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Why Dave Decided to talk with Myles Clifford about Affiliate Marketing:

With ClickFunnels rolling out their new One Funnel Away Challenge, Dave thought it would be a great idea to let us all in on the secrets and tips of Affiliate Marketing. He is joined today by Mr. Myles Clifford, a fellow ClickFunnels employee. Dave and Myles talk about ClickFunnels’ sticky cookies if you decide to become an affiliate for us and tons of useful tips and tricks for your own affiliate work. Listen to hear just how important (and simple) it is to publish content about your journey. Others want to hear your story and journey and affiliate marketing could just be the vehicle in which you tell this story.

Tips and Tricks for You and Your Business:

(1:07) Do You Really Know How Affiliate Marketing Can Not Only Help Your Bank Account, But Also Your Own Business?

(1:48) What ClickFunnels’ Affiliate Marketing Will Look Like This Year

(7:00) How Sticky Are Your Cookies? (FYI These Aren’t Your Grandmama’s Cookies)

(9:15) Russell Has Written Your Swipe Copy…No This is Not a Fantasy

(15:30) Publish for Leads

(16:48) Document Your Journey

Quotable Moments:

“The whole idea about affiliate marketing is to learn about marketing and become a great marketer. Then you can use whatever business, product, or service and bring it into that.”

“When you’re marketing, you have to understand copy and you have to understand traffic.”

“Document Your Journey. That’s the most important thing, you don’t have to come up with content. Just document your journey.”


Speaker 1: 00:00 Welcome to funnel hacker radio podcast, where we go behind the scenes and uncover the tactics and strategies top entrepreneurs are using to make more sales, dominate their markets, and how you can get those same results. Here’s your host, Dave Woodward.

Speaker 2: 00:17 Hey everybody. Welcome back to funnel hacker radio. This is gonna be a fun episode. I have the opportunity of having Mr Myles Clifford in the house with me. Great episode. I’m excited to be here. We’re going to cover a lot of different topics today, but they’re all going to be surrounded around affiliate marketing. They’ve asked me to do this because we love affiliate marketing. We love our affiliates and we’re going to and tell you what’s coming up and how you guys can go out and crush it as an affiliate for clickfunnels or for others as well. So yeah, let’s jump right into this. All right, so for a lot of you guys are kind of understand or trying to figure out how do I actually get started making money online? That seems to be one of the biggest things we run across our first year. There’s a lot of people who are out there saying, gosh, I’d love to make more money this year.

Speaker 2: 00:54 How can I do it? So one of the things, I’m going to do a podcast here real quick with Julie Coyne and we’ll be talking to her with regard to agencies and how you can create your own agency. That’s great. And all the one thing, both an agency as well as a affiliate marketing have in common. And that is you don’t have to have your own product. And that’s the main thing that miles I want to talk to you about is too often we have a lot of people think they wanna start making money online, but they spend all their time trying to create a product that they don’t even know if it’s going to sell. So the whole idea behind affiliate marketing is to learn about marketing and to become a great marketer. And then you can go ahead and you can use whatever type of business or product or service you want to bring into that.

Speaker 2: 01:33 So what the hell? That said, I’m one talk to you about some of the things that are inside of our affiliate marketing program, how it works, how did the commission’s work, what is it? Sticky cookie, why is that important to you? And more importantly, what are the actual products and services that we have coming up? So what’s the first one we in launching this year? So the first one we have launching this year is our one funnel away challenge. And if you know clickfunnels, you know we usually do 40 percent recurring commissions and 40 percent commissions on other products that people purchase, which by the way, so what is recurring commissions? Commissions. Yeah. So if someone signs up for click funnels, you’re going to get 40 percent of what they pay each month. So if someone’s paying $97 a month to use click funnels and they signed up through your affiliate link, you’re going to get 40 percent of that each and every month.

Speaker 2: 02:15 So it’s not just a one time thing. You’re not just making $38 and eighty cents one time, you’re making $38 and eighty cents every stinkin month, which adds up. You get 10 people sign up, you’re making $380, $88, I don’t know math very well, but you make $388 a month and get 10 people sign up for clickfunnels. You double that triple that. Like people have quit their jobs just getting others to sign up for clickfunnels. But. So that’s, that’s, you know, we’ll get into that here in a minute. But the first thing we have launching is the one funnel away challenge. And not only are we paying commissions on it, we’re paying actually 100 percent commissions on it. So it’s $100 to join the one funnel away challenge. So for every person you get to join that, you’re going to make 100 bucks. You have a mother who wants to, you know, everyone’s setting your goals, like Dave just said.

Speaker 2: 02:57 So people are trying to find ways to make money online, supplemented income or pay for the car payment every single month. If you can get just a few people to sign up for the one funnel away challenge, that’s a few hundred dollars in your pocket. So what exactly is the one funnel? A challenge. What do they get for 100 bucks? How’s all that work together? So we, we, we did this back in September and it was attached to a different product, but it was. We have Steven Larsen who, man, he should be in here because he’s the, I think he said one of the Kings of affiliate marketing. Right now you have Steven Larsen, Julie Stuart, and Russell Brunson. And for 30 days they’re going to take you by the hand and not only going to take you by the hand, they’re going to prod you from behind. They’re gonna push that sound.

Speaker 2: 03:33 They’re going to just push you like crazy a cut that out real fast from behind. Make sure you cut that out. Listen to this. What’s his name? Uh, Scott. Cut that out. So not only are you going to, okay now Russell and Julie and Steven coaching you, they’re going to be pushing you along through your, I guess click funnels during. They’re going to help you figure out a product or an offer. It doesn’t have to be your own product and we’re going to go through that, but they’re going to tell you what you need to do, how to use click funnels, how to build. Man, that whole thing threw me off. Sorry, the prod from behind. So the funnel of again,

Speaker 3: 04:10 so guys, what’s going to happen here is you get the opportunity to sign up for one funnel, a challenge, and what they get is as miles was talking to you about it, they get a 30 day challenge and you’ll probably see these challenges that really become one of the major things that have built a lot of the weight loss industry and the industry. We’re seeing the same thing taking place inside of coaching programs in internet marketing. One of the great things about the challenge is they’re going to get daily content. So what happens here is Russell went over and basically gives a 10,000 foot level. Julie came in and said, okay, let’s take that 10,000 foot level and break it down into daily actionable steps and then steven actually comes on on a daily basis and he’s going to actually help people understand exactly what they need to do every single day and give them encouragement and motivation to make sure they get lily take action to get that done. The reason this is important to you is what you’re gonna find in your group and the people that you’re working with

Speaker 3: 05:05 is people these days. They feel like they get just information overload. And so the way that we’ve kind of combat that information overload is to literally say, stop looking at everything else. Pay attention for the next 30 days and literally do each and every little tiny step. And that’s the whole idea behind the one funnel with challenge. Now what they’re going to pay for the hundred dollars, $100 bucks gives them an actual hard bound book of the 30 days plan. And this is where we went through in September, is miles referring to you and actually contacted 100 of our top two comma club award winners, 30 them submitted their actual plans, meaning if you were to lose absolutely everything and all you had was click funnels and your marketing knowledge, what would you do to get back on top and the next 30 days and they literally created a page by page action item and it Louise over 550 pages.

Speaker 3: 05:53 They get that hard bound book. In addition to that, they also get an MP three, the MP three player has all the content of the last challenge so they can start listening to that in advance and getting that done. They get a map literally is a step by step what they’re going to do over the next 30 days to actually make sure this takes place. They get invited into part of our mighty network group, which is a community where they can now work with others and actually have accountability partners to make sure they actually make things happen over the course of the next 30 days. For us, the whole idea here is we want to make sure that anybody you’re promoting this out to get massive value, you will find we will over deliver on this product more so than anything else. As miles mentioned, we asked, you’re paying 100 percent commission.

Speaker 3: 06:31 We’ve never ever done this before until we get it in September and had over 7,500 people sign up. We gave out at $75,000 in commissions. We expect this time to be somewhere between 100,000, $150,000 in commissions directly to you. What want to do is to make sure that you’re actually getting value out of this and so they, whenever they sign up, that hundred bucks goes directly to you. We don’t get anything. We actually lose money on this deal. One thing smiles mentioned though is it sets a sticky cookie for you. So what the heck is a sticky cooking? Why would that be important to me to listening?

Speaker 2: 07:00 Alright, so a sticky cookie. This is where it’s important. As we talked about, you get recurring commissions or you make 40 percent or in this case, under our CPA, so somebody signs up for the one funnel away, challenge through your affiliate link when they purchase something going forward, whether that’s another book or another training program, or they sign up for click funnels because they’re going to be encouraged to during the week challenge, you’re going to get the commissions for that. So they are therefore sticky cookie to your affiliate id or their sticky cookie to you. Meaning anytime they buy something, anytime they sign up for something, you’re going to get the commissions for those products or for those services. So that’s huge because really you promote one time to somebody and then they’re kind of your customer forever. So you’re going to make that money. You know, obviously they’re not buying from you, but once you get them sign up through your affiliate link, they’re yours.

Speaker 3: 07:47 So one of the great things about that is we actually do a lot of our own email promotions and marketing on the back end. So if we send out any emails, we never send an affiliate links with that. So if they click on that link, whoever the last affiliate was, they clicked on being you. You didn’t get the missions on any additional products. The reason this is super important to you is this next year, our whole focus is just going to be on creating front end products. So right now if you were take a look at their certain, first of all miles, they want to sign up for an affiliate or if they’re already aren’t they like how do they check their stats? Where do they go to get that? Oh,

Speaker 2: 08:16 well if you go to, what’s your dream If you’re not an affiliate yet, go to what’s your dream and sign up to become an affiliate if you already are. That’s where you can check your dashboards, grabbed the other affiliate links, because we. If you go into that dashboard and it’s been a while since you’ve been in there, you can see that we have a ton of different products. David was just talking about different front end products and we’re going to be adding more and that’s just ways to get people into click funnels into Russel Brunson into this realm and world where they can just continue to purchase more things, but then also continue to grow and learn and then that means they have more money to purchase and grow, and so it’s just an amazing thing for you guys. So go to what’s your dream Sign up to become an affiliate if you aren’t already. If you are an affiliate already, go grab some of your links and are sharing

Speaker 3: 08:58 so it doesn’t cost you anything to become an affiliate, which is awesome because the whole idea here is there’s no way you can lose on this deal. In addition to that, we’re going to be rolling out this year, our new affiliate bootcamp you can get. You can go to bootcamp right now and still get a bunch of training. We’re going to revamp that probably in April or May and, uh, put some additional stuff in there. So realize as an affiliate, you don’t need any products. All you need is marketing knowhow, so affiliate bootcamp is actually where you are to get the knowledge. What’s your dream car? Dot Com is where you can get the links, plus you also get swipe copy, so minus what is swipe copy.

Speaker 2: 09:30 Swipe copy is done for you, so if they were to create swipe copy for this podcast, he would have handed me a sheet that I would read everything off and I wouldn’t have to think on my own. I can literally just copy it and it would be done for you. So you have swipe copy where you copy it, put it into your email autoresponder, and we literally like. I don’t know if you know this, Russell Brunson may be one of the world’s greatest marketers and copywriters. He’s written that swipe copy, so you’re getting Russell Brunson to write your swipe copy and you just send it out and it’s done for you. So that’s already done for you. There’s a graphics and images that you can use as well, so we’ve provided as much as we can for you so you don’t have to do a lot of that label. If you don’t have to write the email, if you don’t have to create assets or images and things like that, you can go into the affiliate dashboard and grab those. They’re done for you.

Speaker 3: 10:14 Yeah, they’re awesome. Part is you don’t have to worry about the funnel because the funnels already been created that swipe copy of those links. They lead to the funnel. Once they’re in the funnel, they get the top of the funnel where they basically entered their email address in. As miles mentioned earlier. You get sticky cookies to them and as long as no other affiliate promotes them directly, they don’t click on the field. It’s like you’re going to get any additional commissions. Uh, the other great thing about it is, as you first get started going online, the key here is to learn marketing. So I highly recommend that you go ahead and you actually read through the email copy, understand the copy. You can, obviously you can change it, you can add to it, uh, but the copies there to give you a template or something to at least get started with.

Speaker 3: 10:51 Realize that when you first get started in affiliate marketing, your only focus is to learn how to drive traffic and to learn how to continue to write copy. Those are the two things that matter most. So one of the things I always recommend is if you want to get better at writing copy funnel scripts is probably the best tool I can think of to actually do that. It’s 500 bucks. Basically buy it for the year and it literally writes your copy’s for you, meaning you type in a couple of, uh, it’s kind of like fill in the blank and then fills out an entire email copy for you, gives you subject lines and gives you a ton of subject lines. It’s not just one, I don’t know how many Jim Edwards has in there, but every time you do it, you get a ton of different headlines. You also get a different email copy and you have to understand this is all, even though it’s computer generated, this is from the best of the best of the best copywriters over the last hundred plus years where Jim went out and he literally took all of the copy secrets and all the things that Gary Halbert and all the other amazing copywriters have written over the last hundred hundred 50 years and that now is in software where you fill in the blanks.

Speaker 3: 11:53 It literally creates all of your emails. It creates all of your subject lines. It actually will do podcast for you. It’ll do webinars, powerpoint, I mean it does a ton. I’m just talking. When you’re learning marketing, you have to understand copy and you have to understand traffic. So as far as traffic, we typically recommend the best places to start off is with facebook and in affiliate bootcamp there. John Parks who runs all of our traffic for us, I think he’s got what, three or four modules on trees. Facebook tracking does. He does three or four in there. Miles, if they want to learn additional things as far as the market, what else can we provide to them?

Speaker 2: 12:23 So I mean first and foremost is the best way for you is if you’re promoting these products, make sure you have them as well. Like if you’re going to promote the expert secrets book, make sure you’ve gone through that book and studied it and the Dotcom secrets book because you can’t tell people what kind of values can provide until you realize the kind of value that’s in those books or in the different products and programs, right? Um, and I want to reemphasize what Dave said about funnel scripts. That is, you know, as you go through and it generates all these headlines and copy as you see that you begin to see patterns in the way people respond to different ads and different headlines, different topics as you use that. You’ll see, okay, these, these are what’s working, and then it’s going to be embedded in your mind.

Speaker 2: 13:03 You’re not going to have to rely on that. Although we use it all the time, but it’s absolutely amazing. It is a shortcut to create or the best copy out there, but there’s a ton. So if you’re not already in affiliate bootcamp, I recommend going and using that like they’ve just been afraid. I feel like Yeah, it’s 100 percent free. I would go dive into that right now and as Dave mentioned, we’re revamping it. So take advantage of what’s there right now, but then you’ll definitely want to go back and take advantage of it when we revamped. It’s going to be absolutely incredible. I’m so giddy for that. It’s going to be an incredible. There’s, I mean there’s a ton of other things out there. Dave, do we want to send them other places like we watch them back to her book. So there’s a book that we read here in the office to help all of us, um, you know, master this craft of marketing in the book is called great leads. Uh, it’s all about writing copy, creating headlines, the different audiences you want to talk to, whether they’re really aware of the product or not aware at all. How would you write to those different audiences?

Speaker 2: 13:56 If you want any help, we have a ton of different courses. We have traffic secrets that you can use, obviously that’s in the affiliate bootcamp, but do you want to learn hundreds and hundreds of different ways to drive traffic to your site or to different products? Traffic Secrets is they’re obviously expert secrets, you know, building a tribe. You can do that on secrets. It’s all about how to use funnels and utilize them so that the three things that we have is affiliate bootcamp. Obviously, it’s absolutely incredible. The paintings is expert secrets funnel scripts. Uh, we have. I wish Tenex secrets was still open, but it’s not. I’m sorry guys. We have the one funnel away challenge, like, that’s going to be incredible. I think that is worth every penny, especially for you guys. If you’re just getting into this and you want to start making money online, invest in one funnel away challenged. Have Steven Julian, Russell take you by the hand to show you what you need to do to create income and to sell your own product, but more importantly to sell other people’s products. That’s how a of people get started and that’s how I got started in entrepreneurship. That’s how Steven got started in entrepreneurship, like affiliate marketing is the way is kind of that gateway drug to entrepreneurship. If you asked me,

Speaker 3: 15:00 I love it, so guys understand the most important thing for you right now is to learn marketing and the best way to learn marketing is actually to go out and start marketing other products and services and that’s what affiliate marketing is all about. We have the facebook, the facebook of group where you can post comments and questions in there were pretty active and they’re responding to questions. Their affiliate, and by all means one funnel. A challenge I think is probably as miles said, is if you really want to get started, it’s probably the best hundred bucks you will ever spend a. you’ll get a ton of value out of it and most importantly, as miles mentioned, I’m a huge believer in the fact that the best way to promote things is to actually already bought it, used it, consumed it. Then you know what they’re getting and you’re not just saying, well, I heard this might work.

Speaker 3: 15:44 The last thing I want to make mention of, and that’s the importance of publishing and we always talk about building a list and you can either build, either work your way in or you buy your way in and you can just spend a whole bunch of money trying to buy your way in as far as creating a list, which again, if you’ve got some extra money, I highly recommend that you do that. The other thing is you can basically work your way in and that’s by literally just spending the time going out and publishing. So miles, any publishing secrets are ticked.

Speaker 2: 16:09 Tips that you recommend I would publish as often as possible. I think Dave as well, we find this correlation when I’m publishing a lot more on instagram or facebook, that’s when people are reaching out to me and asked me, hey, what are you doing? Tell me about clickfunnels. Tell me about this, and it’s literally three traffic to me. People are reaching out to me for my affiliate links or you know, that’s how I’m making money. There’s a correlation between the more that you publish, the more people are going to see you and see what you’re doing and be interested in asking for help and asking for guidance. Know, no matter where you’re at on your path, there’s someone who’s a few steps behind you and they’re looking up to you and if you can provide that value to them, they’re going to follow you and believe it or not, they’re going to purchase through your affiliate link because you’re providing value to them.

Speaker 2: 16:49 Uh, it’s the same with me like Russell Brunson. Uh, that’s how I, you know, I looked up to him and I still look up to him and now I’m following everything that he does. Like I’m following his facebook and instagram. So publish as often as possible as Steven Martin says, publish, publish your face off because whether it’s a podcast, facebook, instagram, youtube, you know, whatever is best for you. What if you hate writing, then podcast. If you hate talking, then then, right? So just get out there, document your journey, that’s the most part. You don’t have to come up with content, document what you’re doing, other people want to see what you’re doing and they want to follow you. So that’s my advice is just document Gary v says at Russell, says it, Steven says it, just document what you’re doing because people aren’t interested. If people want to follow somebody,

Speaker 3: 17:30 I love it. So we’re going to end on that note as far as document your journey. So if you’re just getting starting to feel it, marketing, there’s nothing better than documenting that journey because other people are gonna fall behind you and you’ll find that your linkedin, everything else, they get clicked on overtime. So document the journey. Again, if you’re a writer, that means you’re gonna. Write a blog. Steven [inaudible], who is our very first number one affiliate, he did all his through blogs and so write a blog and that for him was how he liked to publish. If you have a preferred to speaking, audio is great. Start a podcast, a anchor dot FM is probably easiest. Fast way of getting started. Were you living when you record push play and it’s done and you don’t have to worry about all the post editing stuff that a lot of our team best for miles and I on this podcast, so podcast is a huge thing from an audio standpoint as mentioned as far as facebook live, instagram stories, all those things are ways of getting your, of your video and your voice and your face out there and then obviously be saved.

Speaker 3: 18:25 They can put on youtube and you can then start building up a whole long history on youtube as well. So the key this year, I hope, if nothing else is learn how to market and learn how to publish. Any other parting words?

Speaker 2: 18:37 No, I think that’s 100 percent right because you know this one, the only challenge is a great thing, but we have so many other amazing things coming this year. Make sure you guys are prepared for those because it’s going to be just incredible and an opportunity for you to learn as a marketer and as an entrepreneur and to make some really good money as an affiliate marketer. So hopefully you guys enjoyed this episode. I’m dave and I were just been so excited about what’s coming up this year and we want to make sure our affiliates are ready to go and if you’re just getting into it, reach out to us on facebook, you know, getting that Avenger’s group start asking questions. There’s a lot of experience affiliates in there and they’re willing to help. They’re willing to share that information and you guys go hit at art and we’re looking forward to a huge 2019 like we’re trying to tame myself. But it’s gonna be an amazing 2019. Thanks for listening everybody.

Speaker 3: 19:24 Happy New Year everyone. Again, we’ll hope to see you at funnel hacking live and for some reason you have not bought your ticket. I don’t know why that would be. What are you doing? Why haven’t you bought it yet? For some reason you haven’t got to funnel hacking Get your tickets. Come see miles. And I had funnel hacking live and tell us that you heard the podcast, you liked it, and that you’re basically an affiliate marketer and uh, can’t wait to get started if you didn’t like it. Still come to funnel hacking live. Just don’t talk to us. Okay? Just kidding. No, don’t talk to us. We’ll see if funnel hacking live. Everybody. Take care.

Speaker 4: 19:54 Hey everybody. Thank you so much for taking the time to listen to the podcast. If you don’t mind, could you please share this with others, rate and review this podcast on itunes. It means the world to me. We’re trying to get to as a million downloads here in the next few months and just crush through over $650,000 and I just want to get the next few 100,000 so we can get to a million downloads and see really what I can do to help improve and, and get this out to more people at the same time. If there’s a topic, there’s something you’d like me to share or someone you’d like me to interview by means, just reach out to me on facebook. You can pm me and I’m more than happy to take any of your feedback as well as if people you’d like me to interview. I’m more than happy to reach out and have that conversation with you so again, can go to itunes rate and review this, share this podcast with others, and let me know how else I can improve this or what I can do to

Speaker 5: 20:41 to make this better for you guys. Thanks.

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