Why 2 Movie Tickets Cost $138.62 - Dave Woodward - FHR #296

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Why Dave Decided to talk about One of the Most Expensive Movie Tickets He’s Ever Had:

Last week Dave had an “interesting” experience as a customer at a movie theatre. The movie started late and then full on stopped working 10 minutes in.

Tips and Tricks for You and Your Business:

  • (1:44) Your “popcorn” costs $0.25 to make, is that worth more than your customer?
  • (8:16) Spending the time and energy on the WHY people cancel
  • (9:05) Your refund policies and attitudes can influence your retention rates

Quotable Moments:

(6:42) “If people understood the customer service impact and why it’s so important then literally instead of just giving out $0.25 of popcorn they would’ve saved hundreds of dollars in refunds and not ruined the customer’s experience.”

(8:26) “I need to understand my customers better. I need to make sure that if a person is leaving, that there it is some reason that we cannot solve. Because there should be no reason for anybody to leave.”

(10:15) “Are you creating more problems for your customers than you are solving?”

(12:04) “If there is a $0.50 popcorn that I can provide to somebody to prevent the loss of a $25 sale, I want to know about i

Other Tidbits:

Dave should start getting an affiliate link for Lulu Lemon with how much he uses their customer service as a teaching lesson.

Personal Message Dave if you have any concerns about Clickfunnels and how we deal with our customers.


Speaker 1: 00:00 Welcome to funnel hacker radio podcast, where we go behind the scenes and uncover the tactics and strategies top entrepreneurs are using to make more sales, dominate their markets, and how you can get those same results. Here’s your host, Dave Woodward.

Speaker 2: 00:17 Right? Everybody. Welcome back. This is got to be a fun little podcast because it’s a real life experience. I just had recently and I’m, I was listening recently to Russell’s podcast. If you haven’t listened to it, I highly, highly recommend that you do. And it’s called he who has ears to hear. Let him hear. Uh, so if you haven’t listened to that, I’ll have a link down in the show notes. You can listen to. Definitely recommend you listen to that one for sure. And one of the things about this is I, I find in my own life as I’m out, that everything in life relates to a story, uh, in business in my personal life and I find so many different correlations and I’m, I’m trying to connect the dots quite a bit. So, uh, last night, um, my wife and I went out on date and she wanted to go see the new Harry Potter Greenwald movie for different titles of it.

Speaker 2: 01:07 Uh, but this was what went to this movie and I thought, Oh, it’ll be great. It’s a fun little date night. Went out to dinner beforehand, had a great, great dinner, go to the show. We get to the show and first of all the show starts like seven minutes late. Not a big deal, but it was like, man, this is what’s wrong with the movie. And again, not in, I was with my wife, so I really didn’t care, but it was just fun to spend time talking to her. But she knows, she’s like, man, these movies are starting later. I don’t know what the deal is. And then we sit down and the movie begins to play and we get about, I think the movies like two and a half hours, like two hours, 20 minutes, a long movie. But we get about the hour mark and all of a sudden the movie starts to skip.

Speaker 2: 01:47 It starts to like buffer. And I’m like, I would expect this at my house, but not in a movie theater. And so this movie starts to buffer and it goes on for a couple of minutes. And then I see someone come in, it looks like manager or something and they’re sitting there on the front row. I think there are probably sitting there hoping that the movie was going to correct itself. And so they sit there and it gets the point where it literally just stops and you almost see this circle of death spitting going. It’s buffering, buffering, buffering. I’m like, I didn’t even know that’s how movies played today. But anyways, it did. So, uh, the lights come on and the assistant manager basically stands say, Hey, you know what? Hey listen real quick, we’re going to get this fixed right away. It’ll take us just a few minutes and if you want to, if you’ve already bought some popcorn, go ahead and go get a refill on the popcorn for us on, on us.

Speaker 2: 02:39 And she goes, it might take more than a couple minutes, might take you know, 10 or 15. And I’m like, Whoa, 10 or 15 minutes, that kind of changes my plan for the night. So I thought, you know what, I’ll at least go get some popcorn and see what I can do. So I go out and get some popcorn. I thought, you know, I’m going to just see, see if they. What’s the chance that they’re actually give me a discount. I didn’t buy any popcorn. So her offer was to refill for free. Popcorn had already bought. So I hadn’t bought any. And so I said, you know what, listen, I’m in a movie theater 10 year. We’re watching the movie. It got stopped. I’d like just a small popcorn. It’s like six and a half bucks for this little tiny bag of popcorn. I’m like, AH, who cares? But if that accident, see I’m going to see what happens here.

Speaker 2: 03:19 Said, you know, I don’t mind paying for the popcorn, but can I get it even a discount on the popcorn because the movie’s not playing good. Well let me go check with my manager. So it comes back from talking to his manager because Ah, if you already bought the popcorn, we would’ve given your refill. But since you haven’t bought the popcorn, no, we can’t give it to you. I’m like, so let’s make sure I understand this here. This is popcorn literally might cost you twenty five cents for the bag of popcorn and you’re saying no and you’re going to destroyed. You’re going to totally change my customer experience here. And then at the register, right next to me is another lady from the same theater, uh, and she says, Hey, go, can I get some popcorn? It’s like, no, you will have to pay for that. She goes, well, can I get a drink and get anything?

Speaker 2: 04:02 It says I’m just, I’m trying to pass the time while you guys are fixing this. Like, no, if, if, if you already bought it, will refill it for free. But if you haven’t bought it that no, you have to pay for it. And I’m sitting there going, okay, listen, I think the movie tickets are like 12 bucks. So it’s like 25 bucks for the two tickets from my wife and I, you’re totally destroying the customer experience of what’s going on, where all you had to say was to get up and say, listen, this is gonna be about 10 to 15 minutes, just free the inconvenience. Why don’t we go ahead and we’ll give free popcorn to everybody in the theater and a free drink and you would have totally satisfied everybody. So I, I said, well, you know, what? Can you go get your manager real quick?

Speaker 2: 04:39 I just want to talk to them. So the manager comes back and she says, Oh, you know what? I’m sorry, I can’t, I can’t talk to you right now. I’ve got to get this movie fixed. I said, well, I’m actually in that theater. And she goes, well, you know what? We can’t give you a free popcorn. It doesn’t work that way if you’ve already bought it, we refill it. I’m like, fine. So she goes and, and I buy the popcorn. Anyways. I go sit down next to my wife and it’s now been like seven, eight, 10 minutes and there’s no chance or no sign this movies even get it started and everyone else is getting restless and you hear, you know, people are on their phones, lights are on, people are chatting. And my wife turns to me. He goes, you know, Dave, this is kind of crazy.

Speaker 2: 05:16 We’re going to be sitting here and when the movie starts, I’ve kind of almost lost the connection. And she goes, I can’t believe they made you even pay for the popcorn. This makes no sense. Now that you know what, that’s right. Um, I’m going to just go ask if I can get a refund on the tickets. So we leave. We go out and get a reef. I basically asked the box office said, hey, listen, I don’t need, I’ve already paid for the popper and I don’t care about the popcorn, but we’re not going to watch the movie. It’s, it’s not gonna even doesn’t make any sense for us. Can I get a refund on the tickets? Because, um, well, do you have your refund? Do you have your receipt? I’m like, I don’t have my receipt. I said, I’ve got my debit card that I paid for it.

Speaker 2: 05:57 With it goes, well, you really need to have your ticket stubs. I’m like, listen bud, this is not my fault. This is your guys’ experience. Um, I’m on a date with my wife. And he goes, well, let me see. So it gets manager comes over and goes, you know, what, find a, I don’t even know what’s going on in the theater. Um, yeah, go ahead and just get there, give them a refund so we get a refund and I’m walking out and I’m talking to my wife about this and sitting there going, not only did I get a refund, I then saw three people behind me coming up and asking for refunds as well, and she’s like, you know, if I don’t even know if I want to come back to the theater and watch this movie again because we’re halfway through it, just because I’ll just wait until it comes out on video and then we’ll just watch it at home.

Speaker 2: 06:41 So I’m sitting there going, if people understood the customer service impact and why it’s so important, they literally. So instead of giving out fifty cent cost to them for the popcorn, they ended up refunding probably hundreds of dollars of tickets and created terrible experience. So then we, we leave and I’m still in a state with my wife. I’m like, I want to make sure we end this with a positive note. And so one of my favorite things my wife loves is Lulu Lemon. So literally across the theater in the little village here in Boise is the legal limit. So we walk into Lulu Lemon and the experience is totally different. Walk in, we’re greeted by people. They’re like, oh my gosh, welcome. Are you guys doing Christmas shopping for someone else? Are you shopping for yourself? And I said, you know, actually were just shopping for my wife and said like, well what can we help you with?

Speaker 2: 07:33 And, and she goes, I, unless I know what I want. And so she goes, picks out three or four different things, tries them on there. The customer service at Lululemon is off the charts crazy. I, she wanted a, a down vest. They didn’t have the right size, so like you don’t. If you’d like I can, we can get it for you. We can have it shipped here. We have shipped to your house, we can do it. Whatever you’d like and the customer experience is totally, totally different and sure enough what happens is we end up spending, I don’t know, $140 or 150 bucks and at Lulu Lemon just to get a couple of pieces and the experience a customer services completely different mind. The reason I mention this is I was at the office yesterday and there was a person who had canceled and I’m like, I want to start finding out why do people leave?

Speaker 2: 08:19 Because for me there’d be no reason in the world for anyone to ever leave clickfunnels and if they’re, if they’re leaving, I want to know why. And so last night I started having the same thought they can. I need to understand our customers better. I need to make sure that if a person’s leaving, that there’s some reason that, that we literally cannot solve because there’s no reason for anybody to leave and I think in your own business and my business as far as for our sales teams and everything else, if we aren’t doing what’s necessary to provide the very, very best customer service to someone who’s already invested in us, there’s something wrong with us. It’s not the customer’s issue. So I get. My only reason I mention this is as you take a look in your own business, once a person has invested money with you, that trust is already.

Speaker 2: 09:03 There is an exchange of trust that’s taken place. You have to do everything possible to make sure that that experience is that you deliver not only the experience that they bought, but an experience. It’s even greater than that. It’s one of the things I love about Lulu Lemon because if you buy a product, in fact, we bought a gift for my daughter in law, Fran. And uh, there was a snag in the leggings and this has been almost a year and she brought them back to while she was here visiting last week. She takes them back to Lulu Lemon. They exchange it and give her a brand new pair with no questions asked. Norstrom works the exact same way. Costco works the exact same way. It doesn’t matter if the customer is wrong or not. It’s a matter of, of what is the value of that customer. There is such a eight.

Speaker 2: 09:53 Understand even for a movie theater, it’s not the $25 ticket for two people to watch a movie. It’s the fact that they’re going to come back again. They’re going to bring their kids, they’re going to come back with friends. Now all of a sudden there was other movie theaters that I can go to. Yes, this one’s a little bit closer and it’s more convenient. But if I have a terrible experience there, I probably will go somewhere else or I may just start buying more movies in at home. Understand what your old customers. You have to realize what is the problem that are you creating more problems for your customers, then you’re solving what is the flavor in their mouth that they leave with? For me, it would have been popcorn. Give me a free popcorn. It costs you fifty cents and you would’ve saved a $25 sale.

Speaker 2: 10:36 Um, so a couple things I’m going to say here real quick. If for some reason at click funnels, we’re not providing you the very best customer service or things you feel we need to be doing different, would you please send me a private message? Let me know what that is that we value as a customer more than anything else. Again, we have or 70,000 customers. I know some leave it. I understand. I understand that I can’t satisfy everybody, but if there’s certain things that we’re doing that we need to fix, by all means, I want to know what that is. So pleased. If there’s something that you’re aware of or that you’re hearing about, reach out to me. I want to know. I want to find a way of correcting it, fixing it, and making it happen. Second, in your own business, I would encourage you to do the same thing.

Speaker 2: 11:18 Talk to your customers and now we brought into a hillston validity. Start talking to our customers from a retention standpoint. We soon will be looking at at onboarding, making sure we have that kind of relationship. We’re going to be looking at a migration team, helping people migrate from other services over to click funnels, because I want to know what that customer experience is. There’s A. There’s a trust between you and your customers, between us, between me personally in my, our customers at clickfunnels. I want to know what that is. There’s no reason for a person to leave if you’re providing what you believe to be the very best product and service, but there’s a disconnect. You gotta find out what that is. So again, it’s pleased if for some reason we’re not delivering, I want to know because I don’t want someone. If there’s a 57 popcorn that I could provide to someone that’s gonna, prevent someone from leaving from a $25 sale, I want to know what that is a.

Speaker 2: 12:11 again, it’s I love looking at life and comparing my life lessons to business and everything else. Hopefully you find value in this. Again, reach out to me. Let me know if this is, if these types of podcasts are valuable to you and if they’re not telling me that too. I don’t want to. I value your time. You’re taking time to listen to this and it’s the only thing I cannot give back to you as your time, so please let me know if this is a value to you, let me know. If it’s not, please let me know that as well. Have an amazing day and again, thank you for taking the time to listen.

Speaker 3: 12:41 Hey everybody. Thank you so much for taking the time to listen to podcasts. If you don’t mind, could you please share this with others, rate and review this podcast on itunes. It means the world to me or I’m trying to get to as a million downloads here in the next few months and just crush through over $650,000 and I just want to get that next few 100,000 so we can get to a million downloads and see really what I can do to help improve and and get this out to more people. At the same time, if there’s a topic, there’s something you’d like me to share or that you’d like me to interview, by all means, just reach out to me on facebook. You can pm me and I’ll be more than happy to take any of your feedback as well as if people would like me to interview. I’m more than happy to reach out and have that conversation with you. So again, go to Itunes, rate and review this, share this podcast with others and let me know how else I can improve this or what I can do to make this better for you guys. Thanks.

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