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Why Dave Decided to talk to Marcos Moura:

Marcos Moura is one of the founders of Amada Senior Care. A franchise that specializes in providing home health care for seniors. An 8-figure click funnel award winner, Marcos has franchised over 120 locations and is anticipating putting another 200 locations on the map in the near future.

Tips and Tricks for You and Your Business:

  • Teaching entrepreneurs how to start a senior care business? (5:52)
  • How to take your offer and put it in front of the right people? (11:00)
  • Providing a business in a box to the entrepreneur: (17:00)

Quotable Moments:

“We provide a business in a box to the entrepreneur. They are never going to have to go find some other way to do it. All the marketing pieces, all the flyers, everything.”

“I hope marketers really see themselves as not just marketers, but as revolutionaries.”

“You don’t have to start that low. I love that you start at $48,000. Totally extreme. It’s like, no, we know what we are. And because of that, you’re able to really get super, super dialed in on exactly who you’re and you’re marketing to.”

Other Tidbits:

Marcos discusses his journey building Amada and how he helps entrepreneurs start businesses tailored specifically for the audience they are trying to attract. He discusses how to manage a high-ticket funnel, building a franchise and how to market effectively.


Speaker 1: 00:00 Welcome to funnel hacker radio podcast, where we go behind the scenes and uncover the tactics and strategies top entrepreneurs are using to make more sales, dominate their markets, and how you can get those same results. Here is your host, Dave Woodward. Everybody welcome back. You guys have

Speaker 2: 00:19 of your life today. I am so excited. I’ve. I’ve known this guy for a long time and I want to make sure you guys understand. I bring on a lot of people onto the show here who’ve got everyone thinks, oh, I can use clickfunnels for information products or maybe for for lead Gen, for a retail shop or something like that. I want to introduce you guys to Marcus Mora, who is the founder of Amata senior care and it’s the coolest thing ever because they actually are using click funnels for franchises, but as cool as that is, marcus is the guy. Nicest guy you’ll ever meet in the entire world. The funnel hacking live. We were in San Diego, the botnet. It’s kind of a joke now, but we appreciate it. The time is bringing the jot down the loudest. Take the team out on the yacht and everything else is the Harvard, but without any further ado, let’s welcome to the show.

Speaker 2: 01:05 Hey, thank you dave. I really appreciate you having me on. This is a huge honor. I’ve been waiting my whole life for this interview. Oof. Well now your life is over. So yeah, it’s what a homer Simpson tells. Bart. Bart says this is the worst day of my life, Dad. And homer says your worst day so far, but this is like, this is the pinnacle man. It’s so cool to be on this call with you. Thank you so much. Well, hopefully this is the best day of your life so far. So anyways, I wanted to kind of for those, you guys don’t know what you do. Help people understand how in the world a franchise, especially in the senior care industry would be ended up using clickfunnels. Yeah. So this happened and I think so many people go through this, right? So, um, I think this is so click funnels launched.

Speaker 2: 01:55 What are your Dave? Two thousand 14. So yeah. So, so let’s go to 2014 and we’re doing what everybody else does out there. You, you need a new landing page because you’re trying to attract, uh, I don’t know, whatever you’re trying to attract, right? Uh, I wanna I want to attract a somebody who is male over the age of 30, who makes this much money that wants this product, right? Or I want to sell this. And what you had to do is whenever I want it to make that page or make a change to that page, I had to either go to an agency, right? The outsourced agency. And we’d say, here’s what we want. It’s okay. They’ll take three weeks, right? Or four weeks or whatever it is. Or we have to go to our, our, uh, our it team, right? And it was the same thing.

Speaker 2: 02:41 It was like, okay, that will take three weeks and you’re like, are you kidding me? Three weeks for you to change a title here, do that. And so I remember I was googling, um, uh, I know the, I don’t even know if I called it a landing page. I seriously guys, I have no tech skills, I’m a sales guy, right? All I needed as I, I needed content on a page, that’s it, right. And I knew what I wanted to say and I knew my audience really well, which is something we can talk about if he is kind of an interesting topic, but I knew that but I, but I had no idea and I think I found one of your competitors first because I think it took me like two or three different page makers into click funnels and so we were testing out and I will set something like all three of them, right?

Speaker 2: 03:25 I went to that stage where I think a lot of, a lot of people go through this where they have like four different landing page creators. Right? And, and, and you’re testing all of them and click funnels. Is it it? It was. It’s what we use to be able to be nimble. So what, here’s what we know is, is a lot of times we start with a message and the message is not quite right. And so we have to tweak it. We have to change it and we have to make the message too that your click through rates improve and so that’s how we started using clickfunnels back when you guys, man first launched and we have used it ever since, you know, that’s, that’s what we use to drive a tremendous amount of traffic to our company. I love it. Well, the cool thing is I know last year on stage or one of our first eight figure award winners.

Speaker 2: 04:13 Ring isn’t, I shouldn’t say little. It was a decent ring. I hope so. Yeah, bring it back and all the amazing things. You guys are doing tens of millions of dollars a year and I want to make sure people understand. One thing that you just made mention that is of really knowing your audience and how could you guys use linkedin a ton, which is a topic we don’t cover that much. So tell people as far as how. First of all, what is your audience? How did you find them and what do you do with them? Yeah. Okay. Now I’ll go back. So the ring that I got from you guys on stage, so my partner top of Jefferson played for the Chicago bears. He was a Lineman for the Chicago bears. He played for, played for two years and he got injured. So I no longer have that ring, like softwares.

Speaker 2: 05:01 That top of that is, that’s a super bowl ring you never got. So I seriously don’t tell Russell this, but I don’t know where the ring is anymore because to my office, like what is this? Is that is the wing that we got to click on? It goes. I am taken as he put it on his finger. Actually I got it a little too big and he’s a massive dude. He’s six foot six, half black, half Samoan, just a massive guy, right? So he’s got the ring. I hope that’s okay. But that was, that was a cool, a cool achievement for us. So, um, so knowing your audience, uh, we, we, um, we started advertising this franchise opportunity, which, so if you guys think about a franchise, it’s anything out there, right? It could be blaze pizza, a franchise that’s really growing like crazy right now, right where you make your own pizza, right?

Speaker 2: 05:52 That’s a franchise. And a basically an entrepreneur was thinking, what the heck do I do with my life? And uh, they stumbled onto blaze pizza or onto subway or you stumbled onto any of these franchises and ours just happens to be a franchise where we. So instead of making sandwiches, you’re caring for seniors in their homes, which is really cool, right? It’s a service that, that seniors need a, it, it changes people’s lives. So that’s what our franchise is, right? So I know that, that Dave, that I don’t know how many of your audiences in Franchisee, but, and it’s probably pretty different from everybody listening to this, right? Absolutely. Now, uh, so that’s, that’s who we are. We, we help entrepreneurs start businesses in the senior care space. And if you think about it, and if you go to what you guys always talk about, really what we’re selling is a high ticket funnel, right?

Speaker 2: 06:46 Is it, it’s a high ticket sale because our franchise fee is $48,000. So think about that. For those of you guys who are selling courses, you’re selling a, you know, an information product. Here’s what we do. We say, Hey, give me $48,000 and I will show you how to start a business that takes care of seniors. So you can say, well wait, is there like a recipe? No, there’s no recipe. Is there like a build out of what the stores? No, nothing like that. Like we’re going to coach you on how to become a senior care company, right? For $48,000. So, um, that’s, I mean, so think about that. This is what we sell. That’s, that’s the product, right? So, um, what we knew is we knew something really important that we didn’t want to sell the product to just anybody that had the money.

Speaker 2: 07:36 Uh, and in the world of franchising and maybe in the world of, of courses, maybe in the world of selling informational products, you may want to just sell the product to whoever has the money. But for us as little bit different, you’ve got to think about, we’re teaching somebody how to go and take care of seniors in their homes. This has to be somebody that is a good person who’s going to be a good entrepreneur, who’s going to do a good job and not only that, in our business, we make a royalty for the rest of their lives. So they pay us $48,000 and then we make five percent of all of their revenues forever. So we don’t want just anybody to be our Franchisee, right? We don’t want to go to war with just anybody. We want to have the marine, we want to have the green baret that’s going to go and build this business, right?

Speaker 2: 08:23 And become successful. So it became incredibly important to us that we needed to really know our audience. And I think that people say that they know their audience a lot of times and they really don’t write. Like sometimes people say, well, I want to attract, uh, people, okay, that’s not an audience. Well, I want to attract people who love energy drinks. Well, that’s still not an audience, right? So you have to really drill down into an audience of one, and in fact, I wish I take credit for this, but so much of this is what Russell talks about. Uh, we, you know, all of us, we read his first book like crazy and so much of this we learned from you guys when you’re talking, when you’re, when you’re attracting people, this idea that you’re speaking to one person, right? And who is that person?

Speaker 2: 09:14 Um, and so, so, uh, you know, that that’s a lot of the work that we did when we first started the company is who is that one person we would want to sell the franchise to. Um, and that I think made us really, really successful. So who is that one for you? Could you, I know you guys got this dialed in really super tight. Yeah. So this is something we also stumbled onto. So, uh, so one of my partners played in the nfl and he’s never had a job in his life. The other partner, his name is Chad, and he was a pfizer pharmaceutical rep, so he had been in healthcare for 10 years and then he quit his job and we started a modest senior care and shadow was this amazing salesperson, right? He, he had been trained by some of the best companies out there.

Speaker 2: 10:00 He’d been trained by Pfizer. Uh, he worked for Baxter for a little bit. So these, like amazing sales organizations. So we’re sitting down and uh, we start to get these, these leads, right? We start to get these leads of people that want to open a modest senior cares and they’re all crap, right? They’re just terrible leads. And uh, and by the way people with money, like we had people would have said, take my $48,000. And we’re saying, no thank you. Can you imagine like, come, especially as your first that’s like, whoa. Yeah, exactly. Right now we’re just starting out. And so we’re saying no to people and so we’re sitting down, it was a late night dinner. We’re thinking we’ve really got to find who it is we want to advertise to. And we said, well, what about Chad? Chad is a pfizer pharmaceutical rep. what if we could advertise this opportunity and say, Hey, those of you in America, if you sell pharmaceuticals, if you sell medical devices, if you’re a basically in healthcare sales, this could be the franchise for you.

Speaker 2: 11:00 And we and we all got really excited about. And then we, and then we thought, how the heck do we do that? How do we actually take our offer and put it in front of. And we started like drawing the person male over the age of 40. He is married, he has kids, he has worked for some of the best pharmaceutical companies in the world. Um, he makes about $150,000 a year and he is now to the point where he feels like all he’ll ever be is a salesperson. All he’ll ever be is somebody who goes and tells doctors to prescribe Viagra, right? Like they get to the point where they want more of life. And, and this is somebody though that makes $150,000 a year, which is not nothing that’s a good salary. But they have this pain and so we, we, we, we did all that.

Speaker 2: 11:52 We had a picture, we had a picture of, we got a mind, you’re like, this is what it looks like. We pinned it to the wall and we wrote down all these things about this person and then it came, you know, how the heck do we find them? And uh, and then we, we, we were thinking about a different, different job boards and different places. And then linkedin came as maybe the opportunity because on Linkedin, what you can do is if you know exactly who you’re looking for, you can then send in an advertisement or an inmail or an ad or something to that one person. So I have an ad for example, and you know, you guys can steal this if you want a funnel hacking, right? So, um, but we have an ad that goes on linkedin that says life after Pfizer and, and it has a picture of a person and that ad only shows up to males over the age of 40 who are salespeople for Pfizer.

Speaker 2: 12:57 And, and so when that ad shows up to that person, you know, they’re on their computer, they’re on linkedin or they’re on their phone right in there, they’re looking at it and all of a sudden this ad comes across as life after Pfizer. I’m like, holy crap, I mean, I work at Pfizer. What isn’t. So our clicksor rates started going through the roof, right? Because you’re taking a message that is so incredibly targeted to one person. And once we started doing that and then came the magic of clickfunnels, because once they clicked on Linkedin to an ad that said life after Pfizer or a pharmaceutical layoffs, you know, we would, we would, we have this messaging that was really a punch in the face, right? I mean, you have to punch him in the face if they’re going to listen. And then he’d go to a clickfunnels page and on the click funnels page I think is what a lot of people don’t do.

Speaker 2: 13:49 And Dave, if I’m talking too much, you gotta, you gotTa shut me up. Okay, I will. You keep going. You’re doing awesome. So, um, so what happens is once you click on the linkedin ad and they go to, they go to the clickfunnels page, we, we kept the conversation going. So I think what a lot of people do is once you’ve grabbed them, you’re throwing them on some website and all the website does is talk about how handsome you are, how nice you are, how amazing you are, and what your product is and how amazing your product is. And you’ve lost this communication. You’ve lost the opportunity to tell your audience why this is good for them, how we can change your life. And so our landing page would say, again, life after Pfizer, find out why you, the pharmaceutical rep are ideal to become an entrepreneur, to take care of seniors, what you know is so valuable.

Speaker 2: 14:39 And we would talk about them, we wouldn’t talk about us, we talk about them. And so then that conversion, that landing page and click funnels converted better than anything we had ever done. Um, and uh, and that’s, and that’s what we did. And so, uh, we are one of the only franchise in the world that we were trying to like get this, uh, to be, uh, like, I don’t know Guinness Book of Records or something, but we’re like the only franchise in the world where almost all of our franchisees are either medical device sales people who left medical devices or pharmaceutical people who left pharmaceuticals. And that’s something we’re super, super proud of that, that it really did work that if you go out there and you really can service one person and change your life, um, that I believe you, you can be successful. I love it.

Speaker 2: 15:29 I think that’s probably one of the main reason I wanted to have you on the show is you’re so good at being able to identify exactly that Avatar. I mean literally down to the picture on your wall and exactly what he looks like. And I think that’s the problem with so many people when they first get started is they think, oh, I’m going to start off on a $7 tripwire thing. I’m to send it out to the world. And whoever clicks on it, that’s where my audience is going to be. I’m like, stop. You don’t have to start that low. I love that you start at $48,000. Totally extreme. It’s like, no, we know what we are. And because of that, you’re able to really get super, super dialed in on exactly who you’re, who you’re who you’re marketing to. And again, you guys are amazing the market.

Speaker 2: 16:08 I know you. You’re the brains behind all this marketing stuff there, Marcos. And so it’s really cool to see how you’ve made, been able to build this in. And you guys built a huge, huge company out of this. So help me understand though. Now person spends $48,000 and they get this coaching. Where does it take them? What, what are you getting five percent of? How does it, I mean usually other franchise, they’ve got a physical building and the seats and everything else. So how you guys, are you guys doing that? Well, you know, I think the, the big part of this is uh, what we, what we really provide to them as the system that, uh, that they would need in order to go out and market their business to hospitals, skinner’s facilities into the families, right? So you need to contracts, you need crm, you need a point of sales system to do billing and all that stuff, right?

Speaker 2: 17:01 So we provide a business in a box to the entrepreneur. They’re never going to have to go find some other way to do it. All the marketing pieces, all the flyers, a, everything. Seriously, everything they would need is his business in a box for them to go out there. Right? Um, I’m going to cut you off there real quick and I think a lot of people miss is people will pay for done for you. And I think you guys, what do you call it? Business box or whatever you want to name it. I mean, the reality is you’ve literally done absolutely everything for him. So it’s plug and play. They don’t have to think beyond just following your exact business model, which I think for, for a lot of people are listening to this realize there’s a lot of people who are in that same situation.

Speaker 2: 17:43 Maybe they are in their thirties, forties, fifties. As people continue to age, they’re like, I’m not done working. I still want to be able to provide value to people and your service provides is massive, massive value. So I think that’s killer. Yeah. You know, and in talking about that, what I think is interesting is people with whatever offer they have, you think about a $48,000 offer to somebody and there’s lots of ways for you to, to show that offer, right? And you think about, if you think about what we’re doing is just saying, give me $48,000 and I’ll show you how to take care of seniors, which is not a glamorous thing, right? This is changed guys. It’s changing diapers. It’s, um, you know, moving people into the shower giving baths. Right now the entrepreneur is in doing that work. It’s the caregivers who are doing it, but in no way are we selling something that is glamorous.

Speaker 2: 18:36 I’m now and I think that sometimes people don’t realize this, that the $48,000 franchise fee, the reason somebody who’s really paying you that, the reason their pain is that is there’s a pain point. There is something that they want in their lives that they cannot get and what they come to believe. And what your, what your. I think your job as a marketer, a with authenticity at least is to give that audience the idea that, hey, this vehicle that I have for you could be the solution to the pain that you’re having and yeah, it’s $48,000, but it will, it will get you to where you want to, where you want to be, right? It doesn’t matter that it’s home care. It doesn’t matter that a senior care, it’s the vehicle that’s going to allow them to become somebody different that’s going to allow them to achieve something, be be with their families, uh, have control, not have a boss anymore.

Speaker 2: 19:32 Whatever that those things are right. And I do believe people would pay, I truly believe actually, that if we raise our franchise fee to $75,000 today, we would still have people join our franchise because of the, the amazing value we’re providing to them, uh, even after they buy the franchise. And also the fact that we’re solving such a, such incredible pain that people have in corporate America. Right? Which is our audience. I love it. Oh man marks. I can talk to you for hours on end about this kind of stuff as we get close to kind of wrap things up though. Any other parting words, things you want to make sure people know or learn from you. Um, Gosh, you know what, I, I think with this, for the topic of today that the, what I’ve learned so much from click funnels that I learned from you, Dave, alert from you, from, from Russell, is really, really understand your audience.

Speaker 2: 20:23 None of us have unlimited dollars. So let me tell you guys, you know, if you, if you study the Egyptian revolution, this is kinda weird, but stick with me on this. What? Gibbins resolution. Yeah. So did jeff, were like, this sucks, we hate our dictator, the dictator is bad, what do we do about it? And it’s all these college kids that are pissed off, right? And like, what do we do now? College kids, they have no money, right? Um, and if, if, if the authorities figure out what they’re trying to do, there’ll be killed. So think about that marketing. So if you’re doing marketing, think about that’s what you’re trying to market is a revolution to topple the dictator and you’re going to go take to facebook and you’re going to do all that. So what’s crazy about the Egyptian revolution is they were able to identify exactly who their audience was, why they were so upset about their dictator, and they were able to rally people in the millions to join the revolution and they actually toppled their dictator.

Speaker 2: 21:26 If you, it’s really cool, you see there’s an image where, uh, in Egypt and they’re in this town square and there’s really millions of people on the street and it started with these college kids going, we’ve got to build a revolution. And, and again, all they did is they knew who the audience was, they knew the pain points were, and if you do that, it doesn’t matter if you have a dollar in your pocket, if you have a million dollars, you can actually build a revolution. And I think you guys did that with click funnels as well, you know, we’re aspiring to do. And that’s what I had hoped that, that marketers really see themselves as not just marketers, but as revolutionaries. That’s what you’re really doing. I love it when Marcus, thanks so much. If people want to reach out to you, what’s easiest way for me to reach out to you? I don’t know, linkedin, anywhere. You guys feel free to reach out to me. I love this click funnels community. Uh, people reach out all the time. So just reach out to me on, on facebook or Linkedin or however you call me, whatever. Anyway, you guys can reach out. Happy to, uh, to get that reach. I love it. Marcus, thanks so much for your time, bud. We’ll talk to you real soon. You got it.

Speaker 3: 22:34 Hey everybody, thank you so much for taking the time to listen to podcasts. If you don’t mind, could you please share this with others, rate and review this podcast on itunes. It means the world to me where I’m trying to get to as a million downloads here in the next few months and just crush through over $650,000 and I just want to get the next few 100,000 so we can get to a million downloads and see really what I can do to help improve and and get this out to more people. At the same time. If there’s a topic, there’s something you’d like me to share or someone you’d like me to interview, by all means, just reach out to me on facebook. You can pm me and I’ll be more than happy to take any of your feedback as well as if you’d like me to interview more than happy to reach out and have that conversation with you. So again, go to Itunes, rate and review this, share this podcast with others and let me know how else I can improve this or what I can do to make this better for you guys. Thanks.

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