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Why Dave Decided to talk to Noah Lenz:

Noah Lenz is the youngest guest on Funnel Hacker Radio at 12 years old. He joins Dave to discuss building funnels and his future plans of starting his own marketing agency. Building funnels for over a year, Noah started by creating political and marketing websites as learning tools. He is the owner of and does contract work building funnels for entrepreneurs.

Tips and Tricks for You and Your Business:

  • Noah’s experience marketing for websites. (3:30)
  • Building funnels to sell your websites. (6:40)
  • Tips for creating a marketing agency. (12:30)

Quotable Moments:

“I should use a funnel to sell all these political websites!”

“It was the worst experience ever trying to build a complete funnel in wordpress.”

“I started studying all these legendary marketers and that’s how I got indoctrinated into this.”

Other Tidbits:

Noah discusses his journey from creating websites for political campaigns to building funnels for companies. Working with Maddox Publishing, Noah shares his current and upcoming projects and his plans of starting his own marketing agency.


Speaker 1: 00:00 Welcome to funnel hacker radio podcast, where we go behind the scenes and uncover the tactics and strategies top entrepreneurs are using to make more sales, dominate their markets, and how you can get those same results. Here’s your host, Dave Woodward. Everybody welcome back.

Speaker 2: 00:18 You guys are honestly, I am so excited to have this podcast has been a fun one, but looking forward to all day long. So let me just introduce you to real quick to the one and only know a lens. No welcome.

Speaker 3: 00:33 Thanks for having me on. I’m so excited for this.

Speaker 2: 00:37 So for those of you guys, you might not know Noah. Noah is by far the youngest person I’ve ever had on funnel hacker radio and I think he’s probably one of the youngest attendees at funnel hacking live. He’s actually crushing it right now. He’s building funnels for Matt and Caleb Maddix and I just am so excited just to keep on saying, well gosh, I just can’t do it. I’m like, okay, well I want to bring someone on who’s been doing it for about a year, just over a year now, and it has all the excuses in the world, why you can’t do it, and yet he’s crushing it. So no, welcome to the show.

Speaker 3: 01:11 Thanks for having me on Dave.

Speaker 2: 01:13 So if you guys aren’t able to see it because we’re doing this via video on zoom, but. So Noah’s sitting here and he basically got his, his white Ipod earbuds in under armour shirt on, crushing it. Uh, and I thought, you know what? This will be a ton of fun. So Noah, I tell people, how in the heck did you get started? First of all, how old are you?

Speaker 3: 01:33 I’m 12 years old. Twelve years old. Some ups. Go ahead, sorry, go ahead. Because Caleb Maddix, who taught me about video, about how everybody’s needed to read dotcom secrets, and I like to put what I learned into action. So this was the one I was about 10 years old, maybe it was 11, I’m not sure. There was about a year and a half, maybe two years ago almost. Um, so I watched the video and then I go and he had his affiliate link obviously and whatnot, and I go and I go to the website and figuring it all out and my dad’s like, oh yeah, I actually took a while ago, I just never read it. I’m like, oh my God. He’s like, sure. So I read it and like,

Speaker 2: 02:21 oh my gosh, you can do a one click up sell you my gosh

Speaker 3: 02:33 photo website funnel. And I thought it was gonna be my million dollar idea, what the club was or whatever, but I was still in school and I was kind of busy and it’s just about getting done with fifth grade. And so I’m like, okay, I’m going to put this on side for a little bit here. And then I’m freelance websites just on the side. I did a couple for some political campaigns and my dad’s like, oh, maybe you should do more of these political campaign websites. So how should I advertise to cold call? Should I, you know, maybe.

Speaker 2: 03:16 So you’re 10 years old and you’re creating political websites

Speaker 3: 03:24 like on the side, like

Speaker 2: 03:27 get it. Take me back to your younger, younger self. And how in the world did you get involved in marketing and websites?

Speaker 3: 03:34 Um, so like when I sold my parents, I’m buying me a Mac computer, which funny enough is actually the computer I’m using right now, but I sold my computer because I haven’t, like my dad gave me like Google sites and whatnot. Actually just found my first day. It was hilarious. Like I asked her, I said, do you want us to share your information anyways? So I started making these little websites like I never got into like video games or anything which is good. Um, but I like making these little websites and whatnot. And then one of my dad’s friends was running for public office when I was like nine or 10. So I’m like. And he’s like, Oh, here I’ll pay you. It was like $200 bucks to build. Sure. What else do I have to do? So I make him the website, whatever. And like, okay, great. Here we go. And my dad’s like, you did pretty good job with this one. And I made a few other websites for a couple hundred bucks each, but like, I’m like, oh wait, I could, you know, like I was saying before, scale political clients and then I realized I could sell websites for phones. So that’s kind of where we were.

Speaker 2: 05:04 So what were you, were you making these on wordpress? What type of, what were you making the websites on?

Speaker 3: 05:11 Okay. So originally when I was like six and like just getting into it, I was making online google sites, which is like the worst thing ever. Um, but eventually I started making a lot of licks and I realized that was horrible. And, but eventually I just started using wordpress to open source one and that’s what I use to make these websites. I remember my dad or my mom, they were at some sort of like, one of them’s like musical survivor and I was at my dad’s office and I’m like, no sorry, I’m working. And eventually, so it started to move and learn how to make all these wordpress websites. So last one, I first got started with this and again, like when I actually first got started with wordpress, probably like eight when I bought my first actual domain name that like whatever google or whatever.

Speaker 2: 06:17 So tell me how you’ve gone from creating websites for political people to actually building funnels. So how did you get, how’d you get connected? I mean obviously you heard about dotcom secrets sued Maddix Caleb and his book. What made, what was the next connection?

Speaker 3: 06:34 Um, so I read, I read Dotcom secrets and then I got school on June first I believe. And I’m like, okay, I should actually use a political websites. And I tried, this was the biggest mistake I ever made in anybody who’s listening to this and you’re on the edge about clickfunnels. Clickfunnels is too expensive. 90 seven bucks a month, two months too much for me. So I went and said, here we go, like my dad paid it with his credit card, but I paid him back, whatever. And then I said, let’s try this out. And I have some theories about Samcart, like your guys’ partnership, but that’s just for a number of days. Come on now. Order forms are good that he can’t do do. So I’m like, come on now. No, not Sam Cart, not on lead pages, let’s just do it all in wordpress.

Speaker 3: 07:46 And I like, it was the worst experience ever. Try and do a complete form on word press. I’m like okay, maybe Russell Brunson Guide knows what he’s talking about. Maybe I should just use clickfunnels. So I hop on over over here to click funnels. I get my free 14 day trial and meanwhile I’m like, so I’m looking over it with my dad and I’m like that’s true. Ninety $7 a month plan. Like so that Bourbon is $97 a month plan. So I get signed up for Edison and like lead pages and all that. So again, my first funnel and it took me like 30 weeks because I thought I knew what I was doing and I didn’t want any of these tutorials, any template. Probably the first template that time like Berlin bear or whatever. But I opened up the template and I start typing in my stuff and I know how to do everything.

Speaker 3: 08:48 My Dad comes over, I’m asking him for feedback because he’s been an entrepreneur for a while, like coffee or whatever like that. I like a couple months later I got into actual marketing because the coffee kind of sucked and whatnot and I realized it went beyond just the design and how’d you get into the actual marketing piece? The actual marketing piece that I. I realized like I was looking over the funnels and I’m working, I’m a few months after I got started with it and I’m like, oh sure to design can be cool and a long and whatnot. But like you actually got to have marketing skills. Something like I came from a world of wordpress and onto websites I was making like just make it look pretty and you’ll be awesome. You’ll be good to get go. I’m like, well, you gotta actually have coffee and stuff that sells.

Speaker 3: 09:50 So it was doing a bit of research. I think I was looking at it. This was a time where I really started getting indoctrinated to your guys’ culture. I found your podcast. They found Russell Brunson’s podcast podcast. I found all you guys’ podcasts. I read like all the little small boats. I got my formal university subscription. I got all this. I’m like, oh, it goes beyond the webpages. And then eventually, like of course like this is probably not normal for a 12 year old idle. But I started, started studying like Dan Kennedy and Frank Kern and all these legendary marketers and I’m like, and yeah, I just got. I started getting inducted into it, you know, sales copy, this and that, and tell people what are you doing right now as how involved are you in actually building the funnels, the copy, all that kind of stuff. So right now to one of the main things I’ve been doing is working.

Speaker 3: 10:51 Most Caleb and mathematics are on the team to build all of our funnels and whatnot. Um, we’ve had a program called the success that we’ve had a switch in and shut it down a couple of times and whatnot, just because of how busy we are and wanting to focus on maddix publishing and whatnot, but I’ve Kinda came in on the side and I’m kind of taking over almost basically taking it on as my own project, recreating the funnel, recreating this and whatnot. And we actually have codenamed it project passive income. That’s what caleb named it, passive income for him. I do the work and we slid it. Um, but that’s, that’s kind of what I’ve been working on in terms of side on my auto fill out an application funnel for them awhile ago, which has been absolutely awesome. We just did a Webinar are we just did a couple of live webinars which are now getting automation, which is actually just push it over to the application, some of which has been doing in my free time.

Speaker 3: 11:56 I’ve been kind of a marketing agency that kind of helps people with their phones and their marketing and whatnot in there for like six months or eight months. Like after I realized political funnels or call, what should I do? So to try and drop shipping in affiliate marketing and whatnot. And I realized that like I wasn’t really passionate about all of this, what I was actually passionate about, what the actual marketing, not necessarily my own course more so an agency, the agency. Then basically what it is is basically a client will come in and we’re going to have. So there’s going to be video testimonials for them, et Cetera, which is basically going to. The salesperson will get on the phone, close on whatever. Um, there will be a step by step process. So I’ve found we’re finding copywriters and all that so we can scale it up.

Speaker 3: 13:03 So then somebody will comment over here and you know, they’ll figure it out. These marketing pieces, hey guys, go get dotcom secrets, go read pages one through eight and submit what you found on that page will actually use that to go out and build kind of a traditional marketing agency. But instead it’s like wrapped into idea of like step by step process like hand by hand so that they can actually get as possible. So it’s more of a high ticket application program. They get to funnels built out, they vacate often cited to get the funnel done. Um, but the base package, and I’m still figuring out some packages, still just an idea in my head supplementing overstuff on. But basically the idea is look at a couple of funnels built out, we’ll make an irresistible offer and basically for the price of one person they charge for everything done and yeah, they just get a couple awesome funnel still out and you know, maybe a little bit of marketing guidance along the way.

Speaker 3: 14:14 I’m still trying to figure it out. What I’m thinking is, you know, possibly four thousand five thousand dollars for tuition and then in probably different packages for different kinds of offers. But we’re just trying to make something that, you know, maybe even like into like the whole Click start coaching type thing. Um, which is basically like they teach you how to do it, you guys do, which is awesome. But some people just want it done for so like, you know, we just get everything we need from them and then we teach, we don’t teach them. We actually do amazing converting from a copywriting standpoint.

Speaker 2: 14:58 Alright. So a couple of questions here. I’m sure people knew. What the heck is this 12 year old dealing with all this money,

Speaker 3: 15:08 most of it my business to reinvest into other things like ads, etc. Etc.

Speaker 2: 15:21 Thing is, I am surE. I mean it’s two different questions where people, one is going to be how in the world where I get ahold of noah to help them build out my funnel. So how do they reach out to you?

Speaker 3: 15:31 Um, we actually sent a really special link for you guys on a different special offer for you guys. You just fill out a form and somebody on my team will actually give you a call and we can discuss different options for actually building out your funnels for you. InvesT no backslash fade and we’d me or somebody on my team will hop on the phone with you and we can discuss what would be best for you.

Speaker 2: 15:58 I love it. So no, so it’s a h, l e n

Speaker 3: 16:04 Yeah.

Speaker 2: 16:08 And so I can tell you right now, one of the main things people are going to be wanting to know is how in the world does a 12 year old had a team

Speaker 3: 16:20 contractors and whatnot. Um, but you know, exact numbers. But I started on my own and then I got on. But like I realized that like, so like, like um, it’s just not scalable to school starting tomorrow. It’s like literally like 40 hours a week in and of itself. So lIke I can’t sit here and so a lot of it’s like I will instagram actually I had a big instagram following and I said, hey guys, your funnel builders, I, maybe we can cover on a couple of people here. Let’s do this, let’s do this. Um, but my dad also researching me a few people that he’s worked with in the past, but I can actually go in and train to do different things and that’s one thing like a lot of people say like surplus some train which makes sense to a degree like the facebook ads person.

Speaker 3: 17:31 I’m not going to train them because I have no idea how to do that, but like the person, like I almost had like this false belief that like, oh well, you know, here’s the problem, they might not do it my way and they might do it their way and then that’s problem. So I kind to have been training that basically somebody my dad’s work flows basically looking for some work and whatnot and in venice just more or less like they come in, you know, pay on her percentage or paying them hourly and then help me the agency.

Speaker 2: 18:11 I love it. So people can reach out to you obviously had a note [inaudible] dot com forward slash dave. And then, uh, as we kind of get close to wrapping things up here, any other words of advice to our listeners?

Speaker 3: 18:23 Um, no, um, I would just say keep following dave and everything he’s doing on the podcast and I know guys I’m dropping in same things. They dropped some fridays, new funnel, they start the marketing secrets, black books, I grabbed all those so just keep up with everything, like it’s insane. So like anytime that she would have us like biggest burst to get it, like keep up with the content so you can just keep growing.

Speaker 2: 18:56 Oh no, we love you bud. Thanks so much for being on the show. I look forward to seeing you soon and take care of it. And good luck in school.

Speaker 3: 19:04 Thanks so much. Text day.

Speaker 4: 19:06 Okay. Hey everybody. Thank you so much for taking the time to listen to podcasts. If you don’t mind, could you please share this with others? Rate and review this podcast on itunes. It means the world to me where I’m trying to get to as a million downloads here in the next few months and just crush through over $650,000 and I just want to get the next few 100,000 so we can get to a million downloads. And see really what I can do to help improve and and get this out to more people at the same time, if there’s a topic, there’s something you’d like me to share or someone you’d like me to interview, by all means, just reach out to me on facebook. You can pm me and I’m more than happy to take any of your feedback as well as if people would like me to interview more than happy to reach out and have that conversation with you. So again, go to itunes, rate and review this, share this podcast with others and let me know how else I can improve this or what I can do to to make this better for you guys. Thanks.

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