If There Is One, There Could Be Two

Marketing Secrets - Podcast (Russell Brunson - FunnelHackerTV)

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The two polar opposite mindsets that will either make you, or break you.

On this episode Russell talks about having belief in your own success in order to actually be successful. Here are some of the awesome things he mentions in this episode:

  • Why you shouldn’t have the Michael Moore view of success being a freak accident.
  • Why believing in your own success will increase the likelihood of you achieving what you’re trying to do.
  • And why being a skeptic has a zero percent success rate.

So listen here to find out why if there is one, there could be two and you could figure out how to be number two.


What’s up everybody? This is Russell Brunson, welcome to the Marketing Secrets podcast. Today I’ve got a little bit of a rant for you.

Hey everyone, welcome to the podcast today, I hope you are all doing amazing. Yes, today is going to be a little bit of a rant, I hope you don’t mind. I need to get something off my mind.

So this morning, I was looking at Facebook, as I often do in the mornings, just making sure that everyone is happy in our community of a160,000 people, and I was scrolling through and I somebody’s post, and the post made me want to jump up and down on my phone and smash it into little pieces. So yes, that’s what happened this morning, and that’s what inspired this rant.

So first I’m going to tell you the back story that will set up this, then I’ll tell you what happened in the post. So this weekend I was listening to some Dan Kennedy, in fact, I wonder if there’s a correlation of me listening to Dan Kennedy and me wanting to do rants. There might be, he’s kind of a grumpy old man. But he’s still the best, I love learning from him.

Anyway, I was listening to one of his courses this weekend, which I think I mentioned yesterday. He mentioned my name on, which is pretty awesome. But earlier he was talking, in fact, it was the first ten minutes of the course, and he started talking about this principle that I think is essential, and it lays out what I want you guys to understand today, during this podcast, to help make sure you’re successful. Because if you’re not careful in all things you do, you’re going to fall down this path, because I think human nature drives us down the wrong path, and if you’re aware of it, it’s easier to protect yourself from it.

Basically he was talking about, when it comes to success, there are two completely opposite mindsets. The first one he called the Michael Moore view, and so the Michael Moore, if you guys know who Michael Moore is, I’m not a huge fan. I don’t watch all his videos or movies, but I’m aware of who he is. First he talked about the Michael Moore view, so he kind of set this up earlier in the presentation of what Kennedy talked about. He said that if you look right now in America, 1 out of 160 people are millionaires. That’s the odds, which aren’t that bad.

If you go to the mall, I don’t know how many people are in the all at one time, but the odds are pretty good if one out of 160 are going to be millionaires, maybe that should be me. So that’s kind of what started it. He talked about that right now in America 1 out 160 is a millionaire. So the Michael Moore view, and I wrote notes on this, to make sure I got this right. Basically the Michael Moore view is that “1 out of 160 is a freak accident. 1% uses a freak accident just like lottery commission uses winners for advertizing to convince people they can win a game that they cannot so that they do not come with pitch forks and torches and eat the rich. It’s a freak accident to which the overwhelming majority can’t make it happen, so they shouldn’t aspire to it, and the whole game is rigged.”

So there’s the Michael Moore perspective. Now that’s your perspective when you’re like, “I’m going to be successful in life, but I believe that it’s a freak accident, I believe that the only people that have been successful are put up there just for marketing and advertizing, and it’s just like lottery, like spinning a dice and the shots of winning are 1 in 160, but whatever.” So that’s the Michael Moore view.

The opposite, the opposing view, the view of people who actually are successful is this, “If there is 1 then there could be 2 and I could figure out how to be number 2.” That’s it. So one is this a freak accident, there’s no way I could possibly make this happen, therefore I should not aspire to even try. Number two is, if one person did it, there could be two, and I could figure out how to be number two.

Now think about your mindset in which one of these you lead with. Because I guarantee you I could look at where you are in your life or your health or your relationships, or whatever it might be, and I’ll tell you which one of these views you actually follow. You may believe that “Oh yeah, I’m definitely the opposed, the opposite of you Russell.” And you probably are on some things in life, but maybe not everything.

So I want you guys to become hyper aware of this. A lot of times I will share something on a podcast or an event and it’s like a really cool case study of how somebody did blah or whatever and then people will look and say, “Well that works for Alex, because he’s in the gym industry. I’m selling dentists. We’re different.” Or “Kaelin’s selling weight loss to women, info products. I have something completely different.” And it’s like, no, look it and say if there’s one, there could be two, and I could figure out how to be number two. That’s the difference.

So let me come back to what I started with. So this morning when I was looking at Facebook and scrolling through real quick, there’s someone who posted there. This lady, she posted, “I’ve been lurking in this group for three years now.” Notice how she even said lurking. Congratulations, you’ve been lurking for three years. She is definitely a Michael Moore type person. So she’s been lurking and she said, “Does it depress any of the rest of you guys to know that of the 160,000 people in this Facebook group, only 300 have become millionaires so far?”

That was what she said, and I just wanted to unleash upon her the fury that comes to me sometimes, but I just smiled and ignored it, and now I’m doing this podcast rant and maybe I’ll link to it or something like that. Because that’s how she’s looking at it. Of 160,000 members only 300 have become millionaires and only 20 become deca millionaires. This thing is just a freak accident. The overall majority of people can’t make it happen, therefore they shouldn’t aspire to it, and the whole game is rigged.

That’s what she’s saying, as opposed to looking and saying, “Oh my gosh, 300 of my peers in the last year have figured out how to be millionaires. 20 have figured out how to be deca millionaires. 10 million dollars or more in a funnel. If there is one, there could be two and I could figure out how to be two.

That’s the mindset, that’s the believe you need to have to be successful, because I don’t believe it is a freak accident. I believe it’s people who believe. If I can leave nothing with you today than this, it’s belief is the key. If you believe then you’ll go and do the thing and you’ll actually have success.

I look at the 160,000 people in our Facebook group, from that we have 63,000 active Clickfunnels members. So what’s that, 1 in 3 had enough belief in what we’re talking about to actually go and create a trial. So your odds just got better. 1 out of 3. If you have a Clickfunnels account, congratulations, of the people who are following our movement, you believe more than two thirds of them. Two thirds of them cancelled their success because they didn’t believe and they don’t even have an account.

So if you have an account, congratulations, you’re already exceptional. Now inside that account, people who actually look at every day and actually use it, you’re likelihood to success probably doubles, right. People who have read the Dotcom Secrets and Expert Secrets books, the likelihood doubles. People who come to our events, the likelihood doubles. Right now, this weekend, today and tomorrow there’s the Two Comma Club X event, for those trying to get in the Two Comma Club. Those who are in San Diego this weekend, the success rate dramatically shoots up because they’re actually doing stuff.

So if you look at the 160,000 or the 63,000 or the 300 millionaires, or 20 deca millionaires and you look at that, and you say look if there are 300, why can’t I do it too? If there are 20 why can’t I do it too? And then you go figure out how to be that other person. It’s really not that complicated. Most people never actually get there.

I remember hearing, I can’t remember who, it might have been Charfen or it might have been somebody else, talking about how many businesses make it past a million dollars a year, ten million, a hundred million, all those kind of things, and what’s crazy is half of it is just showing up. If you just show up and read a book, you’re double as likely to be successful. Most people just don’t do the minimum effort. If you just do some things moving towards that goal, your odds become insanely good.

1 out of 160 in America you guys, are millionaires. There’s your odds. Those are pretty dang good. In our community so far, 300 have become millionaires. 20 have become deca millionaire. And every day someone new is becoming a millionaire. So I’d be looking at that saying, if everyday someone is becoming a millionaire, which day is mine? There’s 365 days this year, which one is mine? I’m going to go for it. Pick a day and then start running towards that thing and start figuring it out. If there’s one, there could be two and I could figure out how to be number two.

That’s the goal you guys. And I want you, not just in business, it’s true in business, but all parts of life. If you’re trying to lose weight and you’re like, “I can’t do it. It’s a freak accident, it’s my hormones, it’s my this, it’s my genetics.” You’re looking at the Michael Moore view. Don’t look at it that way. That’s the best way to set yourself up for failure. Look at it the other way. If there’s one, there could be two and I could figure out how to be two. Now you’ve got belief, and if you believe it, then you’re going to start reading and you’re going to study and going to things and start moving forward and if you believe it, then you can achieve it.

I know that sounds so cliché but it’s true. If you look at my job as the head cheerleader here at Clickfunnels, that should literally be my entire calling and career. All I’m trying to do is create belief. That’s it. Because anybody who believes it, goes and does it.

I look at the 300 Two Comma Club winner, what was the commonality amongst all of them? They believed they could do it. So they figured out a way to do it. The people who didn’t, there’s some level of belief that’s holding them back. They don’t believe in something. Whatever it is, there’s some believe that’s holding them back and that’s why they’re not making it. They don’t believe that they’re good enough or they’re smart enough, or they’re fast enough or they don’t believe they’ve got enough talent. They don’t believe they could drive traffic. They don’t believe they could actually build a funnel. They don’t believe they could do design. They don’t believe, they don’t believe.

There’s something that they don’t believe that’s keeping them back, and that’s all it is, is belief. It’s usually their belief switching back to this Michael Moore view. “Oh well, that guy can do it. Russell can do it because he looks so mature.” I look like I’m 11 years old. That should not be, Russell looks more mature than me. No, Russell doesn’t.

I remember at the first UPW, the first Tony Robbins event I went to, he was talking about a lot of times all these things we have against like, “Oh I’m too young to be successful, I’m too old to be successful.” All these things are excuses. You take that and flip it and be like, “I’m so young that I’m going to have insights that they don’t have.” Or “I’m so old that I’ve got wisdom that these other people don’t have.” And take these things that are negative, I can’t do it because of whatever, and instead flip it around as that’s the reason why I’m going to be successful, because of these things.

It’s the belief and if you guys just start breaking your belief patterns and start shifting them, I know that if you’re listening to this podcast, I’m preaching to the choir, but I promise you that if you’re struggling at something in this journey, it’s belief. That’s what you’re fighting with. So as much as you have to learn the skill set, which is important, it’s the belief in yourself to execute on it that actually keeps you back, more so than the skill set. The skills are easy to learn.

Come on guys, this is not that complicated, seriously. If you spend 15 minutes inside of Clickfunnels, you can build a funnel. It’s not difficult. And anyone who thinks it’s difficult is lying to you. If you’re like, “I can’t figure out Clickfunnels…” Come on now. If you graduated high school you can figure out Clickfunnels. If you didn’t graduate high school and you were smart enough to get out before it ended, then you can use Clickfunnels.

I don’t care which direction you are, you just need to have belief. If there’s one, there could be two and you can figure out how to be number two. I promise you that. You guys we are laying out so many tracks, so many things for you to follow, so many case studies and proof and as much stuff as I can muster from our community to give you guys belief that you have to look at it and you have to belief it. The skeptics never have success. There’s zero% success rate with skeptics.

If you’re going to be successful, find somebody that you believe in, someone that you’re like, “Man, that person did it.” And then look at them everyday and say, if there’s one there could be two and I could figure out how to be number two. I don’t care if you have to lean on me, if you have to lean on Brandon and Kaelin, if you have to lean on Alex Harmosi, if you have to lean on any of our Two Comma Club winners, find somebody and look at them and say look, if there’s one, there could be two and I could figure out how to be number two.

And then all you have to do is believe. Put all the skepticism, all the reasons why it might not work, all the complaints and frustrations and “Oh my software didn’t do this…” whatever those things are, put those things behind you and just believe and then run forward as if you’re trying to make it happen. That’s the difference between those who are killing it and those who aren’t.

Skepticism will kill you in everything you’re trying to do. Believe, believe, believe. This stuff works, I promise you that. Some of you guys, this message is for, because you’re trying to figure out this marketing stuff, some of you guys this message is for other parts of your life. Some of you guys it’s because you’re in a marriage that you’re struggling with, some of you guys it’s because you’re relationship you’re struggling with. It might be your health, might be your finances. Whatever it is, this principle that I’m sharing with you can help in all the areas of your life.

So figure out the stuff you’re stuck with, figure out the stuff that is keeping you back, that you’re being skeptical about, and find somebody who you believe in who has had success in that thing, and then this should become your mantra. If there’s one, there could be two and I could figure out how to be two.

I hope that helps you guys, I appreciate you. Our team here is killing ourselves to give you guys the belief, the systems, the tools, like I said we got an event happening in San Diego that I’m not at this week, teaching people the systems for Two Comma Club, how to get into the Two Comma Club. I’m in here today, I was all day yesterday and all day today we’re making videos to create more belief. I’m just killing myself to make you guys believe. So if you just make my job easier and just believe.

This stuff is true, I promise you guys that. I’ve seen it over and over and over again. Don’t be like that lady in the Facebook group who thinks it’s a freak accident because it’s not. All it takes is you believing and putting forth the effort. And if you do that you’ll have success. Alright guys, with that said, I appreciate you all, have an amazing day and we’ll talk to you all soon.

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