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Why Dave Decided to talk to Tim Francis:

For entrepreneurs, time is often one of the most valuable things you have. The more time you have the more money you are able to make, and Tim is here to help you get more of both. Tim asserts that he is able to charge $1,000/hour because he learned how to delegate his time with an assistant and then make better use of the time and money he bought back. Listen in for helpful tips on who you should hire and when you should as well.

Tips and Tricks for You and Your Business:

(1:41) Do You Know Tim’s 3 Tips for Hiring Assistants?

(5:23) Tim charges $1,000/hour because he hired an assistant, it’s not the other way around

(7:38) This is When HIRING an Assistant Starts to Help You Make More Money

(10:16) Dave Had His Assistant Free Up His Time Through Email

(13:08) Being the Surgeon in the Room for Your Business

(18:16) You Are In Fact Worth It, Invest In Your Business So it Will Work For You

(20:26) Tim Has Had to Master Delegations, Let Him Tell You

(22:59) Tim had to teach what’s known as a “Hiring Funnel”

Quotable Moments:

(4:52) “One of the biggest problems we find is that you end up doing things that are not worth your time now or most importantly it prevents you from getting closer to where your biggest ROI is.”

(8:36) “I generated so much extra time and money that I could actually afford to take higher level classes which then allowed to charge more for my services.”

(17:04) “The amount that you can decline that 80-20 curve and spend your time in the top 10% of highest value activities happens real quick and it’s very exciting.”

(22:52) “One of the biggest blind spots that entrepreneurs have is around opportunity-cost.”

Other Tidbits:

Hire within your timezone, it’s worth the penny pinching.

Use a “Hiring Funnel”


Speaker 1: 00:00 Hey everybody, welcome back to funnelhacker radio. This is going to be a lot of fun today. Uh, this is a topic that’s super near and dear to my heart and I wanted to bring on Tim Francis to introduce kind of how this is all gonna work. So first and foremost, the May introduce you to our friend Mr Tim Francis. Good day. Great to be here. Thanks for having me Dave. So one thing I’m really excited about is helping people understand the importance of scaling and how to grow and build their businesses, especially as a solopreneur or a small small to middle sized business. One of the things we find is that people get so hung up on trying to figure out exactly what to do and how to do it and they, they spend too much time on the how instead of. The one thing that you could find out about tim is Tim, a company called great assistant.com and whole focus behind his business is helping people actually hire their own virtual assistant.

Speaker 1: 00:49 And most importantly though to make sure that virtual assistant is here in North America. A couple different things that we’re going to talk about as far as how and why, but to give you a little background, timps hired over 200 assistants and first clients and things and really what I want to make sure you guys understand is this whole idea as far as who, not how I’m going to go through that and just a few minutes, but again, want to allow him to say a few words here. Introduce himself. Anything I did not mention that you want to add, Tim, but by all means, please speak to our audience and let him know. Yes,

Speaker 2: 01:18 thanks for having me. So for a. So the very first thing is I have three super quick tips that will help anyone when it comes to delegating. A number one is don’t write everything out. Instead use something like [inaudible], which is a great tool to be able to capture desktop and share a link. Secondly is a don’t use email to communicate with your internal team. Huge productivity killer. Instead, using a communication tool like slack, I actually don’t like slack. In fact, I despise slack. I prefer a convo. And thirdly is everyone asks me, hey tim, you know, you’ve hired around the world, including in North America, what’s the best value and what should I paint assistant? And so hands down, the best value I’ve found around the world is to hire an assistant in a similar or same time zone, similar same culture and same first language.

Speaker 2: 02:09 So if you’re in the United States or Canada, hire somebody from the United States or Canada, if you’re in Australia, New Zealand, hire someone in Australia, New Zealand and 17 to 20 US dollars an hour. It gets the job done. We’ve, we’ve found former project managers from Coca Cola, a former administrator who took care of all the private jet travel for Merrill Lynch Executives, uh, my own assistant as a former legal, as a paralegal at a busy law firm in Indiana and get, you can get that caliber talent for, for 17 to $20 an hour if you’re willing to allow them to work from home. So

Speaker 1: 02:42 that’s, uh, that’s, that’s like three quick tips, quick strategies that even if someone, if their iphone died and they stopped hearing this podcast because the Internet broke down, you got value in the first one, hundred and 20 seconds. How about that? I love it. That’s exactly the kind of stuff I liked providing to our audience. So I want to of help you guys understand this is probably to come out right close to funnel hacking live or right after funnel hacking live. What are the main topics Russell’s going to be spending a whole bunch of time talking about onstage is this concept of stop worrying about how to do stuff and focus more on the WHO. Uh, I’m going to do a special podcast after this in more detail about who, not how, but I want to give you guys just a few couple things here to understand.

Speaker 1: 03:24 The biggest problem and the biggest hurdle that most of us have is, especially when we first get going, is we always try to figure it out. I just need to figure out how to do this. I don’t, I can’t afford to hire someone else. I can’t afford to do this. I’ve got to figure it all out on my own, and I think one of the biggest problems people run up against is this whole idea that too often people are trying to trade their money for dollars and I’m sorry their money for time. In other words, unfortunately too many people, they’re not willing to to realize how valuable your time truly is and I want to make sure as you guys are listening to this, to understand your time is the only commodity you cannot get back. You will have money that comes in money that goes, realized the most important thing for you.

Speaker 1: 04:06 I can say for myself, the very first hire I ever made was an assistant, and from that that literally is what blew my business. Help my business to grow and explode all because I was able to focus on the things I was good at and I know it’s hard. It might be painful to people going, gosh, 17, 20 bucks an hour. Oh my gosh, you know, that’s, you know, 20 hours a week, it’s 400 bucks a week at 600 a month. I get that, I know those numbers. I’ve been there. I can tell you that is by far the greatest investment you will ever make because one of the biggest problems we find is you ended up doing things that are just not worth your time now or most importantly is it prevents you from getting to where your biggest roi is. A, I’m going to come back and talk more about that in a few minutes, but tim, I want to kind of bounce back over to you.

Speaker 1: 04:50 So tell me as you start looking at it at hiring assistants, your system’s a little different. So what are some of the tips you think of when a person wants to reach out and hire an assistant, what should they be looking for? A level that. So to touch on something you said a little bit earlier, certainly it’s overwhelming to think about 20 bucks an hour times 20 hours a week or something like that. These days when I do private consulting, I charge a thousand dollars an hour and I get hired regularly at that rate and people will say, Oh tim, you know, you’ve, you know, you have an assistant because you charge a thousand dollars an hour and actually the truth is the exact opposite. I charge a thousand dollars an hour today because I got an assistant back when I was charging $40 an hour as a marketing consultant, managing adwords accounts and taking care of landing pages and making lead magnets and all that stuff. Right? And so there’s this thing called the positive profit loop and, and so like the very first three things I ever delegated to Sarah and she worked for me for just five hours a week for just 15 bucks an hour. This is five and a half years ago. So the wages have gone up a little bit in the last half,

Speaker 2: 05:58 but that was all I could afford and I’ll tell you like I was terrified I couldn’t afford it. Right. I didn’t know what to delegate first and I was. And I was afraid to release control. That’s actually the number one frustration or challenge that entrepreneurs have with delegating and getting great assistant is releasing control. So, so I just, I said, what is the smallest, simplest thing I could get off my plate that’s taking up my time and it was these three things. It was invoicing clients, it was uploading podcast episodes and uploading blog posts and Sarah took those three things off my plate and I got like three or four hours of my life back because she was a little slower than me. I’ll take her five hours to do it. Took me three. That’s okay. And with those three hours I then went to my current marketing clients and I said, okay, I’ve been doing adwords for you.

Speaker 2: 06:46 I know that if we have a custom landing page that the optin rates gonna go up, would you be cool if I took three hours? I built you a custom landing page. My rate is $40 an hour. So for you know what? One hundred 80 bucks right is around 200 bucks is what I’m going to charge you instead. Tim, you’re a great guy. He’d been doing great work for us. You’re effective. We’ll go for it. You know, here’s 200 bucks. Now what did I do? Those 200 bucks, I did not go and buy some new shoes. Instead I turned around and I gave it to Sarah, right? And at 15 bucks an hour now she was going from five hours a week to like seven hours a week for a few weeks in a row. And guess what I did with that extra time that I had is I went back to my current clients and said, hey, you know, we did.

Speaker 2: 07:28 We’re doing adwords. Now we’ve got that landing page thing on that landing page. If we set up a lead magnet, it’s this pdf thing that I can create top seven tips kind of thing. Um, I really think we get a lot more options and it’d probably take me about 20 hours to create the content and put in a pdf form and set it all up. And at $40 an hour, that’s like 800 bucks are you in? And they’ll go a team. You’re a great guy, you’ve been super effective. Let’s give it a shot. So I took the $800 and guess what I did with Dave? I did not go to Disneyland. Okay. I gave it to Sarah and so Sarah was now working for me not seven hours a week. It was now like 11 hours a week and so then from there with what did I do at that time, I just kept following them and I’ll fast forward the story here so that we can get through this quickly.

Speaker 2: 08:13 Basically I generated so much extra time and money that I could now afford to go take higher level classes, which then allowed me to charge more for my services. So now I went from $40 an hour to 50 to $100 an hour and as I had more and more time and money from increase in my rates and hiring Sarah more and more, I can now afford to go to higher level masterminds and events. And so then I always remember I went to Perry. Marshall had a two day event in Chicago where he brought Richard Caution and the guy who wrote the 80 slash 20 principle and as a Canadian a, it costs more because the Canadian dollar was weak and so I ended up spending 10 grand for two days and I could. That was on the

Speaker 1: 08:56 absolute edge of what I could and I own a house and I got to pay a mortgage and like I got responsibilities, right, and I just knew that if I went to the ruins, we loaded with people that would be candidates to potentially be my next client and no kidding, there’s someone I met there who introduced me to someone else and that someone else hired me for 10 grand a month for three months. So I was able to put 10 grand into the event and I got 30 grand out and that was just the next step. And ever since then it’s just been falling out. Positive profit loop of reinvesting, reinvesting, and it all started with the very, very humble act of delegating, invoicing, uploading a podcast and uploading blog posts. And that’s that. I love it. I honestly, my bypass is pretty similar to yours as well at a podcasts has been a huge, just takes time and so I system handles all of that kind of stuff.

Speaker 1: 09:52 One of the things for me actually that was probably the best thing I ever had or do and that was to take care of my email. Things that you struggle with all the time. My Gosh Dave, those are personal. I’m like, listen, I might. Email gets just blown up and at first I was really leery because of my position with the company. Everything else. I’m like, I’ve got to make sure that what she’s saying is the right thing and it’s coming across, right. I literally a part of the reason was I was trying to buy back time and then you’re gonna hear me say this over and over again. There is the only thing that matters when you start making money. The very first investment you need to do is buy back your time. And I’ve done the same thing at my home as far as having some, uh, clean the house, take care of the yard, work, all that kind of stuff.

Speaker 1: 10:33 You have to buy back your time. It frees up your mind and allows you to think more. And so for me, what I had the opportunity of doing with Chrissy, she’s my sister, has the most amazing person in the world. I just love her to death. She’s just helped me so much as far as even scaling my business here at Click funnels and that is uh, I, I need to get out of the office more. And I just had to clear my head because of all the stuff was going on. So I literally, I go on a walk every morning and she was literally just read through my emails and we record the call and I would just say, okay, I need you to say this and just verbatim almost word for word what I wanted. And she would respond. So it allowed me to clear my head, get some exercise.

Speaker 1: 11:12 And at first it took a lot longer and you know, it was maybe 30, 40 minutes. We’re down now to now, she’s gotten to the point where she knows those emails that matter, those that don’t, she can sort through it real quick. And then she goes, you know, Dave, I’ve got questions on these I need you. And I will literally dictate exactly how I would be saying it. So it’s coming from me and my voice to, to clients and prospects. But most importantly, it’s freed up so much of my time. Uh, I literally, I look at my email twice a day and the only, she set up two different categories as far as dave respond and Dave priority to respond. That was the only two things I look at. I don’t pay any attention to the rest of my inbox. And there’s nothing that has freed up my mind so much and I don’t have to go into my.

Speaker 1: 11:54 I know it’s being taken care of because I get, I literally get hundreds and hundreds of emails every single day. Do that extremely well. I’ve got another assistant who manages all my social media type of staff and she takes care of all that kind of things, so realize there are so many things that you need to. You need to spend time going out and buying your time back. It allow you. Again, I loved him, what you said and that is you basically took that time and then got additional skills. You got additional education. You went to different masterminds. Realize that that’s the type of stuff that a great assistant is able to do for you and I want to make sure that you guys are listening here. I’m hoping anybody’s listening to this. The very first investment you will make in yourself is an assistant, and again, like you said, whether it’s for five hours a week, I don’t care those five hours, that’s your little buying back five hours of time. It’s 100 bucks. Everybody can afford 100 bucks and I just think it’s an absolute necessity.

Speaker 2: 12:50 I really want everyone to be the surgeon in the room of their business and so this is like a copyrighted concept. They talked, but all the time when people hear me speak, um, and uh, and so the surgeon in the room really focuses on only three things and it’s exact same thing. Three things that I hope every entrepreneur can focus on more and more, and what that is, is strategy, high level skill and high level access. So I’m going to tell you a real cool story. It was a three or four weeks ago there. I was here, I mean here in Austin, Texas. And I’m getting on a plane that Sarah, she booked a flight for me to go speak at an event in Denver. So off I go, I land in Denver. I check in at the hotel that Sarah found for me that met all my specific criteria.

Speaker 2: 13:34 I was very happy to be as very comfortable. So I check in there, go to bed, wake up in the morning. And uh, I look at my prep notes for the day, for the speech I’m going to go and give. And it listed who owns the mastermind, how many people are going to be there, what’s the profile of the people there? Am I allowed to ask for a call to action to book a sales meeting with us for those that might be interesting getting a great assistant or not? Um, it’s got all the prep information, so I’m going to roll up to the front, front of the stage and right then and there I’m going to know everything. I mean, I know everyone’s names. I’m going to look like I’m everyone’s best friend because I’m so prepared. Right. Then all the like real sexy stuff, like their clicker remote clicker, their laptop or my laptop, like all the tech stuff.

Speaker 2: 14:15 Like that was awesome. The prep notes too. So I jumping in an uber, I arrive at the location. Sure enough, it’s a great presentation. Great Group of people, awesome host. Some of them are interested in doing business. We changed them. Information. Sarah takes care of coordinating them, getting into my calendar for sales meetings. I go back to the airport, get on a plane that Sarah Book for me. I fly back to Austin, land at 5:45, arrive at my apartment, downtown Austin at 6:15. And guess what? In my apartment there was a dozen people because I had a dinner party that night. I was literally the last person to arrive at my own dinner party at my own apartment. And so 4:00 that day our host desk was booked by my assistant Sarah to come and flip the space. So Polish the silverware, use the laser level to straighten all the pictures on the wall, you know, like every detail.

Speaker 2: 15:06 Um, at uh, at the next hour after that, the host cleaner came. And this is like while I’m in the air flying back, all this machinery is happening. So that basically at 6:00 when all our hosts or guests arrived, everything’s already set. And I showed up and, and, and all of that. What is my Ra strategy? High level access, high level skill. So the strategy was I want to have dinner parties, I want it to be these kinds of people. What’s the high level access? I texted these high level people to say, hey, come on down, right? Like you and I met because of David Gonzalez. So like texting a guy like that guy to come and have dinner with us, right. And then, and then for me to shake hands, like my assistant can’t be Tim Francis to shake people’s hands in network, but I can. And so that’s inappropriate activity.

Speaker 2: 15:47 So. So there I am shaking hands and having a glass of champagne on the balcony. I’m on the 15th floor overlooking the lake downtown. It’s beautiful and it really wraps up at 10:30 at night. Then after that I go to bed, I wake up the next morning I go back to the airport, get on a flight that Sara booked for me. I’m going to New York City. I get to the airbnb that she booked for me. I open up, no kidding Dave, check, check this out. I open up the fridge and the groceries I want are already in the fridge, right? Because I want to have a healthy smoothie every single morning. Right. And and while I’m in the air to New York, I guess, guess what’s happening back in my apartment is that same host as is back in my apartment, resetting the space so that when I returned from New York City, it’s going to be ready for you to work again and do meetings and whatnot. So high level skill, high level access and strategy. Those are the three things for an entrepreneur focus on and if you don’t have an assistant you can’t, you can’t just offload everything all at once. However, I’m telling you, give it like, you know, a few months of working with an assistant and just getting the next piece off your plate and the amount that you get declined that 80 20 curve and spend your time in the top 10 percent of highest value activities. It happens real quick and it’s very, very exciting.

Speaker 1: 16:56 Oh No, I totally, I love that you’re making reference to, to Perry Marshall. I remember one of the things to listen to the same course you actually went to as far as the mastermind there with him and it was really the 20 percent of the 20 percent. Yeah, that’s really where you need to spend most of your time and everyone talks about, you know, president principal as far as 80 slash 20. The real key is it’s not just the 20 percent, it’s 20 percent of that 20 percent other words really taught the four percent. That’s where your greatest Roi is in your life, in every, every area of your life. Whether it’s your relationships, your finances, your health, your fitness, your money, whatever it might be, and to try to get there. You can’t get there by yourself. Everybody has to have a team. And it was funny. I was listened to podcasts from Rachel Hollis a while back and she was talking about how frustrated she is with those people who go on on shows and say they basically. They did it all themselves and she’s like, listen, you can’t do it all yourself. There’s no all themselves.

Speaker 2: 17:50 She goes, let me tell you all the different people who are involved in in running our business, and I think that’s the part I want to make sure. Those of us who are listening to this right now realize, first of all, that you’re worth it. There’s nothing I run across all these solar printers. Just feel like, ah, I just, I’m not that point yet. I, I, I’m not worthy enough to have an assistant. I don’t know how you ever got that in your head, but if you think that way, get rid of it. I remember my wife struggled with that at first when we got our first housekeeper 17 years ago, she was like, oh, I shouldn’t be taking care of this. I’m like, no, that’s not your best use of your time. Spend time with the kids. You don’t need to be cleaning the house.

Speaker 2: 18:22 So I think I love your idea as far as the whole surgeon approach to life and I think it expands beyond just your business. I would take a look at everything else in your life you mentioned as far as groceries and all these things. I would really hope those guys who are listening right now, I hope as soon as you get off your this call, this podcast, wherever you’re at, the very first thing you do is get an assistant. And Tim, I know you’ve got a bunch of tools and resources you were talking to me about before we started. How do they, what are some of the tools, resources, how do they get them? Where do they go? Yeah, great. Assistant Dot com, forward slash toolbox. So it’s great assistant.com, forward slash toolbox and there’s a few different pdfs there and I think most if not all of it is actually no option.

Speaker 2: 19:03 Like it’s, it’s like I’m like I just really want to help. So one of the tools there is called, it’s a pdf, it’s 104 tasks you can delegate. And so I asked my assistant Sarah to look at the first hundred tasks she ever took off my plate and just to make a list. I think she came up with like 75 or 80 and then I added in the other and I’m so. And a lot of them actually are from my business when it was, when I had a digital marketing company, so someone’s listening to click funnels. This could be a perfect opportunity to go go really? I could never log into infusionsoft or convert kit or whatever again, like or, or only once a month or something like that. I never have to deal with webinar jam or go to meeting or anything like that.

Speaker 2: 19:42 Like I mean there’s a huge inventory of tasks that can be delegated and I think it’s really inspiring when you go, wow, I can delegate all of this. So that’s their greatest system.com forward slash toolbox as a few other tools there. One, which is again, something that I invented and I’ve now copyrighted and trademarked and all the rest is the tool called three 60 delegation. When when we get started as entrepreneurs, we oftentimes have to be very good at sales, marketing and product development or coming up with a product or delivering a service or whatever it is. And, and what’s not included in that core set of competencies is management, leadership, delegation. And so it’s very, very common for someone to get up to a couple hundred thousand dollars in sales and, and then they don’t realize that there’s a difference between management by delegation versus management by abdication, right? Management by abdication happens when you say, well, I’m only doing the top 20 percent screw everything else.

Speaker 2: 20:38 I’m Outta here, right? You know, and, and, and, uh, an upgraded but still ineffective version of that is saying I’m going to do the top 20 percent in the bottom 80 percent. I’m going to make my system do it. I’m going to hire someone and we put it on facebook. Who knows, someone who can be my assistant. I’m just gonna throw it all at them. That is also a train wreck waiting to happen. There’s actually an art and a science and a new skillset that as soon as you start managing an assistant and having an assistant, it’s like we should probably have a weekly meeting with them to make sure that we’re on the same page when we delegate. We really want to make sure that we use this tool called three 60 delegation and it’s right there in the toolbox. I’m not being distracted.

Speaker 2: 21:16 I want you to. I’m actually looking at the toolbox right now as you’re talking and so, so yeah. Good. No, I think it’s, I’m actually going through as far as, you know, death by a thousand paper cuts and uh, I think it’s a, you know, some of the major crippling cost that people have and the ping pong of changeover, which is one of the main things I’ve seen happen a million times as far as. Anyways, keep going. I didn’t mean to. I’m just, I’m impressed with what you have here. Well, thank you. Yeah, I love your enthusiasm. Anyone who’s enthusiastic about being a great coach and leader. I’m, I’m, I’m down with that. So, so three 60 delegation just to give you a very quick taste. Instead of saying take over my click funnels account or set up my landing pages or whatever. It’s actually pausing and saying, what is the vision of what I want done by when and what is a sample of success look like?

Speaker 2: 22:02 What are the resources required sign-ins? Is there any training required? Is there any authority or some, you know, money that’s required. And then the third section in a proper delegation is what’s called definition of done and definition of done is helping someone understand what does success actually look like. So now to like to give you a sense when you do a proper job of getting a great assistant and you do a proper job of delegating to them, oftentimes we think, hey, I get my time back. That’s really cool. I get to do less of what I hate. I get to do more of what I love. And that’s all great. I just want to point out like one of the biggest blind spots I think entrepreneurs have is around opportunity cost. So I’ll tell you a story about someone who came through our program, his name is Jenny and uh, and he had an online course and he has an online course and you know, for six years he had a new course he wanted to release, but he could never get around to releasing it because he was so stuck in the bottom 80 percent of his business.

Speaker 2: 22:58 And he heard me give a live 45 minute presentation on how to get a great assistant. And I explained that pretty much one of the worst ways they were getting system as they go on facebook and say, Hey, who’s got a brother in law, sister in law or something like that. The success rate is got to be somewhere north of 20 percent and 40 percent success rate. Right? And, and, uh, and so I explained, here’s what a hiring funnel looks like, just like there’s a marketing funnel. There’s a same idea in hiring as a hiring funnel. And we’re actually looking at 50 to 100 candidates to come with, with one winning assistant. And we’re spending like 50 to 100 hours to find one winning assistant. So that’s a vastly more thorough process in a search. Then just going on facebook and saying who’s looking for a few hours?

Speaker 2: 23:43 Right. And Jimmy saw how much work it goes into getting a great assistant knew not for me, I’m just going to skip that. I’m just gonna go on facebook. So he did that and you got someone in six weeks later it all flamed out and he got frustrated, went back and he did what most entrepreneurs cross their arms are just going to do it myself. Right. So for six months you continue to suffer and he came back to us after six months and said, you know what? Everything you said not to do, I did it. Everything you said was gonna happen, happened. I’m now ready and serious about getting a great assistant that’s going to be like a right hand person for me. And we’re going to evolve this business kind of once and for all. So it took about six months. Not, not. I mean, we can usually get an assistant for someone in 30 days, which is really exciting, and then that process of just doing what we’re talking about here, three 63 60 delegation being the surgeon in the room, all the rest took them about six months to get all that off his plate and guess what, Dave, if freedom, but enough time and energy for him to launch that course.

Speaker 2: 24:43 And after that, that new course generated a quarter million dollars in new revenue for him. Very, very high margin. So what was the cost of not getting an assistant? Was it, you know, that he was frustrated. He was the real costs that he couldn’t do a little bit of like the stuff you love. Yeah, that’s all in there, but actually there was a quarter million dollars waiting for him every single quarter for six years. And only once you’ve got an assistant and got himself out of the bottom 80 percent was he free to go actually pull the trigger and make that happen.

Speaker 1: 25:16 I love it. What did I get? I appreciate your time. Most importantly, really share with people how to actually get an assistant where to go, so if they want to find out more from you, what’s the best way of reaching out to you?

Speaker 2: 25:26 Head over to our website, greatest system.com. We got tons of testimonials from lots of clients who’ve had great success. If you can just see their success stories, see my effect it, see if there’s anyone from your industry that you recognize or anything like that. Um, grabbed the toolbox which is greatest isn’t dotcom forward slash toolbox. And if someone wants to set up a 35 to 55 minute consultation of bus to see if they’d be a good fit for our program, we’re happy to do that as well. And there’s just a button right there to book an appointment.

Speaker 1: 25:53 Awesome. Well, Tim, thanks again for your time. Highly recommend anybody who’s listening to this. The very first hire you must make is a great assistance. So please, please make sure you have an assistant and if they’re not doing everything that you want them to do, take a look@greatestsystem.com slash toolbox will give you a ton of other ideas of different ways that you can actually have. What are the things you can get off your plate, how to delegate A. I’m just such a huge, huge believer in this, and again, I want to make sure that Tim came on to help you guys understand the importance of focus again on who and not how. Let someone else take care of this. There’s people actually love doing this stuff that you don’t want to do in your life, the things that you don’t enjoy, people actually do with love. We paid for doing that, so please take the time, make the time and go out and find yourself a great assistant. Kim, thanks again and we’ll talk to you soon. Thank you.

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