My Framework For Selling Frameworks

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One small tweak that most people miss, that’s the difference between teaching your framework and selling your framework.

On this episode Russell talks about how he sells a framework and how it is different than teaching a framework. Here are some of the informative things you will hear on this episode:

  • Why you sell frameworks almost the same as teaching them.
  • What step is missing when you are selling.

So listen here to find out the framework Russell uses for selling frameworks.


Hey everybody, this is Russell. I’m still in Puerto Rico and I got one more clip from Funnel Hacking Live I want to share with you guys. And if you’ve been listening to the last couple of episodes from Funnel Hacking Live, the first one I shared is What is a Funnel Hacker. I talked about being an entrepreneur by birth, but a Funnel Hacker by choice, and what is this crazy community that you’ve chosen to be part of.

Then number two I talked about the 5 steps you go through to find your voice, including how to find and test your own frameworks. And then yesterday’s episode was all about how to actually teach your frameworks.

And today is a little shorter episode, but it’s about how to actually sell your frameworks, and this is one of the things that I think a lot of people miss, in fact, I missed it a lot until I started really digging deep in this. And all the sudden I realized, oh my gosh, there’s this commonality. And when you understand it, it becomes really, really powerful.

So that’s the hint, that’s all I’m going to give you right now. We’re going to queue up the theme song, you guys are going to listen to that, and when we come back, you guys will have a chance to hear the final, the ending part of my presentation from Funnel Hacking Live, my keynote presentation, and it will kind of wrap out this series on frameworks and how to find them, develop them, create them, teach them, and also sell them.

Now I want to show you guys my framework for selling frameworks. It’s very similar but it’s different. When I’m teaching a framework I teach all those things, but when I’m selling it’s different. When I’m selling, number one, I still tell about how I learned or I earned it, number two, I still teach the strategy, but I don’t teach the tactics, and then I show the case studies.

Okay, what somebody typically is buying from you is the tactical. It’s here’s the process, here’s what it is. If I’m selling something I don’t do number three. I do number one, two and number four. So let me show you an example of this.

So how many of you guys have seen my Funnel Hacks presentation? It’s the presentation that built clickfunnels, if you haven’t seen it yet, that’s shocking to me, because I did that webinar live over a hundred times, and it’s been on auto-webinar for four years now and it’s sold a hundred million dollars plus of Clickfunnels. So if you haven’t seen it yet, you should at least watch it because it’s really good. I put a lot of effort into it.

But if you look at this, watch how my slides mimic this process. So number one, I tell the story about how I learned or I earned secret number one. So I talk about Tony Robbins telling me if you want to achieve success you’ve got to do this. And then I talk about the pioneers, I talk about Porter Stansbury. I tell the story about how I learned or earned this tactic.

Then I switch over to the strategy. Here’s the strategy, step number one…I’m going to share my frameworks for my funnel hacks, step number one, you’ve got to funnel hack someone successful. Step number two, you’ve got to buy their product. Step number three, blueprints, number four, building Clickfunnels. Oh, and by the way, my product eventually is actually step number four. I still have a framework for success for them, right.

Then I skip number three, because number three would be like, “Okay, let me show you a six step tutorial about how to actually build your funnel in Clickfunnels.” You know what I mean? I skip that and I go directly to the social proof, “Here’s Organify, here’s what we did with their funnel.” Boom.

And that’s how I taught that section of the framework. Then I move onto secret number two in my framework. Same thing, I start right here with how I learned or I earned it, back in the past what we had to do. “We had to have programmers and designers, and analytics people and it was super hard. I had a tech guy and this and this, and this. But then we figured out a new way, a better way. Let me show you the strategy.”

Then I do my demo of Clickfunnels, and the demo of Clickfunnels shows the strategy. “Step one, I pick a template. Step two, I pick a funnel type. Step three…” and I walk through the framework for how I build a funnel inside of Clickfunnels.

And from there, I skip number three and I go to number four, which is “Here’s the case study.” Boom, boom, boom, boom a whole bunch of case studies.

Same thing now, with secret number three. Same thing. Number one, I tell how I learned or I earned it. “Google slapped me again. Here’s the frameworks. Step number one, I figured out where other people are getting their traffic from. Step number two, I go to similar websites. Number three, I look at this. Step number four…” Boom, boom, boom, boom. And I go through the whole framework of how I get traffic, and then from there I end with a case study of how it actually happened.

Do you guys see how that works? So when I’m selling through a framework, I teach number one, how we learned and earned it. Number two, I teach the strategy. Then number three, I show the social proof.

Does that give any of you guys any aha’s? Okay, I’m dropping some things now. We’re going to throughout this week, I’m going to be sharing other frameworks, and we’re going to talk about the story selling framework tonight after dinner, which is going to be going deeper into the story parts of stuff, and how we craft the stories and we orchestrate them, and all those kind of things, it’s going to be really cool.

But I wanted to kind of close this down with is, this week you guys, I want you to understand that I’m going to be showing you guys a lot of frameworks. In fact, some of my presentations are like 10 minutes long, and I come down and I’m like, “Okay, I gotta show you guys a quick frameworks. I’m going to go for 10 minutes on a framework, and then I’m bouncing back out again. And the next speaker will be out.”

One of our speakers is going to be showing their framework for success. I want you guys to see the framework and understand it, start mastering these frameworks as you’re doing that. To master the frameworks you’re going to be giving during Funnel Hacking Live, and then number two, as you’re thinking through, start deciding what are the frameworks for your business.

Come back to this, what is the result that my dream customers pay me for? I don’t care what business you’re in, they’re all paying for a result. The only reason why people buy stuff, they want a result. What is the result and start thinking, “What’s my framework? What could it be? I gotta figure out a name for it. I gotta figure out, what am I going to title it? What’s step one, step two, step three? What’s my hypothesis I gotta create? This is what I think is right, then I gotta go back home and be a human guinea pig and test it on myself and see if I can get it to work for me. And then if it does work for me, then I gotta go and find other people and make sure it works for them. And when I have this framework, oh my gosh, this becomes my ads and my opt ins and my thing. And I can sell all sorts of things around that.”

But that’s what I really want you guys to understand. Is this lens of frameworks that we’re doing so many things this weekend about it, I want you guys understanding that and getting excited about developing your own frameworks. And hopefully you start looking backwards in time about, “Oh my gosh, here’s all the different frameworks that I’ve seen Russell use on me.” I doodled 4 of them that you guys are able to pick up and name them, just by seeing my doodle. That’s the power of what we’re doing, creating things that your customers remember over and over and over again.

Any of you guys right now who have gone through the perfect webinar framework training, if you get on a webinar and you’r stuck like, “What do I do? What do I do?” You look at the doodle and you’re like, “Oh, I know exactly what to do.” It gives you the ability to serve your customers at a higher level than you could have any other thing, any other way, when you start creating your own frameworks.

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