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Why Dave Decided to talk to Alex:

Alex Charfen is co-founder and CEO of CHARFEN, a training, education and membership organization for entrepreneurs and small businesses. Alex has dedicated his life to answering the question, How do you make business grow? which evolved into a larger calling to understand How do you help people grow? Listen to Alex and Dave talk about Alex’s Billionaire Code and the 4 Rs of organizations to figure out exactly where you business currently stands and how to excel to the next level.

Tips and Tricks for You and Your Business:

  • Why you can’t sell your way out (3:00)
  • The Billionaire Code (9:00)
  • The 1,3,7,1 Levels (14:00)
  • Time Inventory (22:00)
  • The 4 R’s (24:00)

Quotable Moments:

“When you make that transition from me to we, you have to change who you are as an entrepreneur.”

“There is a difference between having a product and having a business.”

“Your success is the sum of what you focus on.”

“Your business is broken and if things go well, it always will be.”

Other Tidbits: No business is perfect, you want a system and team that is adaptable. Embrass issues in your business and that’s how you grow.


Speaker 1: 00:00 Welcome to funnel hacker radio podcast, where we go behind the scenes and uncover the tactics and strategies top entrepreneurs are using to make more sales, dominate their markets, and how you can get those same results. Here’s your host, Dave Woodward. Everybody. Welcome back.

Speaker 2: 00:18 You guys. I seriously. I’m so excited for you guys to hear this podcast. This is a guy I have the hardest time getting. I see them all the time. We talk all the time, but to actually get enough time to have a focus for a podcast is next to impossible because he’s literally building million and billion dollar brands. And with that I want to introduce and welcome back to the show Mr Alex Charfen. Alex, welcome. Thanks Dave. Great to be here with Humana. For those of you guys who don’t know, Alex, it is. You’re the honesty. I, I haven’t. Rustled hasn’t even been on more than once. So it actually, you’re my first third time one. Actually, this is really cool and honestly I, for those of you guys don’t know Alex, first of all, I’d recommend you go listen to the momentum podcast. I actually, the first time I met Alex was at genius network and I was so mad because he was giving out a limited supply of 500, literally numbered 500 of his entrepreneurial personality type books and it gave one to Russel and I’m like, dude, I am never going to get that.

Speaker 2: 01:17 Russell doesn’t give out his books, so that was like a gone deal and unfortunately been able to get a copy, but this is a guy who is literally helped thousands of entrepreneurs and a ton of my personal dear friends get over some of the struggles they have is as an entrepreneur to actually build a business and I think the key here is helping people really understand what it means to really build a business instead of just having a product. Now I know I’ve been to a ton of talking, but one of the things we’re going to dive right into it, I am so excited about and that is this whole concept of why, in fact, first of all, before we dive in, anything else you want to say about how amazing you are, Alex? No, Dave, I just,

Speaker 3: 01:51 I really appreciate you having me back on. You and I always have a lot of fun and I love the clickfunnels audience. It’s like it’s my favorite podcast audience if besides my own, and it’s absolutely my favorite live audience, so I can’t wait to speak in funnel hacking live this year.

Speaker 2: 02:06 I am so excited about tickets. You should buy tickets. Seriously. If you haven’t bought a ticket, go to funnel hacking live right now and go buy your ticket. You should be there because if you’re not, you’re going to Miss Alex and this is. This is your third time. It’s my third time, but I want everybody to understand. I’ve been to have been to three funnel hacking lives. I missed one because the tickets sold out, so don’t be like me like I, you know, I spoke three years ago. I missed the next one because there were no tickets left. We always sell out. So get your tickets. Go to funnel hacking, live back on right now and get you buy your ticket. I’m one of the topics. Alto, the great thing that Alex, so you could literally talk about a ton of different things. He’s one of our two comma club x coaches and people absolutely love everything he does.

Speaker 2: 02:51 He’s a systems guy and understands people and more importantly what it takes to really build a business. And I think that’s why I wanted to make sure I them on this time is we want to talk to you about this topic that has come up quite a bit recently and this whole idea as far as why you can’t sell your way out. And with that I’m let Alex kind of talk a little about it and I’m going to come back and tell you a personal story here. But Alex, let’s kind of. Let’s dive more into this as far as why is it that you feel you can’t sell your way out?

Speaker 3: 03:20 So Dave, I want to give a little background to this. So I, you know, I’ve been a part of a lot of different groups in masterminds and one of the groups that I was in awhile ago used to have this same like you can sell your or market your way out of any problem and every time they would say that to the people in the room, I’d get a pit in my stomach. I get physically uncomfortable because I know that that’s absolutely not true. Now you can of a lot of problems, but if you have a delivery issue and you sell more, you’re going to have a bigger problem. If you have a ton of leads and you don’t have a good sales team, you’re going to have an even bigger problem. And so there gets to this point where you have sales and marketing or how you launched the business.

Speaker 3: 04:01 Operations and processes and systems and putting the right people in the right place. The right communication in place and the right systems in place is how you really grow a company. And I think that’s something that nobody really talks about because it’s a lot of fun to talk about sales and marketing. But one of the reasons that I have so much respect for Russell is that he’s building a real organization, a real team, and it’s growing like crazy. And the reason is there’s like 200 of you who are making click funnels grow and you know, if Russell early on had said, I’m just going to focus on nothing but marketing and not build the team, not build the organization to be anywhere near where you are today.

Speaker 2: 04:36 I appreciate that. I can say that is a lesson I had to learn the hard way. Uh, I’ve had a ton of different businesses over the years and, uh, one of those businesses I, I really thought because I had heard that saying that from the exact group that you mentioned, and I thought, you know what? I don’t have a problem. As long as I can sell my way out, there’s an I know I can market, I can sell, I will just, I’ll just, I’ll just put so much more massive action into this thing and I will solve every problem just by selling more and marketing more. And that in of itself will take care of everything. And what it ended up doing basically was land in the almost on the streets of the bankruptcy court because I had sold a whole bunch of stuff that I then couldn’t fulfill on or I couldn’t fulfill fast enough.

Speaker 2: 05:20 And then all of a sudden I started getting refund requests. I’m like, no, you can’t read. You can’t know that. Okay, if I’m going to get a refund, that means I’ve got to sell even more. I got to sell to replace the one I just lost plus get more money in. And it literally just became this downward spiral, which I know is kind of a weird topic for us to be talking about here when we’re talking about funnels and everything else. But what I really want to make sure you guys understand is how important these systems really are. We were wrestling with in a couple of weeks ago, we were joking around about we sold our way real fast to 10 million. I mean, it was real quick and we actually did a pretty good job of even selling in the first two by the time we hit our end of our second year, our third year, we’re at over $30 million and that was where we started realizing, you know, and we fortunately had, we had people in place but we didn’t have systems and that was one of the big differences.

Speaker 2: 06:11 There’s a huge difference between routine and having people in place and we were fortunate we have a very, very strong culture inside of our organization as well as a long with our customers. But the biggest problem we found is we didn’t have the systems for those people. And again, we had always focused on hiring a players and we’d always focused on making sure that we had great people around us but the systems was, was our downfall. And that’s again, when things you’ve talked so much about. So with that Alex, I want to kind of dive in more and help people understand what exactly. I mean this whole billionaire code you talked about. I remember the first time you laid this out to me, I just freaked out. I was like, oh my gosh, where’s Alex? Ben? For the last 50 years in my life, I only heard about this and seen this because it, it literally applied specifically to every time I looked at all the business I’ve done over the years, every time I had one that didn’t go well or had a problem with a partner, it was because of every single thing that was in your, in your code.

Speaker 2: 07:08 I mean, it literally. It was like crap if I’d only known that. So I had learned through the school of hard knocks. So in the next 15, 20 minutes I’m going to have alex as he poured his heart and soul out to you and basically give you as much as he can.

Speaker 3: 07:20 Yeah. And so, and here’s, here’s here. So first the billionaire code, the billionaire code is, is a matrix that shows the nine levels that it takes to go from zero to $100,000,000 and exactly what you should be focused on along the way. And today, you know when, when, if anybody who wants to can go to the billionaire and you can download that Matrix, it’ll show you exactly what it is. In fact, you can go to my podcast episode 180. There’s 20 episodes, did spell out the entire billionaire code. And if you went to funnel hacking live, you can go watch the presentation from last year because I did. And what we all need to understand though, is as you ascend as an entrepreneur, once you get to around a million dollars, and this is why it’s so important for this audience because right when you’re hitting the two comma club, you make this massive transition as an entrepreneur from me to we like a lot of entrepreneurs can, can overclock it.

Speaker 3: 08:15 They can push themselves up to 2 million, 3 million, 4 million without a team. But it’s tenuous and it’s hard and it’s difficult and it feels really precarious. And when you make that transition for me to change who you are as an entrepreneur, you know, I tell people that in order to grow the business you want, you have to become the person who can run it and if you don’t have the business you want, you haven’t become the person who can run it yet. And the major change there is making this transition from being an entrepreneur centric you, to actually building the team, building the organization. And for us, the way we coach it goes in three different places. It’s putting the right people around you, doing the right things, recruiting the right members. It’s using the right processes so that there’s a process for everything in your business, including how you communicate and focusing on the right projects.

Speaker 3: 09:04 And the billionaire code gives you exactly what projects you should be focused on each level of development, but then you have these two levels level. Putting the right people in place and the right processes in place. And the biggest deficit in most entrepreneurial businesses is in the people department with process. Because here’s what most people say when they work in an entrepreneurial business, we don’t know where we’re going. The strategy changes way too often and nobody communicates with us. So if you can solve that, your team knows where they’re going and there’s consistent communication. Your Business will explode. And like you’ve said, you know, we’ve taken even some members of like the inner circle who have had really fast growth businesses, but we add those things, three things, the right people, the right process, the right projects, and all of a sudden you’ve got a $10,000,000 business that goes to 50 million within like 10 months. So it’s been cool. I honestly, I think one I can, we can talk about just recently I was literally just within the other day was and Ryan. Yeah, what an incredible difference. So I’ll let you tell their story. You know that an ideal even. Well. So Brad and Brad and Ryan at Atlas. Well financial. So it’s um. Oh Man. I always say I’m Brad’s last name wrong. It’s Brad and Ryan Lee.

Speaker 3: 10:20 Crap. I always want to say Brad Cobb, because I grew up with a kid named Brad cops. So anyway, right. And he noticed like, I’ve told him this every time I say your name, I say it wrong, but um, but they’re phenomenal entrepreneurs. I love the two of them. And we started working with them about nine and a half months ago and when we first started talking they were considering doing something else. Getting out of the atlas was walking away from it because they couldn’t figure out how to make it work. And we sat down, we structured a structure to a plan where they were going to put the right person in place. So they got, they went out and got an executive assistant and then we started really planning around how they were going to both act in the business, what they were going to do in the business.

Speaker 3: 10:58 And we created a forward looking strategy and they took that strategy and they went from about a $1,000,000 business to in about a nine and a half month period, a $3,000,000 business. Now they’re well over $3 million. And they have some months where they’re run rates over $4 million and I just had a call with those guys this week. They went from a two person team to a six person team there now in and now they’re in the place where they’re doing everything. They’re now getting back out of the strategy there. They’re moving, they’re ascending again, going from one to three now they’re going to go in and go from three to 10. But here’s what’s so important about this. The business that they had had that potential, it’s just they didn’t have the right people in the seats, the right processes in place, and they weren’t focused on the right projects. We flipped that and immediately they go from one to 3 million and anybody who’s listening who’s in that two comma club range, it’s crazy. If you’ve gotten there, you’d be blown away. What happens when you the right systems in place?

Speaker 2: 11:55 It’s an honest. It’s one of the things I’ve loved the most. I’m joking around just before he did the recording as far as an email, we had to send out some of our subcontractors and it was kind of funny just because, uh, I’ve looked at that, the success of, you know, one of the great things about our inner circle is russell is a genius when it comes to the sales and marketing piece and I’ve seen a lot of our inner circle members of that, a lot of success in doing that. And it’s been interesting as they’ve worked with us as well to then see the system to get in place and it’s. And it just takes it to the next level. And I think the best part, the part I like the most is once you have the system in place, that’s when you can go back to the sales and marketing and you can totally pour the gas on it.

Speaker 2: 12:34 You know, when you do that, you. That’s where you see that astronomical growth. And the hardest part for most of us as entrepreneurs is we get so focused just whatever our skill set is. And for me I’m a driver. I’m just always going to drive. I’m just going to push. I’m gonna push. I just believe I’ll make something happen and I know even for Brad and Ryan, they were sales guys and financial services. You may have always in the financial service industries think I’m just going to sell, sell, sell, and they just get burned out. After awhile. You’re like, I’ve been just busted my button and yeah, and money’s coming in, but it’s not growing. I think that’s the part I want to make sure people, you guys are listening to this, understand there’s a difference between having a product and having a business. You can start off selling a product which is great and it’s one of the great things about click funnels is you can take that product and all of a sudden that product you can turn that.

Speaker 2: 13:22 I look at Natalie Hodson. I mean natalie had this crazy, crazy product that I hit the two comma club selling a $37 Ebook, which is just astronomical. I mean you got to be, you don’t have it upsale, you don’t just have a $37 ebook but you did it. But again, the cool thing for me is I take a look at where she’s at now. It’s because of the people she’s brought in. It’s because of the system against you could sell and she could mark it and she did an amazing job and she got to that level. But to get to that next level it requires the things you’re talking about. And so Alex, if you don’t mind, if you could help people. Let’s take a step back. There’s a lot of, you and I have talked a lot about this whole idea as far as one, three, seven, one meaning $100,000, 300,000, $70,000, million, $3 million, 7 million, 10 million, 30 million, 70 million, 100 million. And at each of those tiers it kind of fits it a little bit. Kind of along the lines of your billionaire code. Yeah. And as people are in those different levels, what if you could kind of target those people who right now are under 100,000 and tell them what they should focus on and then from those people who are in that $3 million and then the million above, you don’t mind.

Speaker 3: 14:27 So if you’re under 100,000, here’s the biggest issue for most people that are under 100,000, you haven’t decided who you’re working with yet. You haven’t gotten really clear on your market. I mean if you’re just starting out, there’s two things. It’s one personal. Your personal skill sets, your habits, your routines, like are you as a human being ready to own a business? And for most people the answer is no, they’re not doing the things that they need to do. They’re not forward planning, they’re not strategic planning, they’re not clear on what really want. And then second, are you clear on who you want to serve? Once you get that covered from 100 to 300, it’s how many leads can you generate? And can you lock in lead generation? Can you get that population coming towards you? Then from 300 to a million, it’s building the system so that you can deliver and making sure you can deliver consistently and convert sales consistently and then from a million to three you have to not only build systems around what you do well, but then you have to build a team around what you do well and then now it gets interesting when you get to 3 million and you’re going above three.

Speaker 3: 15:23 That’s a transition where your ability to lead a team is almost exclusively what is going to help you move forward. For most entrepreneurs, and I think what happens is a lot of entrepreneurs get there and they don’t realize you have to make a full transition from doing everything yourself to having the team do it with you and it’s not just having the team do the things you don’t want to do anymore. It’s having a team do most of what you do well and that’s why I gave the numbers don’t lie. The numbers of the United States are crazy. Check this out. There’s 29 million businesses in the United States under a 100,000, $22 million under a million 25 million. So when you are. Sorry, 26 million. So when you look at the population of businesses in the United States, 26 million are under $1,000,000 out of 29 million and so the numbers don’t lie. Most entrepreneurs never get there. If you get over a million dollars, you’re part of the three percent club. Three percent of businesses overall that are ever started getting to a million dollars or more. That’s why clickfunnels is so crazy because the fact that click funnels isn’t just like the fastest growing business I’ve ever observed and one of the craziest Unicorns that’s ever out there, but it’s a million dollar business factory. I don’t think that’s ever existed in the history of the world before.

Speaker 2: 16:41 No, we’ve again, it’s because of people like you. It’s because of a lot of. We have over right now. We were, in fact when you were in her office, we were kind of counting and as far as on the walls, the different plaques. So we’re now just cross over 373, two comma club award winners and we just got our 27th application for eight figure awards and so you started adding all this up and I forget what the actual number was you and I came up with when you’re in the office, but I mean it’s literally billions of dollars a business that’s been created and I think the part that I loved the most, especially as you take a look at your billionaire code, is the ability for a person who wants to move. And again, not all entrepreneurs do. They you get comfortable and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Speaker 2: 17:25 But for a person who really wants to get to that next level, whether it’s from 300,000 to $700 from a million to three or from 3 million to 10, for those who really want to do it, there are people like you who can help you actually make that kind of thing happen. And I think the part I’m most excited about as far as clickfunnels is we’ve been fortunate to attract people like you and others and who it. Because they’re here, it’s becoming this magnet magnetism of others who all of a sudden come to clickfunnels. And I was literally just buying a domain and the company I was buying the domain from my. Anytime I buy a domain, I never tell them who I am.

Speaker 2: 18:04 I’ve learned that you could ever get an email from j Levi Parker, that’s kind of mine. Chris Brown. So it was funny because, um, we finally negotiated the terms and then his secretary was a big financial service company and they own this domain that we really wanted. And she finally says, now what’s the email? And I told her the email. She goes, what’s your name? I said, oh Dave. She goes, why is it j? Levi Parker? I’m like, Oh crap, I totally screwed that up. My name, here’s my real name. And she goes, wait a second, hold on. And she puts me on the phone with the CEO who were buying the domain from. He goes, is this Dave Woodward from clickfunnels? I said, yeah. He goes, we love click funnels. And I’m like, Oh my God, I’m glad to know that now. But you’d probably charge more if you.

Speaker 2: 18:54 He asked me and I’m glad that we didn’t find that out up front and they actually did ask for a free click funnel hacking live ticket and the negotiation. But uh, no. My only reason I’m saying that is I think it’s interesting as you take a look, this was a financial services company and I never would’ve thought click on those would apply to them. But again, these guys they’re doing that this year it’ll be about 12 to $15 million and they’re using a product and yet at the same time what has got them there is people and systems. And I think it’s one of the greatest skill sets that you’ve offered to so many other people. And I want to make sure that people who are listening, you’ve mentioned already the billionaire code. So if you want to go to the billionaire and download that, highly highly recommend it.

Speaker 2: 19:35 It’s one of the greatest things out there as far as really the part I love most. Alex is in one sheet of seeing from zero to $100, million and little. You can find out where you’re at and the part I like most about it is you could be, even though it’s all columns, rows and columns, but all of a sudden you might be in one column but in a different role and you go, wait a second, I’m behind in these areas and you see where your weaknesses are and because that you’re able to make those changes super fast. The other thing is if you didn’t, if you haven’t heard Alex’s billionaire code, if you get a ticket funnel hacking live, you actually, we will send you the recordings from last year and I. It’s one of my favorite presentations to be honest with you. I love anytime you speak, you have this unbelieve seeing you on stage.

Speaker 2: 20:18 As much as it’s cool watching you here and we’re doing this podcast, but seeing you on stage, it’s a totally different element. You are. You just come alive and it’s the coolest thing for me to see because you pour so much into the audience. I mean, you’re, you were born to be on stage. It’s the coolest thing ever because of the way in which you give and you care so much because you connect so much better with the people as you see them. It’s just you have this personal relationship with them. It’s really a neat thing. For me. I’m, I’m, I’m a, I’m a complete introvert, like in real life. But um, I learned very young how to speak

Speaker 3: 20:48 it. I love public speaking. It’s one of my favorite things in the world. This is what you and Russell at the same, same exact way. Total introverts. You put you on stage and oh my gosh. It’s like nobody believes I’m an introvert, but you know, I, I used to have a debilitating stutter. I had. So for anybody listening who’s like, oh, I don’t think I could ever speak on stage a lot. Younger English was my second language. So I had a crazy accent that I used to get made fun of for in school. I used to stutter because I was really, I had a hard time talking in front of people. I’m dyslexic, so if I ever had to read in public, it was really hard. It sounded like I didn’t know how to read, but it was just the words were moving around on the page and um, you know, I, I learned how to speak in high school with my speech coach and getting the opportunity to speak on a stage like click funnels, funnel hacking live.

Speaker 3: 21:38 It’s crazy. There’s so much energy in that room when you say you build a relationship with the audience in that room, they build a relationship with you. Well, thank you. Love 5,000 people that are dying to have a relationship with you, Alex. so one thing I’d want to make sure we touch on, and I think because it applies to anybody, no matter where they are in your billionaire code and that is your time study. Yeah. Kind of going into that real quick. Only because I was the worst person in the world on that and I hate this, but it’s a life changer. So this is, you know, I’ve been a consultant for over 20 years and I use strategies that work and it doesn’t matter how difficult they are, it doesn’t matter how confronting they are. To me, it’s how do we get the biggest result with the least amount of time and one of the things that we, we inventory as entrepreneurs is money.

Speaker 3: 22:22 We all like we look at how much money we’re making but we don’t really look at what we’re doing with our time. And so how do you inventory your time, take that data and improve what you’re doing with your time. Because at the end of the day, your success is the sum of what you focus on. And until you can inventory where your focus is, you don’t know what’s really going on. So what we have people do in our programs and in our company like Haley right now, my assistant is doing it, two wait time study. She writes everything down that she’s doing in 15 minutes and then commence. And anybody can do this. You write it down in 15 minute increments for two weeks. And what will happen is in the first couple of days, you’ll already start modifying your behavior, but at the end of two weeks, right at the end of two weeks, you’ll have a full inventory of where you spent your time for a two week period.

Speaker 3: 23:07 And then here’s what we have people do. Go through that inventory and mark, was it strategic or tactical? And as an entrepreneur, the more time you spend in strategy versus tactics, the more you’re going to grow your business. And most entrepreneurs are over 90 percent tactical in any given week. And for me like this podcast with you, this is strategy. This is strategic. I’m the only one in the business that I would want to have do this. But setting up the time for the podcast, setting up the appointment, put it into the calendar, all those things. Somebody else did all of that for me. I just showed up and click the button. And so at the end of a two week time study, you really know where you are. And I think, you know, I, I often share with people your story that we were talking and you were asking me for strategies and then I shared the time studying and you’re like, okay, I’m going to do that. And then two days later I get a voicemail where you’re like, I just want you to know I kind of hate you.

Speaker 2: 23:58 I totally, I really do that. Oh yeah. And I think the other part I do want you to talk about, and that’s the four rs I’m going through right now and I’m creating for ours, for my, my role here at click funnels. And it’s been fascinating for me as I’ve been doing this. As I look at the four rs with my time study, it totally changing the game because I’m like, oh my gosh. Even though that is what I’m classified with, strategy, I don’t need to be the person doing that strategic thing and I can have someone else do it. Which was kind of, it was mine. Again, I’m still struck. I haven’t completed my forearms right now. I’ll have it done by tomorrow, but it’s been fascinating for me to see that a lot of things that I thought I still needed to be doing, I don’t. So if you don’t mind, can you explain what the four r’s are? Absolutely days. So, um, you know,

Speaker 3: 24:49 in most positions in the world do you have a job description and a job description is usually like one or two paragraphs describing what somebody does in a role in our organization and the organizations we coach, we found one or two paragraphs woefully inadequate. And what we want to be able to do is give somebody a very clear idea of exactly what we want from the person. So whether you’re recruiting or managing a team member, we use what we call a four r document, its role. That’s where most job descriptions start. Stop. So we have a paragraph about the role, then we have responsibilities. What are the exact responsibilities that that person has? Then the results, what results is that person driving? And then the last thing is the requirements. And so for example, for a salesperson, you might have a rule that says, you know, this is an inside salesperson, they’re going to be available full time, remote remotely located, they’re going to call it on high ticket clients, and then in the responsibilities it’s making 100 calls a week, having this level of conversions, this is how many actual live calls they have to have, and then in results it’s driving x number of dollars in business a week and then you know exactly what the results that they should have the right client bringing in the right Avatar, making sure that there’s not a high return rates, high retention rate, and then the last thing in requirements for sales might be excellent phone communication skills, excellent written skills.

Speaker 3: 26:10 And so once you have that all built out, if you’re recruiting, you are so likely to find the right person because it’s very clear. And then this is the only document that we know of that you can take from recruiting right into the position.

Speaker 2: 26:24 So it becomes a tool you find them with and you lead them with. I think that’s the part you just said there. I for me has been the part I’ve enjoyed the most because I’m actually the people who work for me now I’m asking them to create their four r document and it has been so mind opening for not only for me because they’re doing some things on there that that’s not part of their role or the responsibilities and and other things that I thought they knew where their responsibilities don’t even show up anywhere on, on the document.

Speaker 2: 26:56 So again, anyone who’s listening, if you have somebody who is works for you, and again, I think even if it’s you’re an assistant, it doesn’t matter who it is. Impact. Yeah. I think you’re crazy. These days. I, I fight all structure. I just innate in me to fight it. I just ate it, but it’s been for me. The thing that has helped me the most is working with people like yourself, Alex. I’m like, okay, I gotta get into this thing and I have to realize that the structure actually is what’s going to help me get to the next level. I mean, we’ll do $100 million this year and you and I had the conversation earlier as far as, you know, Dave, who do you want to be and where do you want to lead? And for me, I know there’s no way I can lead or be involved in a company that had $100,000,000 level unless I change who I am. And it kind of goes back to the, you know, the proverbial thing people have got you here will never get you there or at least the situations you’re in, you have to change. And for me the best way of changing has been this for our document. It’s been a great, great opportunity. Do you have any resources where people can go to get that or understand a better? Um, you know,

Speaker 3: 28:02 we, we teach that in all of our programs. So if you go to a billionaire or if you download the entrepreneurial, not download, sorry, if you buy a free plus shipping copy of the entrepreneurial personality type book, um, we will, we’ll, we’ll give you in our follow up sequence. We talk about where the for our documents are, where, where we, where we have all these resources. In fact if somebody wants to, they can go to free momentum book dot Com and get that. And by the way, I now have a funnel there that were, that I’m willing to share on funnel hacker radio because last year when I spoke at funnel hacking live, real funnels weren’t quite there yet, but now we’re very proud of the funnels were putting out. Um, we’ve got some pretty incredible click funnels now.

Speaker 2: 28:43 Well, I think the coolest thing is the fact that, uh, if you haven’t listened to Alex’s podcast, a highly, highly recommend that you do as far as the momentum podcast, he actually, I have to give Kudos to him. He hit the, he got to the million dollar or the million downloads level faster than I have. I’m not there yet, so please support me and get me to the millions so I can come back and to be like, one point three, one, I’m, I think I’m around 900,000 and you started six months after me on a podcast and you’re doing it like every day though. I mean I’ve got like 300, 85, 400. It’s crazy. So it’s just sheer volume.

Speaker 2: 29:20 That’s a lot of content, but the coolest thing honestly is I highly recommend you guys go check out the momentum podcast. It’s what Alex contributes and gives is just amazing things for any entrepreneur to really help. And what I love is they’re short the quick and it’s stuff that people can implement that day and I think that’s the, that’s the secret. Does fast implementation. So again, we’ve talked about the whole idea as far as why you cannot, why can’t sell your way out of your problems. Talk About for our document talking about time studies. Anything else you want to make sure we cover here in a few minutes before I let you get back to your day?

Speaker 3: 29:55 Uh, you know, Dave, I think, I think we’ve pretty much covered it. You know, I have this saying that I share with business owners, your business is broken and if things go well, it always will be. And here’s what I mean by that. You know, volume creates complexity and success creates deficits. And so as a business owner, you don’t want a perfect business. What you want is you want a system and a team and a structure that is adaptable and can cover complexity and filling deficits. And I think that there’s far too many business owners today, they think that some day they’re not gonna have any problems. I would look at it differently. I wouldn’t tell you all embrace the issues in your business, chase them down, hunt them down, solve them. And that’s how you really grow a company by pretending like there aren’t issues by, by wanting to perfect business, by trying to drive the problems out of your business, you’re actually creating the biggest constraint you possibly can. So just remember, success creates deficits and volume creates complexity. What you want a team is a team and an organization that can cover both and you’ll get to the level you want to as an entrepreneur.

Speaker 2: 30:58 I love it. So everyone check out billionaire Make sure you follow Alex on his momentum podcast and by all means, if you have not bought a ticket to funnel hacking live, go there right now. Buy Your ticket. You do not want to Miss Alex on stage. This guy literally gives his whole heart and soul to anybody he comes in contact with. So the great thing about actually being with Alex at funnel hacking live is you’re one of the most approachable people in the world, which is just, I mean, it’s such an amazing thing for me to see how willing you are to give and share during the full three days, not just the time you’re on stage, but as people I’ve seen you in the hall talking to people and you just give and give and you give and you give. So the only way you get that is by going to funnel hacking Spend time with Alex. it will literally bless your life. He’s always blessed mine and it’s been an honor to spend time with he and his wife and his two daughters. It’s always fun. So Alex, Ian, thank you a ton. Any parting words here before we go

Speaker 3: 31:49 now just say how your family for me, you’re a constant source of inspiration and I love you man and I appreciate you having me on three. Pete. Now

Speaker 2: 31:59 one. Thanks so much. I think so. I think someone trademark that. It’s A. I probably owe some money on three people. We’ll talk to you. Bye.

Speaker 4: 32:12 Hey everybody. Thank you so much for taking the time to listen to podcasts. If you don’t mind, could you please share this with others, rate and review this podcast on itunes. It means the world to me. We’re trying to get to as a million downloads here in the next few months and just crush through over $650,000 and I just want to get the next few 100,000 so we can get to a million downloads and see really what I can do to help improve and and get this out to more people. At the same time, if there’s a topic there’s you’d like me to share or someone you’d like me to interview, by all means just reach out to me on facebook. You can pm me and I’m more than happy to take any of your feedback as well as if people would like me to interview. I’m more than happy to reach out and have that conversation with you. So again, go to Itunes, rate and review this, share this podcast with others and let me know how else I can improve this or what I can do to make this better for you guys. Thanks.

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