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“Expert Secrets Is The Map That Will Allow You To Turn Your Specialized Knowledge, Talents and Abilities Into A Business That Will Work For You! This Is One Of The Shortcuts of The New Rich” - Robert Kiyosaki

Social media has increased the ease and numbers of “haters”. As a business owner who needs to publish content and products it can be tough when you get beat up on social media for doing the best that you can. Dave Woodward provides insights on how other successful entrepreneurs continue to Care for those they serve WITHOUT caring about what others say.

Tips and Tricks for You and Your Business:

  • What to do as an entrepreneur if you don’t have thick skin (3:00)
  • Dave gives examples of companies and entrepreneurs focus so much on their clients, that they don’t care who they upset (6:35)

Quotable Moments:

“You have to care so much about those people that you are working with and that you are serving, but at the same time you have to care less about the haters.”

“You have to let the haters fuel you.”

Other Tidbits:

Once you care so much about the people you are serving, you will care less about the haters.


Speaker 1: 00:00 Welcome to funnel hacker radio podcast, where we go behind the scenes and uncover the tactics and strategies top entrepreneurs are using to make more sales, dominate their markets, and how you can get those same results. Here is your host, Dave Woodward. Welcome.

Speaker 2: 00:18 Oh my gosh. This is a crazy topic and I see this happening so often. It’s so many people’s businesses that I just. I have to help you understand how important this is or there are so many entrepreneurs, so many business owners I speak to all the time who are so concerned and so afraid of what other people are going to say and they care so much more about offending or hurting or upsetting other people that it actually prevents this entrepreneur in this business owner from getting their message out to the world. If this is, I was speaking directly to you and I want to make sure you understand the impact and the importance of the message that you have. I personally believe any entrepreneur, any business owner who goes on his on his or her way to start any business, that you have a moral obligation to get your message out to the world, a true moral obligation.

Speaker 2: 01:05 If you don’t feel that strong and that passionate about the business that you’re in, then get out of that business and find a business that you do feel that strongly about. I feel that strong right now about click funnels. I literally feel like I have a moral obligation to get clickfunnels out to the entire world, literally to save entrepreneurs from all the other confusing software, all the other mistakes and tools that people are using that actually is preventing them from having the success, the financial freedom, and the time freedom that our platform provides. In addition to that, the coaching programs and everything else, I. it’s funny, I literally wear it swag every day. One, I love the t shirts and being honest, how they make me feel, but more important than that, I. I truly believe in our mission. I honestly, I feel this moral obligation.

Speaker 2: 01:48 It is very rare that you’re ever gonna. See people without having something click funnels on, whether it’s [inaudible], whether it’s a shirt, whether it’s a water bottle. I want people to ask me about it because I feel that strong about what we do. I’ve seen this happen at t we just got back from San Diego where we’re gathering with our two comma club coaches are two comma club coaches and down there we had about 140 of our students there. We’ve got another one coming this week and this was our installation meeting. So these are the people who bought a are two Comma Club coaching program at funnel hacking live. And it was fascinating to me to see those people who are super passionate about their business and those who are like, I just don’t know. I’m still trying to figure this thing out. And I see it happen quite a bit where people, especially when you’re marketing online, um, for some reason people will say, and you’ll find more haters online and you actually will face to face.

Speaker 2: 02:43 That’s really easy to hide behind a keyboard and a screen and slam other people. But you have to understand that you’ve got to have super, super thick skin to be an entrepreneur. If you don’t, then you’ve got to find ways of putting up shields and protection there for you. So first of, if you don’t feel like you’ve got that type of thick skin and all the hitters are going to bother you, that’s okay. You still have the same moral obligation to get your message out to the world. But now what you have to do is you just have to hire someone to take care of all your haters for you. And that literally would mean hire someone to go through your facebook posts, have hire someone to take care of all your social media so you don’t see all the criticism. Uh, it’s honestly, it’s one of those things that are care who you are.

Speaker 2: 03:24 It’s hard when, when someone starts tearing down what you’re doing. Uh, I remember, uh, when my wife was teaching a lot of, a lot of fitness classes and she could have the most amazing fitness class in the world, and 30 people can come afterwards and tell her, oh my gosh, that was amazing. But if one person came up and said, ah, you know what, I didn’t like your music, or Oh, I didn’t really know it was okay. That’s the one person that she would be obsessed about and it would really ruin her entire day. I’ve seen the same thing happen for people when they come off stage and people are like, oh my gosh, that was such a great, a great talk and it wasn’t a talk. Did you buy now? I really didn’t buy sit back, nick. Oh my gosh, why not? I feel the same way anytime I’m doing a Webinar or anything else.

Speaker 2: 04:06 And I’m like, wait a second. As great as it was, and yes, 15, 20 percent of people bought that means 80 to 85 percent sentence. People didn’t. Why did I not connect with them? What did I do wrong? And realize those are just human elements that you’re always going to deal with. The key here is you’ve got to find some way of being able to care without caring, and what I mean by that is you have to care so much about those people that you’re working with and that you’re serving, but at the same time you can. You have to care less about the haters. You have to allow those haters to fuel you. You also have to understand that, and I see this problem take place a lot with a lot of our coaches and things who are in the coaching business or when they’re providing a product or a service that is supposed to be used by someone and the person doesn’t consume it.

Speaker 2: 04:51 They don’t get the results. That person who created it feels like it was something wrong with the product. Realize that’s not the case. It’s the person who bought it. I think for yourself, how many times have you bought a book and not read it all the way through? I do that all the time. Does it mean the book was bad? No, it just means I, it was me. It so realize that your customers, it’s your boy Garrett white says it best, and that is you are not their savior. You just aren’t. Realize you’re a marketer. Your job is to help change people’s lives, but they have their own agency. It’s up to them to actually take, make, take the action and do what it takes to get the results and things that you need from them. But because they’re not doing it doesn’t mean that you should market it any less.

Speaker 2: 05:33 In fact, you should be marketing extremely hard. Marketing is the one skilled every single person has to learn. Um, I remember years ago hearing from Dan Kennedy, basically, if you’re not offending someone everyday, you’re just not marketing hard enough. And I truly believe that you’ve got to have that. You’ve got to be that prolific. You’ve got to be that polarized into where your product and service cannot apply to everybody. You’ve got to be in a situation to where you’re doing everything you possibly can to connect with the people who your product or your service was designed for. And at the same time, realize that as you market that hard, you’re going to offend, you’re going to piss off, you’re going to upset other people. That’s okay. That’s marketing’s job is to separate people so that you’re only communicating with those people who your product and service can actually benefit.

Speaker 2: 06:18 It’s one of the most important things for me is I take a look at anyone I work with and we coach and who are using our product or our service is that you have to be that passionate about it. It was, I was talking with a guy down in San Diego who’s in the real estate niche and his whole product is. He’s actually going against the typical norm of real estate agents. In other words, he’s basically telling people, listen, you don’t need to pay six percent to list your house. Well, obviously by his doing that and the harder he markets, the more agents he’s gonna upset because he’s literally cutting off their lifeblood. You see, the same thing happened with Uber. They upset the entire taxi industry. That’s okay. Realize that Uber’s client is not the taxi cab driver. Uber’s client is the person who wants to be picked up by somebody in a clean car who doesn’t want to have to worry about a tip, who understands the person that’s going to basically take them, pick them up and take more than they go without any hassles, driving in a in a same manner, and that’s their client.

Speaker 2: 07:27 So realize that once you understand who your client is, you are going to upset others, and so you have to learn to care without caring. You’ve gotta care about your clients, but you’ve got to care less about anybody else. Pamela wible, who is in our inner circle is one of the most amazing women you will ever meet. This is a woman who is a doctor. Uh, went through medical school, lost a lot of her friends who were other doctors to suicide, and realized that it became her mission, her passion to fight for doctors to prevent them from committing suicide. He says this didn’t make any sense and she’s gone so far. I mean, she works so hard that the entire medical community, the hospitals at others who are basically killing these doctors and our manufacturing, these heartless doctors who are just becoming a mill, she’s fighting against that.

Speaker 2: 08:24 She’s fighting against these major institutions and she was funny. She was speaking on stage here and she said, you don’t. You really. You have to understand that you have to get to the point that if you don’t have a bodyguard and that you’re not getting death threats on a regular basis, you’re just not working hard enough. Now realize, I don’t know if you can take it to that extreme, but that’s how passionate Pamela is about her mission. She’s literally saving lives, but because she’s going about saving these lives in the way that she’s doing it, she is upsetting major, major medical associations and she literally has a bodyguard because she does get death threats because that’s how passionate she is about what she’s doing. Money is not the motivator for her. Saving lives is, and so she literally goes to major, major extremes to help people understand the problems that these doctors are facing.

Speaker 2: 09:17 To try to help them, uh, she has different products and services where she literally will bring these doctors out to a, an event out in the middle of the woods and part of the event is for them to get back to nature, to get back to themselves. And part of it is actually where they’re nude, where they literally are. It’ll have to have together talking negative because she’s trying to take down all the barriers to get rid of that white coat because she literally will do what ever it takes to help these doctors. And when you care that much about who you’re serving, you start to care less about all the haters. And you have to get to that point. So realize as you take a look at your marketing, you need to market harder. You need to market in a way that upsets people. You’ve seen it.

Speaker 2: 10:00 We do this all the time and the more that we do this, the more upset people get at us. You’ve seen our confusionsoft stuff. You’ve seen us, our vendor comic books with Loki pages and confusion soft. It’s because we truly believe and feel that our platform is the only platform that was going to save entrepreneurs from all this other confusion software for things that don’t work, that’s going to take up their time and their money. We feel that passionate about it. I hope, and I pray deep down inside that you feel that passionate about what you’re doing, that you get excited, that you’re motivated, that you can’t wait to tell people about what you do because you have a product or a service that literally has changed in the world. I know that I do and I hope that you get to the point where you start to care less about the haters and again, realize there’s a human element to all of us.

Speaker 2: 10:50 You know, we joke around here in the office that you know James, James, p friel has one emotion, but at the same time, every, all of us have emotions and it’s human that you’re going to get your feelings hurt, but realized deep down inside that when you feel you’re more passionate about those you’re serving than you are about yourself. You will be that much more passionate about getting your message out to the world market hard study marketing. There’s nothing more important to you that are really understand the psychology of what it’s going to take to fulfill the moral obligation that you have to get your message out to the world. I hope you have an amazing day. I wish you all the success in your business and again, if you’re struggling with this, hire people to take care of that human element so it doesn’t suck you down.

Speaker 2: 11:31 I know with with Russell, it’s very rare that he spends a bunch of time dealing with the haters and over time he’s actually learned to develop a thick enough skin to where it doesn’t matter as much, but in the very beginning he hired a ton of people, basically the Redis facebook posts and to take care of that kinda stuff because it hurt. That’s human. That’s it’s really hard when you’re going out and you’re trying to save other people and other people are saying such terrible negative things about you realize that that’s the human element to what you’re doing. Develop the thick skin as an entrepreneur and realize you have a moral obligation to get your message out to the world and let us know if there’s anything we can do to help you in that way. Please, I would love and I appreciate so much.

Speaker 2: 12:12 Most people spend time listening to these podcasts. If there’s a message or something that you would like me to say, some topic or something you’d like me to convey or to get out there, please reach out. Let me know what that is. You can hit me up on facebook, personal message me there, David clickfunnels, to my email. Also, I would really appreciate any ratings or reviews that you can give me on itunes. I’m really trying to get this message out to more people and the ratings and reviews that you give on itunes. Help me do that. Share. Share the podcast that you like with your friends and families were neighbors, whoever it might be, and again, let me know what I can do to help serve you better. Have an amazing day. I wish you all the best of your business and we’ll talk soon.

Expert Secrets: Find Your Message, Build A Tribe, And Change The World…

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“Expert Secrets Is The Map That Will Allow You To Turn Your Specialized Knowledge, Talents and Abilities Into A Business That Will Work For You! This Is One Of The Shortcuts of The New Rich” - Robert Kiyosaki