HOLY CRAP… Did You See The Five Day Lead Challenge?

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What’s up everybody. This is Russell Brunson. welcome back to a very late night edition of the Marketing Secrets podcast. Today I want to talk about the five day lead challenge, the new OFA and a whole bunch of other, really, really cool things. All right, everybody. So I hope you’re watching what I’m doing, even if you don’t buy my stuff. That’s cool. I get it. But hopefully you’re watching what I’m doing. I’m trying to give you guys an education in marketing every single day. I could really, really, really easily just be done. I don’t need more money. I don’t need more things. Business is running, sales are happening. I’m good. But I keep doing this for a couple reasons. Number one, I love this game. It’s so much fun. Right? I’m addicted to it. I’m not going to lie. I can’t stop. It’s really, really fun. Number two, I feel like half of my role here at ClickFunnels, if not all my role is to do things that you guys can model and have success with in your business, right?

And so I want to just talk to you guys about what I’m doing right now, so you can look at it and hopefully you can model it inside of your business. Okay? A lot of you guys know that man, two and a half, three years ago, we launched our first ever One Funnel Away challenge. And hopefully most of you guys have had a chance to go through it. We’ve had over 70,000 people go through it. If you haven’t gone through yet, go to onefunnelaway.com and join it. In fact, now’s the time to join it because starting Monday. So you guys are going to be getting this on a Wednesday I believe. On Monday is the new OFA. It’s the first time I updated it in two and a half years. I’m doing it live for 30 days. So if you haven’t done yet now is the time, okay?

But we did that. We’ve run it. And it’s been running for a long time and it’s been amazing. It’s helped people build funnels, it’s helped people understand, ClickFunnels, our culture, our everything. And it’s been awesome. We decided this year to go back and to redo it. And as I was brainstorming and planning out, I’m like, “The one problem with the One Funnel Away challenge is that somebody has to know what a funnel is to want to do the One Funnel Away challenge.” I went to my mom, I’m like, “Hey, want to do the One Funnel Away challenge?” She’d be like, “What’s a funnel?” Well, my mom would know because ClickFunnels. But most people will be like, “What are you even talking about? You sound crazy.” Right?

And yeah, the challenge has been very successful. So I started thinking, “Okay, how to take one step back to open up our net even wider?” If people in business don’t know what a funnel is, what is universal? What is the thing that people know and they understand? And for me, the thing that people know and they understand is a lead. In fact, it’s interesting. I don’t know if you guys all remember when we started this game five and half, six years ago, seven years ago now, whatever it was. Our big competitor was a site. It was a company called Lead Pages. And I used to tease them and have fun with it because they created pages that in fact, it was a funny story.

The very first marketing that we ever went to, the two sponsors were ClickFunnels and lead pages. And it was this little tiny hallway and they had their booth there and we had a booth right across. And then funny about this is Todd’s wife, Ashley was… It was just basically me, Todd Dylan, a handful of people. And Todd’s wife was at this event. And we made these big, huge signs that had a fun landing page, order form, thank you page, upsell, downsells, membership site. And just a really cool little like banner. And then on top it said, “Can your landing page software do this?” And so we’re literally three feet away from their booth across this little tiny hall and they’re like, “Landing page software.” And then ours is, “Can your landing pages offer do that?” We had t-shirts that had it. It was awesome. Okay?

And it’s funny, because for me, when I first got in the game, I’m like, “Hey, people use lead pages to generate leads.” And then they come to us because they’ve realized that then they need more just leads. They need a funnel. And it was funny because I had somebody one time asked me like, “Why do you hate Lead Pages so much?” I’m like, “I don’t hate Lead Pages. Lead Pages is literally the best front end out there in the market for us. They’re one step ahead, one step earlier in the conversation to a customer.” I have to explain to you what a funnel is and all these sorts of things. And so you go one step backwards to a lead, it was like every business knows what a lead is. There’s no company online in the world that offline, online that doesn’t know what a lead is.

And so Lead Pages did great because it was so simple. Like, “Wait, you need leads?” “Yeah.” “Get a lead page.” “Okay.” And people did it. And then we came in saying, “Hey, leads are good, but do you want to sell something? Okay, here’s the funnel.” And so they were our best lead source back when they were growing. They haven’t grown in years, but for a long time, I loved it. So I was thinking about this. I’m like, “One Funnel Away challenge is awesome, but how do we go broader to cast a net that’s even bigger?” And so I started thinking about Lead Pages. I was like, “Well, we should do a lead challenge and build a very simple lead funnel, a two-page lead funnel. Show them how to build a lead magnet, a lead funnel an email sequence, and then drive traffic.”

And so that’s when this whole concept of the five day lead challenge was born. Okay? And the five day lead challenge is free. In fact, a lot of you guys are probably in it right now. I think by the time this comes out, it’ll be day three of the live lead five day lead challenge. And I’m doing this challenge for free and it’s live this first time around. And I’m doing it. And what’s crazy is when we launched this thing about 30 seconds before I stepped on stage, we refreshed the stats we just passed 35,000 people that had registered for it. And so far of all the things I’ve ever done, that’s the most people that have ever registered for anything I’ve ever done. So the numbers are insane.

Now obviously ClickFunnels has a lot of momentum now, as we always do, which is exciting, but also it’s something that everybody can grasp, like leads. I need leads. I don’t care if you’re network marketer, internet marketer, chiropractor, doctor, dentist, you need leads. And so the lead challenge made sense. It was broader challenge. But also notice this is a free challenge. One Funnel Away challenge costs a $100 for somebody to go through. Where this one’s completely free. So it’s cast a bigger net. It’s free. They come in. They go through this five day process. And in the process, we help them to figure out to understand here’s what a basic funnel looks like. Here’s how to build a lead magnet. Here’s how to put these pieces in place. And the end of the five day challenge, then we’re going to invite people to take the next challenge, which is the One Funnel Away challenge.

And the new version of the One Funnel Away challenge I’m really excited for. It’s brand new from the ground up. If you’ve done it in the past, you should do it again because this is completely different. It’s me teaching it live every day for 30 days. And we’re building a very certain, very specific type of sales funnel. One that I love. One that I use a lot. And that’s where we’d be teaching, excuse me, teaching everybody how to use. And so I wanted to share it with you guys for a couple reasons. What’s your version of the five day lead challenge? Obviously whatever you’re selling, there’s probably some sub market or say sub something, right? You’re targeting certain people, but what’s one step back? How can you cast that net a little bit bigger? And then can you do a challenge that’s free, that’s five days, that gets the cast the net in? They could bring somebody in and at the end of it, then you introduce them to the core thing you’re trying to sell.

As someone goes through the five day lead challenge, by the time they’re done, they know what a funnel is. They know what a lead magnet is. They know what a framework is. They know what a lot of these core things are. Now they’re ready for the One Funnel Away challenge. Whereas now we get people who try to come to One Funnel Away challenges. It’s confusing. What is a funnel? What is this thing? And we’re kind of starting before a lot of them are ready. And so that’s what’s happening. Anyway, I don’t know if you’ve been watching the five-year lead challenge we got some really cool things.

One of the original co-founders of ClickFunnels, his name’s Dylan Jones. He’s the one who built the original ClickFunnels editor. He came out of his semi-retirement and just built a new product called Onepager. And so I’ve been using Onepager in the trainings, have you guys noticed it? Every day, I teach a strategy live and then I give them a Onepager. And on Onepager is a video that shows the tactics. Because the tactics are hard to teach live in front of everyone. Like “Here, let me show you how to actually do the steps.” It’s really hard. So I teach the strategy live. I do it on whiteboard. They’re like, “Oh, that’s cool. I see the strategy. I understand what I’m doing.” And I send the Onepager. The Onepager has a video. It’s the tactical, let me show you me doing the thing. And then the Onepager lets them have forms and checklists, so they can actually make sure they do everything you’re saying. It’s really, really cool.

And so what’s awesome too, is I’m launching that new company, Onepager.io with Dylan. And day number two in the challenge we’re teaching people how to build lead magnets with Onepager. Like I’m using now, I’m trying to get them using it. And so in the process of us creating this challenge, it’s really cool because we’re able to make money on a lot of different things. We make money when somebody buys Onepager in the future. We make money if somebody buys ClickFunnels. We make money if they sign up for the One Funnel Away challenge. And so by doing these challenges, you can introduce people to different products or services or things you sell. If you’re a health person do a weight loss challenge and introduce them to your weight loss shake, and then your workout plans. You can introduce people to different things.

Jim Edwards built a whole bunch of really cool scripts for people in the five day lead challenge that we’re giving them for free to help them with every single step the copy they need in every single page. What’s going to happen is people usually get excited by it. Like, “This is awesome.” And then they’re probably going to upgrade to FunnelScripts. So this free challenge is really cool because it teaches people, it gives them a result. By the end of the five days, everybody will have a lead magnet, they’ll have a funnel. They’ll have an email sequence and traffic coming into that funnel. But in the interim, they’ve had a chance to test all of our products and our services and try them out, see how they work.

So what’s your equivalent of the five day lead challenge? What could you do? What’s something to cast a big net? What’s something that introduces people to your core products and your services? What’s something that when someone completes the challenge, they leave with a tangible result? Not just like, “You’re going to learn how to blah, blah, blah.” It’s like, “No, when you leave, this will be done. This will be finished.” I want to give somebody a tangible so when they’re done they’re like, “Oh my gosh, I did this five day thing with Russell and I have a funnel, I have a lead magnet, have an email sequence. I need to do the, One Funnel Away challenge because I want to build a sales funnel. Let’s go to the next step.” if I can give them that result, they’re more likely to come and do the next thing.

So anyway, I just want to share with you because I’m in the middle of it. I literally just finished recording all the tactic videos a few seconds ago for the Onepagers for the rest of the funnel. And had some energy. I was excited and I thought I’m going to just kind of share this with you guys. But if you haven’t seen it yet, go experience it. Funnel hack me. Even if you’re like, “I know how to generate leads Russ.” Like, “Cool. I don’t care.” Come follow the process. Half of what I’m doing is for you to model the process. Go to fivedayleadchallenge.com. The number five day lead challenge.com and go join it. Okay? By Friday of this week, when we finished the live, live version, it’ll be an evergreen version and we will be driving leads there for forever.

My goals in the next year to have over a million people go through the five day lead challenge, right? If I do that, if I get 10% to go to OFA, that’s an extra 100 000 people through OFA. How many people does that bring to ClickFunnels? How many people does it to bring into Onepager? How many people does it bring into FunnelScripts? How many people does is it bringing to my world? How many books do I sell? All by doing this challenge on the front end.

So anyway, look at it, model it for your business. Figure out how to replicate that concept and see what happens. And let me know how it goes. Thanks you guys so much for hanging out. I appreciate you all. Hopefully you got some guidance from this one. If you did, please go to Instagram, Facebook, wherever you post it, take a screenshot of this episode, tag me in it. I do see those. I do read the comments and it’s so much fun to kind of see the takeaways you guys are getting from them. With that said, thanks for listening. I appreciate you all. And I’ll talk to you all soon. Bye everybody.

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