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Standing on stage at Funnel Hacking Live this year with all the partners and their wives, during Garrett J. White’s presentation was one of the most impactful things I’ve had happen to me in a long time. Funnel Hacking Live this year was a huge milestone in so many ways. As my wife Carrie and I drive home from a weekend getaway to recharge after the last few crazy weeks, we reflect on the impact Funnel Hacking Live not only had within the community, but that it had on us as well. So my question to you is this: who do you see? And more importantly, do they know you see them?

You’re not alone! So many times you feel like you are completely 100% alone in the journey in this entrepreneurship, and trying to go after your dreams” - Carrie Woodward

Some Topics Discussed This Episode:

  • What Funnel Hacking Live was like for Carrie, the Wife of a ClickFunnels Partner
  • The Tribe YOU, as Funnel Hackers and Entrepreneurs have
  • Sharing it ALL!
  • Welcome Home Funnel Hackers!

If you are new to the ClickFunnels family, welcome home!” - Dave Woodward

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Episode Transcript:

00:00 Welcome to funnel hacker radio podcast where we go behind the scenes and uncover the tactics and strategies top entrepreneurs are using to make more sales, dominate their markets and how you can get those same results. Here’s your host, Dave Woodward.

00:17 Hey Everybody welcome back today. This is going to be a fun little podcast. I’m actually driving back from McCall, Idaho. I’ve been up here for the last couple of days with my wife. Just recuperating after a really almost 60 days of just busy life, crazy business stuff and wanted to just kind of take some time. First of all, introduce you to my wife. You’ll hear me refer to as Princess, but she is the whole reason I’ve done all that I’ve done. And we’re going to, uh, as we were up here, I’ve decided I’m going to do two different podcasts with her. This one here is going to be a reflection of some of the things that happened at Funnel Hacking Live. And the other one will be more along the lines of entrepreneurial, marriage and success and things of that sort. So it’s gonna be a two part series here.

01:03 So this one here again is focused on I See you, We see you. It also can be referred to as I feel you. We feel you. And this really came down from those few guys who were at Funnel Hacking Live, had the opportunity of, of seeing Garrett White’s presentation and what Garret was up on stage. He actually ended up bringing up all of the founders and partners of ClickFunnels and their spouses. And it was really one of the most impactful things that I’ve had happen in a long time. Um, we’ve been going along four and a half years now and there’s a lot of things that happen behind the scenes. And what happened was we had the opportunity of basically having Garrett bring us all up on stage and look out over 4,000 people while we were there. He then basically almost had us in somewhat of a chant, basically going back and forth between the audience and us on stage.

01:58 And it was, uh, really one of the most emotional experience that had a long time as I actually felt. The gratitude and the appreciation of 77,000 customers represented by 4,000 that were there expressing gratitude and appreciation and at the same time seeing what we’ve done to try to build this. And at the same time, reflecting on them with those things that we’ve seen and what we’re trying to do. But before I go too much more into that as an introduction, I want to bring on my wife. Uh, this is the most important person in the world to me. She has, we’ve been together now over 25 years, been married over 25 years. So, this is my wife Carrie Woodward my princess. Hey, so we’re super excited to be able to spend a few minutes are kind of going through this. So sweetheart, tell me what was Funnel Hacking Live like for you this year?

02:58 I think the cool thing is, is that when we walk into the place, when were first setting up, when we first get there, and we see this, this months and months of this vision that they all had of how they’re going to pull it together. And the long nights, the long days and long weeks along months, the hours and hours of lack of sleep that they never get. And um, all of a sudden you walk in and you see this and there’s always a moment where you’re standing there and you get emotional because you’re just like, okay, they did it like it, it came together and then you realize like they didn’t just do it. We did it like we all did it, we, we pulled together and it, and it just kind of came together. And, and, and why was it we, because it was we, you have to do it as a team in order for these guys to be able to keep going.

03:51 And I think that that was so powerful for me was when Garrett did his presentation for those of you guys were there. Oh my gosh, it was amazing. But it was super powerful because what he tried to show people was, you’re not alone like so many times. You feel like you are completely 100% alone in the journey of this entrepreneurship and, and trying to go after your dreams and whether you’ve got a full time job or that works from eight to five, nine to five, and you know, you get paid a certain amount. There’s still crazy stresses that come along with that. But you have a different family, a different tribe with whatever career, whatever job, whatever type of thing it is that you choose to do in life. And this particular tribe of people of entrepreneurs are special. And just to see everything that they go through is, is just so powerful.

04:42 And as I, um, I was standing out one one day and this, this amazing young mom came up to me, her name was Paige. So if Paige is listening. I just want you to know that I saw you and I felt you. And she came up and she just started to get emotional and she said, tell me. And then she stopped and she started sobbing and she said, can you tell me everything is going to be okay? And she couldn’t get her emotions under control. And I was like, ahh! Like I felt her, I, I knew exactly what she was going through because as you know, the time of just building, building, ClickFunnels and doing this as a team with so many amazing people, um, there was those times when you know, you have to step back and go, okay, this is a huge jump of faith.

05:30 This is a huge leap of faith. And you see everyone hunker down and make so many sacrifices, families and spouses and also the people who work behind the scenes that so many people don’t know about that. You see them do that and, and they do it. They’re doing it for their families and they’re doing it for you. And to see that and to see that that journey, that so many go through that as you keep pushing and as you do it together it works. And when we, when we got up on that stage, you know, Garrett pulled us up, he pulled up some other individuals and had them go through the same experience and then he pulled us up and had us say to the crowd, we see you. And they said it back. We see you. And it was so powerful to us. Like all of us were sitting up on stage and bawling like babies.

06:22 I was so incredibly embarrassed. I couldn’t get my emotions under contr. It was so bad. But I think it was just like years of it. of just like seeing it come to that point of the long days, the long nights, the stress, but also the wins like the incredible wins. And I think that that sometimes it’s something that we forget to celebrate, but just to know that we see each other and we know each other and we know each other are there. And I think within the entrepreneurial world, sometimes it gets lonely but you, because you are doing it alone a lot. But often we don’t realize the importance and the power of allowing other people to know that we’re seeing each other, that we’re feeling each other and we’re appreciating each other because that is, it’s powerful. And I know for me when we were standing up on that stage, it was like, I just felt like I would just, I mean man, my bucket was just filled with like so many awesome, wonderful, like amounts of energy that was thrown at us and love and support and, and I just felt like, I hope that everyone in that room could’ve felt that with us too.

07:27 That we were throwing it back at them. That we like we sit and we, we, we have the like we want them to be successful and you know, we, we pray for our families, you know, whether whatever being it is, whatever higher power it is that you believe in for us, for me it’s prayer, but we, we do that. We pray for you guys for the all of those out there who are, who are in our tribe and who are working with us and how we just want them to know that we’re seeing them and we’re feeling them. And for my sweet friend Paige out there, we see you and we feel you and we, we just want you to know to, to keep going. And I think that that was such a powerful thing because in the same time, that is when Dave was having the experience of like, oh, should I keep this podcast going that I’m doing, should I keep it going?

08:11 Should I keep it going? I don’t know. Like you just feel like nobody is seeing it. Nobody’s feeling you because you’re, you see them and you feel them, but you don’t know if they’re reciprocating it. Like if they see you and they feel you back. And it was so awesome for me to see him and to feel him, feel so many people coming up to him and sharing with him how much they appreciated his podcast and his message. And I think that, gosh, like that just made me learn from an outsider. Just seeing him and seeing the people reach out to him and to reach out to, to us as, as spouses that you guys like. It is so powerful to share, you know, with your loved ones, whether it’s just people in your home or your family or your friends around you, your community, whatever the heck you’re community is, let them know you see them and that you feel them and that you appreciate them no matter what it is. That is so powerful. And I think that that is like, um, something that amazing that I learned from just this Funnel Hacking Live is the tribe that was there of so many people reaching out to each other and just letting them know that they see each other, they feel each other and, and they have each other’s back and like keep going. You can do it and, and, and keep moving and keep like, just keep being awesome.

09:34 And again, really we want to make sure that you understand how much we appreciate you. If you’re new to the ClickFunnels family, welcome, welcome home. I think, uh, as an entrepreneur it’s one of the most lonely times and yet at the same time, I hope, uh, anybody who’s listened to this, uh, that you feel we, we’re here for you and for your success. It’s been one of the most fun journeys, most stressful journeys, and yet at the same time, nothing excites me more than, than seeing someone have success, whether it’s an eight figure award winning plaque or ring or a two comma club ring, or if it’s literally the first thousand dollars. I remember the first thousand dollars I ever made online and I seriously, I thought I had won the lottery.

10:20 It works. It really works.

10:25 And I just want to make sure that I just, just, no matter what you might be going through, just keep going, just keep going. And I think that that’s really the, what I’ve, I’ve seen the benefits and the blessing so much over the course of the last two weeks, especially just the value that exists when you just keep pushing. You just keep going and going and going. Sometimes you just never know when it’s going to actually hit, but it actually does and it always, always will. And just again, want to make sure that we encourage you to never ever give up on your dreams, never give up and just realize that you truly are just one funnel away. Having an amazing day. This is my wife, my Princess Carrie.

11:04 Hey, hey

11:05 and Dave Woodward signing off right now. Thanks so much. We’ll talk to you guys soon.

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Expert Secrets: Find Your Message, Build A Tribe, And Change The World…

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