How To Use Augmented Reality in Your Funnel and With FB Messenger - Reekita Gala - FHR #236

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Why Dave Decided to talk to Reekita:

Augmented Reality is here and can now be used in your funnel and on Facebook Messenger. If you have a physical OR digital product Or a service, you can now use state of the art technology in your funnels. The ROI and conversion increase is amazing. Reekita is helping other marketers to use augmented reality in their business. She talks about where things are now and where it is going.

Tips and Tricks for You and Your Business:

  • How to integrate augmented reality into your business. (1:52)
  • How would somebody incorporate augmented reality into their funnel (3:10)
  • What Reekita is currently using in her business with Augmented Reality (7:28)
  • Integrating AR into your website (9:30)

Quotable Moments:

“Augmented reality is any digital content you overlay into your own environment.”

“People will not really have to leave their house.”

“The best benefit is that there is no competition around. When you are seeing stuff in AR, you are seeing it as if it is in your house.”

Other Tidbits:

Marketing, in general, is changing very soon. All the major platforms; facebook, snapchat social media, are all integrating AR into their platforms.


Speaker 1: 00:00 Welcome to funnel hacker radio podcast, where we go behind the scenes and uncover the tactics and strategies top entrepreneurs are using to make more sales, dominate their markets, and how you can get those same results. Here’s your host, Dave Woodward.

Speaker 2: 00:17 Hey everybody. Welcome back to funnel hacker radio. This is gonna be kind of a fun, crazy and different types of podcasts. And I normally do A. I actually don’t know this guest. This is the first time we’ve met. I usually, I know our guests, but a different bannock introduced us and I want to make sure we brought her on. She’s doing some crazy fun kind of different things. So I want to bring on ricky to gala. We’re going to welcome to the show.

Speaker 3: 00:39 Thank you. Thank you. Um, and I’m a, I really appreciate you having me on your show.

Speaker 2: 00:45 That the topic is the part that got my attention. I usually kind of selective as far as who we bring on, but this is a crazy time topic. So what we’re going to dive right into is augmented reality marketing. Uh, this became interesting to me. I was actually, I was down at a Joe Polish and Dean Grazia Center K Group and was talking with a couple of guys there about some augmented reality that they were looking at doing and one of the guys ended up showing me a basically a website where you could move furniture around and you could see furniture in your room and whether or not you liked it or bought it. And then jeff reached out and said, hey, I’ve got this guy, this girl who’s really knows what is happening, augmented reality. So I thought, you know what? Let’s bring her on and kind of dive right in. So Ricky, to give people a little better understanding of what augmented reality is. I didn’t do the best job explaining that. So

Speaker 3: 01:34 you did a really good job because of mentored reality is elevate different from what your reality. What are like many people have this perception that was your reality is same as a mentor reality. But, uh, the real, the reality is that augmented reality is basically any digital content. You in a real environment. And let’s say you have a print printed media, you know, some kind of pamphlets or something like that and you want to have your videos or you know, a link to your funnel so you can actually do that with the help of augmented reality. Like you can create content and you can add it on your pamphlet and once the user scans the image of whatever you are doing, they will be seeing augmented content over or you know, over the pitch or whatever you have done. And

Speaker 2: 02:25 I actually saw that last December we were out, Russell and I were out, he was speaking at James Mallin shacks event and one of the ladies there had a business card that had a qr code and you basically click on the Qr code and the Qr code brought up a video of her,

Speaker 3: 02:41 right? Yep. Yep. And it’s nice and coated or like there are easy drag and drop tools available in the market where you can use them and create all these fun stuff within like five minutes. And it’s very affordable too. So that’s really simple to do.

Speaker 2: 02:56 So anytime someone tells you they can do it in five minutes, I’m like, there’s just no way. So tell me what’s it really take and how can I actually do? How could give me an example of how someone would use augmented reality in their funnel?

Speaker 3: 03:10 Okay, so one great question. Facebook, actually facebook is coming up with the augmented reality into the Messenger and you can integrate or augmented reality with your books. So let’s say you want to, or you are adding your facebook messenger or link on your funding or whatever and you want your to wants to try the product. You can do that with the help of augmented reality in your Messenger. So that is one way that you can use.

Speaker 2: 03:37 I haven’t seen that. So yeah. So most of the people who are listening to this, they’re driving or they’re working out there listening to this, this podcast. So give people. You’re going to have to describe in visual terms what augmented reality is going to look like on their face in Facebook Messenger Bot.

Speaker 3: 03:53 Okay. So let’s say you create a Messenger Bot and that are automated messages integrated, uh, US selling makeup for example, cosmetics, and you want your customer to try the product in on themselves. So what you will do is you would add a comment saying that, do you want to try the product? So it is like, let’s say you respond to yes. So the facebook camera will open and once the facebook camera opens, you can actually use um, facebook air effects. They have a platform called ear effects, but you can create that effect and once you create that effect in integrated with their book, with the help of facebook Api, we can do. But yeah. So, uh, once they do that, it’s all centered in everything. So once the customer says yes, they will open the camera and try to see what the different product in front of them and they can put the lipstick on their lips, they can put the foundation on whatever and they can test the product.

Speaker 2: 04:51 So I can basically get a facebook message here.

Speaker 3: 04:56 Yeah, Beta waiting list. And they stock in some. Oh. So by the end of this year, coming up with a lot of new strategies related to Ar and Vr and starting tweedy post and video ads like three 60 degree, three d, so you can actually see the uh, what do whatever your product is and do a three 60 or manual.

Speaker 2: 05:20 So this works best for a physical product. Then physically it’s

Speaker 3: 05:23 not even for syllabuses. Like let’s say you want to do a hologram or something like that. You can actually do those kind of stuff now. And um, think that pretty much I’m really different now. Like the way we do marketing, we used to do marketing I would say is going to be changing the student because all the major platform like snapchat, facebook, instagram, Google, they all have integrated ai into their own platform. So indion social media game is changing of Google has integrated into their maps. So let’s say you open camera, you will be able to see all of the Geo based ar and you can see like, you know, the reviews the mess, like in a popups of whatever. Like if you had some audio pop pop, you can add audio and all those kinds of stuff, but you can add your animation.

Speaker 2: 06:13 Wow. Let’s go back to our whole funnel now. This funnel hacker radio, I’ve got back to where again, I could receive a facebook messenger from somebody who basically says, Hey, do you want to try this lipstick on and my camera is going to open up and they’re going to give me some drawing tool.

Speaker 3: 06:35 Oh No, no. Nothing like that. Could be done in er initially. And then it’s just integrated with the help of Ai. So then it didn’t have like, you know, automated set up stuff making it or they can change the products and all those things. On the screen itself.

Speaker 2: 06:55 Is this going to look like some of the instagram little error?

Speaker 3: 06:59 I’m some kind of effects that you have the dealers and all those kind of stuff that he use on facebook right now.

Speaker 2: 07:05 Okay. So for us as a marketer, I’m obviously what I want to do is I’m going to sell more product so it’s going to be real critical that I make sure that it actually looks good. I’m working with this, with this automated reality. I know that um, some of the older things it looked really kind of clunky and didn’t work as much. What are you currently doing in your, in your business using automated reality, augmented reality, admitted automated. Yes. I’m augmented reality.

Speaker 3: 07:30 Okay. So currently I’m building my own platform and the platform is related to augmented reality and virtual reality that you can create content for marketing or anything like that within just five minutes, just drag and drop kind of tools. And um, as of now I’m training people on how to create air and within that I’m creating ebooks and all those things there are user against, against the pitcher and they can have, you know, they can be connected with my funnel or they can be a youtube video or something like that. So there are a lot of things you could have gone to action right inside Ai for let’s say you saw a product and you want them to buy, you can directly have a call to action inside er experience and they can just go ahead and buy the product.

Speaker 2: 08:18 Okay. So my mind is just racing now. Some crazy. Cool. Thanks. So because I’ve had, I’ve had a lot of people reach out to me recently. I get approached all the time from business development opportunities when I most recently had was a video basically an overlay and again it’s somewhat augmented reality type of things to where the video overlay would be either I’d be watching someone else’s video and the clothes they were wearing that basically I could mouse, I could click on it and I can buy that at that exact Jack.

Speaker 3: 08:54 You see all the different colors of the clothes and all the different designs and all those kind of stuff, which is really amazing because people will not really have to leave the house and they can show up right in the house. In fact, gap is doing something like that. They have created augmented reality or application that integrated on their products in that APP and you can actually try the product house. Very cool. So then all of those top companies, I’ve already created the, uh, into the then what are the integrated air into the website? So one of the way, or do we integrate ar is also where you can integrate augmented reality content like your digital product and whatever product is at. You can create it into augmented reality and once when he was ill wants to view that you have an option you want to view in ar or you want to just view in your web browser.

Speaker 2: 09:46 Interesting. All right. So again, I, I love this. This is always cutting edge type of stuff and we just added apple pay to click funnels. So if people can use apple pay, it’s one click type of deal. We’re seeing on mobile, it’s converting like crazy. I’m from the actual shopping experience. In your funnel, when a person buys something, does it take them to a checkout page or does it take, does it take apple pay? Right? Then what’s the actual purchasing opportunity? Does it work?

Speaker 3: 10:16 So, um, you know, when in augmented reality one to create the content, you have a republican going into action and you can add any link, whatever link you want to add, you can just add that energy directly, take you to the checkout page. Let’s say you are already having into your website that you’ve added or augmented reality content with, um, it’s us sending a sofa so you have added Ai, um, and you’ve added a CD. So once a person sees the so far they can directly click buy now and check out. So they don’t really need to come back and again go through the process and stuff. And the best benefit is that there is no competition around. Like when you are seeing stuff in art, just seeing as it’s right there in your house, you’ve already lost that mentally, Eddie. Okay. I like it. Let’s go ahead and buy it.

Speaker 2: 11:10 No, I love it. Actually, that’s, that was experienced we had with the furniture. I’m basically the gammer opened up when the room we were in saw the room and basically this sofa came in or the chair or whatever else.

Speaker 3: 11:23 It has in many ways actually, like nowadays if you go to see like there are so many people out there and selling the same stuff what you’re selling and it’s really hard for marketers to be different or unique in a manner that they are having something unique to give to the customer and this is one way that they can create unique strategies and create a relationship with the users, you know, the customer as well. So it helps to create engagement in something. Well, like, you know, people love to share a wow factor. I love it. No.

Speaker 2: 11:54 Again, I think that’s the part I’m seeing a lot on the social stuff is the shareability of it and I think that’s a really neat experience.

Speaker 3: 12:03 Yeah. And it creates of when you engage in wanting to have engagement and people are seeing staff it, it automatically converts into sales

Speaker 2: 12:12 and that’s what we’re all about. Making more sales. So I think that’s fantastic. So what are some of the things, so on your company is augmented reality marketing?

Speaker 3: 12:22 So my company name is b r a r, d dot, but we are all into training and coaching related to augmented reality marketing.

Speaker 2: 12:31 Okay. So most of your stuff is on their training and coaching side. If people wanted to actually get the tech, where would they. I’m sorry. One time you do designing end and went up into. Okay. So if a person wants to add this to their funnel, what’s the best way of doing that?

Speaker 3: 12:46 I think the best way of doing it is a Greek augmented reality contained with the. Like let’s say they have an ecommerce tool so they can create ecommerce website with augmented reality content. So if they’re selling any product or anything, they can create that content and added inside their website. So if somebody wants to see, they can directly see that. Second is they’re doing a webinar or something like that. Many times we just showed us, you know, a page. I mean share the screen, like go ahead and scan the so you can actually do that. Like, you know, you show your picture or something on the screen and you want them to buy something, you just use it to scan the image of the screen and they will be able to check out immediately. They don’t really need to go on the web browser and you type and see all this stuff. So it’s immediate call to action.

Speaker 2: 13:38 So on our funnel builder secrets Webinar, at the end, I can have them literally take a picture of the call to action. Yeah,

Speaker 3: 13:47 pick up the phone and just scan the screen. And you have called to action immediately.

Speaker 2: 13:53 No, that’s super cool. And we’re going to have to do a lot of split tests in here. I’m really, really curious to see how this converts. Yes.

Speaker 3: 13:59 Would that I have learned different strategies which we can combine. In fact, I’m creating different funnels inside the software that I’m relieved and those will be like, then they are like two step three step funnel is you don’t really that long step funnels that we have been creating for so long because of augmented reality is all about cutting the long experiences that you’ve had and giving them a unique experience. So I think that will be really cool.

Speaker 2: 14:28 That’s crazy. So what are some of the things that if you’ve been split test or looking at things, what are some of the results that you’re seeing with augmented reality?

Speaker 3: 14:36 So, um, recently I feel like we have been doing a lot of case studies and all those things and augmented reality or the thing that has shown in the market is augmented reality is showing the highest out of all the technologies and has been launched or you know, uh, being there in the market guilty of and it’s not some effects or something like that. It’s all together. A new technology like how we used to use, I mean we use phones. It’s the same way in the future of augmented reality is going to be smart glasses at are wearing today within the next five years. I’m not joking. Like Sony, Google, Samsung, they have the patient already on augmented reality, smart glasses. So yeah, that’s definitely future and they want us to stop using phones and all those kinds of characters and just focus on using these marg glasses and all those things. So one is going to be really connected.

Speaker 2: 15:36 Crazy. So I blinked twice to buy and wants to say no. Is that how that works?

Speaker 3: 15:40 Oh yeah. So Yep. I know you are be coming to the client. So yeah, I mean gestures and all those kind of things would come into play where you will click like, you know, you will just wave your hand. Say No, you blink your eyes. Yes. Those kinds of stuff are really coming out with now using technology and you know nobody or tracking.

Speaker 2: 16:06 You feel like I’m gonna be sitting in an auction and accidentally raise my hand and said bought $10,000 for the product. So.

Speaker 3: 16:12 Well, yeah. I mean, it’s got to be crazy when in fact 2018 has been overly different. Your all together because all the top companies have created and what did you like high or integrated with the website, so either on the social media platforms or they have created their own platform for development of this and it has gone mainstream in 2018 and I was waiting for this for the last five years. I was waiting.

Speaker 2: 16:42 Well, we’re for people want to find out more about automated reality or connecting with you. What’s the best way of doing it? Amended reality. Gosh, I’m so sorry. I keep. I’ve got automated or augmented, so if they want to find out more about augmented reality as I use to this automated marketing automation tools, I’ve been working with some academic stuff. We’re doing so automation and automatic as in my back to augmented reality. Uh, if people want to find out more about augmented reality or to connect with you, what’s the easiest and best way to do that?

Speaker 3: 17:16 I think the best way is to connect with me on facebook. They can sell it. Tricky. Ricky Delgado and Rae

Speaker 2: 17:25 k I t a g a l A. Yep,

Speaker 3: 17:29 that’s right. And we can take it from there if they need any help with anything because my main goal is behind or you doing training or courting people is because of mentors. Reality is the way that is going to change everything coming forward like after 2000. I think after some more we will see lot of amended reality content, especially with facebook and instagram.

Speaker 2: 17:54 I really want to him. Well Ricky to thank you so much for being on the show today. I greatly appreciate it. Again, augmented reality. So I find out more about augmented reality. Check out ricky to golf on facebook are e k e t h

Speaker 3: 18:10 eat.

Speaker 2: 18:11 I’m just blowing this whole thing ricky to so one more time. R E E K I t a g a l A. Yeah

Speaker 3: 18:19 that’s right. And anyways Vicky who passed me, even if you like Google it, there’s only one ricky data so they will be able to find me.

Speaker 2: 18:30 Well thanks so much

Speaker 3: 18:31 and thank you. Thank you so much and I really appreciate your time and having me on your show today.

Speaker 2: 18:38 We’ll talk soon.

Speaker 4: 18:41 No. One of the things that means a ton to me is the personal reviews that you guys lead on itunes. If you wouldn’t mind going out, rate the show, let me know how I’m doing. Just go to Itunes, click on the episode and rate and leave a comment. I read all the comments. I appreciate all the stars and everything. Everyone already left for me. Again, I really appreciate it and it’s my way of finding out how I’m doing so if you don’t mind, I’d really appreciate it and I again, thank you so much for all you guys do. Have a great day.

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