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Why Dave Decided to talk About In Time Learning:

Description: Dave always has amazing conversations with titans in the industry we all call, FunnelHacking. His recent conversation with Steven Larsen has inspired this podcast about truly learning. We all are constantly surrounding ourselves with opportunities to learn, it’s how we stay in the game. It’s now time for us to reconsider how we’ve been doing our learning. FInd your question you need solved THEN find your answer. Listen in to the thoughts of Dave Woodward and those he’s associated with and see if you can’t solve the questions you have or identify what question you really NEED to be asking.

Tips and Tricks for You and Your Business:

(2:21) Why Master Questions?

(3:56) Dave’s Questions and Their Answers in 2019

(7:08) Do You Read to HUNT?

(9:55) Dave’s Modeling

  • (WARNING: This is about strategies, not Dave’s modeling career for Vogue)

(12:40) Speed, Speed, Speed

(15:39) Just Get Your Three

Quotable Moments:

(2:36) “You know the very first thing, as I look at 2019, is I’ve realized overtime that questions invite revelation.”

(8:30) “You guys have to stop learning generally.”

(10:27) “Too often people try to do their own creativity that they forget the framework.”

(12:17) “One of those questions should be, ‘Who’s the person I can model? Who is the person who has the framework that will help me solve that problem?’”

Other Tidbits:

Speed is so important in Dave’s life that he’s constantly hiring coaches for the parts in his life that he wants to improve.

If you did know the answer to the question holding back your business, how much of a change would it make. Be honest, would you allow change to incur?


[00:00] Welcome to funnel hacker radio podcast, where we go behind the scenes and uncover the tactics and strategies top entrepreneurs are using to make more sales, dominate their markets, and how you can get those same results. Here’s your host, Dave Woodward

[00:16] [inaudible]. Everybody. Welcome back. This is a fun, fun time. Odd again, you’ve heard on the last episode was actually just got back from the two comma club x cruise and if for some reason you guys want to be involved in that next year, you’ve got to go to follow hacking live this year because that’s the only time where we actually even offer people to join to our two Comma Club coaching program. But what happened was, uh, and by the way, we actually are going to be going on a cruise again next year or we’re going to go to an all inclusive resort. We kind of decided between the two. What I want to share with you real fast here is some of the things that, uh, we covered. So, uh, in the last episode I talked about basically Jsp friel kind of talk about it during one of his masterminds today, I want to kind of talk to you about some of the things that I learned from Stephen Larsen.

[01:03] He was, he’s another one of our two comma club coaches and he was on the cruise top some of the masterminds, uh, for those who were on the cruise, they actually had a huge advantage because, uh, Alyssa see if his wife wasn’t able to come, not just because of families type of stuff in the kids. So they had basically they had steven to themselves and he just gave and gave and gave on not only on the masterminds he top but on individual ones late at night. And it’s just too comical. X Cruz was just the most amazing experience ever. So again, if you want to be there next year, go to funnel hacking live this year so you can actually sign up for our two Comma Club coaching program. But what I want to dive into right now, our three, the secrets that Steven talked about, and these all will apply directly to your business.

[01:50] It also applied to your life and I think it’s a, it’s super critical for you as you start realizing some of the people that are involved in our whole funnel hacking group and community just because of the experiences they’ve had. And I would hope that if, if you’re, you should be going to funnel hacking live. So assuming you’re going to funnel hacking live, make sure you take the time to talk to the people, get outside of your comfort zone and really spend the time diving deep into what they have to say. So one of the things Steven was talking about was as he was looking basically at going into 2019 and some of the things that he had learned in over the last couple of years, but what he was gonna do different this year said, you know, the very first thing is I’d look at 2019 is I’ve realized over time that questions invite revelation.

[02:42] And he said, there’s a lot of things I need revelation for this year. I’m trying to grow my business. I’m trying to do. Is it called the shop? Basically it’ll 4 million for this next year. Uh, and so he goes, I’m, that’s 400 times what I did last year, more than 400 times. So it, I don’t have the skill set there, I don’t have the people in my community. And he said, what matters most to me right now is to realize that questions invite revelation and I need revelation. So I wanted to kind of just mentioned that to you as you start looking at this year to start asking better questions. And one of the things he said was, as far as the questions so you can they go, they come really random for a lot of people. He said for him personally, his quest, he’s only looking at really one question and that is what is the number one immediate problem in front of me that I need to solve?

[03:37] I thought that is awesome. If you, if you can actually identify what the number one immediate problem is in front of you and all your questions are focused on solving that problem, that in and of itself will take care of everything else. So again, this applies in your business, applies in your relationships, it applies in all sorts of different parts of your life. If you were to take a look as far as in, for me personally, if I was, if I’m looking at this going right now, what is the number one immediate problem in front of me that I need to solve for click funnels? So I run all of our top line revenue. I run all of our business development, all of our partnerships, all of our, all of our international growth opportunities, anything as far as all that kind of stuff that impacts our top line revenue, which obviously then falls to the bottom line.

[04:23] What is the number one thing I can do, and I can tell you for me the number one immediate problem in front of me that I am trying to solve this year is to reduce our churn. We have over a thousand people a day that hit the clickfunnels website. Half those people sign up for a free trial and then basically I after after the first 30 days, about half those actually make that first payment and so I’m trying to find out what can I do to help decrease churn? How can I impact more people’s lives? How can I help more people, more entrepreneurs actually use click funnels in their business, in their life to get the the goals, the dreams and things that they’ve said. So for me, the number one problem that I can see that in front of me is that, and it was funny because before I went on the cruise, one of the things I ended up signing up for was a dear friend of mine, Dan Martell is a guy, basically sold a company to mark Cuban for clarity FM and as a SAS owner basically has made a ton of money, but really he’s taken all this time and effort to work now with other sas companies and typically he ends up working with companies who are just getting started.

[05:33] Only [inaudible] I’ve known for a long time. I said, you know, Dan, I know we’re not your typical client, but I still have some of the same issues that your clients face in one of those is true. And he goes, well, Dave, I don’t, I don’t deal with kinds and your size because there’s nothing, there’s not anything in it for me. And I said, yeah, I understand that we’re not giving away equity or anything like that, but if you were to to work with us, what would it be? And those types of questions I’d love to ask because if it was what would it take? And we basically came to terms and, and he goes, okay, I actually will take this on. And so I ended up signing up a painting, a large chunk of money to basically help us to reduce churn. And so for you and your business in your life, what is the number one immediate problem in front of you?

[06:20] And start asking that question on a daily basis. And again, it’s something I continue to ask. Even though I’ve hired Dan. I’m, I’m looking at it all the time. How do we identify churn? How do we actually impact different cohorts of churn? How do we, when we start looking at add users, customer success, what do we do to have greater success sooner so they can stick with this long, so realize once you start asking that number one question, that question, the immediate problem in front of you, it’s thinking to start getting you involved in other things as well. So identify first and foremost, what is the number one immediate problem in front of you and start asking a bunch of questions about that. That is going to give you the revelation that you need. Next thing Stephen talked about was this whole idea as far as too often people just read to read.

[07:08] He goes, I always read to hunt. I’m I’m lily hunting. I’m trying to find the answer. I’m looking for applied learning. I’m trying to find from the masters someone who basically took the time to put together a book. What’s the one thing that I need? And so I. I find so many people who get in situation where man, I read a book a day or a book a week or whatever it is, and I’m like, why are you doing that? Are you doing it just to, to get a whole bunch of content in your head? Or are you, are you truly on a hunt? Are you reading to hunt? Are you trying to find a way to solve a problem? And so for, it’s been fun for me to watch Steven, his whole focus has been on offers and a yesterday in the office, uh, he was in there and Russell basically gave him two or three different books that he had just on offers.

[07:56] And in fact, as you start tossing questions out to the universe, you’ll be amazed as far as how those things come back. All of a sudden someone presents two or three books that you might need or they introduce you to someone. So as you focus on the number one problem in your life, solving that one problem, you will find other resources come to you. You’ll find the opportunity as far as books or courses and understand that when you’re doing this read to hunt. I was gonna. I titled this just in time learning and I got that just in time. Learning from Steven says, you’ve got to. You guys have to stop learning. Generally too often people and I saw this take place and our two Comma Club coaching program because we have so much content and they were so much amazing stuff out there that everybody, not everyone.

[08:43] A lot of people just gotten this idea as far as they were just learning generally and take for example, there’s it doesn’t do you any good to spend time going through John’s facebook course if you don’t even have your funnel up. Stop learning about facebook until you get your funnel built and realized that just in time, learning is such a key principle in life. That is all you need to worry about right now and only thing you need to learn is whatever is going to solve the number one immediate problem in front of you. So really make sure that you’re everything you start hunting. Learn, understand that you have to love to learn and as you start gaining this love for learning, what you’re going to find is you then start focusing on just in time learning what is the like right now, the only stuff I’m really studying is churn reduction.

[09:31] That’s the number one stuff for me. It’s all I care about and if I can solve that one problem, I can solve a whole bunch of other problems later. But realize you have to stay focused, especially on your learning, especially in your reading. Read to hunt and focused. Learning it on just in time learning. The only thing you need to learn right now is whatever the number one problem is in front of you and forget learning about everything else. With that. The other thing I want to talk to you about is this whole idea about modeling, and this kind of goes back to this situation. I’m, uh, I mentioned the last one as far as assuming someone else’s identity. And again, this is more of an identity hacky, not identity theft type of a deal, but realize that when you find someone who has already done what you, you’re trying to do, they’ve already built a framework and that framework literally is, if you follow the framework, that’s 80 percent of the success.

[10:23] Steven mentioned the remaining 20 percent of the success. That’s your own creativity. But too often people try to do their own creativity and forget the framework. One of the things that Russell is literally the master at is creating frameworks. And it’s fun for me to see how steven has learned that from Russell and does the same thing as he teaches. He teaches frameworks. Um, if you would look at. One of the things Steven was talking about was this whole idea that becoming a framework master says, I personally, Zemo was saying that he personally, it hasn’t ever read or studied Dan Kennedy stuff. What he’s done instead is he studied Russell who has been a master’s student studying for years. All the gurus of the past and all their different frameworks to then help create his own framework from that. And by doing that, what happens is Russell’s been able to literally put together decades in into a day or in a couple of days, and then from that Steven has now been able to digest that piece of it and now has the framework that Russell was able to find as he spent years studying all the growers and basically the framework mastery that he was able to study and put together.

[11:36] Steven is now quickly able to adopt us into his own life and to have the massive success that Steven had last year because of the framework that he had. So my whole focus here is to understand first and foremost questions invite revelation. And the first thing you need to do then is what’s the find out, what’s the number one immediate problem in front of you? And solve that question. The second thing then is to then model those people who are already doing it against whole reason I hire coaches is because they’re already doing it. They’ve already been down that road. So find, find out what the number one immediate problem is in front of you. Ask as many questions as possible to get answers to that, and one of those questions should be who is the person that I can model? Who’s the person who has the framework to help me solve that problem I doing that?

[12:23] You have 80 percent of the success and the other 20 percent is gonna be your own creativity and color and flair that you add to that. So those are the first two things. The third thing is a question you need to start asking yourself on a regular basis and that is how can I increase my speed? Speed is one of the most amazing things to me. I have seen, I’ve seen this take place in so many parts of my own personal life as well as in the lives of others, and that is too often people get focused on, on being too slow to do things. Speed makes up for a lot of mistakes. It covers a lot of mistakes because you’re able to get to the next thing quickly understand that you’re always trying to find ways of increasing speed. One of the ways of increasing speed for me is hiring a coach.

[13:08] It’s why I’ve hired. You guys have heard me talk about this a ton of times. I hired a coach in my own personal life. Jerrick Robbins, Tony Center hired him this last year. I ended up hiring Eric cafferty who has been my physical coach. I ended up hiring Brad and Ryan on my finances to help me on my financial coach. Those are the three coaches I had last year going into this next year. I’m still working with Eric, but I’m going to be working now with with Dan Martell as a coach on helping me solve my number one problem, which is how to, how do we reduce churn at clickfunnels? So realize you have to be taking a look at these types of things and finding out what. What is the thing that you can do to help increase speed? Now, one of the things that happens for a lot of us, and I know myself and in this, I seen this especially with my kids, were I’ll ask them a question that I thought, I don’t know dad.

[13:59] Just tell me the answer and I’m like, no, I’m not going to tell you the answer, but as I go back to them, they keep saying, well, I don’t know that I don’t know. I don’t know. I don’t know. And I said, I got this from Tony Robinson. That is anytime someone says, I don’t know, I don’t know the answer, the best response, again, as a coach or as a person trying to help them is if you did know the answer, what would it be? And what you’re gonna find is that most of us already have a pretty good idea of what the answer is, but we want someone to actually validate it for us or to give us the secrets. There is so much to solving problems ourselves by taking the revelation that comes to us and implementing that. So as you start looking at the problems of life in front of you and you’re sitting there saying, I, you know, I just don’t know what the answer is.

[14:50] Start to rephrase that question. Say, all right, if I didn’t know the answer, what would it be? And then start taking action on what that is. The, the whole idea here is I want to make sure that as you take a look at this next year and as you take a look at the opportunities in front of you, that you realize that there are so many people out there willing to help you. So with that, the last thing Steve made mention of an I think is so critical, um, and it’s more of a time management opportunity, but it comes down to focusing on doing three moves a day. What are the three things that are going to get you closer to your number one, solving your number one problem? What are the three things that if you did these three things today are going to get you closer to adapting the speed that you need in your life?

[15:35] What are the three things that are going to get you closer to getting the goals that you have and each day? Just focus on those three things. I think too often I, I’ve been guilty of this myself or my to do list is like a, today I’m going to get a million things done, or the there’s these 35 things I got to get done by the end of the day. That just doesn’t happen. So as you start taking a look at it, and then this kind of goes back to Gary Keller’s, the one thing and that is what’s the one thing if I did this, everything else would become easier or unnecessary and if you find that one thing is you’ll typically find there might be two other ones that are really close there. If you end up doing the one thing first and then knock out the next two by doing those three things, you will find the speed is crazy in your life because you get winter right?

[16:23] Of all the clutter. It goes back to this whole idea as far as learning as as the idea, as far as making sure that when you’re looking at learning that it’s just in time learning. When you’re looking at and reading your hunting, make sure that you’re taking the time to focus. I think if there’s one thing I could say, out of all all the success I’ve seen in our two comma club members aren’t your come ex students are eight figure award winners and that is focus. You’ve got to focus and as an entrepreneur we get so sidetracked by all this bright, shiny objects all around us. If you will take the time to focus and identify what’s the number one problem you have right now and just spend all your energy in that. Everything else will work. So with that said, I just hope you have the most amazing time ever again.

[17:09] You’re going to get this podcast probably listen to this. If it came out on time towards the end of January, which means we are most likely almost sold out with funnel hacking live tickets. Please. I would love to see you if I’m lacking live. So please go to funnel hacking live.com, get a ticket, and then finally at funnel hacking live, come up to me and say, hey dave, thanks so much for encouraging me to be here. This is the best event I ever could have attended and again, I just, I just want you to know we care about you, love you, and most importantly, once you have success and the greatest way of having success is by getting funnel hacking live. Have an awesome day and we’ll talk to you soon.

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Expert Secrets: Find Your Message, Build A Tribe, And Change The World…

:arrow_right: Get FREE Book Now! (Limited Copies)

“Expert Secrets Is The Map That Will Allow You To Turn Your Specialized Knowledge, Talents and Abilities Into A Business That Will Work For You! This Is One Of The Shortcuts of The New Rich” - Robert Kiyosaki