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Why Dave Decided to talk to Steve Olsher:

Steve Olsher is known as the world’s foremost reinvention expert. Famous for helping individuals and corporations become exceptionally clear on their WHAT – that is, the ONE thing they were created to do – his practical, no-holds-barred approach to life and business propels his clients towards achieving massive profitability while also cultivating a life of purpose, conviction, and contribution. Steve discusses the $1,000 Funnel; available on itunes and which has been a very solid income and lead generating tool that people can utilize in maximizing profits, all while exposing yourself to others. A 25+ year entrepreneur, Steve is the Chairman & Founder of, online pioneer who launched on CompuServe’s Electronic Mall in 1993, New York Times bestselling author of What Is Your WHAT? Discover The ONE Amazing Thing You Were Born To Do.

Tips and Tricks for You and Your Business:

  • What Is Your What? (4:00)
  • Podcast: Hosting and Collaborating Benefits (8:20)
  • The Thousand Dollar Funnel: (14:15)
  • Revenue Generating and Lead Building: (23:00)

Quotable Moments:

“If you can go out and discover what your what is, you are going to make this world a better place.”

“Visibility is the life flow of your business, no matter how you slice it. If you are not visible, you won’t be in business in short order.”

“If you lack visibility, you lack awareness. If you lack awareness, you lack leads. If you lack leads, you lack conversations. If you lack conversations, you lack sales.”

“The hardest thing to do is get someone to spend dollar one with you, it’s that big of a deal.”

Other Tidbits:

Steve explains his philosophy behind discovering the one amazing thing you were born to do. Understanding your innate gift, unearthing it, and pursuing it. He elaborates on how we all are naturally wired to excel in life by following our true core passion, innately bestowed to us. His passion in life is helping people discover this gem! Steve also talks about how to generate income and build leads at the same time; putting yourself out there in the community and building relationships are fundamental keys to success.


Speaker 1: 00:00 Welcome to funnel hacker radio podcast, where we go behind the scenes and uncover the tactics and strategies top entrepreneurs are using to make more sales, dominate their markets, and how you can get those same results. Here’s your host, Dave Woodward. Everybody. Welcome back to funnel hacker

Speaker 2: 00:18 radio. I’m your host, Dave Woodward. You guys, this is going to be a fun, fun episode. Od. You better actually get a pad of paper out if you’re driving, you’d take some mental notes, but bottom line is I’m to a guy who’s just been crushing it online since like 1993 probably for most of you guys were listening, were even born Steve Ulcer. Steve, I just love having you on this show. Welcome.

Speaker 3: 00:40 Yeah, man. Thanks. Thanks for having me back. I’m actually been on before, but it’s great to be back.

Speaker 2: 00:44 Yeah, you’re back. I tell you, it’s awesome. You’re a vet, so I want to kind of. If you guys don’t know Steve, this guy again and we were just kinda talking about some of the stuff he’s been doing. He literally started in 1993 with and started that. He’s built a huge business, still plays around in that he’s also a New York Times bestseller. We actually had russell actually spoke on his internet prophets live show, Gosh, probably put 2015. We were barely getting to kicking this thing off. Clickfunnels funnels was embryonic at the time, were like a, this thing works.

Speaker 3: 01:18 That was interesting too because, uh, there were some folks that have that have really blown up since that event. I mean, we’ve done Internet prophets live. I haven’t done one now for a few years actually. That was the last one that I did, but uh, but Lewis Howes spoke at that event. Russell spoke at that event. All kinds of good. A good quality folks. But, but yeah, man, it was um, it was interesting because Russell was just doing now some of his first presentations around click funnels at that point. And I think we signed on, I don’t know, maybe 40 or 50 people on a click funnels with that at that juncture refund.

Speaker 2: 01:47 Oh, that’s awesome. You’ve also got your own podcast reinvention radio. I think one of the cool things we’ll talk about here is new media summit, so guys check out new media It’s actually a summit about really podcasting and. Yeah.

Speaker 3: 02:01 No I’m not. It’s not that common. I could buy a new media if I want to do, but it’s actually get to new media thing. I’m going to go in this net direction. Uh, yeah. No, it’s a, it’s funny. I’ve been offered that domain. I’m like, you know what? I’m okay with that net, but thanks for playing.

Speaker 2: 02:20 Well, let’s kind of dive into this. You also have your New York Times bestselling book. What was that one called?

Speaker 3: 02:25 So that was called, what is your, what? Discover the one amazing thing you were born to do. So my work has really focused on helping people discover, share, or monetize their what? Based on where they are on their business.

Speaker 2: 02:38 I love it and that’s one of the things I want to make sure. Obviously those guys who are listening to listen to a podcast, I’ve, we’re probably somewhere there that are 250 episodes. See how many you have on readmits are you guys have.

Speaker 3: 02:49 Oh, Jesus. I mean, I’ve been doing it since 2009, so I think. Yeah, well I know we’re over a thousand, but you know, man, it’s, it’s interesting, right? I mean that’s the beautiful thing about this, uh, this medium is like some of those shows are just, you know, six minute babbles and others are like two hour interviews. I mean, that’s why I love this medium.

Speaker 2: 03:09 Well, let’s talk about this only because one of the things we talked about all the time at click funnels and this is the whole idea as far as you have to find your voice and some people are great at finding their voice through video. Others are audio, some people are better at blogs, but the key is you’ve got to find your, as you mentioned, you know, what’s your, what, you got to find that and then you also have to find your voice. So I’d like to kind of spend some time here tying all those things together. If you don’t mind as far as helping people identify how do they find out what is there, what, and then let’s dive into really some of the mechanics of how to be a good either start your own show and being a good host or how to become a good guest and make and monetize it.

Speaker 3: 03:46 Yeah. And, and I really do think it all begins with being able to answer that core question of what is your, what and just just so that we’re clear on this, because I know there’s a lot of people are like, well is that the same thing as a why? Or like you know, what, what are we talking about here? And so there’s really three parts of the, what is your, what framework, if you will. So what is your, what equation is really comprised of understanding what your core gift is. So your gift is one piece of the, what is your, what framework and that means it’s in your DNA. I mean, what, here’s what I say is that, you know, you can choose your why. Like maybe your why is you want to feed starving children in Africa or maybe your why is you want to take care of your family or you know, whatever that is your why is most often something that is external.

Speaker 3: 04:34 Whereas your, what is really reflective in my way of thinking of what’s already in your DNA is I like to say your, what has chosen you. It’s not that which you have chosen and so you know, you do have a core gift. Like for some people it’s communicating. For others, it’s healing. For others, it’s teaching. For others it’s protecting or uh, enrolling, I mean you name it. Um, and there’s lots of different types of gifts, but really the, what is your process, if you will, of being able to understand what your, what is starts with that question of, you know, how am I naturally wired to excel? What is my, let’s just call it my dominant gift because you might be good at a couple of different things. But I do believe that even if it’s 51, 49, there is something that is a wee bit more dominant than everything else. If you really sat down and think about it or you go through the exercises in the book, you’ll identify what that core gift is and once you understand what the core gift is, the second part of the framework is to understand what the primary vehicle is that you will use to share that gift. And the third part, which is probably in my way of thinking either the easiest or the hardest place to start depending on who you are for folks. The third piece of the puzzle are the people.

Speaker 2: 05:48 Okay,

Speaker 3: 05:48 and really understanding the people that you’re most compelled to serve. So it’s the combination of the gift, the vehicle and the people that make up the what is your what framework and most will go a lifetime without ever figuring out one piece of the puzzle, let alone all three. But if you can get it dialed in, I mean that’s where the magic truly happens. I mean, I think it’s one of the reasons why you guys have been able to get to the tremendous heights that you’ve been able to get to because it’s taken a lot of trial and error and time and I mean Jesus, the allocation of massive energy and resources and failures as successes for, you know, for your team there to be able to build what you built. But now if you look at the team, the core team, certainly from clickfunnels, I mean what you guys are so good at is playing to what each of your respective, what’s our and really just honing in on what you’re so good at it.

Speaker 3: 06:44 And yes, you can call the zone of genius, you can call it, you know, what you’re passionate, whatever. I mean I don’t care what terms you use, but at the end of the day, if you’re not clear on how you’re naturally wired to excel, you’re going to end up waking up with that. That feeling of dread. That’s so many of us have. So what is your, what? You know, it’s interesting as much of a cop out as it might be. What I really determined over time is that my what is really helping people discover, share and monetize, there’s and it’s just, it’s amazing what happens when people turn that, that sort of that key, if you will, on that treasure chest and they lift up the lid and it’s like everything glows, you know? I mean there’s, there’s something that I can’t quite explain about what happens when it clicks for people and I’m able to help them through that

Speaker 2: 07:32 so they can get working. They get the book at

Speaker 3: 07:34 on your page, see bullshit. I would make it super simple. I mean, yeah, I mean you can just go to what is your, And we do give away actually the entire book because you know, my, my philosophy is if you can go out and discover what your, what is, you’re going to make this world a better place. Not just for me but for my kids and for their kids and for generations to come. So my, my goal is actually to help as many people as possible discover. There wasn’t, I guess you could say I give the book away for selfish reasons because I know if you figure out what it is, you’ll make this world a better place. So yeah. What is your [inaudible] dot com and grab a free copy of the whole book.

Speaker 2: 08:10 That’s fantastic. So I’m actually on there right now. Such cool. Awesome job. That’s super easy. So first of all and was listening to one, make sure you understand it. You’ve got to figure out what is your, what first. Once you figure that out, then leads us. Next thing Steve, I really want to spend time on that is you’ve been at Ge, you had, gosh, thousands of episodes on your own podcast. You are on other people’s podcasts a ton. So I’d like to kind of talk about both parts because this is one of the things I get questions about all the time. That is no better off. Should I host, should I be a guest? No. They hear some people say, well, being a host, it’s really not your content. And other people are like, well, you want to be so

Speaker 3: 08:49 clearly for. The answer is yes, I mean, I, I do believe that at some point you want to start your own show. Does it have to be tomorrow? No, I mean the best way to become familiar with the medium and the industry is to cut your teeth, uh, by being a guest on other people’s shows. I mean, I’ve been a guest on over 500 shows in the last three years. It’s a matter of fact outside of I’m just a small handful of facebook ads. Being a guest on other podcasts is really the only marketing that I do. So I mean that’s, I’m all in on the medium and for a number of reasons, not the least of which is accessibility and discoverability. That whole game is changing in such a massive way. It’s, it, it, it reminds me of sort of the embryonic days of the internet because if you look at the numbers, just the sheer numbers alone and depending on who you ask, some people will tell you there’s 400,000 shows.

Speaker 3: 09:54 Some people will tell you there’s 500,000 shows. Um, regardless of if it’s four or 500,000, when you compare that to 2 billion blogs, websites, there’s, there’s zero comparison and with Wifi becoming a standard accessory in $250 million cars rolling off the assembly line in the next five years. And by some estimates, 30 percent of the vehicles that’ll be on the road within seven years will be autonomous vehicles. So people can do whatever they want to do from point a to point B, which of course on one hand is really scary. But on the other hand, you know, the fact that they’ll be able to do what they want to do in terms of searching for content or information or education, etc. It just those two factors alone. And you look at google car play, you look at apple, you look at google podcast that just launched. And even In terms of voice, when you look at what’s going on with alexa, when you look at what’s going on with, you know, the google home and it’s all of these machines that are built through a ai and voice. And you know, all of the new technologies that are really driving a content, access and consumption, it’s frightening what’s going to happen to these numbers. So whether you’re a guest on a show or you start your own either way, you need to get in the game.

Speaker 2: 11:11 I love that. I through one of the main things, I was super hesitant. Uh, gosh, I think it started last february, so it’s been about a year, year and a half or so. But I was, I was really nervous when I first got started. Like, geez, I don’t know what the heck am I to say who I’m going to talk to, all this craziness. But I’ve actually had a lot of fun doing it. And so I wanted to kind of talk to you about, for those people, how do you monetize it? You mentioned the fact that right now the majority of your traffic, everything else actually comes from the podcast versus facebook ads.

Speaker 3: 11:40 Yeah, I mean, you’ll, you’ll appreciate this. So we actually just launched this because we’re, we’re now doing it for people because so many folks, I mean to me visibility is the lifeblood of your business. I mean, no matter how you slice it, if you’re not visible, you won’t be in business in short order. I mean, it may not be tomorrow, it may not be next month, but at some point, if you lacked visibility, you lack awareness. If you lAck awareness, who lack leads? If you lack leads, you lack conversations, you lack conversations. You lacked sales period. So from my perspective, I believe that the two don’t have to be mutually exclusive. I believe that you can Gain a significant amount of visibility by being a guest on other people’s shows and having your own show. But when I say they’re not mutually exclusive, I mean visibility of monetization are mutually exclusive.

Speaker 3: 12:28 I believe that you should be able to make good money every time you appear on a show. And so one of the things that we do is we leverage what I call the thousand dollar funnel and that’s the name that I’ve given it because every time I appear on a show now, sometimes it’s a lot less, a lot more depending on the size of the show that I’m on, but pretty much like clockwork, whenever I appear on a show, I will be able to generate roughly a thousand dollars in immediate income. Now that’s not long tail, right? That’s not the sale of additional products, programs and services. And we’ve got services and programs that run up to as much as 55 k a. But that’s just an immediate income by implementing what I call the thousand dollar funnel. And what I have found is that far too often when people come onto shows and, and, and I can speak to this from the standpoint of being a host and, and knowing what.

Speaker 3: 13:21 So as I said, I do both sides of the mic there. But as a host, I see what so many of our guests do and so many of them lack and understanding of really how to monetize that visibility and in my way of thinking, having this thousand dollar funnel as we call it, a, is a Great way to not only be able to take full advantage of the visibility of these shows create, but to also be able to generate immediate income. I mean, if you run the numbers on this, if I appear on just two shows a week, and honestly it doesn’t take that long. I mean the average podcast interviews about an hour. So in a couple hours a week, if I’m able to generate a thousand bucks in immediate income, no, that’s 2000 bucks in that week for a couple hours of work. Extrapolate that out over the course of a year. That over the course of a year, that’s 100 k and that’s pretty much what we’re able to do like clockwork. Well, talk about such an awesome hook. Holy cow. just reel me in. So what is this other funnel? Well, first of all, it’s a great brand name.

Speaker 3: 14:27 And so basically, I mean, here’s the thing, and it’s pretty simple and there’s no, I mean, look, you guys are funnel hackers. I meAn, you’re listening to this, you understand the power of funnel it. What’s amazing to me more than anything else. So dave is how many people aren’t, you know, it’s like, it’s, that’s why I think you guys still have so much runway because there, as soon as you start thinking like everybody knows about this, everybody’s doing it, you realize how many people just are not doing it. But here’s, here’s what we do, right? So our thousand dollar funnel is pretty simple. It starts with obviously a free offer, a lead magnet. And in my way of thinking, a good lead magnet is to do three things. Number one, it obviously it has to be free, right? I mean it has to be free for the recipient to get.

Speaker 3: 15:16 And it has to be free for you to deliver it. There’s a lot of folks out there who you want to have a call to action of like, hey, you know, I’ll send you a usb or I’ll send you cds, or you know, these sorts of things out of the gate. Obviously you don’t want to be doing that. You just a good lead magnet for you, for them should both be free. Number two, it has to further the conversation. So like you and I came out of the gate here talking about what is your, what, right? And the importance of being able to discover your why. Because if you want to start your own show, if you want to be a guest on the show, right? I mean you really have to understand how you’re naturally wired to excel. You have to have expertise, you have to have authority, credibility, etc.

Speaker 3: 15:51 That’s all. It’s all really built around something that just truly puts fire in your soul. Right? So after we talked about it, the gift vehicle to people, this, that, and the other, some listeners right now we’re thinking, yeah, I’d like to get a free copy of that book, you know, or maybe even more so they were thinking before we gave them the url, mAybe they were thinking, oh I’ll go on amazon, I’ll grab that book. Maybe I want to figure out my what is maybe I want my husband to figure out what is, what is, you know, maybe I want my son to figure out what is, what is well go get that book. So when I say, you know, you can go to [inaudible] dot com and grab a free copy of the entire book. Well then obviously that furthers the conversation, right? If I said, hey go grab the ultimate directory of podcasters and we’ve got this directory of podcasts we put together with everything, including their contact info.

Speaker 3: 16:35 If I said that you’d be like, what are you talking about? You know, like it wouldn’t make sense. So obviously that lead magnet has to further the conversation. And then number three, in terms of what I believe makes a great lead magnet, both for you and for the recipient. Number three is it just has to be a brain dead simple. Heck yeah, I want that right from the standpoint of you have to remember that there’s a cost involved for the person who is raising their hand to say yes, I want that. The cost isn’t money. The cost is providing their name and email address. And as you said, I mean, I’ve been online since 1993 and there was a point in time we’re getting email. It’s pretty cool. You got mail like ooh, now it’s just an intrusion. I mean, now it’s a pain in the ass, right?

Speaker 3: 17:23 So. So the costs that the prospect is thinking about is providing my name and email address, right? And do I really want to be on another list? This is what’s going through their minds. And so by giving them something that has substantial value, in this case, the entire book, it’s just a simple brain dead. Heck yes, I’ll take that. And the cost of providing their name and email is worth the return. I mean the roi is worth it. Of course they can unsubscribe at any time, but the fact of the matter is that they run it and, and you know, they’re thinking about this, they run it, the roi is there. I provide my name and email, I get the whole book. So those are the three elements that I think you really need to have. Have a really good lead magnet. A, anything before I jump into the next part of the thousand dollar funnel.

Speaker 3: 18:14 No, I’m actually just enter my name and email address is [inaudible] dot com right now. And going through the process I want, what I want to see is I want to see what kind of revenue you generated out of this thing. Right? So here we go. So, so the next step of the thousand dollar funnel is. And, and look, there’s no right or wrong way to do this. I just know what works for us and I, and again, having done this now for as long as I’ve done it, this is what works for us in the next step is to offer them a different version of the exact same resource. Right? So as you can see there, dave, in this instance, what we do is we then turn around and say, hey, thanks so much for grabbing a free copy of the ebook. Would you like a free hardcover copy?

Speaker 3: 19:02 Right? So it’s the brendon burchard free, you know, free book model, whatever you guys do it with, with, uh, you know, with all the dotcom secrets and expert secrets. And I mean, you Guys do all that so you understand what this is, but I can’t tell you how many times people want to recreate the wheel here and feel like on that thank you page with the video and with an offer. And I do believe that you should be offering something on that. Thank you pages. I know you guys were supposed as well. Uh, we then turn around and say, hey, you know, go on and grab a free hardcover copy of the book if you’re so inclined and we give you the book, you pay $79 for shipping and handling. Again, it’s just really a different version of the exact same resource. So you could send people an electronic version out of the gate of something and then send them a physical copy of that exact same thing.

Speaker 3: 19:51 Or you can drip like, you know, a, a seven day, you know, you can go in for free and get, you know, this seven day, 30 day challenge, whatever it is and once a day for seven days or 30 days, we’ll send this to your inbox or you can get all 30 days right now, you know. And so like that’s a lot of people don’t have patience, they just want it all right now. So there’s a million different ways to do it. But, you know, from my experience, dave, what I have found is that the hardest thing to do is get someone to spend dollar one with you. Right? I mean, it’s like if you think About it in terms of a bar graph that goes from zero to 100, getting someone to spend dollar one with you is like going from zero to 98 on the bar graph.

Speaker 3: 20:34 I mean it’s that big of a deal to go from 98 to 100 is not that hard. Zero to 98. Totally agree. Because what we, what we’re there is we’re giving them the opportunity to shift from being this passive prospect into being an active customer and that shift is monumental, right? I mean it’s, it’s just, it’s a massive shift and then the third piece of the thousand dollar funnel is for those who opt in to grab the book and then say yes to the hardcover copy, we then turn around and offer them a third version, still have the same resource and in this case it is what we call the reinvention workshop, which is an online course, which is basically me teaching the what is your, what process live. So just tAking a room full of students through this process and we put up a video camera and nothing fancy, but you know, for years I taught the reinvention workshop live and one day we decided let’s videotape it and do they still use that term, videotape it.

Speaker 3: 21:45 But that’s uh, that’s what we did on video and broke it up into modules and we offer for 49 bucks. And so what’s super cool about this funnel and it, look, there’s obviously more to it, you got to do the integration with credit card processing, so you get paid and we do a five email indoctrination sequence. So once they opt in, they then become more familiar with who I am and so on and so forth. Um, but you know, reality is a, if you think about this whole process here and what ends up happening, let’s just say a roughly 100 people opt in. So 100 people opt in from listening to this interview, like clockwork, about 20 percent of them will say yes to the, uh, to the hardcover copy of the book. So at $7 and ninety nine cents a pop, you know, it’s not big money, but that’s, you know, we’re just using 100 as an example. That’s 160 bucks, right? So 20 times eight, $160. And then of the 20 pretty much like clockwork, about 25 percent of them take us up on the upsell of the $49 course. So that’s five times 49 is 250, so 250 plus 160 is $410. Now pretty much every time I appear on a show, I average about 250 leads. And so if we take that $410, when you multiply that by two and a half, you’ll see why we’re right around a thousand bucks. And that’s why I call it the thousand dollars funnel.

Speaker 2: 23:17 Did I absolutely love it? I’m gonna. Have you go through those numbers one more time as people understand them? Because I just had that have actually paid to have the book shipped to me. And this is one thing that I want to make sure people understand because people ask me all the time, why would you do the same thing? I can’t tell you how many books on audible I, I buy. So I paid for the audible version and then I buy the hard copy and people go, wait, no one’s ever gonna you do that. I’m like, listen, I don’t know. Maybe I’m stupid. I love collecting books. I don’t. There’s something about listening to it and then also having it physically that I love and I know for myself, even on a free download, I typically don’t read the downloads but I will, I will at least grab the book and go through it.

Speaker 3: 24:04 Yeah. And your point is well taken and it’s like. So again it’s three versions of the same exact resource. I mean it’s the, the ebook and some people are fine reading it on the screen. I mean it’s a pdf, it’s not, you know, it’s not like one of those page turner kind of things. I mean it’s just a pdf.

Speaker 3: 24:20 Some people prefer having a physical copy in their hands and because our book is a little more experiential in terms of we actually have exercises that people go through, you can write in the book, so they prefer to be able to do that and then still others just want to watch this process happen and they know they learn by osmosis, so by watching me take a room through a room full of people through this process, they actually learned faster. They learn better. I mean it just depends on, on their learning modality in terms of what they’re most comfortable with.

Speaker 2: 24:56 I love this whole idea as far as thousand our funnel, so go through the numbers again because I was listening but paying not paying attention because

Speaker 3: 25:05 saying is basically we average about 250 leads every time I appear on a show and sometimes it’s a lot less. Sometimes it’s a lot more. Don’t get hung up on that number. About 20 percent of the people, when I say 250, those aren’t listeners or downloads. Those are actually people who provide their name and email address. Right? So of those 250 people to provide their name and email address, about 20 percent of them will say yes to the hardcover book. So again, just using simple numbers here. If it’s a 100 people at 20 percent, it’s 20 people and we charged seven 99 for shipping and handling. So 20 times eight is 160 of those 20 people, about 25 percent of them pretty consistently opt in to grab the reinvention workshop online course at that $49 price point. So of 20 people, 25 percent is five, so five times 49, let’s just call it 50 is 250 bucks. So 250 for the online course, 164, the book about 410 bucks. So if you extrapolate that out times two and a half, given 250 leads versus 100, again it’s gonna, it’s gonna equate to about a thousand bucks.

Speaker 2: 26:22 That is crazy. I think it’s fantastic. I think that part, I can’t emphasize enough the idea as far as repurposing content, we have repurposed content so many different times. There’s so many different ways and it just works and more importantly, it’s really you’re providing it as it’s actually a benefit to those people who, who are buying from you because everybody wants to consume content in a unique

Speaker 3: 26:44 way and how they learn best. So I think it’s awesome. I love daddy as far as that was marketable. And so what we started doing is, because we started a. I’ve been teaching this now for some time to my private clients. Uh, and what, it’s not rocket science. I mean you guys are funnel hackers. I mean, you, you know, all this stuff, but to the general public, this is like, holy shit, there are people out there who still have no idea. Like you guys get it. The rest of the world has no idea. So, so what we started doing is we started building it out because the request came into my tech team actually builds thousand dollar funnels now for people because it’s a, it’s a big part of that process. I mean, people come to the new media summit and they get to pitch 40 top podcasts on who they are on what they do and literally get booked on the spot and a lot of them don’t have a monetization plan.

Speaker 3: 27:33 Right? So that’s one example of an opportunity where if you start thinking about your own personal profit path and how you take people down that path of making money, for us that’s just a natural step on the path, especially for people who come to the new media summit who don’t have a simple monetization strategy in place like that and don’t understand the tech. So we just recently started offerIng that I’m at five k a pop and you know, reality is if you’re averaging a thousand bucks in revenue every time you appear on a show, a five of those like the, you know, get, get the roi. And frankly I haven’t even touched our thousand dollar funnels. We’ve got two of them. I haven’t touched him and god knows how long. Save for a few tweaks here and there. So, you know, once you have it and it’s automated, it’s stare.

Speaker 3: 28:22 That’s awesome. I love it, just love it. That’s fantastic. So tell people about the new media summit. This is an event that was born out of my experience as a podcaster and my experience of understanding that one of the biggest hangups that people have in terms of taking their business to where they want to take it is visibility. And I finally just was. I was sitting down one day with a couple of podcasts are friends and we were just chatting about how many pitches we get every single week with people wanting to be on our show. And I, we probably get, I don’t know, 30 or 40 pitches a week for people who want to be on reinvention radio. And so I was talking to some of my friends and like, yeah, you know, we get 10 pitches a week or 20 pitches or whatever it is and it’s just really hard to tell like who should we book, who should we break?

Speaker 3: 29:10 So it was actually born from the, from, from an, from a need standpoint on our end as podcasters have, trying to find really good guests because it’s really hard to tell just on paper or on a site, you know, if somebody is going to be any good. So the idea here was, yoU know, let’s put together a forum where we could meet some really interesting people who are doing incredible things in the world. Let’s give them a chance to pitch us and let’s book, you know, if you know, if they’re up to interestinG things and they’re a good for the show, but then what, uh, what we realIzed is that people really need to understand how to leverage and monetize the power of new media and to get into this game of podcasting itself. So we’ve made it a very much an educational event, but we keep it very, very small.

Speaker 3: 29:55 this, this is not funneling. I can live. I mean this is, this is a 150 attendees who have the opportunity to spend three full days with 40 top podcasters. And over the course of those three days, we do small groups, we do panels, we do pitch sessions, so people come, they learn, they meet, they danced, they drink, we hang out and they get to pitch them and literally get booked on the spot. So, you know, we keep it as a much more intimate event. But everyone who attends a summit gets booked on shows. And you know, we’ve got some awesome case studies here of people who have been booked on multiple shows. I mean the, as matter of fact, one woman got booked on 33 shows a at the last summit, another woman got booked on 26 shows. And so, you know, I mean, if you’ve got the right message and we help you with that message, uh, you’re going to get booked on a lot of shows.

Speaker 3: 30:46 but that’s a lot of what we do in our pre event training too, is make sure you get your pitch down. So that’s the new media again, September 11th through 13th in austin, Texas. yeah, yeah. Mean I think we’ve got at this point about 30 seats left, something like that. I know we’ve got to update the site because we just sold another big batch there, but reality is it’s a, it’s a, it’s a one of a kind of event that I really enjoy doing because one of the things that we do that’s a pretty unique to any event that I’ve ever been to is we actually give the attendees the microphone and we let them pitch everyone in attendance. So you’re not only pitching the 40 podcasters, you have to get to pitch the, a hundred and 50 attendees to. So it’s kind of turned the taBles a little bit, which is a lot of fun.

Speaker 3: 31:35 Oh, that’s awesome. Well, as always, you’re so generous and droppIng value bombs like crazy. They’re kind of close to wrapping things up. You’re seeing anything else you want to make sure that our funnel hacking community, here’s her as well. You know, man, It’s in my way of thinking. The best funnels are the ones that have of course, quality products and quality offerings. But, uh, the best phones are the ones that are going gonna have the most traffic man. So, you know, reality is, you could have the best funnel in the world and if nobody knows about it, uh, it’s kind of a moot point, right? So whether you’re a guest on shows a or whether you decIde to start your own podcast, uh, or come to an event like the new media summit, you know, by all means, just make sure you’re doing whatever you gotta do there to make sure that people know you exist because one of the things that I wholeheartedly believe in is that you are the solution to someone else’s problem and they are literally praying for you to show up in their life right now. So, uh, let’s do whatever we can to get out there with strategic abandon and get in front of them. Where do they end on that note? Thank you so much. ALl right, my man. Thanks so much.

Speaker 4: 32:41 Hey everybody. Thank you so much for taking the time to listen to podcasts. If you don’t mind, could you please share this with others, rate and review this podcast on itunes. It means the world to me or I’m tryinG to get to as a million downloads here in the next few months and just crush through over 650,000 and I just want to get that next few 100,000 so we can get to a million downloads and see really what I can do to help improve and get this out to more people at the same time. If there’s a topic, there’s something you’d like me to share or someone you’d like me to interview, by all means, just reach out to me on facebook. You can pm me and I’ll be more than happy to take any of your feedback as well as people would like me to interview. I’m more than happy to reach out and have that conversation with you, so again, go to itunes, rate and review this, share this podcast with others and let me know how else I can improve this or what I can do to

Speaker 5: 33:27 make this better for you guys. Thanks.

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