My Secret Hack To Increase Your Webinar Conversion Rates

Marketing Secrets - Podcast (Russell Brunson - Click Funnels™)

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I almost forgot this secret, but I was reminded tonight and so far it’s working flawlessly.

On this episode Russell gives some quick advice on how to increase your conversion rates when doing a webinar. Here are some of the amazing things you’ll hear in today’s episode:

  • Find out why Russell took a “ready, fire, aim” approach to his latest webinar.
  • Find out how he was able to take a live webinar and make it better by adding what he missed after it was over.
  • And hear how he perfected his Clickfunnels webinar over hundreds of live webinars over the first year of its launch.

So listen here to hear Russell’s advice for perfecting your webinar, and increasing conversion rates.


What’s up everybody? This is Russell Brunson, welcome back to the Marketing Secrets podcast. I’m at the office late night, just did something cool I want to share with you because it’s something you should be doing inside of your webinar, with your presentations, and with your funnels as well.

Alright so some of you guys saw the Webinar Fuel webinar that Anthony Morrison and I did recently. In fact, we just did it tonight, for the time you’re listening, or the time I’m recording this, but it could be a week or so by the time you listen to this episode.

But basically what happened, we came in here and we did the webinar. It was one of those ready, fire, aim things. I was like, “If we plan this to be in a month from now, it’s going take us a whole month to get it launched.” And we said, “You know, let’s get it done quick.” So we gave ourselves like 3 days. So what that meant was day number one, which was Monday, I created a registration page and promoted it. Day number two, I created the slides as quick as I could, which weren’t perfect, but they were kind of good. Then day three, I finished slides and we went live, and it was just chaos, because we had over 10,000 people registered, we had I think 3500 live, I don’t know, it was chaos. It was a lot of fun though.

We did the webinar and overall the webinar was awesome. It crushed it, sales converted really well, everything was awesome with it. But there were like 3 or 4 spots that I could tell didn’t work quite right, that we missed something. Looking back at the questions that people submitted after, it was like, they’re missing this gap. And the urgency and scarcity wasn’t right, and a bunch of things were missing.

In fact, it was kind of fun, Todd my cofounder and partner Todd, he watched it and then he messaged me, “Russell, you messed up. You forgot about this and this and this.” And I was like, “How is Todd teaching me webinars now?” but it was actually really good. It was some of the most, the key things that we did inside of Clickfunnels to increase conversions in our webinars, and I totally forgot about it as I was rushing to build these slides out.

So basically what it was, again, there was no urgency and scarcity. A couple of things, if you’ve ever gone through any of my webinar trainings, I talk about how in the offer stack you want to introduce constraints so that later in the stack you can unlock those constraints. So what the thought was, instead of saying, “You get webinar fuel with unlimited everything.” was coming and saying, “Hey you get webinar fuel and it’s going to be limited where you get 20 webinars you can build, 100,000 visits.” things like that. So there’s constraints, which people are annoyed by the restraints but it’s okay, because it’s still pretty good. And then at the end of it, the bonus that gets people to act, is to say, “Hey, those who get started today, while we’re live, we’re going to release these constraints. So instead of having 20 webinars you get 100.” Or unlimited, or instead of this you’re gonna get this, kind of break those things out.

And so what’s cool about that is, he told me about that stuff and I was like, “Oh my gosh, he’s right.” And right now we are, Brandon Fischer on our team is rendering out the webinar and getting it ready, all sorts of stuff like that. I was like, “Wait, before you render the final version, I need to record some clips.”

I ran back to the office, you know it’s nighttime now, whereas it was during the day when we did the webinar, so I turned on the lights, tried to make it look as close as possible, you know, what it looked like before. I came back and I redid three sections of the slides to introduce constraints and then unleash the restraints by making an unlimited offer. Anyway, I recorded those three things, recorded part one, part two, part three, Brandon’s going through and editing it in.

And then Anthony and I had an idea of a way to increase it to a bonus, so he’s recording that right now, and then Brandon will edit that in. But it’s taking this presentation that did really, really well, and it’s like, “What are the holes? What are the gaps? What could we do better in recording those things and weaving them in?” And it’s really powerful when you think about it

. Can you imagine, you remember, this is probably a horrible example, but it’s top of my head and I’m probably tired right now. But on Seinfeld, it’s the time when George is with his buddies and they’re making fun of him, they keep ripping on him, and he has comebacks, but he’s always way too slow on his comebacks and it doesn’t work. So finally he comes up with the perfect comeback and he’s so excited. And the comeback was something like, “The jerk store called and they’re out of you.” And everyone’s trying to give him, like, “That’s a horrible comeback. You need a better comeback.” And then he keeps trying to put himself in the situations where he can use his comeback that he’s been waiting for because it’s like, this is the perfect comeback, it’s going to crush everybody and destroy him. And he kept setting it up and finally they came back and someone said the thing and he’s like, “The jerk store called and they’re out of you.” And it kind of bombed.

But it was funny because he knew, “Oh, this is the line, if I had this line it would have worked perfectly.” And I think for us, the reminder again, it’s been a while since I’ve done something like this, but it’s like the webinar overall was good. But a couple of parts, “Ugh, if I just would have said this, or just had this piece it would have been perfect, and I forgot about it.”

So what this gives me the ability, and I’m telling you this, because you guys can do this as well, is I have the recording, it’s done, it’s good, but now I know where the holes are, I’m going back and recording them and trying to record it with the same energy level, trying to record it in the same situations, as close as I can, so that our video editors can just weave it into the presentation, and hopefully people won’t notice. And if they do notice, it’s such a small thing, it’s not going to stop them. But it adds in these things that change everything.

And those of you guys who’ve heard my story about how we launched Clickfunnels, this is exactly what we did. Except we didn’t edit it in a live video and put it into the video. This happed live, we’d go and do webinars every single, honestly 3 or 4 times a week for a year. Where I would do a webinar and I would go back to the questions when the webinar was done, I’d look everywhere and say, “Okay, people are asking questions about this and about this, and about this.” So I knew what their concerns were, I’d go back to the slides, I’d edit the slides, add things in, try to resolve their concerns before they came up, try to make things more simple, and then my presentation got better.

And then the next time I did the presentation, exported the questions, found the holes, tweaked the presentation, came back and did it again, and did it again, did it again to the point where a hundred times later the presentation was perfect. I knew every objection, I was able to crush it before the objections even showed up. I knew everything that was holding back from buying. All the pieces I knew, so that’s kind of what we did.

So I’m sharing that because, for all of you guys to start thinking through that with your presentations. If you have a presentation that’s good, going back and looking, “what’s the holes?” Especially if you’re doing an automated webinar, “What things can I add to this webinar? What can I tweak? What can I change? How can I increase scarcity? How can I increase the offer? How can I make it better?” and just edit in those things and tweak it, and keep adding to try and make your presentation convert better.

So anyway, just some thoughts that I think, I just did it tonight. And it’s funny because you know, there was a time 6 years ago when we were launching Clickfunnels where I was neck deep in this stuff. I was doing so many webinars all the time. I was in it. And because I’ve been CEOing and the things I’ve been doing lately, I haven’t had a chance to really get deep in presentations. And for me it was kind of fun, because I had to do slides fast, I left a lot of gaps, a lot of holes, and it forced me to just do it, and it turned out good, but now I have a chance to come back and make it great and make those changes and those tweaks.

So I just want to share that with you guys, because I think a lot of times we launch something and it doesn’t work, or we’re scared or whatever. You gotta be okay with that, you just gotta make the tweaks and the changes and then come back and do it again, and do it again.

So anyway, I hope that helps somebody. I just wanted to share that with you real quick tonight. I’m going to get back to editing the rest of this presentation, get it live, because the replays hit tomorrow, and now this new version is going to be even better than the live version was today. Thanks you guys, appreciate you all and I’ll talk to you soon. Bye everybody.

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