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Why Dave Decided to talk to Chandler Woodward:

Chandler Woodward has joined the podcast to discuss his personal journey into the entrepreneurial world. Chandler speaks about the major decision he made to dropout of college to start his own online business agency. He discusses some of the hardships he has encountered along the way; both emotionally and financially. Chandler now runs Legendary Marketers Project which is geared to help those aspiring entrepreneurs and businesses formulate new strategies for brand promotion by helping businesses unearth their best content. He is also the host of- The College Entrepreneur Podcast, which he started while in college.

Tips and Tricks for You and Your Business:

  • Overcoming Emotional Hurdles (7:57)
  • Having and Losing Clients (18:05)
  • Project Development: Legendary Marketers (22:22)

Quotable Moments:

“Try, get out there and publish and keep moving. You will find out you have moved a lot further than you thought you were.”

“If I can make more than my professors, than I have the right to dropout of college.”

“It’s ok to have a job while you are trying to get your entrepreneur stuff going.”

“The reason why people aren’t successful enough is because they don’t try enough, they don’t fail enough.”

Other Tidbits:

Chandler discusses with his Father, Dave, about his journey from dropping out of college to running his first business agency. He elaborates on the importance of pursuing your passion and gaining experience in your field of choice. Chandler also introduces his latest project, Legendary Marketers; and his vision moving forward.


Speaker 1: 00:00 Welcome to funnel hacker radio podcast, where we go behind the scenes and uncover the tactics and strategies top entrepreneurs are using to make more sales, dominate their markets, and how you can get those same results. Here’s your host, Dave Woodward. Everybody welcome back

Speaker 2: 00:18 funnel, lack of radio. This is going to be one of those weird, very weird, a kind of surreal podcasts. Weird for me because I actually have the opportunity of introducing you to someone who I’ve known his entire life who has been a huge blessing in my life and actually was one of the very first people who started helping me on this whole funnel hacker radio podcast. So without any additional introduction, let me introduce you to my son, Chandler Woodward. Jen, welcome to the show. Hey, what’s up? Thank you so much. Debt. This is weird. It’s so funny. I’m actually. This is a zoom call we’re doing. I’m watching him at his house and I’m in. My office were usually. He would have been sitting behind over my left shoulder here when he first started. He got home from his mission about two years ago serving mission for our church and I put them to work right away and one of the great things was he just took to this whole marketing thing and so I’ve got so much I could say about him, but what is it that I want to make sure that we kind of take this in a direction that is beneficial for all of you guys who are listening and that is I want to let you know what’s going to happen here in the next few weeks and why I wanted to bring chandler on to share some of the crazy emotions that he went through that you’re going to be able to see when we launched the funnel hacking live a, our funnel hacking live tickets will go on sale and about two, two, three weeks in time that you’re hearing this.

Speaker 2: 01:38 And with that, what you’re going to see is a video and the guys who create this video for us, data is the most amazing videographer in the world. He has this ability to capture emotion, just raw, raw, pure emotion, and so he sent this video to us about a week and a half ago and I saw it and I, I started to get all emotional. I started on, well in my eyes were like all of a sudden sweating out of my tear ducts. I’m like, what’s going on? And what’s happening is I’m sitting there watching my son Chandler. It’s admitted to 17 and 18 of the video where he was at funnel hacking live last year and Dan caught him at a point where you could see all this emotion and the part that’s so exciting for me. One, it’s my son and as a dad it’s super cool, but the other thing is it he had.

Speaker 2: 02:28 It was just the epitome of everybody who’s going through this journey, this craziness that’s happening. So I’ve talked too long. What I’d like to do is turn the time over you, Chandler have, how do you kind of tell people a little bit about your story, where you’re at, and then I’ll come in for additional questions that are awesome. Yeah, so basically as I got home from my mission and I got into this whole marketing game and got into this whole entire digital online space and started going after and I was in college and basically his whole life marketing kind of this whole

Speaker 3: 03:00 marketing journeys kind of destroyed my life, but it also is helped my life click funnels. I guess. Long story short, I came home and I was going to college and was doing all this. A lot of a lot of your videos, dads as a hearing these people’s stories of like how possible was the make money online and all this kinds of crazy things and I was like, okay, what if I try this out for myself? And I was trying little things, little things and I remember it was in Vegas last year and last year and we were sitting there with a with Alex or Moz out sharp and all these guys and their brand Uli and all these people and I was looking around. They’re super successful. I’m wondering, I’m just asking this question like what should I be doing to be able to progress the most in this all my business?

Speaker 3: 03:49 They’re like, what? What are you doing now? I’m like, I’m going to college and kind of like tiptoeing this stuff and brandon rights and next year it’s like, dude, why are you in college? And I was like, that’s what I’m supposed to do. Right? And he’s like, no, get out of there as soon as you can. And then I went to, I brought my now wife to a viral video and last September and she met who loves and also hates at the same time because he’s the one that pushed me off the edge to actually go and drop out of college. He gave me the whole entire kinda structured everything to go about it and just gave me this vision of like really what an entrepreneur is and how they, how they can act, how they can be emotions of just like going to college, like working really hard, but no one actually really realize what I was doing at home.

Speaker 3: 04:36 That was a lot of my friends would go out and go to parties and dances, all this kind of stuff on Fridays and Saturdays that’d be kind of stuck in a house kind of stuff and did some side things. Um, and so yeah, I ended up a business online business and agency and started doing that for a lot of local services and I’m actually, the funny thing about it was to be able to drop out of college. I came to you data and you said, Kate, you’re not dropping out of college. And I was like, why not? You said you don’t have a thing yet, you need to, you need something to drop out. And so he said take as much. So I loaded up my whole schedule up. I was like, I’m either going to graduate super fast or I’m a drop out this semester. And so I loaded up like huge long credits of classes and was going on. And as I started my agency as well, and the goal of this whole thing was if I could make my professors, then I have the right to drop out of college. And it was going down and I was like, Hey, what’s the average, the average number? I was like, Hey, that’s what I’m shooting for it. And at the end of the year I was like, I did it. Awesome. Sweet. And then dropped out of college. And this is the first year I’ve been and it’s been awesome.

Speaker 3: 05:48 Obviously I know your story extremely well. Most people, they understand the emotions that behind that obviously there’s a my wife, your mom and the other side

Speaker 2: 05:58 of in the world have you done to our son. And I think the part I want to make sure you had, I want you to convey to people right now is you’re 22 just got married. You’re trying to decide what the heck you’re going to do. You and I spoke at a Byu where you were going to school in Provo, Utah at the entrepreneurial class. You’re taking drop out. I actually drove a nick greer who is the CEO of skipio and also as the was your professor. He and I drove together to the class and I remember sitting there as he and I were driving to to teach. He’s like, are you really going to allow your son to drop out of school? I said, you know, nick, it’s not up to me. I mean, it’s, it’s his choice. He goes, I’ve never seen a parent though.

Speaker 2: 06:42 Supportive of it. Why are you? Why are you doing that? I said, you don’t for me, Nick. All I care about is I want to make sure that my kids have the skillsets that project that they can use throughout the rest of their life to always make money and provide for their families. I had, I was in a situation where I grew up with my dad was an attorney. My mom was a nurse. School was an absolute necessity. I have a master’s degree in exercise physiology, which I’ve done absolutely nothing with. I have posted a postgraduate work and physical therapy, which I did nothing with and so I had the conversation with Nixon, you know what, Nick for me, if I can, if my, if he doesn’t know what he wants and he hasn’t figured that out. I don’t want them to stay in school to figure that out and network and grow, but at the same time, if he knows what he wants and this isn’t going to help them get there, then I’m okay with it.

Speaker 2: 07:29 He goes, well, are you sure about that? And I’m like, Nick, I’m totally sure about this thing. And he’s like, well then would it be okay if I, if he actually does that, maybe I can offer him a job what? And this was before you would even consider dropping out or anything else, and later on, obviously that kind of came true. But the part I want people to understand right now is what does a 20 something guy, one of the emotion, now you’re married, you’ve got a wife to support and what are the emotions that you’re really going through right now as an entrepreneur because you went to funnel hacking live. And unbeknownst to me when we ended up pitching the two Comma Club x coaching program, which is $18,000, you signed up and I’m like, oh my gosh, I’m sitting there with my, with my wife, your mom Carrie.

Speaker 2: 08:22 And she’s like, you better make sure this program works. What do you mean? He goes, you’ve now got my, our son in this. She said, my son obviously like you don’t share you gotta. Make sure this works because he’s, he’s married. He says he can’t afford this kind of stuff. And so when I saw that video, which you guys are going to see at funnel hacking live, as soon as we release the tickets, you’ll see the emotion. And I wish so bad, I could show it to you right now, but you basically are sitting there, you’re on the, on the front row with me. Uh, I’m not in the picture. And Dan had this ability to capture this emotion of such just raw excitement, confusion, frustration, I mean just this bundle. So I want, I want you to convey, take us back to that point and help people understand what’s the emotions that you were dealing with at that point.

Speaker 3: 09:13 So yeah, it was. Oh Man, for sure. Because it was definitely a ton of ton of emotions, but I remember going to funnel hacking live and thinking, okay, we don’t have a lot of money or barely able to get to and thinking, okay, I know they’re going to pitch something at the end. Don’t want to take this. Like, this is not going to happen. I’m not going to fall into this trap again. I’m not going to fall into this. I’m going to go out there. I’m to motivated, I’m working when I get home. And when the pitch came, I remember we were sitting there in the table and I’m just speak super quiet. Pitch just happened. I heard about. I heard all these crazy things and I was just sitting there at this table, we’re all, there’s Julia was there, you were there, always was there in that little room.

Speaker 3: 10:04 And I remember sitting there, I was like, everything just went quiet. And I just think to myself, I was like, Hey, like I know I want to grow. I know I want to take the next step. I don’t want to get out of where I am right now and start moving forward. I was like, okay, is this really the only way is this like, I know it may not be the only way, but will this be this? Will this make me get there quicker to get there faster, get there in a quicker time. And I remember thinking there was okay as a friend, see, I think we need to do this. I think I need to get it. I think I need to get this to compliment program. Like we don’t have, we don’t have money. I was like, I know we definitely have the money for it, and she’s like, do you really want to do it?

Speaker 3: 10:44 And I was like, more than anything, I felt this. I had this feeling in my heart, I know this is it and know this is the reason why I was here. And as soon as I got there I went and a friend and my mom were walking out and I ran. I ran over there, the table got my credit card out because we have enough money. So I got my credit card out on the table to miles. I was like, all right, miles and I filled it out and I remember running back to my wife and I was so scared. I was so frustrated. I was so it’s kind of like jumping out of plane with no parachute and hoping that I can find some things that build it on the way down and I just seen my wife’s eyes with just support and just fear in her eyes as well and just thinking like, this is it, this is a whole thing behind it.

Speaker 3: 11:37 The two comprehensive plots out Colombo is like you have a goal like you’re taking the life or you’re taking or your diet pretty much, hey, here are these two things. We’re going to get one of these right now. I just remember being in that moment and then sending or the rest of the event and just thinking, oh my gosh, like this is it. This is where my life is going to be changed, and just the frustration, the fear and everything going through my bike at the same time and me and every time I watch that video again and those memories come back to my mind, they’re thinking, I just feel that again. I was like, oh, this is what it’s all about. This is what entrepreneurship is the most amazing thing. It gives us some blessings, but the same time, it’s the most frustrating and fearful. Just so many emotions go into it that aren’t really, that are really. You don’t see the surface but are so deep down below and that kept us going through my mind. So

Speaker 2: 12:30 thank you so much for sharing that. It’s here and you, as I’m watching you even relate the story for a little backstory, for those people who are listening to this, they need to understand a little bit about Fran and your wife and her experience as far as. So Fran is from Chile and France is a, you know what, I’m going to let you tell France story, but the things I want to make sure you touch on here is how she viewed an entrepreneur and what an entrepreneur meant to her coming from her Chilean roots. Yeah, for sure.

Speaker 3: 13:04 So yeah, my wife has been here for about a couple of years in the states. Yeah. And basically anyone outside of the states has a, especially in Chile when you come to the states, it’s all about gaining education, getting a job. That’s the only way. She didn’t come from a very wealthy family. She had a very, very humble life. And um, and everyone who knows that entrepreneur pretty much knows him as more of like they had nothing else to do. And so they’re just trying to find a way to make things up. And it was just based off of that and once you went out as an entrepreneur, feared came to her heart because she’s like, oh my gosh, can I marry this guy and he’s not going to have a lot of money because entrepreneurs don’t really have a lot of things outside of the streets and they’re kind of washing windows and all this kind of stuff.

Speaker 3: 13:57 She’s like, man, I just don’t know if that’s gonna happen. That’s gonna. Like if you go into entrepreneurship or are you really gonna be able to be successful? And after going through all these things, she was able to essentially I live and all these things and hang around with people who saw this light of like entrepreneurship changes life. They changed the world. They’re the only people that can actually go in and go in and change the world and change people’s lives and stuff and create this movement and stuff. And so that’s her. That’s her background on entrepreneurship. She’s in the background here. I can.

Speaker 2: 14:30 I wish people could see the video that I’m going on a little more background. I want to kind of fill in some of the blanks here and this is a. I think right now the era that we’re in, entrepreneurship is kind of like the rock stars. If you say you’re an entrepreneur these days, people think, oh my gosh, dude, you’re going to crush it. I mean, I think Gary v is kind of what we really got to give him the most credit for making entrepreneurship, this crazy thing that’s out there. But I can tell you when I, when I started basically as an entrepreneur 20 plus years ago, I was. People looked at me the same way that Fran looked at you and that is basically if you’re an entrepreneur, it means you can’t do anything else. It’s made you basically just gave up on everything and you’re just going to scrap and hopefully find some way of making money.

Speaker 2: 15:14 And I know there were times as I was, as you were growing up and everything were times were tough for ours and it was. But You keep fighting and you keep going through that emotional thing. And so what Fran was experiencing is how I was at years ago and I remember that and I think these days people talk about entrepreneurship as this almost this glorious ideal type of thing. And the part that I want to make sure people understand is they’re listening to you is what was captured by Dan and that video was the fear. And I think frequently people don’t understand that’s normal. That’s okay. And I, I’ve gone through it so many times in my own life and I’ve, I’ve had this conversation with many entrepreneurs as far as you have to cycle. And I wouldn’t. I’ve hadn’t. Tons, not tons. I’ve probably had over the course last 25 years, probably eight different business partners at different times.

Speaker 2: 16:13 And one of the things I’ve realized is I would never go into business these days with a partner who hadn’t cycled. It’s a, I want to make sure that that person went. And what I mean by cycle here is they’ve, they’ve had a business where they had a lot of success. They made a lot of money and then they lost it or came across hard times. Because it’s during those hard times that really change a person’s life and it was, again, it was one of those situations to where you and I literally had this conversation just a couple of days ago and that is, um, more backstory here. Uh, so chairman Fran got married July 13 after January 20th. July 13th is coming up on their six month. Basically this Friday is our six month anniversary. Since then I have had them come out to force them basically to come to boise quite a few different times for different family things.

Speaker 2: 17:08 And as you mentioned, as far as going to funnel hacking live with something you wanted to do, but there was frustration and I understand it as a father, but I even understand it more as a husband where you’re like, listen, I want to provide for my wife. I have an obligation, I have a duty of responsibility. I want to do this myself. And you did a facebook live recently as you were kind of recounting your time going to funnel hacking live and the frustration of. Yeah, you ended up, uh, we had an extra room in our, in our suite there, so you and Fran and all made logical sense just to stay there. But at the same time it was one of those things too where identity, I don’t want to stay with you guys. I want to be able to do this. And I know right now you’re heading, you and fran and your brother Parker had not to see Tony Robbins a for the next three days.

Speaker 2: 17:58 And so I know that, uh, right now money’s tight. And so what I want to do is I want you to tell people what it’s really like, what is, what is life? Because again, if you go back to where you were in December, you thought you had all these clients and what I want you to explain to people is how has it been as far as an agency owner, having clients, losing clients? Kevin, people make promises that haven’t been fulfilled. Having partners. You’ve got a lot of experiences but in six months in partners who say they’re going to do stuff and they fall through. So I want you to kind of be extremely raw and vulnerable and tell people what, what’s it really been like?

Speaker 3: 18:38 No. Yeah, totally. It’s been a, it’s been more of a downhill helicopter that has been more up for sure. Um, I mean being, so yeah, had the agency at the beginning of the end of last year built a six figure business. I was making about $5 a month more than professors and then literally all of a sudden every single client, like it was like, it was almost like a whole two weeks. I mean, it was insane to see how they would hire someone else underneath them and they were just kind of, I was doing everything inside of their accounts and stuff and so there’s kind of see what’s going on. And I was like, what the heck, I, how did this happen? I even see it coming. And also then getting married in about month, having zero money, having zero anything and thinking, okay, we have a payment coming in a month, how am I gonna ever gonna make this?

Speaker 3: 19:41 And so I remember I was sitting there and I was getting, I was actually in a career and I was just like, I was like, as a husband, like how am I going to provide for my wife? I was like, are we going to go home? What’s going to happen? We have to live with my parents. Like, is this really going to have to thinking of myself like a camera, be married in a month. Once my wife asked me if I’m living with my parents or my grandma living with these people, I was like, I have to give her a bed to sleep in the thinking that I was like, man, okay, this is crazy. This is crazy. And so I went and I got a job for nick beer was all his marketing and stuff, uh, at this little software called skipio and have been doing that for the past six months now.

Speaker 3: 20:24 And every single time I go in, I’m gonna say, okay, I know I got this too comical x program. I was like, I know now I can grow, I can go. And so now I’ve been going in, I’ve been doing this agency stuff, I’ve been going up and creating funnels for other people and doing all this other stuff, but now having the coaching and having the processes actually now have a process and assistant like entrepreneurs, never full security, but it gives me enough security that I can. I know that this will work out, it gives me a pathway, it gives you all these things I can go. And so now I’ve been going, now I’m just like every single thing I can think of. I’m just trying, I’m trying, I’m trying. It seems like it was kind of casting into the nets I’m seeing where they land and see if any fish coming out and that’s kind of where I’m at. And it’s kind of like the fear basis. I’m just throwing a bunch of things to help stick. That’s where it’s at.

Speaker 2: 21:14 I love it. I think I get, I appreciate your vulnerability. I appreciate you being so open and I’m. One of the main reasons I wanted to do this podcast with you is I have a lot of people on the podcast and I had someone reach out yesterday and say, all you ever had on the podcast is people who are always super successful, they’ve already hit the two comma club. What about those of us who are struggling trying to make it work? And it’s like, you know what? I know the right guy to bring on one. Just do that right now. And so I appreciate your honesty. I appreciate your vulnerability and I think the key that’s important here is for people to understand that it’s okay to have a job while you’re trying to get your entrepreneur stuff going. It’s okay to have a safety net there as you’re still trying to.

Speaker 2: 21:53 You know, so often people say, oh, I’m just going to burn my boats and bridges and everything else and I’m just going to. I’m like, yeah, but you know what? It’s okay to to have some income coming in. You don’t. What it does is it basically helps you. It helps you not make stupid decisions. It doesn’t have to be, but again, it means that you’re working late. It’s amazing. As soon as you finish your eight hour shift or whatever it is at Skipio, it means you come home and you’re up for another eight hours or whatever it might be. Burning the candle at both ends trying to make things work. Uh, so what’s the next project you’re working on right now?

Speaker 3: 22:25 So we’ve got to do it some other silos for sure. And one of the ones I’m actually really excited right now is a legendary marketers that’s actually really exciting and I’m really excited about getting out and going and that was actually with me and you. So I’m basically for anyone who doesn’t know about this one is like, this is actually kind of an introduction to me getting about what entrepreneurship was. So about 10 years ago, my dad flew around the country, all these crazy successful people and learning their secrets, learn the tactics and learning all these crazy cool strategies. And I remember as a, as a son sitting there 10 years ago thinking, okay, what’s happening? Where’s my dad? Whereas like, what’s going on? And all this kind of stuff, I didn’t know crazy too much, but I knew there was something going on and I remember with my friends asking what is, what is your dad actually do you know?

Speaker 3: 23:14 It’s like, what do you do? You have a job, do I’m an entrepreneur? And like you said before, that wasn’t a huge it that was just like, it was like I go back to my friends and he’s an entrepreneur and they’re like, what’s that like? I have no idea. That was basically the whole thing. And so yeah, we’ve done this. Now we’ve, we’re launching legendary marketers and it’s this crazy cool project. I’m actually cool. I’m actually super excited because I had asked you to take it on. I’m going to go now I’m going to go out and stuff. And so that’s one of my projects I’m working on right now.

Speaker 2: 23:47 I love it. So hopefully it’s going to become, are your two Comma Club program here? We’re going to comic con status. So a legendary is a product that I created again is channeled, made mentioned 10 years ago this year. And I’ll do a podcast later in more detail about how I met Russell. It was through all that kind of stuff. But I think the part I’m most excited about right now, chandler, you talked about this literally for the last two to three years as far as you’ve taken this on and doing something like this. And I was out with Russell, uh, we were filming at Tai Lopez’s house and one of the things that we were talking ty about was if you had to start all over again and he was basically asking Russell, you know, what would you do as far as would you do affiliate marketing or something like that.

Speaker 2: 24:31 He says, you know what, I feel like mark is kind of one of the things we’re wrestling. Made a lot of money and get started with a lot of things. He says, I probably would, but I would do it different this year, this time. And he says, what I would do, and I’m not going to take away your thunder, but basically you’re doing exactly what Russell told you to do. So what’s legendary marketers? How’s it gonna work? Give people an idea as far as what’s going to take place because unlike when I was flying out, spending tens of thousands of dollars finding for people’s houses, being stupid, you’re being much smarter about it, so what are you going to do?

Speaker 3: 25:02 So yeah, it’s funny isn’t it? Says it’s awesome. It’s like a 10 years ago. It’s crazy now that all the technology and all these crazy things that we have now, so I’m actually gonna go out. I’m going to find. So anyone who gets it’s gonna be able to say, Hey, who do you want? Who Do you want to go out and find out their best content stuff and with that, with that person, I’m actually going to go out and I’m gonna go find their like their top youtube videos or top strategies and stuff and all these kinds of things that kind of a build up upon this person and see exactly their best content and stuff and find out exactly what’s going to help them best with this thing and I’m gonna go get, get that. And so say it’s like Tony Robbins. I’m gonna. Find the best Tony Robbins videos and we will give it to their people and say, hey guys, here’s this awesome Tony Robbins video series. You’re going to go grab it and stuff and have all their stuff.

Speaker 2: 25:52 So for those of you guys who are listening, a couple of things I want you to do here, first of all, understand how raw and emotional being an entrepreneur really is. I brought chandler on to help them basically encapsulate and share with you his true emotions and the because he’s in the fight right now and I think people don’t understand how hard that is. And so again, I thank you and appreciate all that you’re doing. I am so proud of you. I couldn’t be more proud as a, as a dad. I’m just so excited. Um, and the second thing I want to make sure you guys understand who are listening here is take a A channel’s going to be releasing that. In fact, it will be live by the time this goes live. It will be released here in the middle of July. And basically in commemoration for our 10 year anniversary of doing this, my first product, I will explain this, uh, a, another podcast later, but the part I want to make sure you guys were listening, the reason I want you to go into two reasons, I want you to basically funnel hack what Chandler is doing.

Speaker 2: 26:51 First of all, yeah. I would love for you guys to buy the product, legendary marketing some money in his pocket. That’s always a fun thing for me. But more important than that is I want you to watch and pay attention to the affiliate strategies that are done. The Chandler’s going to use a. because I have a lot of people these days say, Gosh, I don’t have any money. I don’t know how to get started. So what I want you to do is I want you to follow Chandler on his journey because he’s got a podcast and you still need to be doing your podcast.

Speaker 3: 27:18 Yeah, I’m actually, I’ve just filmed three extra ones now and it’s going to go live this week. So. So what’s your podcast? So it’s the college entrepreneur podcasts. I’m to change that name because I’m not

Speaker 2: 27:33 called entrepreneur or dropout bog soon to be dropped out. But anyways, uh, no real. What I want to make sure you and I want you to follow Chandler on this journey is there’s a lot of people who I get asked about this all the time as far as, well, how do you really get started in affiliate marketing? And we’ve got affiliate bootcamp and it, which is an amazing resource, but people say, I want to see someone do it from scratch who doesn’t have anything? You guys have clickfunnels. You’ve already got people who are 60 some odd people, one dream cars, and I just want to follow someone from scratch. So that’s the main reason I want chandler on this. Two reasons. One is that once you understand his entrepreneurial journey, because it applies to a lot of you guys were listening. Second of all is I really want to make sure that you can follow someone and who’s going to be implementing the stuff that we’ve taught and and used, but even some of the new strategies that we’re doing right now from an affiliate standpoint.

Speaker 2: 28:24 So take a Go funnel hack it, pay attention to it, sign up for put money in your pocket, whatever it might be. Most importantly, funnel hack this thing because I think it’s going to be neat to see someone from basically start from the time he started here. Uh, I think we’re going to race. I’ll have to kick at my affiliate stats as well and see between you and miles and I who can actually get the dream car the fastest. It’s going to be doing affiliate stuff for a lot of people as well. So with that, as we get close to wrapping things up, I know you’ve got to catch a flight to head out to Chicago to go to upw. Any parting words for those people who are listening?

Speaker 3: 29:04 No. Yeah, just, I can’t imagine I cannot express enough about how much I’m. One of the things I learned in the video actually is in Golden. He talks about how a,

Speaker 3: 29:13 um, the reason why people aren’t successful, not because they don’t try enough, they don’t fail enough. They don’t go through those experiences. I think that’s a big thing that has happened to me so far as I’ve looked back and if I look at her right now, like maybe I’m not like the best marketer, I’m not the smartest person, but to come to see where I’ve came from and to see exactly where I started from. Like now I’m doing these facebook lives and stuff and do all this crazy stuff and to see exactly I’m, I’m, I’m not the best. I’m actually impressed on how I grown and so it’s been awesome. Say just trying to get out there and publish and publish and do stuff and just keep moving and you’ll find out that you’ve moved a lot further than you actually thought you were. I love it.

Speaker 3: 29:48 So if people want to reach out to, where did they, how can they contact you? Um, yeah, Chandler, There’s a cool strategy call that’s like the best place to find a way to kind of get ahold of me. Um, as well as if you want to follow the exact journey. I’m just follow me on facebook. I’m doing a facebook live every day and exactly what you’re going through, so I love it. Well, Janet, I love you. I’m so proud of you. I hope you and Fran have an amazing time. Please give your wife a hug and a kiss for me and thank you so much for jumping on and being so vulnerable. Oh, thanks.

Speaker 2: 30:19 Hey everybody. One of the things you heard me talking about Chandler here is this whole idea that the video that he is he is in is So checkout funnel hacking Sign up, get their take action like Chandler did, and make sure that you’re at next year’s funnel hacking live. It’s going to be in Nashville and you can check it

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