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Marketing Secrets - Podcast (Russell Brunson - FunnelHackerTV)

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A cool lesson I learned from the author of “Girl, Wash Your Face”

On today’s episode Russell talks about meeting Dave Hollis and learning about who his wife is. He shares a story about how she wasn’t an overnight success, but how she kept showing up. Here are some inspiring things on today’s episode:

  • How and where Russell met Dave Hollis and how it started him geeking out on everything Rachel Hollis is doing.
  • Why Rachel Hollis found success, and why it’s so important to keep showing up.

So listen here to find out who Rachel Hollis is and how she is inspiring Russell, his wife, Collette, and woman everywhere.


Good morning everybody, this is Russell Brunson. I want to welcome you to the Marketing Secrets podcast, today we’re going to be talking about success and what it actually takes.

Hey everyone, I hope you all had an awesome weekend. I guess it depends on when you’re listening to this, could be the weekday, could be Wednesday, could be Friday. But today for me, it’s Monday and I’m heading out and I’m super excited for today. Todd and Ryan and the whole development team are all flying into Boise, so we’re going to be doing a huge hackathon, coding stuff, shipping stuff and new things are going to be coming out inside of Clickfunnels and you guys are going to be freaking out, it’s so exciting. So that’s number one.

But last night my wife read me something and I was like in bed, jumping around excited because it was so cool and I wanted to share with you guys today. So if you rewind back a few episodes you’ll remember I went on my secret illuminati man trip with a bunch of these awesome dudes and we had emotions and feelings and stuff and it was really kind of awkward, no just kidding, it was amazing.

But one of the guys who was there, I knew most of the people there because most of them were marketers and people I have been aware of, but one I didn’t know was a guy named Dave Hollis, and it’s kind of funny because he felt the same thing about me when we first met. The very first time he was like, “So I kind of know what everyone else does, but what do you do? I saw a video of you jumping around.” And I was like, “Yeah, that’s pretty much what I do. I jump around. What do you do?” And he’s like, “My wife jumps around.” And it’s kind of like this awkward, “Cool.” And we awkwardly walked away from each other, like introverts typically do. I guess I’m introverted, he’s probably not.

But then over the next two days I got to know him better and just he’s awesome. One of my favorite people I’ve had the chance to bump into in this world. Super impressed with him, and the more I got to know about him, the more I got to know about what his wife does. And I’m not going to go into big detail, but his wife is Rachel Hollis and those who, if you are a woman I guarantee you already know her, and if you’re a man, ask your wife, they’ll already know. Because I told my wife, “I met this guy named Dave Hollis and his wife is this super successful woman…” and she’s like, “Is it Rachel Hollis?” and I’m like, “how did you know?” And she’s like, “Ahh…” Starts freaking out, “she wrote this book called Girl, wash your face. And this documentary all my friends went to…” on and on and on. I was like dang.

So I went back and I was like, “My wife knows exactly who you are and she is freaking out that we’re hanging out. I should have known that two days ago. I’m so sorry. This is one of those weird things.” Anyway, so it was funny because they had done a podcast, she has a podcast called Rise, and they did a podcast together called Rise Together, so he told me, “Yeah, we did a podcast episode about our sex lives and it got 250 thousand downloads the first 3 days or something.” So of course that night I’m in my little room in the cabin and I’m like, “I must listen to their sex podcast” so I listened to it that night and it was awesome.

There’s a lot of like, I don’t know, it was like the most respectful relationship podcast about that topic I’ve ever heard. It was amazing, so it’s worth listening to. I was like, oh my gosh. I see why people love her and him and they’re amazing. And then I started listening to the other podcast and I geeked out for like 5 hours that night. The next morning I woke up and I came out to him and I was like, “Dude, I listened to all your episodes.” And he told me, “Dude, I listened to your one funnel away presentation.” Or whatever. Anyway, it was super cool.

So then on the flight home, actually I flew from there to Dana’s dream 100 con, so I downloaded his wife’s book. Which the book is written for girls, it’s called, Girl, wash your face. But I was like, I want my wife to read this and I want to find out about it. So I listened to pretty much the whole book on that flight over, and it was cool because of a couple of things. Number one, she’s very entrepreneurial so I learned stuff about myself, which was probably not intended for the book but it was really cool. And number two it helped me understand the women in my life, both my lovely wife Collette, who I am obsessed with. And then like the other women in my world, like Melanie my assistant and other people like that, and my sister and other things. I’m just like, oh weird. Now I understand where they’re coming from.

It was just really cool, so whether you’re a man or a woman go read the book. But I digress, what I wanted to share with you guys today is actually a story about Rachel. So hanging out with her husband and everybody at the retreat that we were at, I learned a lot about the back story, about how she had been, all the different books she’d written. She’d been publishing for 12 years, and she was like a food blogger and then transitioned to this other thing, just this whole journey she’d gone on.

So anyway, it’s been fun over the last two or three weeks, we’ve been really interested, and my wife’s been reading her book now and we’re all, just kind of, it’s been fun geeking out their stuff. So last night, my wife in bed was like, “Hey check out this post by Rachel.” And hopefully this doesn’t cut off the audio when I read this, I’m going to go over to my pictures and I want to read this to you.

So this is a picture of her, imagine this picture of her onstage in front of 2200 people in the UK, and she posted, “Today I stood on a different continent and gave a keynote to 2200 people. A decade ago I was speaking at locals MOPs groups for 30. Three days ago I got a note from my publisher that Girl, Wash Your Face had surpassed a million bucks in sales.

“Five years ago every single publisher in the US turned down my first novel. In 2018 I’ll take home a 7 figure salary. After not taking a salary, not a penny, not even to buy a latte, nothing for the previous 6 years. Listen up, the road to success is a long one and the only reason I’m standing here now is that I kept showing up.

“ I showed up when I was so nervous to speak in front of a crowd that my voice shook. I showed up to speak for free for half a decade before I ever made a single dollar. I showed up at book signing, and sat for hours praying that one single person would come and buy a copy. I showed up when there were 1000 Facebook followers and Instagram didn’t exist. I showed when they told me no. I showed up when I was tired. I showed up when I was broke. I showed up for my life again and again and again. If you see the success now, don’t get it twisted. It didn’t come fast, and it didn’t happen because I’m special. It happened because when everybody else got tired and left the race I kept moving forward even if it felt at times I was running in sand. People underestimate how long it will take and over estimate where they should be by now. Just keep going.”

So that’s why I was freaking out like, “Yes!” I think anyone who has got to the top of their craft knows that. I want to tell like 50 stories of me just showing up and the ups and the downs and the trials and the problems and the issues. And every success story I know who comes out as an overnight success, all of the times that they showed up. So I wanted to share that with you guys because I’m looking at her and her husband and watching as their empire is exploding right now. A million copies of their book in 5 or 6 months is insane. I don’t care who you are. It’s insane, and I’m sure tons of people are like, “Oh she wrote a book, she’s an overnight success.”

No you don’t understand, all you have to do in the interim to become who you need to be to be able to serve your people. So I was just inspired by that and wanted to share it with you guys because I think it’s important, number one. But number two, for those of you guys who are still trying to figure this out and you’re still in this spot of showing up, don’t give up. Your message matters, it can change somebody’s life. I know, I can tell you specifically the people in my life who didn’t give up, who kept showing up, who had a huge impact on me and if they would have given up, who knows where I’d be today.

I’m so grateful for those people, doing what didn’t make any sense to do because they believed in what they had to say, and believed in what their mission. So for you guys out there, keep showing up. Do not give up. Your message matters and it’s important and it has the ability to change somebody’s life. I’m watching now as I’ve been reading her book and my wife’s reading her book, I’m seeing a profound impact and change in my own personal life. And I’m grateful for her for keep showing up, even when nobody was there.

So with that said, I gotta bounce. I’m late for a meeting. Appreciate you guys all, keep showing up and we’ll see you guys on the next episode of the Marketing Secrets podcast.

Get The First 257 Episodes Of Marketing In Your Car For FREE On This Pre-Loaded MP3 Player…

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