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Why Dave Decided to talk to Loyd Hale:

Loyd Hale is the CEO of Modoma Health and Wellness, and currently owns medically directed health and wellness clinics in Dallas, Texas, specializing in physical medicine and rehabilitation. The clinics combine the benefits of massage with the medical practicality of physical therapy. A member of the prestigious 2 comma club and 8- figure award winner; Loyd discusses how to discover, integrate, and optimize using funnels for lead generation and model building aimed for practice growth.

Tips and Tricks for You and Your Business:

  • Lead Generation Model And Facebook Ads: (4:43)
  • Lifetime Value Of Clients: (11:33)
  • Incorporating Clients Into Your Business Model: (14:35)
  • Finding The Right People To Fill The Right Holes (20:03)

Quotable Moments:

“It always comes down to whoever can spend the most acquiring customers wins.”

“What would it look like if holistic practitioners were at the forefront of medicine.”

“Don’t waste money on facebook ads that aren’t working for you!”

Other Tidbits:

Loyd discusses how he was able to develop four integrated clinics using a multidisciplinary approach to treating patients. He talks about his journey to the prestigious 2-comma club and what has changed since the beginning. Loyd also passes on great tips about lead generation and advice to pursuing entrepreneurs.


Speaker 1: 00:00 Welcome to funnel hacker radio podcast, where we go behind the scenes and uncover the tactics and strategies top entrepreneurs are using to make more sales, dominate their markets, and how you can get those same results. Here’s your host, Dave Woodward. Everybody. Welcome back.

Speaker 2: 00:18 This is funnel hacker radio. We’re kind of on a new little toy car. I bought miles and he’s going to help you with the interview as well. Um, my name’s Dave Woodward, but the most important person is the one we’re bringing on right now. I want to introduce you to one of our winners. He actually happens to be our newest eight figure award winner. And let me introduce you to the CEO of Madonna, Mr Dr. and Mr. which I go by here. Mr. Mr. Mr Lloyd here. Welcome to the show man.

Speaker 3: 00:45 Hey, thanks for having me. I’m excited for this. Actually

Speaker 2: 00:49 this is gonna be a lot of fun for us. So I tell people a little bit about your background. Did Isaac, chiropractor everything else and kind of what in the world are using clickfunnels for?

Speaker 3: 00:59 Yeah, we will. First we use clickfunnels for like lead generation and then coming in for like a new patient, a promotion. And then really how I started was I, I’m actually not a chiropractor too, a lot of people, so we actually own a, an MSO is a management service organization and then uh, so the short of it is I uh, didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life.

Speaker 2: 01:27 Join the crowd. A lot of us are in that same situation, not knowing.

Speaker 3: 01:31 So, um, I uh, I’ve seen him at a conference at school. My wife said, hey, you should probably volunteer somewhere to see if you like it. And I was like, well that’s probably smart. And then so I volunteered there and then through the process, a big surgery, the marketing, they’re now really liked that. I really saw that I liked the business side of it more in creating kind of an infrastructure so that other people can help people, you know, I saw kind of the compound result of creating a business that could satisfy that, you know, instead of actually being the provider that actually did the treatment, whatever it was. And so, um, you know, I started developing the site idea about incorporating, integrating, like doing an integrated clinic where you incorporate massage, stem cell there, you know, just stuff like that. And then it’s uh, you know, we opened the first one about five years ago and I, uh, it was just me and my business partner and then it just kinda snowballed. Now we have four locations, like in the Dallas, Fort Worth area, and then this year, but hopefully next year we’ll start franchising it too. So we’re, we’re getting geared up for that too. We actually have a james frill coming in next week to help us with our systems.

Speaker 2: 02:50 Oh, fantastic.

Speaker 3: 02:52 Yeah. Right, right. Yeah, I’m super excited about that. I’m trying not to like create like change anything right now.

Speaker 2: 03:05 So basically the business model is, so it’s the traditional chiropractic and then you’ve added massage. And what else did you add to it to cut the audio broke up there?

Speaker 3: 03:14 Yeah, no, it’s um, w we don’t actually do chiropractic at all. Oh really?

Speaker 2: 03:20 I’m so sorry. For some reason I got on this chiropractic kick, right?

Speaker 3: 03:23 Apologize. Oh No, no, no, no, no, um, no because I came from a chiropractic background. Uh, that’s what. No, it’s just a no, it’s physical therapy and Rehab and then we incorporate a massage into it too. Oh cool. So it’s just kind of a, I, I, I worked at this wellness clinic that they, he sold this color that was like 150 bucks and like no one wanted to buy it, you know, and then when they did buy it, like it hurt their neck. So I was like, well why don’t we sell like a mock, moderately priced pillow that actually people would use people just love like the environment, like massage, spa environment. So I was like, well this way we can really kind of emphasize that, that personalized care component. And so that’s where it’s evolved in integrated medicine. We created a framework is a discovery, integrate, optimize, and it’s a. So at the center of that we put the person at the center of care, you know, so everything’s really personalized to their specific needs, you know.

Speaker 2: 04:34 So like on that are you, is a lot of this paid for by insurance? It’s all cash and carry type of staff, both. It’s a hybrid hybrid. Get and are you looking obviously as far as the franchise before we talked about the franchise thing, let’s kind of go back with your current model. Obviously we’re looking right now and behind you it’s a two comma club plaques. So you’ve already hit the had. What’d you do first? Hit the first million,

Speaker 3: 05:00 um, spend a lot of money on facebook.

Speaker 2: 05:05 So you driving facebook ads in the application or they come in

Speaker 3: 05:11 is often for a new client, new patient, special new. We actually call people clients before they actually start care, you know, because when we do, we have a massage component where there would, there’s not any kind of medical oversight so they can get a massage with without that. And so when they’re initiating with us, we typically just call it a of them a client.

Speaker 2: 05:35 So what’s the lead Gen model then? You’re going from facebook ad, what are they, what’s the first thing you’re targeting

Speaker 3: 05:41 the targeting as in what kind of person that. No, as far as the funnel, what’s, where are you going to a landing page and they opt in there and then they go to what are they opting in for? A new client special, like an introductory like massage package. Yep. And then, uh, they go to, they don’t pay for it there. Then you go to the scheduling page and then they request the appointment and then you know, if they, you know, so every step on the process. So if they drop out of it, there’s a contingency, you know, we do a lot of text messaging. Okay. So if they opt in, the don’t go to the light, you know, don’t opt in, like don’t actually request the appointment, then there’s, we’re pushing them to request, you know, and if they don’t, uh, if they request and then we’re pushing them to show. So we created kind of a methodology like, so like we said, you know, we won’t call it different things. So it’s kind of like we say no and push to request and that would be our play for that, you know. And so like every step, you know, we systemize it and you know, less holes

Speaker 2: 06:51 for some reason I got the lawnmower, decided to landscape cut the grass anyway, so I want to kind of make sure. So if people are listening here, the idea then is you’re taking them on a facebook ad. What’s the demographic you’re typically targeting then? Is it a female from a massage type of thing? You go and male and female?

Speaker 3: 07:07 Yeah. We’ve always struggled with guys getting guys in. So a lot of times the women will like a added. They’re hooked on the post and that’s how we get guys in more than anything we don’t, I don’t even, I just do all to women. Okay. All right. Best what age group? Yeah, too many. What we usually do 28 to 64.

Speaker 2: 07:30 Okay. So basically we between 28 to 64 to come in for a free massage or

Speaker 3: 07:36 it’s 49 bucks or nine bucks. I think we’re going to raise the price actually to. I think it’s probably too cheap because we don’t want to be the cheapest.

Speaker 2: 07:48 So they come in for the 49 bucks a what? What software are you using as far as the texting or using twillio? Skipio what do you typically use

Speaker 3: 07:55 your phone? What does it fix your phone? Yeah.

Speaker 2: 08:01 And then, so the followup that is through text or you also do an email and messenger?

Speaker 3: 08:06 Uh, no, no, I’ve tried to play with Messenger. I just technically we could but the numbers didn’t bear out to focus on it and the text messaging seems to be the best for us maybe for a local business. You know, so I, that’s what my assumption was. I was trying to get messaging to work hardcore. I spent a lot of time and money and I just couldn’t get it to work. I had this whole idea what I was trying to like get people to opt into messenger and then had this like health tips daily, you know, every other, you know, it just wasn’t. Finally I just say, okay, enough’s enough. I can’t.

Speaker 2: 08:41 So you bought your follow up then is through text at. Walk me through the rest of the funnel. So they come in, basically they sign up for a free client massage type of thing. Forty nine bucks.

Speaker 3: 08:51 Yeah. So then they have a console with our, uh, with our wellness. We call them wellness coordinators and then they do, it feels like it’s a good fit, you know, then they’ll do introduce our medical staff there and they’ll do like a traditional, like orthopedic exam, you see see what muscle imbalances, you know, anybody like anybody would know essentially that because anything about that. And then based off that we develop a care plan for them and then our wellness coordinator goes over it, incorporates the insurance and whatever the out of pocket would be. And then where the sale happens, Levy on patient education. Really not really a hard push type of sales type of thing that we try to focus on that, you know, so a lot of people just don’t understand how the other normal sitting at a desk all day is going to affect them.

Speaker 3: 09:46 And I think, well I have a crick in my, you know, like I need to go get a massage and I had a crick in my neck. That’s kind of what, you know, it’s like, well there’s like repetitive injury happening right there, you know, so that’s something that you can diagnose and that’s something that can be treatable and you know, and then if you’re can’t change your job, you know, then there’s something that, there’s a wellness component of that that needs to be had to make sure that your function properly. You know, I’m sitting here adjusting my posture as I’m saying it. I’m like, no, everybody does it. Everybody. I actually bought it. So speaking of little gidgets and gadgets on facebook, I saw this little thing that you put in the middle of your back and it’s supposed to trip. And I’ve learned that his act does absolutely no good if it sits on the desk and not on your back.

Speaker 3: 10:34 Right, right. Well, you’d be surprised that we didn’t talk about this. And they’re like, oh yeah, yeah, yeah. I find myself adjusting. I’m like, Oh, I have a question for you because taking a step back, you said right now you’re targeting only females and then they ended like tagging their spouse or boyfriend or a guy that they know. Would you say is the percentage of female to male ratio coming in for the. Yeah, it’s probably 70, 30, 80 slash 20. I mean it’s very high in a female. Okay. But you guys pretty quickly not to waste money on a demographic that wasn’t paying attention to the ads and letting the demographic retargeting. Right, right, right, right, right. I was just interested in kind of how that works there. So thank you. So a lot of money spent on ads that weren’t producing and then you look at the insights and like, okay, it’s all female.

Speaker 3: 11:33 Let’s maybe just walk me through as far as kind of what the, what’s the lifetime value of that client? They’re basically coming in at $49 bucks. What’s, first of all, what’s it cost to acquire that customer? Uh, estimate we are good with $200 acquisition cost then a 250. But our life, like on average is about $3,500. We estimate some, you know, some more, some less. I mean I was looking at the numbers the other day. There’s somebody because they did a bunch of stuff that means it was chronic. So this is not, this is super unusual, but I think there one lady that needed like $50,000 worth of stuff. So I mean Shit, you know. But on average we see about 35

Speaker 2: 12:19 did. That’s crazy. That’s pretty good. I’ll take that 10 to 15 next. All Day long. Yeah. Yeah. Great. Ron.

Speaker 3: 12:26 Well, and then allows us to kind of know like, because our basic or you know, like a massage envy is our basically our, you know, we’re competitors with them. That’s the, I mean technically we’re not done functionally from a market standpoint. That’s our nearest competitor. And so, uh, you know, I can spend when they, I think their massages are like 49, 69 bucks. So for a membership or something like that. So I can spend more money to acquire a customer and they can then they would make a whole year when I come from, you know what I’m saying? So it’s like, you know, it just makes more sense to do it this way. You know,

Speaker 2: 13:08 man, I hope people are listening to understand that. And it’s always comes down to whoever can spend the most. Acquire a customer wins the game. Yeah, right. It’s always been that way. All of a sudden you’ll find that a student massage envy is going to be referring to your clients because it’s cheaper for them. Yeah. Oh, right, right, right. So you went from one clinic, not a four, four or five and helped me understand kind of your idea as far as why go to the franchise.

Speaker 3: 13:36 Oh, just because um, um, what do you think? It’s because of that I want to. So okay. So really the long and the short of it is I want to in some small way like affect healthcare, you know, like, so people kind of at least like I, I, I had this consultant when we first started that like basically said like what, what, what would it look like if like holistic practitioners that are at the forefront of medicine, you know, shocked me how like self centered it was to think that okay, just to clinics and you know, I’m good, you know, like, you know, and that’d be a lot easier to manage. And then I watched it, I watched this documentary, I think it was on pbs and it was basically this phd. He figured out how to like slow down dementia and Alzheimer’s and it was basically like extra size in nutrition petition Medicare and medical pay for it.

Speaker 3: 14:35 And his, his rationale was like, well it needs to be profitable for the doctors to do it. And so like, if I can create a model, like a holistic model that puts the patient at the center and effect in some, maybe in some small way how healthcare is perceived, that’s like, that’s my end, you know? And then a byproduct of that would be, yeah, make a bunch of money. Right. You know, so, so that’s what I mean. And that’s why I feel super passionate about this is because, you know, at the end, you know, people might think, well, it’s just the massage, you’re just doing this, you know, it’s like, yeah, but it’s like the same thing with the pillow analogy. I’m want to give them something they want and then hopefully that’s the domino that affects how they look at their health in general, you know, so like, as we evolve as a company too, we want to incorporate more and more of those aspects of that, you know.

Speaker 3: 15:26 So, uh, and that’s why we’re, we started a gym because right now the, the, uh, right now it’s more manual therapy, like in like a less active things. But the gym is to help us kind of figure out what our niches in that in the more active category, you know, incorporating the medical into that aspect of it too, you know, somebody. Is The gym part of the exact same facility or is it a separate place? Well, we have one location that is, has a, has a gym and like the massage and wellness component of it too. And that’s where we’re figuring out like what, how we’re gonna how are we going to innovate in that way incorporating medical into it, you know, it’s kind of like a playground for us to figure that out.

Speaker 2: 16:11 I love it. Yeah. You have your own little skunk works built in.

Speaker 3: 16:15 Yeah, yeah, yeah. What just happened to be that, that location was going to cost us the same amount of money to build out just for the massage. We’ve got a great deal on that location. So we just figured, hey, let’s take the plunge. And then, then you find out how much like gym equipment is

Speaker 2: 16:33 like $250,000 later. You’re like, I’ll do this to figure this out now. That’s fantastic. So you basically got one comma club last year, you just now reached out and cross through 10 million now. It’s kind of what, what took you from where you were to where you are now?

Speaker 3: 16:54 Yeah, the combination of the four locations and then help optimize in that process and then getting more exact numbers. And I spend, you know, I spent a lot of money on facebook. I spend probably 40 grand a month on facebook, you know, and now we have a marketing team, you know, you’re scaling scaling it. So, uh, what are, what are some of the things you’ve learned through the scaling aspect? Uh, well I mean a defer to James about that, but.

Speaker 3: 17:27 No, but, uh, I would, I know to me it’s just that people are super important and for me I think the biggest challenge for me, I see a because last year we opened two locations, move our original location to a new place that’s more a, it looks like more of our friend what a franchise will look like. And so for me, I just realized how much I was like falling short as a CEO, not creating a framework so that people can function independently of myself, you know. So, and then also, I mean I think it’s also, you know, the kind of the counter side of that too is like I couldn’t in good conscience just let them handle something without them, like really understanding our vision too. So I have to create a framework in which those things can happen, you know, embedded in with the vision, you know. So that’s why, that’s why I was just like, okay, we need to reach out to Jameson a figure this out, you know. So

Speaker 2: 18:22 No, I love that. That’s I think and my entrepreneurial journey. That’s the one thing I’ve realized that there was many times where I was the biggest obstacle in the, of that was as the CEO, I wasn’t in a situation to where I was willing to let go of things. And then other times when I did let go of it, I didn’t give those people always giving things to know and understanding that really where we wanted to go. All of a sudden I got frustrated with them and they’re going, dude, you never told us anything. He just basically said run with it. Yeah. Right, right, right, right.

Speaker 3: 18:54 Yeah. To me and also our hiring process presses evolved like, so like we really want people to be kind of like willing to catch the vision for

Speaker 3: 19:07 can be a tendency to, for entrepreneurs just like, okay, plugging this hole with this person, they’re a warm body, you know, when really I’d rather just maybe slow down and find the right person. And we’ve incorporated a lot of testing, personality testing and you know, um, and so, and then also you get better at hiring too, you kinda can sniff that out. So it’s, I mean this is my first company I’ve ever owned, so it’s like the evolution of how I’m thinking about things. And you know, which is nice though, I don’t know how other people. I don’t know how the people that just do a business to make money, I don’t know how they would want to know the creative juices flow a lot more when you’re passionate about it and you have a vision for something to and so then now you can connect that vision when you’re hiring someone like okay, are they going to fit in that you know, are going to fit in that kind of like for that,

Speaker 2: 20:00 say it one more time. I think it would fit in that part.

Speaker 3: 20:03 No, so I mean if you have a vision, right? So like now you can find the right person to fit where you want to go to not just for that job, you know? So because I mean I’m one person, I know a lot of people. I’m not like, I’m not like the Super Smart, you know, I’m not, you know what I’m saying? It’s really more of like that passion about like, and I get very creative when it’s connected to that. I’ve tried to make money in the past just to make money and I just was not good at it. You know, I wouldn’t call myself an entrepreneur, you know, like, I mean, I think maybe on the outside looking in I can see that, but I don’t, I just more of a creative problem solver in relationship to this vision that we have, like how do I get from point a to point b, you know, the most effective way possible. You know, so.

Speaker 2: 20:53 Well I appreciate that. I know that’s a, as we’ve looked at at hiring staff here, that’s the main thing we’ve really tried to do is to find the very best people and if we have to move them around as far as the right seat on the bus, we’ll do that. It’s getting the right person then trying to find a person to fill a hole.

Speaker 3: 21:11 Yeah. Right, right. Yeah. Good degree is. It was, it was an eye opening book for me. Yeah.

Speaker 2: 21:18 I also think it’s interesting to. You don’t consider yourself an entrepreneur and yet at the same time you’re extremely passionate about solving a problem. To me, that’s really what entrepreneurs do. They see a problem that’s out there. They’re going, you know what? I am extremely passionate about solving that problem myself, but for all the lives of the people that’s going to bless and to me,

Speaker 3: 21:39 you gave me chills when you said it. Honestly. That’s what honestly, that’s what it is, right? But you want to affect those people and how like the kind of like goodwill hunting was like, he was in there having that interview with that guy and he was like, well, if I take this job, I’m going to be doing this, like doing this and it’s going to affect my friend here and he’s going to do all. I was just like, man, just to think of the people that could possibly be affected by, you know, in their lives, change in some positive way. You know? That’s amazing to me.

Speaker 2: 22:10 You know, I, again, I get chills every time I think about. It’s kind of our whole passion with clickfunnels. Everything else is free and entrepreneurs conference whatever it is they really, truly want. And I think the first thing obviously is that financial freedom you guys mentioned. I see the same path for a lot of us. We start off going, I got to put food on my table. I don’t care what it takes. I got to get that covered. As soon as that’s covered, it’s like, okay, what do I really want to do? And that’s where you start going out facility. Again, massive congratulations to you at all that you’ve done. Obviously getting their two comma club plaque is a super cool award over 320 now, but more importantly, I think miles was number 19. Number 21. Hey, first person to get our favorite number two 2121 fate. It was fate. Your 21st person to actually get over $10,000,000 through a funnel. So a congratulations, but we’re super excited for you. Yeah, appreciate it. Thanks a lot. Well, Lord, if people wanted to reach out to you, what’s the best place or how should they reach out to you?

Speaker 3: 23:09 Yeah, I started a private facebook group. You can check it out. He’ll have healthcare professionals, gross secrets, and then um, you know, if you go in there, I said I’ll put a template in there of like our process so you can check it out and see. So,

Speaker 2: 23:23 and for those of you don’t understand how spelled healthcare like me, I did health space care. It’s actually healthcare with no spaces and it comes up real fast that way. Well look, thanks so much, but anything else miles? No, I’ve got my question answered. Don’t waste money on facebook ads that aren’t working for you working in. It’s simple when you think about it. You don’t just do stuff that works and forget everything else. Exactly. Congratulations, but you appreciate it.

Speaker 4: 23:59 Okay. Hey everybody, thank you so much for taking the time to listen to podcasts. If you don’t mind, could you please share this with others, rate and review this podcast on itunes. It means the world to me where I’m trying to get to as a million downloads here in the next few months and just crush through over $650,000 and I just want to get the next few 100,000 so we can get to a million downloads and see really what I can do to help improve and and get this out to more people at the same time. If there’s a topic, there’s something you’d like me to share or someone you’d like me to interview, by all means, just reach out to me on facebook. You can pm me and I’ll be more than happy to take any of your feedback as well as if people you like me to interview more than happy to reach out and have that conversation with you. So again, go to Itunes, rate and review this, share this podcast with others and let me know how else I can improve this or what I can do that do to make this better for you guys. Thanks.

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