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Dave unravels the truth about the theory “Practice makes Perfect” and explains how this is not always the case. If you are practicing bad habits, you will never achieve perfection. Accountability and coaching are both very important tools to use in achieving goals and seeing results.

Tips and Tricks for You and Your Business:

  • Taking massive action (0:45)
  • The importance of a coach (1:20)
  • Tweaking the form (3:30)

Quotable Moments:

“Practice makes permanent”

“Little tiny changes and tweaks make massive massive differences”

“The best investment is in you personally”


Speaker 1: 00:00 Welcome to funnel hacker radio podcast, where we go behind the scenes and uncover the tactics and strategies top entrepreneurs are using to make more sales, dominate their markets, and how you can get those same results. Here is your host, Dave Woodward

Speaker 2: 00:17 [inaudible]. Everybody. Welcome back to funnel hacker radio. I’m your host Dave Woodward. And this is a crazy topic that people, uh, hit me up on all the time. That is, I keep doing. I keep practicing, practicing, practicing, doing everything right, but I just can’t. I’m not getting better at it. What’s wrong? Let me just tell you what’s wrong. So the key here is the old saint as far as practice makes perfect, is wrong. So practice does not make perfect what practice it actually does make his practice makes permanent. So if what you’re practicing is bad form and bag techniques and, and bad copy, you’re going to make that. You’re going to make that permanent. You’re going to have bad form, you’re going to have bad copy your. And so understand. I’m a huge believer in the fact that yes, you always want to make sure that you’re taking massive action and that you’re practicing and doing everything.

Speaker 2: 01:02 Don’t get me wrong on this, so take massive action, but the key to taking massive action is you’ve got to make sure that you’re making changes. Too often people take massive action and they’re taking all this action, but they never look at the results they’re getting and it never tweaking and changing that to get to where they need to go. This is why I’m such a huge believer in having, in hiring coaches are currently. I’ve got two different coaches. I’m actually three different coaches, one for my finances, another one for getting me in shape. Finally. And the third one actually is for my business and personal life. So it’s been interesting. All of my, uh, anytime I’ve ever had a coach, they’ve always talked so much about the importance of form. So Eric cafferty is the guy who literally beats me up at. I get up at 4:30 in the morning, 4:00 every morning.

Speaker 2: 01:48 I’m sorry, Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, not the gym at 5:00, at Russell’s gym there, and he acts. Rustled actually comes and works out with Eric the next hour at six and it’s kind of crazy because what I’ve realized is I’ve, I’ve never really been big into lifting weights. I’ve always tried to kind of keep in shape, but I’ve never been in the gym, has never been something that, uh, if you look at me, I don’t have, I don’t look like Arnold at all. Uh, but the key here is I’m want to get back in shape and I want to be in better, in better shape because I know the impact of health has on my business life, my emotional life, my family life, my relationship, all that kind of stuff. It’s just a huge, huge, important part of my life. And what I’ve realized is I wanted to hire a coach because I wanted to get the correct form.

Speaker 2: 02:35 The reason I say that is what I’ve seen happen for, for me is I’ll go in the gym and it becomes all of a sudden this testosterone infusion here because I’ve got A. I’m typically in there with my boys, so I’ve got four boys, my oldest chandler, 22 parker’s 20 Christians, 17 in Jackson’s 15 and all of them were blessed with these Adonis Greek Life God bodies where they literally just look at a weight and they just. Their shoulders pump up there just pumps up. I’m like, this is so unfair. It takes me 10,000 times the amount of effort to get any attempt of the results of these guys get, but needless to say, being the dad, I cannot ever admit defeat and so I’ve been in the gym many times with them where I’m like, I will lift whatever they lift just because I got to lift that number, that weight.

Speaker 2: 03:25 And what I’ve realized is I typically have created a ton of bad habits of a form and Eric has always tweaking my form whenever we lift in the morning. And the crazy thing is it’s not like a massive drastic change. Sometimes it’s literally moving my shoulders or my elbows an inch, two inches, and then all of a sudden the weight drops. I’m like, what happened? I was lifting all this weight. He goes, because you’re using the wrong muscles, you’re not. That’s not what this exercise is for, and my only reason I mentioned this to you is I want to make sure that when you’re taking a look at your business that you’re, that you’re making changes along the way that you actually are learning. And yes, I agree. I totally agree. You got to practice and you’ve got to keep keep at it, but you got to make sure that what you’re practicing is the right thing and the way you practice the right thing is by getting a coach the way you practice it.

Speaker 2: 04:14 The right thing is by looking at the results that you’re getting. Um, Julie. So I did the most amazing podcast the other day about funnel math. If you haven’t listened to it, a check out Julie’s podcast at the laptop lifestyle. I forget which number it was like 22, 23. Anyways, it’s called funnel math. And the reason she, she did it was because funnel math. So often people get discouraged because they’re looking at the wrong numbers. They’re looking at the wrong results and they’re judging their funnel based on on wrong numbers, and so she did an awesome job of going through and explaining exactly what are the actual numbers that you should be getting on. What’s a good number for an optin, what’s a good number for your first sale, what’s a good number for an order form bump, what’s a good number for an oto, how does that translate into a facebook ads and when do you know your funnels working versus that your ad costs are too high.

Speaker 2: 05:06 So she went through all of that and the reason I mentioned this is that’s why practice is so important because you’re always reevaluating you testing, you’re tweaking and if you keep practicing without evaluating where you’re at, all that’s happening is you’re making bad habits permanent. Like for me, as far as weight lifting, I had some terrible, terrible form habits that I’m not tweaking and changing and I’m starting to see results which are, which is what everyone. That’s the only reason we practice stuff as we want results on the other side things. Um, another thing I’m, so golf is one of the things I’m starting to get back into a years ago I asked you used to be a pretty decent golfer and then I had four boys and uh, since then I just, it’s been 20 plus years of no golf and so we hired a coach and it’s interesting again, it’s the little tiny things where it’s, it’s the angle of the golf club not only at the impacting the ball, it’s the angle of, of how you’re bringing the club head back and the trajectory as it’s coming through.

Speaker 2: 06:07 A little little tiny changes and tweaks make massive, massive differences. But you have to have a coach. And the best way of getting a coach is to find someone who’s already got the results that you want and modeled that. Russell’s talked about this. A ton of Tony Robbins has talked about this. This is one of the things we are huge in a we. Oh Gosh, I wish. I wish you guys had all joined. Are One funnel away challenge. I’m sure we’re going to be rolling this out again. Uh, so if you haven’t, go to one funnel away and sign up so you at least get the notifications of when we do this. So we did a 30, uh, where basically what happened was we went through and Russell reached out to people and said, listen, if you were to lose absolutely everything and all, and these were all two comma club award winners.

Speaker 2: 06:52 People that made over a million dollars on funnel said, listen, if you lost everything and all you had was click funnels and your marketing knowledge, what would you do to get back on top in 30 days? And so each one of them came up with a plan and we put these plans together in a 564 page book. And what happened was as they went through the funnel, what they had the opportunity to doing was to sign up for our one funnel away challenge. Now the one funnel only challenge is Russell, Julie, and Steven. So Russell gives you 10,000 foot level. Julie breaks it down into a bite size pieces so you can actually consume it. And Steven is the executioner where he’s literally every single day out there feeding, feeding the drum, making sure that you’re taking massive action and more importantly that you’re looking at what’s working and what’s not and you’re making the changes. So again, go to one funnel away Sign up so you get the notification that we’re probably going to open this up sometime in 2019, but make sure that you’re getting that. So if you don’t already have a coach, that’s one of the easiest places to get one. Uh, another one is to find someone and go out and basically find someone who can hold you accountable. And sometimes that coach is just an accountability coach where they’re literally just holding you accountable to doing whatever it takes.

Speaker 2: 08:06 The reason for this you’ll find is too often we get all, we got whole bunch of goals and a whole bunch of ideas and, and everything’s set to go, but we don’t take the action that’s necessary. And an accountability coach is one of the best things you will ever have to do that. And again, this is where they’re holding your feet to the fire to make sure that you’re practicing. And then what’s going to happen is then you can have, you can hire someone else to help you basically evaluate what’s, what’s taking place. One of the best things to do to help someone from an accountability standpoint is live. And I’ve, I’ve done this myself, actually got this tip from Russell that was, um,

Speaker 2: 08:43 find a dollar amount that is extremely painful for you to give up for, for you might be $100, might be a thousand dollars, it might be 10,000 feet. And for some of you guys were listening to a hundred grand and you basically go and you find someone, you’ve set a goal and you find someone who’s going to hold you accountable and you literally write them a check and you send them the check and they have it’s made out to them and they can cash that check. If you don’t reach whatever it is that you want them to hold you accountable for, you will be amazed where all of a sudden, if it was a goal to get up early in the morning workout, if all of a sudden you realize, listen, if I don’t get out of bed, that’s going to cost me a thousand bucks. You know what?

Speaker 2: 09:21 You’ll get out of bed in the morning and sometimes that’s all it takes. So realize you’ve got to find an accountability partner or accountability. Partners are fantastic. Another thing is a mastermind. You don’t have to join a expensive, you know, $25,000 mastermind and if you can’t afford it or anything else right now, just find two or three people that you get together with on a regular basis where they’re evaluating your ideas and your evaluating their ideas. You’re coaching them, they’re coaching you, and realize that as you’re doing this, you’re going to find that that accountability and that open mindset and as you start coaching other people, you will be amazed at what happens to your own, your own thoughts and your own abilities. So again, I started this off of this whole idea as far as practice makes permanent, so please understand you have to continue to reevaluate on a regular basis.

Speaker 2: 10:07 What type of success that you’re having are, is what is the practice that you’re doing is getting you the right result and sometimes you’re going to have to actually pay a coach to really help you get, get the results as I’m doing right now with regard to my form and those are things that are are critical and it’s worth it. Don’t ever. It always amazes me when people shy away from the expense of a coach. That’s the investing in yourself is the most important thing. I wouldn’t invest a dollar in the stock market or real estate or anything else until you invest in yourself first. You’re the best investment is in new personally. By investing in you, you will find that you’re able to make a ton more money to invest in the stock market or bitcoin or or real estate or whatever widget or gadget one invest in, but you got to invest in your very first investment is for yourself.

Speaker 2: 10:57 So invest in yourself first, find a coach, finding an accountability partner, join a mastermind, do whatever it takes, and just realize that I’m just doing the practice by itself. That’s not good enough. You’ve got to make sure that someone is evaluating that practice to make sure that what you’re practicing is the right forum. It’s the right technique. Take massive action, realized practice makes permanent, and if what you want permanent is perfection, you’ll find that as you practice the right things, you actually will get it and it will become permanent and it will become perfect. So having an amazing day, getting so many different things happening right now. One of the things that actually is coming up, I’ve forgotten. I want to make sure if, if you haven’t already signed up to attend funnel hacking live, please go get your tickets. Go to funnel hacking

Speaker 2: 11:39 Register. Get your tickets. I would love to meet you there. Love to have you come up and say, Hey, I heard your podcast, Dave and your podcast is what got me to funnel hacking live, or whatever it might be. Anyways, whether it is or isn’t what got to funnel hacking live, most important thing is get to hacking live, so we’ll go get your Can’t wait to see you guys. Thank you so much. Again. I appreciate everyone who takes the time to listen to podcasts. I know you’ve got a lot going on in your life. I hope I’m providing value to you. Please reach out. Let me know if I am a. You can connect with me on instagram and on facebook. You can email me. Uh, just let me know whatever I can to be to provide greater good or value for you. Have an awesome day and we’ll talk soon.

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Speaker 4: 13:02 I can do to make this better for you guys. Thanks.

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