The JK5, Instagram And Norah

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Revisiting one of my favorite principles from the Traffic Secrets book.

On this episode Russell talks about posting on Instagram with a method he learned from Jenna Kutcher called the JK5. Here are some of the things you will hear in today’s episode:

  • Find out what the JK5 method is.
  • Hear what Russell’s “5” are.
  • And find out where you can dive deeper into this concept.

So listen here to find out how you can use the JK5 method when posting on social media as well.


What’s up, everybody? This is Russell Brunson, I’m here today with Norah. You want to say hi?

Norah: Hi.

Russell: And we are recording a new episode of the Marketing Secrets podcast.

Hey everybody, alright so today I want to share with you guys a quick nugget from the Traffic Secrets book. If you haven’t read the Traffic Secrets book yet, what are you waiting for? They finally started shipping this week, people are getting them, which is really exciting. But one of my favorite concepts in that book is actually something I learned from Jenna Kutcher, who is amazing, if you guys don’t know her. It’s a principle called the JK5. And because I got Norah with me, and those who are listening don’t know this, but she is wearing a beautiful sparkly, who is this on your dress?

Norah: Rainbow Dash.

Russell: Rainbow Dash dress, and it is awesome. And the reason why I thought this would be a fun episode to have little Norah sitting here on my lap is because it goes into how we publish things online.

So a lot of times I think when most of publish we think, “Okay Russell, I am a business person, I will post about my business.” Or “I’m a workout person, so I’m going to post about my workout.” Or “I am interested in diets or exercise…” or whatever your thing is right, fill in the blank. And what’s interesting when most people, when they start publishing, they just publish their thing. You can tell this when you go to someone’s Instagram profile and every picture is a picture of them flexing in the mirror. Can you flex, Norah?

There’s Norah flexing, yeah they’re all flexing in the mirror. Oooh, that was a good flex. Or they are all sitting there and being all scholarly, or they are climbing a mountain, whatever their thing is, every picture is that. The problem is it makes you a very one dimensional person. So the people who are super geeked out about your topic will come and follow you, but the rest of the world doesn’t. And one of the things I learned….Norah is still flexing. I can see her, I can feel her flexing…

One of the things that I learned from Jenna that we talk about in the Traffic Secrets book, is the JK5, stands for Jenna Kutcher 5, what she suggests you do is you pick 5 topics that you’re passionate about. They can be anything from family to fitness to whatever. So for mine, off the top of my head I’m going to forget them. Family, so Norah is in my family. Who are you, are you my daughter? How many kids are in our family, do you know?

Norah: 5

Russell: There are 5 kids. We got family is one of my JK5, and we got faith because I’m very into my faith and beliefs. And then I got funnels. Do you like funnels, Norah? She’s not sure what a funnel is. Funnels, we got entrepreneurship and personal development. So those are my 5 categories. So when I try and create content, I don’t just post everything funnel related, because if I did the funnel nerds would be like, “Yeah funnels, Russell, let’s go.” And everybody else would be like, “That’s weird.” But instead I rotate my posts and I do this on my Facebook, on Instagram, on YouTube, just everywhere I’m posting stuff, I’m rotating through different things.

And the reason why we’re doing that is because people will come to your from different ways. For example, I was at my other daughter’s, not Norah’s, but Ellie’s soccer game and met all these other soccer parents. I’m like, “Hey, I’m Russell. I’m Ellie’s dad.” And we get to know each other, and guess what they all do, because this is what people do? They stalk you. So after you leave they jump on the gram or Facebook or wherever they do their thing, they try to find you and they follow you, and they start watching you. And if all they saw was pictures of me flexing in the mirror they’d be like, ‘all this guy Russell cares about is fitness. He’s really boring.” And they may lose interest and stop following me or stop paying attention.

Or let’s say I’m at church and I meet people at church and we get along, and then they go home and they stalk you and follow you on Facebook or Instagram or wherever right. Or they see your ad on Facebook, or they read a book, or they see you on TV or whatever, we’re putting ourselves out there all the time, and people come and find you and start stalking you, and if you’re talking about one topic you’re going to, you know, 90% of the audience will not pay attention. Now Norah’s hiding from you guys.

Anyway, so instead what you do is try to make yourself a more well rounded character and person and human. So you post about different things. So if you look at my feed, you’ll notice it rotates through different things right, from family to faith to funnels to entrepreneurship to personal development and back, and it kind of rotates through these things.

And so that’s kind of the power how it is, and what’s cool, what’s interesting about it is then somebody comes to your, let’s say I’m at church and I meet somebody who comes to my instagram, they’re like, “Who’s that Russell guy, he seems like he’s kind of cool.” And they follow me, and see me talk about my family. “I see his family, I see his faith. Oh, what’s this business thing he’s doing? Oh, what’s his personal development, entrepreneurships…” and then it comes back, “Oh there’s the family.” And they connect with me through the thing that they know me for, but then because they see the other things I’m talking about being interested in, they’re more likely to engage with me.

So because of posting this way and sharing things kind of this little different way, its been cool because people in business have been coming to me having conversations about faith, because they see me post about faith every 5 or 6 posts. People who come to me who are tied to my faith will come to me about business, or about my family, things like that. So it gives you the ability to kind of cast a wider net, get to know people and help them through all the things you care about, and all the things you’re excited by.

So I wanted to share that today because I just think it’s important. I keep seeing too many people just post about their one thing, and it’s like, if you do that you’re missing out on so many other things. What are you doing, Norah? She’s making funny faces at the camera.

Anyway, that is one of the chapters, it’s the Instagram chapter of the JK5, excuse me, the JK5 is inside the Instagram chapter. I go deeper in it, I show examples, I show Jenna’s JK5, I show mine, I show other people’s.

Norah: I’m not making funny faces.

Russell: You’re not making funny faces? She’s just smiling. Anyway, so if you haven’t got the book yet, go to If you have, hopefully you guys have implemented that. I want to see if you guys have. I’ve talked about it a lot in different podcasts, different episodes, it’s one of my favorite little things, it’s so simple for people to do.

I was at a network marketing event and they were asking me, “How do I get leads on the internet?” and I was like, ‘This is probably the easiest way for you guys.” I told them, I said, when you’re on your phone make different albums of pictures and then take a picture of you with your family, pictures that, do whatever the JK5 is for you, take pictures and put them in those different albums, and each day as you’re going to post on Instagram or Facebook or whatever, pull up that album and be, “What post could I pick for my family today? What post could I pick for my funnels today? For my entrepreneur….” You know, whatever your JK5 are. Each time is a new thing and it gets really fun.

That way for network marketers, they can pull people in. For business owners, they can pull people in. Whatever it is you’re passionate about. Don’t hide it, share it and talk about it. Anyway, so I hope that helps. Anyway, if you guys like this episode, Norah would really appreciate it if you would go to iTunes and leave a review, and also make sure you subscribe so you don’t miss any other episodes in the future. And it will be fun. Do you want to say bye to everybody? Bye everybody, we’ll talk to you all soon.

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