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What’s up everybody? Good morning. This is Russell Brunson. I want to welcome you back to The Marketing Secrets podcast. Right now, I’m working on the One Funnel Away Challenge and wanted to jump in and say, “Hey”.

Hey, so this morning, I’m working on day number two of the One Funnel Away Challenge. Some of you guys know for the last almost three years now, we’ve been running the One Funnel Away Challenge. We had over 70,000 people go through, which is crazy to me.

That one challenge alone, it’s $100 per ticket, it almost about to hit 2 Comma Club X, which is exciting. Anyway, I decided that I wanted to redo it and kind of update it. And I wanted to do it live. A lot of you guys know, I just did the five day lead challenge live and it was really fun. And now I want to transition to do the One Funnel Away live.

So I started yesterday and did the first training and it was great, except for after I got done, we’d open it up for Q and A’s. And there was like so many questions that, if I would have taught it a little differently, those questions wouldn’t have been there. So I’m actually going in this morning early and I’m rerecording. I’m bringing my clothes I wore yesterday. I’m rerecording the last half of day one. And then we’re going to kind of mush that together and fix that for everybody that way moving forward, because this is the only time it will be live. After that, it’ll have to be replayed because I can’t do the live challenge every day for the rest of my life. So we’ll kind of clean up the video and that way they’ll have it moving forward. And then I’m doing day number two and then every day basically I’m going live for the next, almost 30 days.

I’m not doing live on the weekends, but four weeks. So 20 days in a room Monday through Friday and it’s exciting. And it’s kind of fun because every time I teach this stuff, it gets clearer in my head. And it’s one of the reasons why I think it’s so important for all of you guys and me to publish so much. Between podcasts and videos and audios and speaking and doing challenges. And the more you do it, the more your message gets refined and the better it gets. I’ve been doing this now almost 20 years. So God, that’s weird to say. I’ve been doing this for a long, long, long time and I’m still cleaning my message up. Like today, I just had these little aha’s. And anyway I just want to put that out there for you guys. You think you have said your stuff and taught your stuff a lot, you haven’t yet. You’re still just a very, very beginning of it. That’s number one.

Number two. One of my big aha’s and little takeaways today that I had, not that it was new, but just a new way to kind of teach it that I thought was interesting. I want to share with you guys, I talk a lot about frameworks and how we all need to be developing our own frameworks. And we still have a ton of different frameworks. And frameworks are just basically a step-by-step process, which teach somebody. So let’s say you’ve gotten results in the past. So let’s say you figured out how to get six pack abs or how to climb a mountain or how to head throw someone in wrestling or you, you figured out a result. And so how do you do that result? Well, you stand there and you break down the step by step. Step, number one, you do this. Step two, you do this. Step three, and you have this framework for how to reverse engineer, the result that you just got.

And so that framework is the thing that we’re selling. And so when you have that framework, there’s a lot of things you can do with it. And what I was kind of mapping out here in my notes is that you can take that framework and I think you could teach it to most people in three minutes. It’s like, here’s my framework for how I do a head throw or whatever. How to lose weight or how to do whatever. And that three minute version could be like a YouTube video or an ad. I’m going to teach my framework. And they show the framework and it’s really cool. Like, “Oh, that’s amazing. I understand the framework.”

But then there’s the next tier of the framework. So let’s say, it says three minutes. Let’s say you’re going to teach that same framework, nothing different, just teaching the same framework. And this time you’re going to teach it in an hour. And so you are… You teach it in an hour. So you teach the framework in an hour. And now that framework though, you can sell or you can give away to the lead magnet or you could sell it. So in what we’re doing for the One Funnel Away Challenge, this is going to be their $7 offer. And so they have this framework. They’re selling for $7 and instead of teaching an hour long version of that framework. So if I’m teaching a head throw in an hour, that might be a little hard. But if I’m teaching… Let’s say I’m teaching how to lose weight in an hour, how to get six pack abs, or how to run a Facebook ad or whatever. I teach that thing in an hour and that becomes this product now that I can sell for $7.

I’m productizing my framework. I’m taking the framework, turning it into a product, now by bulking it up. And then now, I have the ability to sell that. But now, it’s like, okay, what if I took that hour long version and the say there’s six steps in that framework. In an hour, I spend 10 minutes in each step. So what if instead I take that and instead of spending 10 minutes on each step, what if I spent on hour in each step? So I take that and a breakdown this framework, instead of being done in one hour, it’s done over six modules. Now, it’s a six hour course where each bullet point, each step in that process, I spend a full hour on. And now I just turned this thing from $7 offer into a six week course or six module course.

And taking the same thing. I’m just teaching it different. I’m bulking it up. I’m telling more stories, I’m showing more examples, I’m showing more case studies. And I’m just doing more each at each level of it. And so now it becomes a six week course. And I can sell it for that for $297 or more. And then the next tier on top of that is, okay, how do we do a ‘done for you’ version? So instead of me just teaching this, I’m just going to do it for you. So it becomes a service or coaching or things like that. And that can sell from anywhere from 500 bucks to 10,000, 25,000, a 100,000 dollars or more. And it’s just taking the same framework I already have, but now I’m actually doing it. I’m showing them how to do it. And so that’s kind of the next tier, the next step.

And so, anyways, it’s interesting. I think lot of times we think we need to create a million different products, have a million different things, but, no, you’re just taking your same framework and you’re expanding upon it. You’ve got three minute version, the hour long version, the six module version, the live event version, the workshop version, the coaching version, the one-on-one coaching version. There’s a whole bunch of different ways to package it and to fulfill on it. And I think that the key that people have to understand is that people will spend more money for the same product packaged in a different way. When you understand that it changes all these things. And it’s exciting. So anyway, I just, this morning I was doodling that out. I’m going to be sharing it on day number two of OFA.

I thought that’d be fun to share that with you guys and just get the wheels in your head spinning. What are your frameworks? Have you been thinking about that? What are the things that you teach? That you know how to do. The results that you know how to get for people. Start thinking about those and start developing them and start figuring them out and then make different versions of it. There’s the 30 day challenge version. There’s the book version. There’s, there’s a million ways to package it, structure it in a way that’s going to help your dream clients get results.

So anyway, that’s all I got for this morning. Let me go back to finish preparing this. If you haven’t done the One Funnel Away Challenge, you probably should do it. It’s amazing. It was a hundred bucks and you get me live 20 days in a row. Plus you, well live this first version. You’ll get the recordings if you sign up later, but it’s still going to be worth it. Every day I stream a live presentation and I teach the strategy and then I give you the homework. I give you a one pager showing the tactics with homework assignments and things like that. And it’s a lot of fun. Anyway, I hope that helps. Appreciate you all. Thanks for listening. And we’ll see you guys soon. Bye everybody.

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