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Marketing Secrets - Podcast (Russell Brunson - FunnelHackerTV)

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My big ah-ha after spending the last twelve hours working on project Mother Funnel.

On today’s episode Russell talks about how he’s simplifying things to make it simpler for his customers and why that is the key to helping his customers achieve the result he promised them. Here are some awesome things you will hear in this episode:

  • What Mother Funnel is and what it will simplify for Clickfunnels customers.
  • And how simplifying the process of building a funnel and successful business will help more people get to the Two Comma Club.

So listen here to find out what Russell is doing to simplify Clickfunnels, and what you can do to make things simpler for your customers as well.


What’s up everybody? This is Russell Brunson, I want to welcome you to the Marketing Secrets podcast.

Hey everybody, I hope that today has been amazing for you. It’s actually night time for me. I just dropped my kids off at a church activity, and now I am kid-less for a little while. Just kidding. I only lost two of my kids, I’ve got 5. So I’ll never actually be kid-less. Anyway, they’re at Scouts, actually not scouts, it’s a church activity but similar.

Anyway, I’ve had a really fun day. Everyone’s been out of town at the Two Comma Club X coaching program. So we’ve had just three or four of us in the office working on project Mother Funnel. It is literally the biggest funnel in the history of all funnels, and it’s almost done. Hopefully by a week from tomorrow is the goal to have it live. And you’ll see, it’s insane.

But I had this realization. The new Mother Funnel, if you look at the goal of Mother Funnel, and it used to be Super Funnel, I think I told you guys this before. I used to call it Super Funnel, and then one day I was so angry I was like “Mother Funnel” and then the name stuck, so it’s project Mother Funnel, even though I’ve never said a swear word in my whole life, that’s the closest I’ll ever get, Mother Funnel. And now it’s become a thing. So I’m sure there will be a t-shirt someday that says that.

But there’s a Russell Brunson curse word for you, as much as you’re getting. But that’s what’s happened with this project. It’s interesting, if I look at what is the end goal. Why are we doing all this craziness in the project? The reason why is to simplify what we do for our users. That’s it. I can’t tell you how many countless hours, how many hundreds of thousands of dollars it has cost us to simplify once again for our users. For new users coming in, for existing users, for everybody else That’s the whole point of this thing.

I started thinking about, why did I write a book, or two books, or multiple books, and the Funnel Hacker Cookbook? All these things I did because I’m trying to simplify the process for my customers. Why do I do events, why do we do seminars, why do we do workshops? Because we’re trying to simplify the process for our customers. It’s like this obsession that never ends, it keeps going and going. We’re trying to simplify the process for our customers, over and over and over again.

So for you, I was thinking about this and I wanted to share this with you guys today because I’m thinking for all of us, we’re always trying to get somebody a result. Any business, the end goal is what result you’re getting for your customers, and then we create products and services and things pop up that we then create and sell and give to our audience, because we’re trying to give them that result.

I was thinking about if you want to figure out how you can serve your customer at the highest level and help them the most, the thought that should be going into your head, a couple of things. Number one, what’s the result I’m trying to get for my customer? And having a very clear path for that. For me, the goal for me is to get my customers into the Two Comma Club. In my mind, that’s the result I’m trying to get. That’s why our whole Two Comma Club coaching program was built. Because it’s like, how do I get people into the Two Comma Club.

Clickfunnels, everything I do is all wrapped around getting people in the Two Comma Club, that’s the result I have for my clients. For you it could be something else. It could be weight loss, it could be confidence, whatever your thing is, save a marriage, save a life, it could be getting someone your new product, help people be more healthy because of your products, whatever it is. But there’s a bigger result. So that’s number one.

Then number two, after you’re hyper focused on that big result and you are obsessed with your customer and you know who they are and you love them, then it’s like you’re trying to figure out just different things you can create that will help them to get that bigger result.

I was thinking about this, the way for you to become better at your business is not so much creating another product, another product, another product. It’s creating things that make the process simpler for them. So if I’m looking at this, how can I simplify this process the most possible for my customers? And as I’m simplifying the process it’s moving somebody up the value ladder.

I write this book that takes so much effort to do, I write this book and then give it to people, they read it, and it’s simplified. It’s simplified more than then going out and trying to read a million blogs and go through a thousand YouTube videos and study courses from the last decade. This book simplifies that process for them, and that’s the front end of my value ladder.

And then it comes up, it’s like you have to go build these funnels. How do we simplify that for them? Software. We can create software that will simplify that for them. So we simplify it for them then. Now if you look at our coaching program, Two Comma Club X, it’s like, okay people are trying to get into the Two Comma Club, how do we simplify this even more. And that’s the event that my team is at this weekend. It’s like, we built systems, we built milestones, we built checklists, we built accountability partners, we’re building all these things to make it simpler, and simpler and simpler to get people the end result.

I look at the Clickfunnels new Mother Funnel homepage, it literally is like you come in and it’s trying to take all the thinking away from people. Our biggest reason why people leave us and people don’t sign up is because they can’t figure out how to use Clickfunnels for them. So I’m trying to simplify that process. You’ll see on the new homepage when it’s live, you come there and it’s a video of me trying to give you belief that funnels are what’s going to change your life. And then it’s like, which one of these businesses best describes you? You tell us and then we have an entire sales page written directly to you, with case studies specific to your exact business. So you can be like, “Oh that’s how it works for me.”

And then page templates we built specifically for your business, case studies, multiple, four and five day email sequences with video case studies with people in your market over and over showing you exactly how you can do it. Trying to make it simpler and simpler and simpler for people.

Jake on my team, Jake Leslie, who’s an amazing designer is actively managing like 15 or 20 different designers right now and we’r ebuilding out all of these prebuilt funnel templates based on the 7 different funnels that are like the most used funnels inside of Clickfunnels. And they’re building out tons of designs for each of them. I think we have15 or 20 for each funnel for each of these different 7 funnel types, which by the way if you want to know what they are, they’re opt-in funnels, application funnels, tripwire funnels, video sales funnels, product launch funnels, webinar funnels, and automated webinar funnels. So those 7 funnels, we’ve got like 15 to 20 entire, beautifully designed, already connected pre-done templates ready for people.

And the next phase he’s doing with these designers, he’s going back to each of those funnel types and then he’s breaking down, like product launch funnel, we have 15 awesome, amazing product launch funnel templates designed, and then he’s been taking that and we know within our 10 sub markets, there’s 500 sub-sub markets. Because in professional services we’ve also got chiropractors, dentists, financial planners. So we’re making 300 to 500 templates for every submarket.

So it’s like, “Oh you’re a dentist and you want to do a product launch? Congratulations, here’s the actual dental product launch one.” Or “Oh you’re a network marketer who sells skin cream? Here is the template for network marketers that sell skin cream.” I’m spending insane amounts of time, effort and money to simplify the process for our users and because of that I will make more money because I’m providing more value to the marketplace.

Anyway, I just wanted to go on this little rant, not a rant, but I wanted to share this with you guys because it’s where my mind’s at. Especially after today when I spent so many hours working on this thing. I’m just like, the whole goal of what we’re trying to do is simplify the ability of our customers to get the result that we’re helping them to get. And the more you simplify that, the more money they’ll pay you, the better you’ll be. So for you it should be a constant focus on how I get my customers this end result? And then how do I simplify it? How do I simplify it? How do I simplify it?

When you look at the last decade of my life, it’s gone from teaching seminars and how to build funnels to building software that, well not me but Todd and Ryan and all the geniuses built the software, but now we have software that makes it simpler. And then we got training that makes it simpler. Then we got all these things that we’re doing to make it simpler and simpler.

So really, it’s like looking at whatever it is you do inside your sphere of influence, and if you want to get paid more money figure out a simpler way for people to get the result you’re promising them. That’s it. And then have that a constant thing in your mind. How do I make it simpler? How do I make it simpler? What can I do to make it simpler?

Just last month, two months ago at the Funnel Hacking Live event we sold people into the Two Comma Club X coaching program. I think we got 650 people or so to sign up for it there. We made this amazing process and people jumped in and there was so much amazing content, but I didn’t listen to my buddy Stu McLaren who told me you need a success path for every single person that’s coming in, and sure enough 30 days in people are like, “I am learning so much stuff, but I have no idea what to do now. I’m getting overwhelmed.” I was like, “Oh crap.”

So the first question in my head, how do I simplify this? How do we simplify this? So we built out four success paths for different business types, digital/coaching here’s a success path for them. And then it’s like, physical product, here’s a success path. Local businesses, here’s a success path. Service providers and freelancers, here’s your success path. And then inside the success path we have all these different milestones that people have to go through to get to the end result.

In fact, we made these little papers that are printed out, they look like a, it starts with a dude that says funnel hacker on it and then there’s this literal path with all these little milestones. And the end of the path it’s got that person holding a Two Comma Club award, because that’s the result I’m trying to get all these people to get.

So it’s like, here’s all the milestones to get you there and if look at what happened this weekend at the systems event, I know some of you guys are like, I’m talking about all sorts of stuff all over the place and some of you guys have no context, so I apologize if this whole episode doesn’t mean anything to you, feel free to just ignore it.

But we had this event this weekend where basically our coaches went through, here’s the milestones for you to get to Two Comma Club, inside of each milestone how you do that, you click on this thing and we open up an entire Trello checklist, here’s all the steps you gotta complete to get this milestone checked off. And then if you’re like, “I don’t know how to do this step.” There’s a link inside the Trello card that links to the actual videos in the members area that shows you how to do that specific thing.

So now it’s like, for these people, the event just barely ended and we had about 200 people that went through it over the last two days, and on Facebook they are blowing up, like, “Oh my gosh. I can’t believe you guys made this more simple. I know exactly what to do. I have absolute clarity, absolute certainty.” And in my mind I’m jumping up and down like, “Yes, we did it. We made it more simple.” That’s my entire job. Help people get the result and then constantly figure out ways to make that process more simple. The better I do that, the more I do that, the more I keep innovating and changing and making better and better and better.

Not because I’m a genius, but because I keep trying to figure out how can I make this simpler for my audience. So for you, if you want to grow and develop and change, and I know a lot of us, the external goal is money, you want to make more money, have more impact, all those kind of things, you should have an extreme focus on how to get your people this end result and how to make the process simpler. How do I make it simpler? How do I make it simpler? How do I make it simpler? If you do that, that’s how you’re going to have the impact you really want.

Anyway, there you go. I’ve been in my garage for the past 8 minutes yelling at the phone. I hope this helps somebody, I hope it helps you guys to focus on making simplicity for your customers, because that’s the goal, that’s the key. I never thought it about it that way until today. But as I’m looking at it I’m like, man that’s why I’ve been paid well over the last decade of doing this, is because I have this insatiable desire to figure out ways to make it simpler for people to get the result that I’m promising them. I think that that is the key.

So I hope that helps you guys. Appreciate you all, have an amazing day and we’ll talk to you guys all soon.

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