podcast (Russell Brunson - FunnelHackerTV)

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For any of you who are struggling, I hear you.

On today’s episode Russell talks about being under a lot of pressure and why he continues to do what he does despite having enough money. Here are some of the awesome things you will hear in this episode:

  • Find out why Russell is feeling overwhelmed right now and how Garrett White helped him get back to work.
  • Find out why, despite making enough money, Russell continues to put himself in tough situations and inspire those around him.
  • And see what it means when Garrett says, “Heavy is the head that wears the crown.”

So listen here to find out how Garrett White helped Russell get back on track, and how that can help you as well.


Hey, good morning everybody. This is Russell Brunson, I want to welcome you the Marketing Secrets podcast. As I record this, we are less than a month away from Funnel Hacking Live. We are less than a week away from 10x and I’m feeling a little stressed and overwhelmed and I want to share something cool that happened last night.

Alright everybody, so I get people all the time who ask me, “Russell, do you ever get stressed out?” “Russell, do you ever get overwhelmed?” “Russell, you’re always so happy.” In fact, my sister, I love my sister, she’s the coolest. In her church there’s people who know who I am, and one of them asked one day, “Is your brother always happy? Is always excited?” and she’s like, “I don’t think so. I think when he’s on Instagram I’m sure he’s usually excited. But there’s times when he’s not recording when he probably isn’t as excited.” Anyway, she told me that and it made me kind of laugh, because obviously when you’re tired and depressed and sore, rarely do you click record on Instagram and be like, “Hey, this sucks right now.” Or you record a podcast you’re like, “This is horrible, I want to die.”

Yet, there are times it happens. In fact, it’s funny because two days ago on Instagram I did, on my Instagram thing I was like, “Today sucked. Today was really, really hard and brutal. But one cool thing happened.” And it’s funny, I got everyone messaging me, “Are you okay?” freaking out. And it just made me laugh because I’m like, there’s a lot of times that are tough, especially in the position I’m in right now. It’s funny how, you know when you’re, at least for me, when I was getting started and I was like, “Oh, if I just had money, then all my problems would go away.” And then as I have money I’m like, “Man, if I didn’t have so much money all my problems would go away.”

And it’s like, no matter where you’re at in the spectrum, the problems don’t change, in fact, the problems get bigger. Luckily, hopefully if you have been educating and working hard along the way, your capacity and your ability to handle those new trials and troubles and issues and problems, increases as well. So you’re able to handle it. But they don’t go away, in case anyone is wondering. “I’m just trying to make money so these problems will go away.” They don’t. So there’s a spoiler alert for you.

But they’re there and it’s hard. And right now in this season of my life and of this year, it is insanely hard. I look at, we’ve got two big events, the 10x events, which is happening in a week from now. I’m going to be speaking in front of 35000 people and you might be thinking, “Oh Russell, that’s easy. Just show up and just do your thing.” And it’s like, no you don’t understand what goes into speaking, period.

Speaking, if I were to just go and deliver a keynote, that’s one thing. I don’t stress about those at all. When I’m going to sell, there’s a ton of stress because there’s so much you have to choreograph. You have to create, you don’t just give a presentation, every word is scripted in the presentation, to be able to get somebody to break their false belief patterns so that you can actually serve them, and they’ll stand up and run to the back of the room. Then you’ve got to coordinate how you get people to the back of the room? How do you get their order form? Processing 3.2 million dollars in a night is not an easy process, as we learned last year.

This time we’re in front of 3 times as many people, I have no idea. I might bomb and only sell 50 grand, who knows, which would actually be nice because then it wouldn’t be as stressful. But right now, let’s say, we have 3 times as many people, let’s say we double how many sales we get, that’s 6 million dollars in sales we have to process in a night, with a whole bunch of people in a hotel room. That’s not an easy task. How do you do that? How do you coordinate it? There’s so much stress that goes into that.

And then this year, not only am I speaking once, Grant’s asked me to speak twice. So I’m speaking day one and selling Clickfunnels, and day two I’m selling a $25,000 thing. How many of you guys have ever sold a $25,000 thing in 90 minutes. It is not easy. I’ve never done it. At Funnel Hacking Live, we usually have a coaching offer at the end. But it’s a four day process to get people warmed up and build rapport and all those kind of things before you sell them that. So I’ve got to figure out how to write a pitch, and write a script to sell a $25,000 coaching program in 90 minutes, which is not an easy task in front of 35,000 people. And if I fail everybody’s watching me.

And then there’s this added thing of like, I could tell you all the stress, l don’t want to tell you all. But anyway, there’s so much behind it. And then I’m focusing all this effort on that, knowing that in 3 weeks after that, Funnel Hacking Live is starting. I’ve got 6 presentations of my own that I still have not started on for Funnel Hacking Live, and it’s like, oh my gosh. And then Traffic Secrets, the manuscript is due April 1st, and I’m not going to lie, I’ve got the outline and I’ve done events, so I’ve thought through the stuff, but pen to paper, I’m not even close.

So I’m in a state and a season right now where I’m feeling insane amounts of pressure. And on top of that we’re re-building the Two Comma Club X coaching program, and then we’re building and structuring our company, we’re still growing. By the way, on the side I’m running a 100 million dollar a year company, with 250 plus employees that is blowing up at all the seams, we’re hiring insane amounts of people all the time. It is a lot.

And I’m not telling that to feel bad for me. Don’t, please don’t feel bad. I feel really good this morning actually, I’m feeling really, really good. But I’m telling you this just to know that like, for those of you guys who are like, it’s all sunshine and roses, it gets easier and easier, it doesn’t. But your capacity and your ability to handle it gets easier, and that’s the thing to understand. What does Spiderman say? “With great power comes great responsibility.” I feel that.

Last night I was messaging Garrett White, because I heard him say a quote a bunch of times and I was like, I want, “Can you tell me that quote again?” and I’m going to see if it will let me switch of my recording here and read this while it’s still recording, I’m going to try. It might cut out, but let me see if it will work because it meant the world to me. Alright, it looks like it’s still recording, cool.

So the quote Garrett sent me says, “Heavy is the head that wears the crown.” And for me, just that phrase gave me comfort. Normally it’s like, “Am I doing everything wrong.” But it’s like, “No, heavy is the head that wears the crown.” And then Garrett wrote back, he said, “I hear you brother. There are few who can truly understand the pressure of being the king who is becoming the emperor. You got this. I have that feeling everyday and every day I have to remind myself of one thing, I chose this calling. Somehow inside of that reality, the crown although heavy, becomes doable.

“Many are called but few are chosen. To be chosen is a calling from God in my world. We are all called, but only the brave have the courage to choose the calling. You my brother are one of the few. It’s an honor to know you, it’s an honor to follow you, it’s an honor to go to war with you in front of 35,000 people. I have chosen my calling, you have chosen your calling. I see you. Thank you for choosing all in. You made it more doable for me to do the same. The end. Clap, clap. Boom.”

Those words, I don’t know if Garrett will ever listen to this, but those words meant the world to me last night and it gave me the ability to pause for a minute and to stand back up and to get back to work. So I wanted to share that with you guys because I know all of us are going through stuff, if you’re not it means you’re not trying, you’re not pushing, you’re not trying to grow, you’re not trying to follow the calling that’s been given to you. Like he said, everyone’s called but very few are chosen, very few actually step up to the calling and do it.

So for those of you guys who are trying to do it, just like Garrett messaged me, I want to message you and say, I hear you. I understand. I understand the pressure, I understand the fear, I understand the pain, I understand the worry, the judgment, all the things that happen when you decide to answer that calling and to step up to the plate and to pursue and do it despite all the odds, despite the fact that most of us are probably going to fail. Yet, we stand up anyway. Why? It’s because we’ve heard the calling, we believe it and we’re going to do it.

So for all you guys out there who are feeling that pain, I just want you to know that I hear you and I have empathy for you. With that said, it doesn’t give you permission to stop. You gotta keep going, keep moving forward because there’s people out there whose lives you will change if you don’t stop. And that’s what makes it all worth it, that’s why I’m killing myself. That’s why when my wife asked me, “Why are you doing this? We have enough money. Let’s stop.” And I say, “It’s not about the money. There are people, there’s people in that audience who I’m going to be able to affect with my message, with my words, and if I can do that, how many people can they affect?”

That’s why I’m doing Funnel Hacking Live, we got 4500 people coming to Funnel Hacking Live this year, it’s insane. The effort, the energy that goes into producing that, not a…let alone the event, but the selling of the tickets, it’s not an easy process. That’s 4.5 million dollars in sales in just ticket sales alone. The effort that goes into selling that much tickets is not easy.

So why do we do it? It’s because of the impact. I’m at the office right now looking through the window and I can see on the screen, we have a big TV that plays footage from Funnel Hacking Live and I’m like looking at the people jumping and the things happening and the people on stage. And it’s like, that’s why we do it. I know that if I can keep going, it’s going to give someone else the ability to keep going. I know that if I can get up, even though I’m tired, someone else is going to get up even though they’re tired. If I can deliver and serve at my highest level despite the fact that I’m tired and I’m nervous and I’m scared and I have fear, then hopefully someone else will do that as well. If I can do that, then I know that you can do that. I know that if I can change your life because of that, then you can change somebody else’s life. And that’s what makes it all worth it.

So with that said, thanks so much for listening you guys. If you’re having tough times, I hear you. Take a little bit of a break and stand back up and let’s get back to work. Alright thanks you guys, appreciate you all and hopefully I will see you at Funnel Hacking Live in a couple weeks. Thanks so much guys, talk soon.

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