Identifying your Blind Spots and Destroying Your Excuses - Tony Grebmeier - FHR #243

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Why Dave Decided to talk to Tony:

Tony Grebmeier is man of passion and the true definition of a team player. Although his journey to self-fulfillment wasn’t easy- he has managed to turn his company into an eight-figure business: ShipOffers. Alongside his two best friends, Doug Roberts and Gil Gerstein, Tony shares his wisdom on how they are able to manage their business and friendship simultaneously in a healthy manner. Tony elaborates on company integrity being the fundamental importance when starting a business. He also goes on to discuss the importance of building healthy company culture, and everyone understanding the value they bring to the table . His vision to help others achieve more is what makes Tony happy.

Tips and Tricks for You and Your Business:

  • Communication with partners: (4:27) The keys to communication and the importance of having an honest relationship. Getting to know them.
  • Prioritizing your teams strengths (5:35) Structuring team player roles to fit his/her strengths, optimizing performance.
  • How to build and develop a team: To Do’s (21:00)

Quotable Moments:

“The most important thing about being an entrepreneur is figuring it out. Not being the person willing to quit when it gets tough.”

“Your imagination is the only thing that your limited by when it comes to ship offers. If you can think it, and you need help creating it, we have a team of people that we work with, that can get you to that next level.”

“If you want something bad enough you will find the time, or you will find an excuse.”

“People are following a leader and you are the leader of your organization, so go first!”

Other Tidbits:

Going into business with friends: (1:55)

What Ship Offers is and provides. (10:15)

Ship Offers Products: (12:46) (19:52)


Speaker 1: 00:00 Welcome to funnel hacker radio podcast, where we go behind the scenes and uncover the tactics and strategies top entrepreneurs are using to make more sales, dominate their markets, and how you can get those same results. Here’s your host, Dave Woodward. Right everybody. Welcome back.

Speaker 2: 00:19 Mrs [inaudible] gonna be fun, but different types of podcast of things. At times I have the opportunity of interviewing these amazing guests I have on my show and sometimes I think the actual pre interviews are better than the post interviews. But with that said, you can’t hear what I just spent time talking to most amazing man in the world. I love this guy to death. He’s helped me personally in my own life going through some crazy stuff right now. He’s the CEO of shipoffers. Shipoffers has been around for 17 years and uh, been inc 5,000 company for last four years. I want to welcome to the show, Tony. Welcome. Welcome, welcome.

Speaker 3: 00:54 Thank you so much. It’s absolutely an honor to be here and yeah, sometimes you get those recordings from the beginning show and you’re like, I just want to share with the world, but let me just give you the good stuff you’re in for a real tree because I’m honored to be on the show and I can’t wait to see where we go.

Speaker 2: 01:07 Well, thanks Tony. Tony, Tony, I’ve been one thing I can tell you about Tony. This is a man who is probably the most honest and pure guy with massive integrity who works from the heart and yet who runs a huge, huge company and yet at the same time is always out there giving and I know you guys are listening, are going to infer a super treat, but first of all, I would encourage you guys to go look at Tony on facebook, connect with them. Tony, Greg Myer Dot com. It’s t o n y g R E B Mei e and This is a guy who I’m excited to have you on the show today and really one of the things I want to dive right into his, one of the things you’ve started this company 17 years ago and the part I most fascinated by is you started with to your other good friends and you’re still friends today.

Speaker 3: 02:04 So many people don’t go into business with their friends because they’ve heard everybody say like, it’s never going to work out. What’s really crazy is if I back up even earlier, 1996, one of my friends who’s my business partner called me and said, hey, uh, silicon valley, I was working. He was working for a company designing websites. The first website I ever designed was for Pixar. It was called toy story and it was 1996, 97 and he goes, Hey, do you want to meet in Vegas? I got an opportunity for a business I wouldn’t see if you’re interested. I didn’t even have a chance to hang up the phone today. You’d be like, what are you trying to sell me? Is there something that you’re going to pitch to me like, you know, it’s so different in the times. So I met in Vegas and one thing that was true was he said,

Speaker 2: 02:47 Hey, I bet you we could figure this out.

Speaker 3: 02:50 And that’s exactly kind of my path to being an entrepreneur is just trying to figure it out. My two childhood business partners and friends I with one of them growing up when I got kicked out of the house for getting my ear pierced when I was 15, 16, he was the friend that I went and moved in with. Um, we started our company with $5,000 in Van Nuys, California in 2001. And uh, I’ve always, I think that thing is the most important thing as an entrepreneur is being willing to try to figure it out. Not being the person willing to quit when it gets tough because as you know, running click funnels in any kind of engagement or environment, things get crazy. Like software doesn’t work the way it worked one day and then all of a sudden you’re like, I didn’t change anything to be willing to figure it out.

Speaker 3: 03:31 And so for 17 years we’ve been figuring this thing called business together. Um, we have a tripod philosophy. All three agree or we don’t do it. So have to say yes. One says no, we still don’t do it. Um, I think there’s only been two fights and I started both of them in and they’re childlike stuff. Like, Hey, close the gate at the end of the day. And I’m like, no. But I was the first car out. Like, yeah, that’s probably why you need to stick around and close the gate. I’m the real basic stuff. Um, my best man was the guy who called me up in [inaudible] 96 and my wedding coming up on 20 years of marriage, 17 years in business, watching my kids grow up here. And everything that I get to do is about connection. And you know, getting on this morning, you know, we, we talk about the tough stuff, we talk about how to let an employee go today.

Speaker 3: 04:17 It’s the toughest stuff, but that’s life and what can we do from it. And we talked about the most important thing is communication and that’s what we have to have is clear like perfect communication with partners, especially when you’re in a business and making money and honoring and serving your customers who believe in you. And so, you know, it’s the tough conversations that have to be had, but the thing that has lasted 17 plus years, as I say, if you find good people that you’re honest with and they’re able to be honest with you, why not go into business with them? Right? I’ve, I’ve got my nice, great playing basketball with them. They never, they never dated my girlfriends. So like the part I love most about Tony is just how poor you are. You’re just so real. And I just want to. Things I loved hanging out with.

Speaker 3: 05:05 You have the option of spending time with your tmc and live. And to an extent, it’s all about people and people’s what matters most to you and business to just kind of a byproduct and things that takes place on the back end. Yet at the same time shipoffers has been extremely successful. So if you don’t mind, can you kind of help bridge the gap from how do you work with your best buddies and everything else and yet still have a lot of success in business. Sure. We all knew exactly what we were good at going into it. So I’m. Doug was really good with finances Grad graduating from pepperdine with his MBA and so he knew that he could handle the funding side of the business. I’m Gil was, you know, working in a, at a company that designed websites. So he was designed. He had also worked at mattel designing hot wheels. So I knew that he knew specifically what to do to design really cool products and services for us. And then I was like the guy like if you needed it done, just give it to me. Right? There’s something to be said about that if you want to do and give it to a busy person. I’ve always been a salesman. I think that’s the thing that I remind myself up. I was fired from one job, gave my brother an ice cream cone at the boardwalk. That’s a whole nother story.

Speaker 3: 06:16 And I’ve tried so many different things and I always love seeing how I can grow as a person. And so when we all get into a room, we all have strengths and we all have opportunities to grow and I really work at, okay, doug and be transparent. Where is it that I need to improve and help me because I can’t see my blind spots, but you guys can see you and share with me and highlight them for me. And then all right, I need to go do the work, you know, go to a seminar, go read a book or pray about it, go do the work. And so for 17 years we’ve been doing that. Um, I don’t see my business partners a lot when we’re outside of the office. I mean, they spent 40 hours by the time I’m, I want to go home, I want to spend time with my kids and my wife, um, I live in the neighborhood with one of the, one of my business partners, Doug.

Speaker 3: 07:02 I’ve seen him twice in six months in my neighborhood and just kind of tells you like, we all have different lives. My, my generation is 10 years ahead of where they’re at, raising their kids. They’re like eight and under my kids are 17 and 19. Almost going to be leaving the house soon. But the one thing that’s been so easy for us is we just roll up our sleeves and get dirty and the end of the day love each other. And I think that’s the lesson of life that I would love to encourage anybody in a business relationship is, you know, there’s this little simple principles, you know, love God and love people. And if I remind myself to love people no matter what, even when it hurts, um, what lesson is somebody teaching you today is that maybe I need to ask deeper questions we were talking about before the show of what’s really going on when there’s a problem in the office.

Speaker 3: 07:47 When someone comes to the office, Sat, did I even ask how their weekend was? And then go deeper from that. Like, Oh, you know, I went to a couple of birthday parties, ask questions. Like, was it fun? Like, did you enjoy it? Like how many times did you want to leave? And like start getting to get them to open up because we all show up with a bunch of stuff that we’re not talking about. We just show up. And then Monday morning it’s work mode. Friday, it’s like paycheck times go celebrate. So I spent 40 hours a week of really looking at my business partners through a unique lens which their wives don’t get to see them, vice versa. Like, it’s. So I, I love it and I’ve always encouraged my friends if you can trust them as far as you can, throw them, if you, if you know their mothers, got to know your partner as well and you got to meet them so that you understand them because uh, my one business partner, his mom calls me his elbows, my one business partner, his elbows and another one that says, hey, you know, I like this kid.

Speaker 3: 08:44 He’s good. And I lived with them. So I’ve gotten to know my business partner’s families and that’s, I think is a really important thing to kind of funny. I actually was at a, I met Russell’s parents, gosh, probably about six years ago was the first time and then we happened to be together just this last weekend that dad is Salt Lake City. When Russell received the entrepreneur of the year for a tech company down there, it was just fun sitting next to them at that table. Sharing that moment were six years ago. It was like, man, if my kid ever going to figure this thing out. And so we’ve been through a lot together and it’s been fun. It was neat seeing his dad. I remember when two years ago we started with doing some work with Robert Kiyosaki and Russell. His Dad really could care of lead but really wasn’t as excited about what Russell is doing as much as he was about rich dad.

Speaker 3: 09:34 It was the very first book that his dad had given Russell to read and so I had the optimum getting his dad and Russell and rich dad’s podcast and that was like the highlight of Russell’s dad experienced with his son as far as business goes. They’d spent a lot of time to get as far as wrestling, all that kind of stuff. That was the first business. And those are the things that matter the most. And you’re right, it’s nice when you know, when you know your partner’s families and the parents is just an added bonus. So I appreciate your mentioning that. So tell me, for those people who aren’t familiar with ship offers, tell them what ship offers is. I mean obviously we integrate with you guys love working with you. What, what is it that ship offers? Does ship offers, provides products and services to marketers online in the health and wellness space or Bible space and personal development space.

Speaker 3: 10:22 So we even started printing books on demand, so just give you some of the ideas of the services that we have and what do we do is we provide you the opportunity to test. Just think about like having somebody to test something without spending a lot of capital upfront to go see if it’s gonna work or not. So we have a bunch of products that you can incubate and test to see if you can sell online, back in funnels a lot of clients through click funnels and we give you the chance to put your label on them and we ship them to your customer and at the end of the week or whenever our payment terms are set up with you, we send you a bill and we do those transactions every single day. A couple of million times a year for our customers worldwide. We’re in 34 different countries that we shipped to and it’s just one of those companies that I love like so many people need money upfront, like tons of money, like no, and I’m like, no, I actually know this service works and this industry works because I was on the other side in 2001 when we launched.

Speaker 3: 11:15 We were taken from a lot of fulfillment companies and products based companies that they could care, you know, nonetheless about us. All they cared about was the money and we made a decision to say, look, why don’t we create a business that gives people tools and resources to help them to win? And that’s like the click funnels thing, right? You’re giving tools to people to win and then you developed all of these assets to support it because you believe in it. So for 17 years we’ve been pouring assets and infrastructure in to helping our customers to win. And you said something very big in the very beginning that you gave me praise. I’ll take it, but I don’t deserve it. What I do deserve is that at the end of the day, my integrity matters and I have to remind myself that I’m a a business based on integrity and I have to show up that way.

Speaker 3: 11:58 So when you call us on the phone and you’re like, Hey, I’d love to integrate with you. We say, hey, tell me about your business and I need you to be transparent because the reason is I’m going to bet on you once we say it’s a good fit for each other, like I need to know that you’re thinking tomorrow. You want to be here and five to 10 years down the road, so many people in this day and age just need to make money today and they move on and I don’t have time for that, so don’t waste my time. Don’t waste your time. We’ll figure you out. Just be the person that says, I want to be here tomorrow, next month and next year, and I want to build something that I want to leave as a legacy. I don’t think click funnels is just a once and done business. It’s a legacy business and that’s what ship offers is really as a business that’s helping so many people, not just the people who work here in our team, but people all around the world running small, incubated small businesses, medium sized businesses, and larger outfits as well.

Speaker 2: 12:45 So more detail to it as far as what types of product. Actually

Speaker 3: 12:49 testosterone boosters, Krill oil, fish oil, if you’re looking for weight loss products, if you’re looking for workout products and you can literally slap your name, we have 50 products. You can put your name on 50 different products and we’ll mail into to your customers today. Um, it takes us about a week to integrate. If you’re doing a lot of volume, it’s because you know, you have back in restrictions and things that you need. Um, our, our Apis, adaptable to pretty much any system on planet earth. But the products are easy. I mean, when I look at it, we just launched Quito. Quito is like the hot new craze, right? Um, so everybody wants Quito products and then we have Quito products and tomorrow if it’s Garcinia back to what it was four years ago and we can create anything to. So if there’s something that you’re selling and you’re like, oh, I’d love to do this.

Speaker 3: 13:35 We have the ability to formulate products where you knock off products, custom formulate. So I mean it’s really like your imagination is the only thing that you’re limited by when it comes to ship offers. If you can think it and if you need help creating it, then we have a team of people that we work with to help you kind of get to that next level. And I, I mean I’ve seen some pretty amazing stuff. I mean I, I’ve been around this industry since 96 so I’ve seen a lot go on online and I love the fact that everyday I come into the office to play and get creative and see what we can do together.

Speaker 2: 14:07 Basically I had the opportunity to either white labeling your products or formulating their own products or basically just trying to figure out what they can do next and that work in your team to kind of create something if the camp.

Speaker 3: 14:17 Yeah, and you can send us your products, like we don’t even have to make it. You can send it to us and we’ll do the fulfillment for you. I mean that’s what I’ve always loved is that people just send me products that are like, I’m totally happy with my manufacturer. I love where I get my products from China. I just. I’m looking for a reliable fulfillment company and I’m like, logistics is what we do. Send it to this address. Tell me how many pallets are coming and we’ll take care of.

Speaker 2: 14:37 Oh, I love that. I think the part that these days is we see a lot of people who are trying to do the Amazon thing, but once they grow up and they move on from the Amazon and they figured out, you know what? I got to find some way of actually owning my customers. I got to find a way. Actually controlling the product, controlling the delivery that a service like yours is ideal for that because that’s their whole game is to own the company, to own the product and the client and to be able to work with a company like yours to fulfill that.

Speaker 3: 15:05 Yeah, and we don’t market to your customers and a lot of companies are using this as a scare tactic, but there’s a lot of companies out there. If you go look in their privacy policies and their statements, they’re reusing your data to retarget and market to their customers. That’s not what we are. We’re not marketers. That’s why our slogans easy you market. We do the rest.

Speaker 2: 15:28 I love that. So as you take a look, as far as you know where you guys are going in, and I know he kind of started off in health and fitness thing. You also mentioned pod, so you’re. You’re doing print on demand as well.

Speaker 3: 15:38 Yeah, we’re playing in the book or Eda, which has been so interesting. People who were in his inner circle are using our services and one of the things I’ve realized that I’m like, you guys want this stuff cheap, Russell’s hey, get this book out as fast as possible. So we’re playing in that arena and it’s so much fun. Um, I’m writing a book, so obviously I’ve been spending a lot of time, money and resources trying to figure out how to do it. And our team’s like, hey, we figured it out. So we’ve been printing books on demand. We drop them in a poly bags or if you needed a certain type of way to show up, we do high end stuff and low end. So meaning your budget really dictates what the delivery looks like on the other end. But I’m a believer in helping you to showcase your customer and give them a really amazing experience. So you create the wow effect. So you want them to come back. So many marketers are like one and done and move on and I’m like, you can do that, but if I could show you and it doesn’t cost you much more, you can actually create a customer returns often and is coming back and sharing with their friends once you be interested in learning how we do that. Oh, I love that

Speaker 2: 16:39 golden nugget secret. So I think the key here is if you are not familiar with ship offers, reach out to ship offers. So S, h I, p o f f e r Reach out Tony and he’s more than happy to connect you to help you guys out. I know it’s only one thing you were talking about is you’ve created a course, a click funnels page.

Speaker 3: 16:57 Yes. What’s the course called? It’s called drainers and drivers. And if we just talked for like 30 seconds on what does drainers and drivers look like or mean to you? It’s going to be different for each and every one of us. However, if you ever wake up Monday morning and you have to go into an office, that could be a drainer, but what happens if we could actually figure out why it’s a drainer and turn it into a driver and realize that the end of it, you’re making more money, you’re having more fun with your friends and your family and life looks better. That’s what drainers and drivers is. It’s an opportunity for us to go through a five day mini course videos, worksheets. You just go through it, grab some information. I’m with you for five days and then hey, at the end of it, now you have some framework that you can use for all areas of your life.

Speaker 3: 17:39 I use it for hiring people. When I’m interviewing somebody to come in and start a new position, I say, Hey, can you list your last three drivers and three trainers that your last business so you get them to open up and start talking as tools so you can begin to see, and I love it. That drainers and drivers flip all the time. Something that’s driving you today will be a drainer tomorrow, and you’re like, I’m going to quit my job. No, you’re not going to quit what you’re doing. I know that your click funnel’s experiences. Amazing. Moneywise yet, let’s take a step back. What’s really going on is that you’ve got a lot of stuff in your life that’s kind of not on the right course and we just need to bring some awareness to it. Once you get awareness, then you’ll say, all right, now I’ve got a six month plan. I can’t wait for that date. Now I’m going to go full time in my click funnels life and my business and things are gonna. Be Better. So we help you to map out that plan so that you don’t feel overwhelmed when you look at your life.

Speaker 2: 18:30 So how does a guy who’s running the logistics company create a program called drainers and drivers?

Speaker 3: 18:36 Great question. So I’m all about community. And so what was really clear three years ago was, um, I had a lot of people around me who wanted to figure out how we could work together and, and I, and it was too tough because I have only so much throughput during the day. So I created a community which is called a be fulfilled. I created a podcast around beef fulfilled and that slogan has been on our wall in our company for so many years, which is be fulfilled. And that’s all about being fulfilled in your life. And what I also came to the conclusion was, as people were struggling and we, you know, you look online and you hear about it, things are happening in our world. And I found the time because I made it intentional. I set time to say no, what’s the biggest way that I can impact the world?

Speaker 3: 19:22 Because my time is limited. So I wanted to use one of the most amazing platforms in the world, which is click funnels. I wanted to use it. I had something live in about an hour and I’ve been able to play in that world so often that I’m working on my second course or they’re called purposeful living for success and that’s, you know, built as a six week program and I realized that if you want something bad enough, you’ll find the time or you’ll find the excuse and the time for me is now the time for you is now, so I just got drainers and one day called my graphics designer and say, can you design this? Yes. I said, I want to live like this. Yes. I was in Cleveland at a mastermind, 2:00 in the morning. I couldn’t sleep. I recorded 10, 10 videos really, really quick. I scrap five, put up five. The course was live. Took down the next morning and gave everybody a handout saying, the course is live because if you want something bad enough, you’ll find a way or you’ll find an excuse and I’m tired of making excuses and I want to help people not make them in their life.

Speaker 2: 20:20 Oh, I love it. Thank you again. I appreciate your giving that out to everyone here. Again, drainers and Definitely go check that out. Um, I know that I literally could spend days talking to you. I’ve had the opportunity to spend a lot of time with you on a boat. Let’s be realistic. Stuck in the middle of the San Diego Harbor. Couldn’t do anything, but I think one of the great things about the way you communicate and work with people is even in your own team. I haven’t, I haven’t, I don’t know all of your team as well as I met some of them, but you’re always about as a CEO, helping build them and, and develop them and if you don’t mind those who are listening, who are trying to build their own team, what are some of the things that you’ve used in your life? They’ll build your team to where you have such. You have a lot of a players on your team which is tough to come by.

Speaker 3: 21:11 So first and foremost, which may hurt to hear this is what are you waiting for? You need to be the example because remember people are following a leader and you are the leader of your organization. So go first and I heard this many years ago and it never really, really, you know, like went off for me, but I was at a seminar and they said, be the first to pop in the room. Don’t be the last kernel to get burned, right? Be the first pop, go first and just go. And so I admit a lot of my faults to the world, you know, you follow me on facebook, you know that I’ve, I’ve struggled with suicide. I’ve struggled with alcoholism and struggled with marital issues, have struggled with finances. I struggled with a lot of things and I realized that my path isn’t the same for everybody, but the one path that I know to be true is you have to be the example.

Speaker 3: 21:59 You need people to like see you. Like I’m not jumping on a camel until I see someone jump on a camel. Like it’s just not something that I want to go and try to do. But if you show me that you bring out a ladder and you show people how they get on top of a camel, or they show the people how to get top of the elephant, you lead by example. So you have to be the example and that’s the one thing that I tell my team how I lead in my house. That’s how I work with my wife and my friends. I’m like, you look, I know there’s days that I don’t want to show up for life. I really just want to sleep in bed, pull the covers over my eyes and say somebody else do it. But I signed up for this opportunity and people are counting on me and when I know that and I draw strength from a lot of amazing places and resources, I have great coaches and mentors around me who in constantly.

Speaker 3: 22:43 You’re encouraging me. That inside me is greatness. And that’s what I want to encourage anybody listening right now. You don’t have to be a leader of a big organization. You can be a leader of yourself. Just remember that you have greatness inside of you and that for you to activate it, it’s Kinda like saying to yourself, today’s the day, now’s the time, let’s go. And, and even if your belief is 100 percent solid, it’s least something to draw from. And so I, I love to tell people just like I’ll tell you that I love you man, and I know that at times life is not fair and we go through some seasons and it’s ups and downs, but I know one thing to be true is that you’re not alone and that there’s tons of people and resources at your fingertips. Numbers you can call and if you’ve heard anything today from how I speak and I know I don’t necessarily always follow every question to a team give.

Speaker 3: 23:33 The perfect answer is that I really care about people and that’s the one investment that I’ve made to make sure is very clear in the organization that we run, is that my commitment is to. And I signed that today as a declaration when we were talking about vision as a company. I said, my commitment is to you. What’s your commitment to and then everybody got up and wrote their commitment on the board and I said, I hope that you understand what vision that what you wrote should be the same commitment you have here as you do in your life, and if not, then let’s begin the process. My door’s open. Walk in. Let’s figure that out. I’ll roll up my sleeves. All invest my time will come in early. Stay late. You’ve got to be willing to invest in your people because why do people leave? Because people investing in them in other places and they’re beginning to lose interest in you and I love having people that have been with us 17 years and I love having people who have been with us six months and I love having people who have a story along their journey to share is that the company stands for something. I asked you, what do you stand for when you’re looking at your people and put them first and watch how everything else begins to fall into place.

Speaker 2: 24:43 Drop the mic on that one. The one. I appreciate that. It’s been one of the things we’ve looked at click funnels, it was we met a couple of weeks ago and we’re basically doing a full org chart thing. No rustling sitting there going around 180, 190 and at the time it rolls it out and it’s two, oh five and the next three weeks it was like, whoa. All of a sudden you find this little tiny idea that we got started with his grown, but the thing that we’ve held true to is what you mentioned and that is you gotta invest in people and we try to make sure we always hire just a players the best we can. We try to make sure that it’s a culture fit. We’re really big on its culture. You don’t mind just next few minutes here, could you just help us kind of identity you take one a matter of time. When you talking about culture, what’s it mean to you and how do you make it work in your business?

Speaker 3: 25:40 Remember how we were talking a little bit about going and meeting the parents, hanging with them and getting to know them. I actually want to get to know you outside of work and my mantra and my philosophies are simple. The way that I think my methodology says says something really, really basic and I want you to get this date because I think it’s applicable to you and then your org chart and everything that you’re doing, turn your org chart upside down and where do you stand? The bottom, supporting this massive, you know, infrastructure, right? Yes. It started out as a little idea, but it’s grown. It’s blossomed just like every year when the Golden State Warriors, because that’s my team. Congratulations. Thank you. They think about the season. They don’t go, well, let’s go take this year. Right? They think, okay, we have all of these people and what makes up the Golden State Warriors is not just the players that you see on the court.

Speaker 3: 26:30 It’s all of the coaches, the staff, the trainers or the people back the tickets, like everybody doing everything that you can’t see and that’s the thing that I have to remind myself about shipoffers is I may be the CEO and I may have great partners that give me the platform, but behind the scenes I have a team and that’s like the team aspect that has helped build our culture. Our culture is built on vision, clarity, so we have kindness, we have improvement, right? We have integrity. Like I don’t want people who don’t want to be here, so I have a statement. If you have a clock in, clock out mentality, this isn’t the place for you because some days it may be early in some days and maybe late and along the way we’ve make it last and I may have to pull up my compass and figuring out the direction we’re going again.

Speaker 3: 27:14 And if you really want to test your people, don’t pay him for two weeks and see their integrity. See if they should go up, see if they’re going to give you their time, their consideration and everything they’ve got for you and then do it for another two weeks and then now you’ve got a month. And. All right, am I really the right person to lead this? So I’m all about culture. I’m all about getting to know my people. I love to take them out to lunch. I love to text them on the weekends. I’ve had a couple people who’ve dealt with death in the last couple of days, family issues, and I want to know my people. I want to know the people who actually signed up to go and jump on board and See our vision right and where we’re headed and what we’re doing. So my buy in has to be just as much as your bio in mind.

Speaker 3: 27:59 Maybe have to be just a little bit more because I have some experience around it. The people here come from all walks of life. They’ve been through all difficult situations growing up in the ghetto, growing up fatherless, uh, you know, environments and, you know, didn’t know their mother. And I’ve seen, I’ve seen it come from different countries, worked oddball jobs to get here and I don’t care who you are, I care about what you do when you’re here. I don’t care what happened to you, I’d love to get to know it, but I need to know who you are here and what is it that you want help with. So the last piece that I tell everybody that we hire, everybody we bring on, I said, we’re a stepping stone for your greatness. We’re here to help you learn enough stuff. And when you’re ready, you’ll take steps to go where you need to go.

Speaker 3: 28:47 Um, I told every person that has ever worked for our team. I said, I’m a stepping stone to where you want to go. Allow us to be that and give us what you can while you’re here and I’ll invest everything I can into you while you’re here as well. And, uh, I love it. I mean, I’m a new guy. Just came on as our director of sales. He left the company that he was at for nine years managing 109 people. And uh, my friend Vinnie Fisher and his company helped us find this person and it’s like, I found, I think I really do. I think about like, I’m going to be an empty Nester here in a year replacement, I don’t want to say it too loud because he’s in the other room, but there’s something magical about when you invest in people. And I asked him the other day and I said, you know, how you doing here?

Speaker 3: 29:37 He goes, man, I can’t believe it. I go, why? He goes, I actually remember that I have a life again. And it’s not that there was anything wrong where he was at. He just sometimes we get lost along the way. And so culture for me is, is really talking to your people, talking about the good stuff, talking about it, the bad stuff, and getting ugly with them and talking about the stuff that really matters. And uh, you know, when you notice that a person is not doing their job, pull them aside and tell them. And I’ve been known to do that and I’ve been known not to do that. And I kicked myself when I realized, man, if I would’ve just had another heart to heart, maybe it would have mattered. But culture is it. I mean if you don’t have good culture, you, you’re definitely probably have some other issues in your company.

Speaker 2: 30:15 Well, I appreciate that. I know we joke around all the time as far as this idea as far as cold and really trying to build that type of a really tight knit organization. Not only here at inside of a company but also with our customers. So I appreciate that. I totally understand that.

Speaker 3: 30:33 Do you have an iphone or do you have an android? Iphone. So I can only address iphone users because that’s all I have. So if you’re an android maybe you should tune out some of the stuff. I have a big believer in. It may not be the best product in the world, but it’s got some amazing things that have created culture. The facetime, the quick easy swipes, the shareable stuff, the things that are easy to attract, their store looks amazing. And then other companies try to, you know, copy their store, like how many people have tried to go and copy click funnels throughout the years. But you can’t be click funnels because there’s a culture there when you went to funnel hacking live, when I’ve been out of the last four years and I’m so happy that I got a chance to showcase this last year. You’re looking around, they bought into culture. They believe in what you guys are doing. That’s why I said yes to the podcast, why I say yes to this because it lines up with my culture, my fit of like I want to do things where I know the people on the other end are going in the same direction and they have a buy in 250 staff. It’s phenomenal, but it still took one, two, three, four, five to come up with a vision to go then implement the vision for the rest of the company. They all had a buy into your culture.

Speaker 2: 31:45 Well, I appreciate that. I again, I can’t thank you enough, Tony. I become a dear friend and I appreciate especially just how just raw and pure you are.

Speaker 3: 31:58 That’s why my podcast that I launched last week and talk inside my other podcast is called raw and uncut. I think. I think we need less editing. I think we really just need to go and try and be okay that it didn’t work out, but be willing to get back up, fail fast, get up. If it doesn’t work and you know eyeballs aren’t buying what you’re selling, then maybe it’s time that you just figure out why. Why it’s not selling? Is it really it’s not converting or maybe your message isn’t very clear and I want my message to be clear to anybody listening today. No matter the path that you’re on, no matter where you’re at in your life, know that you matter. You have greatness inside of you. People like myself and Dave, Karen, love for you as a human being. Know that we want to support you on your mission and your journey, but I need 100 percent buy in from you. First. I need you to believe in yourself and if your stock

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