We Are Funnel Hackers And These Are Our Stories – Part 2 of 3

Marketing Secrets - Podcast (Russell Brunson - FunnelHackerTV)

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On today’s episode you will hear part two of three of Russell first presentation from Funnel Hacking Live 2018. Here are some of the awesome things you will hear today:

  • How Russell went from having 12 businesses and always making only 3 million dollars, to figuring out that he needed to focus on just one.
  • Why you need to focus on the “what” and the “how” to get from zero to a million dollars.
  • And hear some stories of how a few other people were able to make it to Two Comma Club by focusing on the “what” and the “how”, and having only one funnel.

So listen hear to find out why the “What” and the “How” are so important.


Hey everyone, this is Russell again. Welcome back to the Marketing Secrets podcast. We’re going to continue with day two of my initial presentation from last year’s Funnel Hacking Live event. I hope you’ve enjoyed it so far. If you are enjoying these, please take snap shots on your phone and then post them on Instagram and Facebook and tag me. I’d love to see them. And also use the hashtag Marketing Secrets. And with that said, let’s jump right into the intro music, and then we’ll pick up on the next part of my presentation.

Inside of Clickfunnels and Funnel Hacking Live and all sorts of stuff, there are basically a couple of phases we’re going to be taking you guys through. The first phase in your Clickfunnels experience, is we want to give you guys all the tools you need to free yourself. Now, that’s Clickfunnels but we also have tomorrow afternoon, we’re going to be showing you guys some new features and tools and things that are coming out inside of Clickfunnels. It will continue to free yourself as an entrepreneur so you can focus on getting your message out to people, without all the techie stuff behind it. Let Todd and Ryan and the geniuses focus on the tech stuff, and you can just focus on selling what it is that you sell. So that’s coming out.

Number two, we want to give you guys the education you need to create your future. That’s what these events are for, the books, everything is create an education. And then the third thing is to help give you guys a vision to impact the world.

So the first phase is freeing yourself, the second phase is creating your future, and the third phase is impacting yourself. Now, during my first presentation I’m going to be walking you guys through what I call the Funnel Hacker’s Vision. I want everyone here to see where you guys are going.

One of the biggest things I find with entrepreneurs is that they don’t really know where they’re going. They’re excited, they’re passionate, they start running and then they start doing some stuff, and they have some success and then everything starts falling apart and they get stressed out and then it’s all over the place. How many of you guys have felt that a little bit before? You’re my people, yes.

I understand this. And it’s interesting, when I was growing my companies over the last ten years or so. I remember we got to a million dollars in sales and I started trying to decide, “How do you go from a million to ten? And ten to a hundred?” I wanted to understand that process. What are the tools, what are the things that I need to know as an entrepreneur?

And I remember buying all sorts of books and courses and things, and they were great. But what they basically said, the goal of the entrepreneur, the entrepreneur is amazing at the beginning, but then you’re kind of a nuisance and you need to step away and let other people run the company. And all the books about management and hiring people and plugging people in……and I agree with that, but I’m the entrepreneur, what am I supposed to do?

If I go from zero to a million, and I want to go from a million to ten, and ten to a hundred, what’s my role? Where am I supposed to fit in? The interesting thing here is that the problem with entrepreneurs is that the thing that makes us awesome, happens to also be the thing that makes us terrible. The same thing. You’re like, how is that? That’s confusing right.

So I have a question for you guys, how many of you guys in here have more than one business? Who here has more than 2 businesses? Three? Four? Five? Six? Holy cow. Seven? This is like that thing of like, who travels from the furthest away. Who’s got more than nine? Holy cow, you guys are worse than I thought. This first presentation is to help free yourself from this.

I understand this more than you will ever know. So my business, this is what happened. And I want to know if your journey has been similar to this at all. This is what happened. I got excited, I started learning all this marketing stuff. I was on fire, I had all this passion, I was like, ‘I’m going to do this.’ And I started creating my first business and the cool thing about an entrepreneur, the thing that makes us amazing, is the hardest part of a business, getting it from an idea phase and getting it into orbit.

You look at big companies, and what do they do? They bring in these amazing entrepreneurs, put it into orbit, and then they go hire MBA’s and all these people to come in and they’re like, “Just don’t crash my baby.” And then it just kind of stays in orbit. But getting it off the ground is the hardest part.

So as an entrepreneur I get excited, I get the idea, the vision, I start creating like crazy and I get to a million dollars or so in sales and then I’m like, I don’t know what to do now. I’m going to……and you look at it, you’ve got a million dollar business, it’s great. You know what I’m going to do? I’m going to create another one and then I’ll have two million dollars coming in. That’s the first thought. How many of you guys, that’s the first thing your mind went to as well? You’re like, “I’m going two businesses. I got one business and I need to start creating the second one.”

And then what happens? The second one starts creating, and it’s going and you’re all excited and you’re like, “Boom, we got to a million dollars.” And you look back and this baby you had before, what happened to it? It died. And you’re like, “Crap, okay. That one’s dead. I’m going to make another one. This is at a million bucks, I’ll make the next one.” So you go create the next business, you put it all together, and you’re ready for it, it makes a million bucks and this one dies.

And you start on this path and you keep doing it over and over and over and over again. How many of you guys can relate to that? Okay, this was my life, for ten years of my life. Just so everyone is super clear with that. So I understand this more than anyone.

I remember the first time I got a business, my first business I got to about 3 million dollars a year. I’m like, “This is awesome.” And I was like, “Okay, I’m gonna…” and I got stuck at that point. I couldn’t figure out how to scale it. It was at 3 million, I’m like, “Okay, if I launch a second business and I get that to three million, I’ll make six.” And I launched the second one, that’s what happened. And this one died and this one got to three million and it was like, ugh. We did all the work for the whole year, end of the year I got my taxes back from the accounting guys, looked at it and I’m like, “Crap, we did three million dollars. That’s what we did last year. Dang it, we need another business. Let’s do another one.”

So we did another business, put the whole thing together, launched it, going up, everything. The tax returns come at the end of the year, I look at the thing and I’m like, “Three million dollars? We have three businesses now, how are we still at 3 million dollars?” So I did the smartest thing any entrepreneur can do, and that next year, you can ask, this is a real thing. You can ask Brent or Dave or a lot of people who were there. I had this idea in January after we did tax returns, I’m like, “Okay, we keep launching a business a year and we’re stuck at three. How about we launch 12 this year.” And we did.

Pre-Clickfunnels by the way, so this was like hand coding, it was horrible. We launched that one, launched the twelve, and one or two of them does okay and it’s like, ‘Oh it’s going awesome.” And these other ones all crash. And then tax time comes and we get this thing and I was like, “We have 12 companies, how did we do 3 million dollars again?” And all the sudden I realized that the problem was me.

If you look at great companies, look at Apple. There is a time when the entrepreneur is the most amazing thing in the world. Steve Jobs came in, took Apple and blew it up, and then guess what happened. He started screwing everything up. They had to fire him, they had to kick him out. So they kicked him out and then they figured things, got systems in place, everything structured, and then they’re like, “We need someone to innovate because now we’re just stuck.” And they had to bring the entrepreneur back to blow this thing up.

So I’m looking at my thing as we started launching Clickfunnels, one of the big concerns a lot of people had around me, on my team, but also people in our community, they’re like, “Russell, this is awesome, but I know you. You’re going to launch this thing and then you’re going to go to the next thing.” How many of you guys didn’t use Clickfunnels for a more than a year because you thought I was going walk away from it and move onto the next thing?

That’s a real thing. I got that from a lot of my friends like, “This is awesome, but I’m not going to use it because I think you’re going to move on to the next thing.” So I consciously talked to Todd and Dylan as we were starting this, I said, “Okay, I’m going to focus all my effort and it’s going to be hard. But I need to focus or else, this can be something great, but only if I focus. And it’s going to hard for me, so I need your guys’ help. I need to be able to put my creativity into something.”

So we did that, and we launched CLickfunnels. Now, I’m going to walk you through the different phases, but what I realized is that the skill set that entrepreneurs have to go from zero to a million dollars is one thing, and about a million- two million, about in that range, we have to shift where we focus our creativity.

At the very bottom here we call it the creativity switch, because I knew what was going to happen. And this is, again, if you read any business books they’re going to say, “as soon as you get to this point, now you gotta hire a manager and teams and people and all this stuff.” And it’s awesome, you do need that. But I guarantee that most of us creatives, if that’s our job and that’s our role, we’re going to wake up in the morning and we’re going to dread going to the office.

How many of you guys wake up and you’re like, “I’m going to go hire someone today. Yay.” No, I cry when I hear that. I don’t want to do that. I want to? How do I focus that?

So what I learned from going zero to a million, and a million to ten, and ten to a hundred is I had to shift where I focusing my creativity. Shift it from launching a business, launching a business, launching a business, to launching a business and then how do I grow that business? How do I drive more traffic? What are the offers I creates?

So I’m going to show you through this presentation, where did I shift my focus? Where does it have to be? Because I want you guys to understand that, because a lot of you guys, and I see it….How many of you guys got your first Two Comma Club Award and then the second one came really, really fast afterwards? A bunch of them. Usually the first one’s the hardest and then it’s like, “Oh crap, that was easy.” And the next one comes and the next one comes, the next one… We have someone in two days that’s getting 7.

Because it’s easy, after you learn the process it’s easy. So for us, our minds going to go to like, do it, launch the next business, launch the next business. It’s like, if we just shift our creativity from business, business, business to business and then shift it to offers and front end offers, back end offers, shift it to traffic, then all the sudden everything we’re doing is compounding and our businesses grow bigger and bigger and bigger. So that’s where we talk about that creativity shift we have to take as entrepreneurs.

Now one thing I want to stress with this presentation, over the next four days that we’re here you guys, we’re going to be talking at different levels of this. Some of you guys are in the phase where you’re, like from startup to a million dollars. How many of you guys are in that phase where you’re somewhere between zero and a million dollars right now in your business? Awesome.

Some of you guys are in the middle phase. How many of you guys are at a million to ten? How many of you guys in that phase of your business? Awesome. How many of you guys are from ten to a hundred? How many are in that phase of business?

Okay, so one thing I want to talk about, because I don’t want you guys feeling overwhelmed as we’re going through a bunch of stuff. When we talk about stuff, I want, some of you guys will be like, “This is a cool strategy, but I’m not ready for it yet. This is something when I’m like this big, that’s what I’m going to do.” So don’t stress about it. Be like, “I remember when I get to ten million dollars I’m going to focus on this strategy, but not right now.” Or “When I get passed a million dollars I’m going to focus on this strategy.” So as you go through the next four days just understand that. Every presenter, every speaker is going to speaking to different parts of this. Now, I’ll try to reference so you guys know, “this is like where you’re focusing at for zero to a million.” “This is where you’re focusing for a million to ten.” “This is where you’re focusing at over here.”

Okay, so some things you’re not ready for, don’t stress out just be like, “Cool, I’m going to come back and watch the recordings or whatever when I’m ready, when I’m going from ten to a hundred, or from one to ten.” Things are going to be broken down through here.

So I’m going to kind of go through this journey with you guys on what to expect from zero to a million, a million to ten, and ten to a hundred. Does that sound like fun? Yeah.

Alright, so number one going from zero to a million dollars. This is what I call the what and the how. This is where you as the entrepreneur has to figure out what in the world am I selling? And how do I actually sell it. This is the only thing that matters in this phase. If you were hiring employees in this phase and you are buying desks and getting big fancy computer systems and stuff, you did this wrong. The only job going from zero to a million dollars is this, figuring out what it is you’re selling. What does the market actually want? Not what do you want to create? What does the market want? The what. And then what is the system I’m going to use to actually sell it?

So the what is what you’re selling, the offer. And then how is how are you going to sell it. The question then is, “Russell, how do I know if what I’m selling is the right thing, or I’m selling it the right way?” And the reality is, when you get the right what and you get the right how, you will know because you will go from zero to a million dollars really, really fast. The market will tell you. The market will say, “That’s awesome. I want to buy that stuff.”

If you’ve been stuck in a range below a million dollars for a while, it means you haven’t figured this out yet. You’re selling the wrong product, it’s not what people want. Or you haven’t figured out the right way to sell it. Because as soon as you figure out the what and the how, your business explodes. Our 258 Two Comma Club members, I’ve watched them. I’ve been watching people try, try, try, try and all the sudden, as soon as they figure out the what and the how, boom, going from zero to a million dollars is fast. That’s how you know that market wants what you’re selling. If you’re stuck at 6 figures, 150-200 thousand dollars, in that range, you’re not selling the right thing. People aren’t excited about it enough, or you’re not selling it the right way.

So the what and the how. What am I selling and how am I selling it? We have a lot of presentations during this week about how do you create your offer. How do you actually make something that’s sexy and amazing that people are going to want to buy? And then what kind of funnel should I use to sell it? We some of our amazing funnel hackers, going to be sharing the different funnels. We have a whole bunch of different types of funnels. I wanted you guys to see this. If you look at all the presentation line ups, each funnel, each presenter has a different type of way that they do their how. A different type of funnel.

Some people are doing a webinar, some people are doing high ticket, some people are doing trip wire, some people…everyone’s got different things and I’m not going to tell you, “This is the best funnel for your business.” I want you guys to look at all the different options and be like, “That’s the one for my business. That’s the one that’s going to work for me.” And then use that one. Pick it, and that’s going to be the how. So figuring out the what and the how. The market will tell you and you’ll know because you’ll go from zero to a million dollars fast. But that’s it. That’s what’s happening in this phase, the what and the how.

Now, how many of you guys have read the Expert Secrets book? Who hasn’t? Alright, nobody….If you look at this book, the whole point of me writing this book was to help people understand the what and the how. What are you selling? We talk about creating offers, finding your market. This is the what. Then how do I sell it? Using stories, using funnels, this book is the what and the how. So if you’re stuck, you should read this book over and over and over. I spent ten years of my life bleeding to bring this to you, so you could understand the what and the how. That’s what’s going to help you understand.

So that’s, if you’re stuck, that’s the book to start studying and learn over and over and over again. It’s going to give you the what and the how. There’s a lot of presentations over the next four days that are going to be going deep in this as well. The first thing we’re always going to be selling is the opportunity switch, and we’ll get into that a little bit more later, but that’s what we’re going to help you figure out.

Alright, the other thing is going from zero to a million, I want you guys focusing on just one core funnel. How many of you guys, that stresses you out? We get people all the time like, “Russell, I’ve got 800 funnels in my account, I need to upgrade.” I’m like, “800? Are you doing well?” They’re like, “No, I haven’t started making money.” I’m like, “You should just do one and just make that one work.” 800? This is a real thing we get in our office sometimes. “Russell, I can’t afford the $97 a month payment. I need more funnels.” What? Delete the other ones, they’re horrible. There’s no way, if you’re struggling with the $97 a month payment, that you got a what and a how that’s right.

The biggest focus, at the very beginning, you gotta be focused on one core funnel. When we launched Clickfunnels, it took me six different variations of the funnel. I tried one what and how and it failed. I tried the second one, third on, fourth one, fifth one, sixth one, boom. That one hit. We went from zero to a million dollars in about a week. I was like, “Oh man, this is it.” Guess what I didn’t do, luckily, because most of think when we launch this funnel it’s going to be amazing, and then what’s going to happen is you’re going to get bored with it before the market does.

All my Two Comma Club members, by the way, just really quick, if you just keep focusing on that first one, it’ll grow to ten. Most of you are like, “Oh sweet. What’s the next one?” That’s what we do as entrepreneurs. We’re insane. I don’t why we do that, but we do that. We understand, your ability to get 7 figures, there’s a direct correlation between that and your ability to focus on one funnel. One. So don’t stress out about 20-30. Focus on one funnel. Focus on that.

How many of you guys here read the Dotcom Secrets book. Yeah, thanks. So in the Dotcom Secrets book I talked about a concept called the Value Ladder. People come into your world and they start, typically they’re not going to write you a check for a 100 thousand dollars day one. Maybe they will if you’re amazing. But most people it’s not, you have to build value to people. So you come in with something usually lower ticket in the bottom and you send people up and they get more value, and then they trust you more and they’re willing to invest more money.

So I almost feel bad, I shared that in Dotcom Secrets, and what happened is everyone was like, “Okay I need to create…” the come to me like, “Here’s my value ladder. I’m going to go from here to here to here.” And then explain like 30 different steps of the value ladder and they’re trying to create all of them at once and everything.

I’m like, “No, the value ladder is where you’re going, not where you’re starting.” Understand that someday I’m going to probably go here. But I’m not creating 18 funnels to start, I just need to know where I’m taking people.

So this is the Clickfunnels value ladder. Oh, now you guys know what we do. That’s it. This is the Clickfunnels value ladder. Now a couple of things that I want you guys to understand about this. When we launched Clickfunnels we didn’t start at the bottom of the value ladder. A lot of people try that, it’s more difficult. So what we do is we start in the middle of the value ladder. The middle of the value ladder is, the reason why I like is because it’s typically more expensive, which it gives you the ability to spend more money to acquire customers. That’s why I try to get people so often to do webinars, because webinars are such great middle of the value ladder things because there’s so much profit in them. So typically you can spend a lot of money to generate leads.

That’s the core, that’s what we’re driving to people. So all you guys should be looking, what’s the core thing I want to sell? A couple of things about my core offer I like to do, I like something that’s infinitely scalable. Where the more I sell, the more I don’t get stressed out. Some of you guys have businesses where you stop selling stuff because you’re like, “The more people we sell, the harder it gets.” I want to try to figure out something that’s infinitely scalable as your core thing.

And that’s typically where you start. When people come in and join my inner circle, or my other coaching programs, my goal with them is figuring out like, just do one webinar. My inner circle members know that I have a rule that I’ve yelled at almost all of them at least twice. Anyone want to tell them the rule? Who remembers what it is? Wanna say it loud? You have to get to at least a million dollars before I will allow you to create your second funnel.

Because this is what happens, “Russell, I’m working my webinar. Russell, I’m doing this thing. Russell, I launched it. Russell, it blew up, it’s going crazy.” I’m like, “That’s awesome.” They’re like, “So my next offer…” I’m like, “No, no, no, stop. Please stop. You just created this baby, you gave birth to it. I know you’re tired of it, but there’s so much value to that. If you would just focus on it for the next 12 months it will make you a million dollars, probably 3, probably 5, probably 10. But you gotta focus.”

I tell them all, “As soon as you make a million dollars, then I will allow you to create your second funnel.” I want that in your guys’ mind set because so many of you guys are creating a funnel and make $10 grand and then you’re creating the second funnel, you’re making $5 grand, you’re creating the third…you’re in this thing forever where your wheels are just spinning. It’s crazy. I did that for ten years. It’s hard, it’s painful. It’s so much easier to double down on one thing.

So focus on one funnel, right. So for us when we launched Clickfunnels, this was the one that worked, we focused on it, and again you can start comma two after you make the Two Comma Club.

Now the second thing, after this funnel is working and customers are coming, you’re making money, we’re at about a million dollars, what’s happening is we’re building up pressure. I want to build up a bunch of pressure so that when I release funnel number two people will go crazy for it.

If I would have launched Funnel Hacking Live before I launched Clickfunnels, guess how many people would have showed up? No one. Nobody would have come. I know, I did events before and nobody ever came, it was really stressful.

True story, the first Funnel Hacking Live we had 600 people signed up, and I was so scared the day of, I was hiding in the back and I’m like, “No one’s gonna…” because I had done events before where very few people showed up, and I’m hiding in the back and I remember peaking through the curtains, and I was like, “Oh my gosh, they came.” I was so excited, because this happened before.

So what happens, when the focus is, you’re focusing on your core offer, you’re building customers, getting people to love you, fall in love with you, all that kind of stuff and then you can release, now here’s my second funnel. For a lot of people, then it’s like you released your backend funnel. It’s like, “Hey, now we have a high ticket thing.” But you’ve got all this pressure built up and they just go crazy. That’s where we get a lot of people here and they go and after they’ve been running their webinar or whatever it is for their funnel for a long time, then they launch the next thing and they’re like, “My first funnel took my like 6 months to get to the two comma club. Second one I did in a weekend.” Yeah, you built up a bunch of pressure because people wanted to give you more money, you released it and then boom, it’s really easy the second time. And it keeps getting easier and easier and easier.

So I want to kind of walk through some stories of people who figured out the what and the how and I want to show you how fast they blew up. The first one, some of you guys may know him, this is Dan Henrie. Is Dan in the room? He must…How is that so quiet? So Dan, I know his story really well. The reason why I know this really well, is one night after he moved into the new Dan mansion, he was drinking a lot and then he made me this video. I’m going to show you guys a little clip from it.

“I know. Russell, listen I’m drunk. It’s cool. Listen, I have to tell you something man. Look, I’m good at what I do. I am. I’m good at what I do. I hope I’m in the right group because I’m flippin’…I said “flippin” Am I in the Dotcom Secrets Inner Cirlce group? Bradley can you tell me? Please tell me if I am? Hold on, because I’m a little drunk. I think I am, yeah. Listen Russell, I’m good at what I do. I’m good at Facebook ads, I’m good at all that. But your perfect webinar, thank God Bradley. Can I say something about your perfect webinar, my friend? Listen, I get it, hold on, you know I gotta say this. You know I want to speak at Funnel Hacking Live, but I get it if you don’t want me to do that because I’m whatever, I cuss a lot, and I’m a loose cannon. I get it, though I would never do that, but I understand. I do get it okay.

“So forget all that crap. I just want to give an honest thank you. Because look at this stuff, God, I can’t believe I’m actually censoring myself while I’m drinking. Hold on, look at this. Look at this right now. One webinar, one mother effin’ webinar, okay. One mother effin’ webinar, look at this crap right now. That right there, and the third floor is not even lit up, bro. The third floor, that’s the…you can’t even see it because it’s not lit up because all the lights are off. But bro, that’s one webinar okay! This right here is a fish light.”

Alright, I’m going to stop here. Okay, so Dan, he struggled and he struggled and he struggled and guess what happened, he figured out his what and his how and he went from zero to a million dollars in how fast? In five months. That’s what we’re talking about.

You guys want to hear the other cool part of this story. I’m sitting at my house and my phone blings saying that someone is streaming into our group and I look and it’s Dan drunk, and I’m watching at first and I’m like, “oh man.” And then I’m like, “Oh man, this is awesome.” So I’m like, I jump on my computer and the second it ends, I download it and we turn it into a video ad, selling my book, post it back up and check this out, right now it’s got 3.7 million views. This video has sold thousands and thousands of books for me, so thank you Dan, I appreciate that. That was amazing.

Alright, so there’s Dan’s story. Jamie Cross, where’s Jamie at? Over here, this is Jamie. She didn’t know I was going to talk about her today. Jamie was, last year came to Funnel Hacking Live, the first time you came, right? And she was creating a business and she was trying to figure out the what and the how and she was struggling. She is a herbalist, herbal…yes, that. She makes herb stuff, and she makes her own soaps, her own lotions and a whole bunch of amazing things in her home.

And she was trying to figure out, “how do I sell this?” and she figured out an amazing product, she figured out the what. She has an amazing product, you guys should all give her money because it’s legitimately amazing. She has an amazing product, she couldn’t figure out the how. She came to Funnel Hacking Live to try to figure it out. We talked about Perfect Webinar. And what’s funny about her is she’s like, “How do I sell, I’m selling soap and lotion. I can’t do a webinar.”

How many of you are ecomm people are like, “Russell, your webinar sucks. I’m selling physical products.” A couple of you guys are saying that to me, I get it. So she didn’t say that. She’s like, “I gotta figure this out. I know the what, but how am I going to sell this.”

So she tried doing webinars and all sorts of stuff and eventually she made a four and a half minute perfect webinar facebook live, and in the first 90 days went from zero to 90,000 dollars in sales and has been blowing up ever since. Isn’t that amazing? Yeah. So figure out the what and the how.

This is the first phase you guys, if you’re not there. This is the, all you should be thinking about every single day, “What am I selling, how am I selling it? What am I selling, how am I selling it?” And you put it out there, and then the market will tell you if you guessed right. If you didn’t come back, back to the drawing board. What and how, what and how. What am I selling, how am I selling it? What am I selling, how am I selling it? Put it out there and the market will tell you if you’ve failed or not. That’s the game. As soon as you know, then you can blow it up.

Next one, Liz Benney. Unfortunately Liz isn’t able to be here this time. Same thing with Liz. I started working with her, she called me up, she joined one of our coaching programs. The very first call I had with her she’s like, “Russell, my goal is to make $50,000 in the next 30 days.” I was like, “That’s a horrible goal.” She’s like, “What?” I’m like, “This is the deal. We have to figure out your what and your how. It’s going to take a little while and it’s probably not going to happen in 30 days, but we’re going to try some stuff and figure it out. And as soon as you figure it out, then you can make 50,000 dollars really, that’s really actually small thinking. But it’s going to take more than 30 days to figure out this initial thing.”

So I kind of set her expectations, and she went out there and spent the next four or five months figuring out the what and the how. She figured out what to sell, she created the product, figured out how to sell, created a webinar, and as soon as it worked went from zero to Two Comma Club almost overnight.

Next one is Natalie Hodson, is Natalie in the room. Yeah Natalie. Give her a huge round of applause. You’re going to have a chance to hear from Natalie here in about an hour or so, which I’m very excited for, to hear her presentation. I don’t want to spoil the whole thing. But last February she came to an event, and afterwards she launched a book that went from zero to Two Comma Club in like four books. Crazy. An ebook, a $37 ebook, amazing. She figured out the what and the how.

And there’s over 258 other stories just like that in this room you guys. I want you to understand, that’s the first phase. Zero to a million is figuring out the what and the how, the what and the how. And you gotta figure that out. Are you guys committed to that, figuring out the what and the how? And if it doesn’t work, don’t get stressed out. Some people launch something, it doesn’t work and they’re like, “Ahh. This doesn’t work. Funnels are a scam. Russell is a scam. I tried the thing and it didn’t work.” No, you gotta, Clickfunnels I had to do six, and I’m pretty good at this game, six funnels before we got one that worked. Was it worth it? Yeah.

I don’t want to be that annoying guy that talks about money and stuff, but it was worth it. Six funnels! Holy crap, yes. You will make more when one funnel hits than you will make in a lifetime of hard work otherwise. So is it worth it? Yes, it’s worth it. Figuring out the what and the how, the what and the how. And the market will tell you. And as soon as it lets you know, then you take off and you explode.

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