Stay Coach-able

Marketing Secrets - Podcast (Russell Brunson - FunnelHackerTV)

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The difference between being successful for a little bit and being successful for a long time.

On this episode Russell talks about why he has continued to stay coach-able despite his success. Here are a few of the awesome things in this episode:

  • Why it’s so important to stay coach-able throughout your career.
  • And how Russell was able to be coached by someone who technically pays him to be his coach.

So listen here to find out who coached Russell, and why he loved it so much.


What’s up everybody? Good morning, good morning. I hope you’re doing amazing, and welcome the Marketing Secrets podcast.

Hey everyone, I don’t have too much time. I’m heading into a Inner Circle meeting. Day 3 of 6 and I am excited. We just finished late last night the official CEO swap with Brandon and Kaelin, and they finished giving all the structuring stuff setup of our company, which is insanely cool. And we mostly got their new funnel done, which is also insanely cool. We’ve got some cleanup stuff, it’ll probably take here and there touching over the next month to get it perfected, but then launched and live. But overall it was an amazing experiment.

So if you listened to the last podcast we talked about the CEO swap and I 1 billion percent recommend it. Consulting day swaps are good, but now the whole concept of CEO swaps is insane. I’m going to start trying to do these more often with people.

Anyway, I hope you guys got some value from that, and I hope you guys actually do it because I think it will change your business and potentially change your life. That’s the goal with this for me. So I’m pumped.

But I want to share one thing because this is the difference between those who continue to be successful, and those who are successful for a little while and they stop. And the big secret is you have to be coachable. And I think this is something that most people miss. In fact, I know so many of my friends who the last 15 years in this business have…they start off coachable, they learn something, they made a whole bunch of money, and then they thought they knew everything, and then they stopped being coachable and then they lost it all.

It was funny because Brandon, who 3 ½ - 4 years ago they came into my world and they didn’t know much about this whole world and we coached them. They grew from where they are now, to they’ll probably do 40-50 million dollars in sales this year. And it’s been an honor to serve them and to help them and to be part of, to be a little piece of that. They’re the ones who built the company, they’re the ones who did it, but it’s just such an honor to be a little piece of that, to be a part of that conversation and helping them a little bit along the way, which is awesome.

And then, sorry I just got to the office and this guy almost hit me. But this time it was like, I was letting them coach me and I think a lot of times it’s really hard for people, especially when it’s someone who you were their coach, to let them coach you. And it was funny because Brandon had a time with me where he pulled me aside for like an hour and we sat down and he’s like, “I gotta coach you on some stuff that’s going to be hard, but you’ve got to hear it because you need it.”

And I think he was nervous I was not going to be coachable. He started kind of going into things, but you could tell he was kind of nervous about telling me. I’m like, “Dude, I love being coached. I haven’t been coached by someone for a long time. Please, don’t feel bad. Let me have it.” So he did and it was amazing and I loved it.

And I was thinking about it, even a prior, earlier Russell would have looked at that and been like, “No, I’m your coach. I can’t learn from you.” You know what I mean, or things like that. And I think that a lot of people do that, they get the significance, it goes to their head, and I’ve been trying consciously for the last probably 4 or 5 years to realize that there’s coaching everywhere. People who are completely broke and coach you through happiness in life, people that are, there’s all sorts of different things, and if you shut that off, then you completely miss the whole thing.

So anyway, right now I’m sitting in the parking lot and everyone’s coming to inner circle. Ah, there’s Dana Derricks, there’s everyone coming in. So I’m going to bounce and go. I just wanted to share that with you guys, continue to be coachable. That’s the secret between you being successful for a little while and you being successful for a decade and a half or longer. It’s being willing to stay open and stay coachable.

So yeah, I was just thinking about inner circle and how many people I learned from, just during the inner circle meetings. People who technically hired me to be their coach, but I’m sitting there learning from them, being coached by them and it’s insane. So stay coachable, if you do that you will continue to succeed in this life. Thanks so much you guys. I will talk to you soon. Bye everybody.

Get The First 257 Episodes Of Marketing In Your Car For FREE On This Pre-Loaded MP3 Player…

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