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Dave speaks about his trip to Nairobi, his tour through the Kazuri Bead Funnel and how great of an experience it was touring the factory and getting to know the friendly staff. He discusses the effectiveness of this funnel, the functionality behind it and how you can implement a similar philosophy into your personal funnel and increase the value of your product instantly.

Tips and Tricks for You and Your Business:

  • How the Kazuri Bead Funnel Operates: (2:02)
  • Increasing Intrinsic and Extrinsic Value For You Product: (12:00)
  • Increasing Commodity Value Through Customer Experience (12:44)

Quotable Moments:

“How can you get people to understand the value of what we’re creating.”

“When you have things that other people consider a commodity, you’ve got to create an experience. You’ve got to find a way of actually making sure that these people, whoever your clients are, have an increase in intrinsic value as well as extrinsic value associated with the actual commodity or product that you’re selling.”

“What type of an experience can I give to people who are coming in to buy things from me?”


Speaker 1: 00:00 Welcome to funnel hacker radio podcast, where we go behind the scenes and uncover the tactics and strategies top entrepreneurs are using to make more sales, dominate their markets, and how you can get those same results. Here is your host, Dave Woodward.

Speaker 2: 00:17 Hey everybody. Welcome back and most importantly, welcome from Africa. I’m actually out here in Nairobi right now and just had this crazy cool experience that I thought I need to make sure I share with everybody. So somebody may have seen a long time ago there was a movie about a dusty old violin. It was being auctioned off and the auctioneer got up and said, you know, who will give me a dollar or $2? And you see these bids come in at three, four, five, $10 or something. And then all of a sudden from the very back of the room walks this older gentleman up to the front and he grabs the violin from the auctioneer and he tunes it a little bit and he strums it and then all the sudden he begins to play and he plays this almost angelic melody. And soon the bids start going crazy.

Speaker 2: 01:06 $100, $500, a thousand dollars, $5,000, $10,000, and eventually ends up selling for tens of thousands of dollars and it’s all because of the experience and the value that was created because of somebody else. And so I was sitting there thinking about how can you do the same type of thing to your audience who you may not be able to see or no, you’re not around in your funnel. And so while we were out here, we had the opportunity of going to the [inaudible] bead factory. Now here in Nairobi, uh, back in 1975, an English woman dot. She would do something that she could actually somehow give back to the community. At the time, there was a ton of displaced single moms and she’s up know what could we do to, to help. And so she started with just two women and they started basically making these handmade beads and these beads were unique and they were special.

Speaker 2: 02:02 And yet as they started to sell these beads, it was just a commodity like anything else. And she’s not, you know, how, how can people get people to understand the value of what we’re creating. And so she created the whole cause you were a bead funnel and I want to walk you through how this funnel actually worked. So let me kind of tell you the story. We ended up, we started off over in a different village helping out a lot of these, a lot of people from Kenya and we were back just for a short period of time before we were taken off to a safari. So one of the things that a student, Amy Mclaren from village, in fact that’s the organization I’m out here with, one things, they would want to make sure that we all experienced the Kazoo reburied funnel. So what we ended up doing, we took 60 people basically loaded up in buses and we headed over to the factory.

Speaker 2: 02:54 Well you can’t just walk into the factory and you can’t just go buy beads at the. You actually have to go through the tour. So step one is you need to make sure that if you’ve got a thing, especially people feel like it’s a commodity, you’ve got to find some way of creating an experience. The experience that the Missouri bead factories created changed what you would think of as cheap little clay beads worth, you know, two or three, four, five cents into literally tens if not hundreds and even thousands of dollars. So let me take you through the step by step. It’s very first thing you end up doing is you’re, you’re met by a guide and our guidance name was caroline and caroline was super excited, tons of energy and just exuded this happiness. And she then told us a little bit about the story of how it got started.

Speaker 2: 03:46 And then she took us into, show us how the beads are actually made. So you walk into this little tiny room and here was a table of about 30 women that 15 on each side and they were rolling these beads. And so there’s, first of all, she answered. One of the kids was with us, some clay and then she painted that clay off. So every single one of us gets to actually touch, touch and experience the clay that they were using, and then she went onto show, show us. You have to understand that this isn’t just like any old normal clay. This clay has magical properties to it. In fact, he’s magical properties. It comes from a certain part here in Kenya and what you’ll find is, and she gives us a bead that had just come out of the kill and it was already cooled off.

Speaker 2: 04:30 She goes, unlike other normal beads, when you drop them a big cracks and shat or it shatters and she all of a sudden drops. This bead throws this beat on the ground and it bounces and like, whoa. All of a sudden the the objection of, well, I don’t think I can afford to buy these beads here because I’m afraid they’re gonna. They’ll break while I’m in transit. That objections just shattered it. Whereas the bead is totally intact and then she goes on to start talking and she introduces us to Mama Adeline. Mama Adeline is sitting at the very, very front of the table. She’s the most experienced bead maker. She’s been here since 1975 and she starts talking about how amazing Madam Adeline is and how Madam Adeline actually has trained almost every single one of these women in here and because of that, they have all captured her same experience in bead making and they now they started off with just two women.

Speaker 2: 05:23 They now have three over 340 different women who come in every single day. They work six and a half days a week and are five and a half days a week and their whole job is just to making these beads. So she’d been basically helps us understand these crazy amazing that these beads are. And then from there she continues to help us understand that these beads, as each one is handmade there not only handmade, they’re also going to be hand painted and she’ll take us there and just a minute. But before she does that, she decides that she’s got engaged. The troublemaker in the group. The person is not paying attention because the last thing she wants to do is to have any problems with not being able to connect with everybody in the group will. Unfortunately, the troublemaker was me and I was talking to the back and was on my phone and doing some other things and so all of a sudden she asked my name and I’m like, oh, my name is Dave, and she goes, would you make sure that everybody gets the same place right away because I don’t want to make.

Speaker 2: 06:23 I want to make sure no one’s left behind. So all of a sudden now I’m engaged. I’m the one and she starts calling out anytime someone’s lagging behind the gate. Can you get them, Dave, can you get them? Dave, can you get the hurry? Hurry, we want, we don’t want to make I wanna make sure we get through this real quick and she then engages me and she then takes us up to this place where they are now throwing clay and making pots and plates and these plates were like perfectly made to. You literally could eat off these things. I mean, they were handmade, but they look like they’d been impressed and it was just awe inspiring you, these two guys who are just sitting there literally with it was kind of like the movie ghost, probably the most romantic movies out there as far as, uh, uh, I forget the woman’s name basically.

Speaker 2: 07:09 She throws the clay on there and she basically manipulate this clay into becoming exactly what she wanted it to do. And all of a sudden I’m sitting there and thinking, I have to do this. I got to be able to do this. And so I asked, one of the guys said, you mind if I do that? He’s like, sure, let me finish this plate. So now everybody’s engaged and everyone wants to see me actually try to play with this clay. And so he pinches off the certain amount. That’s exactly the size for a bolt for a plate. And then he goes through and literally, probably one of the best coaches I’ve ever seen. I’ve never thrown clay in my life. And I thought, I’m going to have this thing spinning. It’s gonna break everything. I’m going to have this huge glob of clay, fly off the wheel.

Speaker 2: 07:50 It’s going to shatter it’s gonna break all the plates that they’ve already made and yet he coaches me on the speed. He coaches me on exactly what they do to make sure that it has the right thickness, that there’s the right edge and my plate actually turned out pretty good, but now all of a sudden I’m thinking I’ve got to buy a play. So from there we then leave that part and she talks now about the fact that all these beads, as soon as they’re handmade, they didn’t have to dry for three days and after they’ve tried for three days, then they go into the kiln and she shows us where the kitchen is and the how, how long they have to be fired at the temperature they have to be fired and how long they have to then cool. And then once all of that’s been done, then they get the opportunity of being painted.

Speaker 2: 08:33 So if come follow me and let’s go in and I’ll show you the next step. So we didn’t walk into this room have probably about 50 women each one meticulously hand painting every single one of these beads and the beads were just, I mean all these crazy bright colors and and they were. Each one was customized. It just the most amazing thing in the world. And again, she’s like they’d hurry, you’ve got to make sure people keep up and so she’s not allowed us to get to engage and stop everything because she wants to sell something at the end. But at the same time she’s making sure we experience every single thing and we literally walked kind of serpentine through two or three different rows of these beads. And then she takes it into a room where now she’s got all the beads and they’re just loose beads.

Speaker 2: 09:17 She goes, you know what, if you want, you can buy a bag of loose beads. It’s only like five or 10 bucks. But if you want, if you’ll wait, I’ll show you where you can actually get these beads and the ought to be created for you. They’ll be in a beautiful necklaces and bracelets and find artwork on the wall. And all the plates and everything else, but you got to wait for that, but if you want you can get them for cheap, real cheap here, but they won’t be designed and they won’t be made just the way you want them. And like, oh my gosh, this is crazy. So she then goes on to tell us that each woman can create anywhere from 800 to a thousand beats a day and we now have the opportunity now of being introduced to the shopping cart. So we leave, we leave where the glass factory is or the beef factory is and walk outside into now where we’ve been introduced to buy whatever we want.

Speaker 2: 10:06 So we’ve now I’ve experienced this crazy thing of seeing these women hand painting of rolling these out perfectly of these guys literally throwing a pot or a plate on these wheels and it was just the most amazing experience ever to where now the value of these crazy plates and have these beads. They’re not like five or ten cents a piece. These are like two, three, four bucks per bead. And now it was. You put them all together and you walk in to the shopping cart and it’s this beautiful display of necklaces and bracelets and fascinating wall art and it was just awe inspiring. You’re like sitting there going, oh my gosh, this is insane, and then you’re handed personally a a shopping cart or a little tiny bats. Not more than just a little bag. It was actually a shopping basket that you would get a at any Albertson’s or something like that where you are, have this round your wrist and she goes, fill it up, get get some gifts for everyone else, and so now you’re encouraged not to just get one or two pieces.

Speaker 2: 11:12 You’re encouraged to fill your cart. And she then goes through and talks about, oh by the way, don’t worry if you don’t have to worry about pain in in Kenyan shillings, we take mastercard, we take visa. We’ve been take American Express and to go, oh my gosh, this woman is amazing. And then after a few minutes she goes, you know, how can we help? I’m more than happy to help you find what’s the perfect gift? Who are you looking for? And she then helped us go through and every single one of us walked out of their pain, hundreds of dollars for beadwork. It was the most amazing experience ever. And then she goes, and then as we’re leaving, oh, by the way, your tour guide, the tour is free, but your guide works on tips, so if you don’t mind, please tip caroline. And so after we spent all this money, it’s been the upsale real quick.

Speaker 2: 12:00 Oh, by the way, make sure you give a tip, and it was the most amazing experience ever. All this in there. I was just going, oh my gosh, this is how you have to sell. People don’t understand when you’ve got the things that other people consider a commodity, you’ve got to create an experience. You’ve got to find a way of actually making sure that these people, whoever your clients are, have an increase in intrinsic value as well as extrinsic value associated with the actual commodity or product that you’re selling. The extrinsic value for me was sitting there watching these women and an intrinsic value. I’m sitting there thinking of all my kids need something for sure and my wife wants something, so we ended up buying something for my daughter in law. We ended up buying something for my mom, for my mother in law for, for my wife, for my kids.

Speaker 2: 12:44 All of a sudden I wanted to. Everybody experienced this and that’s how funnels work. That’s how experiences work. That’s how when you can take something that other people would just be a commodity that you could pick up at off the street corner type of thing here in Nairobi, but to get a Missouri bead you’ve got to go have the experience and now because you’ve had the experience, the value is so much more intense and so much more valuable to where I would literally, if I saw someone say, Hey, I was in Nairobi and I got some beads. It’s not. Did you get some beads? Did you get [inaudible] beads? If you didn’t get Missouri beads, then you didn’t get real handcrafted beats. Otherwise, your beads may have come from China and then import it over here, but if you’ve got the [inaudible] beats, you got the real thing.

Speaker 2: 13:27 That thing that actually employs a whole bunch of 340 single moms beads that actually don’t. When you throw them on the ground, they don’t break beads that are hand painted and hand handcrafted. It was just fascinating to me to see how they took a commodity and made an experience, so hopefully as you listen to this, you’re thinking, what can I do? What type of an experience can I give to people who are coming in to buy things from me? For me, it’s all about the experience. I’m a huge. The gifts and things don’t matter to me, but the experience that’s worth everything, so make sure that you’re creating some sort of an experience for your members, for the people who you’re buying from. All of that is that’s how things are sold, so create the experience and have a ton of success. Remember, you’re just one funnel away.

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